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Bicol Food 02 Checklist

BICOL FOOD CHECKLIST Bicol is not only known for its delightful scenery. In reality, it is also known for its sumptuous cuisine that Bicol offers. To give you an idea on what food to eat on your stay in Bicol, here are some Must Try Bicolano Foods!

Laing Laing, also known as Natong in some parts of the locale, is a vegetable dish made from Gabi or Taro. These leaves are stewed with coconut cream and are sometimes served with chili peppers or “sili�. Not only is this food delicious, it can also be easily found in carinderias.

Tilmok Also called Natong, Tilmok is the Bicolano expression for coconut meat. Tilmok is made up of a mixture of Coconurt and Crab meat. This mixture is then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. Similar to Laing, this dish can also be easily found around Bicol

Kinonot Kinonot is a dish made from shark meat or sting beam. However, sting beam is more commonly used due to the fact that shark hunting is now prohibited. Kinonot is basically shark meat with coconut cream and malunggay stewed that will surely delight your tastebuds

Bicol Express I doubt anybody who plans to go to Bicol hasn’t heard of Bicol Express. Named as such because of it is said that eating the dish will make you run like a train in search for water. Bicol express is pork cooked in coconut drain and spiced with lots and lots of chili spices. Make sure to bring lots of tissues when eating this delightfully spicy dish.

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After tasting the many varieties of food in Bicol, here are some places for you to feast your eyes on as you travel to Bicol. Handpicked by our staff, these places are sure to brighten up your stay here!




Inorogan Chapel Iriga, Camarines Sur The small chapel and its well maintained garden can be reached by climbing 160+ steps up along the slope of Mt. Iriga. The view at the top extends all the way to Lake Bato and beyond. The chapel is dedicated to Our Lady of Anguish (Nuestra Senora de las Angustias) whose intervention is claimed to have saved the town of Iriga from the explosion of Mt. Iriga (also known as Mt. Asog or Mt. Sumagang) in the 1600s.

About 100m behind the main chapel, one can find the "buhay na bato" or miracle rock on which the alleged apparition took place. The gardens are well maintained with further development plans in place with the help of various private donors. Don't forget to look for the statue of the 3 agtas (native men) who saw the Virgin, light a candle and ring the small bell at the belfry. Also talk to the caretaker who lives in a small house behind the chapel; he has lots of stories to tell

Emerald Grotto Iriga, Camarines Sur

Patterned after Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto in France. It faces Mount Asog can climbed in more than a hundred steps via rockway stairway to reach its breathtaking top and get see an up – close view of the City’s central business.



Bagasbas Beach Daet, Camarines Norte The only beach in Daet. It is also the 21st surfing site in the world. Sunrise in this place is very spectacular and ideal for sight seeing and photography. The waves of Bagasbas beach is ideal for the beginners of surfing sports. It is also ideal place for kite-boarding and kite flying because of the good quality of winds in the place. /sdc10904.jpg

Calaguas Island Daet, Camarines Norte

Calaguas island is located in the Philippine province of Camarines Norte. It includes the major islands of Tinaga Island and Guintinua Island, the minor Maculabo Island, as well as several other minor islands.



Metropolitan Cathedral Naga City, Camarines Sur

The metropolitan cathedral, also known as Naga Cathedral is located in Elias Angeles, Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Naga, 4400 Camarines Sur. It is one of the oldest archdioceses in Bicol. It also the home of our lady of Peñafrancia which is the patroness of Naga. Beside this church is the Museo Del Seminario Conciliar De Nueva Caceres.

Peñafrancia Basilica Naga City, Camarines Sur

The Peñafrancia Basilica of our lady of Peñfrancia is located at Balatas Rd, Naga, 4400 Camarines Sur. This church is very well known and important for the bicolano culture because this where the image of Our lady of Peñafrancia is located and enshrined in. This church is also the finishing point for the fluvial procession.



Mayon Volcano Albay, Bicol

Mayon Volcano, active volcano, southeastern Luzon, Philippines, dominating the city of Legaspi. Called the world’s most perfect volcanic cone because of the symmetry of its shape, it has a base 80 miles (130 km) in circumference and rises to 8,077 feet (2,462 metres) from the shores of Albay Gulf. /14/evacuation-ordered-as-mayor-spews-ash/

Lignon Hill Legazpi City, Albay

LigĂąon Hill is a prehistoric cinder cone near the foot of Mayon, some 12 kilometers southsoutheast of the volcano's summit. In 2006, the park underwent a major renovation. The park now has a viewing deck with coin-operated telescopes, a landscaped promenade as well as restaurants and souvenir shops. Other features include a zipline and a 50-foot tunnel constructed by the Japanese during World War II.


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A travel magazine for your stay in Bicol!


A travel magazine for your stay in Bicol!