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Lexington Group  Chad  Higgins  &  In  Spirit  and  In  Truth  Releases   Second  Single   Rhythm  of  Gospel  Award  nominated  group  releases  second  single  from  latest  project.  

LEXINGTON,  Kentucky  (June  25,  2013)  –  Gospel  recording  group  Chad  Higgins  &   In  Spirit  and  In  Truth  has  announced  the  release  of  its  second  single  “Thank  You”   from  the  Album  “Predestined”.       Written  by  group  founder  Chad  Higgins  and  produced  by  Thomas  Hardin,  Jr.,  “Thank   You”  offers  listeners  a  blend  of  traditional  gospel  lyrics  with  smooth  jazz   instrumentals.     Nominated  for  six  2013  Rhythm  of  Gospel  Awards,  including  contemporary  CD  of   the  year,  the  group  first  sang  publicly  in  2007  and  has  since  captured  the  attention   of  gospel  music  fans  and  industry  stalwarts.     In  2008,  the  group  released  its  first  project,  “He  Is  Who  He  Is”.  Three  years  later   “Predestined”  was  released  and  has  since  drawn  interest  nationally.  The  first  single   from  the  project,  “Deliver”,  receives  play  on  numerous  stations,  both  national  and   local.       ISIT  has  performed  across  the  nation,  sharing  the  stage  with  gospel  geniuses  Kurt   Carr,  Tramaine  Hawkins,  Donnie  McClurkin,  Vashawn  Mitchell  and  Vickie  Winans.   The  group  has  also  sung  background  for  Rondie  Bryant  and  multi-­‐award  winner   Myron  Butler.     Committed  to  spreading  the  Gospel  of  Jesus,  Chad  Higgins  &  ISIT  has  created  a   unique  sound  that  ministers  to  all.     For  more  information  about  Chad  Higgins  &  ISIT,  visit       Contact   Danielle  Wright   Wright  Relations   330-­‐474-­‐9379   dwright@wright-­‐         ###  

Lexington Group Chad Higgins & In Spirit and In Truth Releases Second Single  

Rhythm of Gospel Award nominated group releases second single from latest project