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Ultimate Autism Solution The first time a parent is told that their child has Autism will be a moment that they never forget. Often, the moment has been preceded by months – or even years – of concern, guilt and even anger as their once happy and outgoing child becomes less communicative, less expressive and often less able to control their emotions. Physical comfort, such as hugs and kisses, that used to soothe your child are no longer welcomed and unusual habits and obsessions become an important part of your child’s life. As a loving parent, you try everything to draw your child back out of the little world they’ve created for themselves, but nothing seems to work. You talk to doctors, nurses, child-care specialists, and positive parenting groups – anyone who can help you find the key to your child’s behavior. And finally, it’s confirmed: your child is diagnosed with Autism. But, while it can be a relief to finally discover the reason for your child’s difficulties, and to realize that it’s not your fault, a diagnosis of Autism can feel like a life sentence. Parents of children with Autism experience a wide range of emotions – confusion, resentment, maybe even guilt that they were somehow unable to ‘protect’ their child from this condition. Many parents fear for their child’s future and feel certain that life will never be normal or enjoyable again. It is vital at this difficult time in your child’s life that you put aside your fears and anger so that you can realize this one important truth: you are the key to your child’s future!!! Children, especially children with Autism, are vulnerable little people and they rely on you, their parents and carers, to protect them and do what’s best for them. And, while you can’t protect your child from Autism, you can give them the tools they so desperately need to help them to live with the condition and realize the potential that’s locked up inside of them. BUT – to be able to help your child, you need to make sure that you’re ready to work with them in the right way.

Ultimate Autism Solution