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Chad Higgins  &  In  Spirit  and  In  Truth  Announces  Upcoming   Performances   Lexington  gospel  recording  group  kicks  off  fall  performance  schedule  with  Faith  Tour  2013.  

LEXINGTON, Kentucky  (September  5,  2013)  –  Gospel  recording  group  Chad  Higgins  &  In   Spirit  and  In  Truth  announced  Thursday  the  beginning  of  its  fall  performance  schedule.  The   fall  season  kicks  off  with  the  group  ministering  at  Faith  Tour  2013,  hosted  by  House  of   Refuge  Life  Center  in  Frankfort,  Ky.  (342  Wallace  Avenue),  where  Reverend  Carole  Jacobs  is   the  senior  pastor.   “We  are  very  excited  to  minister  at  these  various  events,”  said  group  founder  Chad  Higgins.   “It  is  an  honor  to  be  used  by  God  and  we  are  humbled  and  grateful  for  the  opportunity  to  be   a  blessing  to  others.”     Faith  Tour  2013,  presented  by  WILBE  Productions,  LLC,  is  a  national  tour  that  offers  local   talent  the  opportunity  to  minister  with  national  recording  artists.  The  concert  begins  at  6   p.m.  on  Saturday,  September  14  at  House  of  Refuge.  ISIT  will  be  joined  by  Will  Bell,  Jazmine   Jones  and  Jenipher  Jones  Tate.  Admission  to  the  event  is  free.  For  more  information  about   the  Faith  Tour,  call  312-­‐515-­‐7998  or  502-­‐319-­‐3690.       After  a  short  break,  ISIT  will  minister  at  Total  Grace  Baptist  Church  in  Lexington,  Ky.  (1313   S.  Limestone)  on  Friday,  September  27  at  7  p.m.  as  the  featured  musical  guest  to  kick  off  the   church’s  highly  attended  women’s  conference.       ISIT  travels  to  Harrodsburg,  Ky.  October  6  to  serve  as  the  musical  guest  at  First  Baptist   Church  (349  W  Broadway  St.).  The  service  begins  at  11  a.m.  and  is  the  kick  off  to  Reverend   Virgil  Hill’s  pastoral  anniversary  celebration.       “We  hope  our  fans  are  able  to  come  out  and  worship  with  us  as  we  travel  around  Kentucky,”   said  Higgins.  “God  is  really  doing  some  great  things  in  and  through  us  and  we  want  to   continue  ministering  to  as  may  people  as  possible.”     Touted  by  the  likes  of  national  recording  artist  Lamar  Campbell,  ISIT  has  released  two   singles  off  its  sophomore  album,  Predestined,  and  has  ministered  at  churches  and  events   from  Chicago  to  Jacksonville,  Fla.       Chad  Higgins  and  ISIT  is  available  for  your  next  conference,  church  service  or  other  event.   Book  ISIT  by  contacting  Danielle  Wright  at  or  330-­‐474-­‐9379.     For  more  information  about  Chad  Higgins  &  ISIT,  visit            


ISIT Announces Upcoming Performances  

Chad Higgins & ISIT announces its performance schedule for September and October.

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