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Talking To Toddlers Talking to Toddlers is an audio course designed to help parents deal more effectively with their young children. It is geared toward kids aged two to six, but many of the tips and techniques that can work for any age child. Any parent who is dealing with what seems to be an out of control child can benefit from this course. By teaching the parents to use their language skills more effectively, Talking to Toddlers can help solve many of the behavioral problems associated with the care of preschoolers and toddlers. This program will greatly help with problems such as children always answering the parent with the word no, throwing temper tantrums, and repeatedly doing the one thing the adults have specifically told them not to do. Talking to Toddlers is a program developed by Chris Thompson. He lives in Toronto Canada with his wife and two daughters. At a very young age he heard a seminar on how to use language correctly to get the results you expect from others. He was so impressed with what he learned, he began to apply it to all aspects of his life. He perfected these skills all through his days at university, in relationships, marriage, and eventually in raising his own little girls. It was while raising his first daughter that he discovered many of the tips he was using on adults also worked on children. He saw a way to help parents learn to talk to their children in a manner that brought about good behavior and a strong relationship between them and the child. What one can expect to get out of Talking to Toddlers is a way to handle situations easily and with a positive result. Parents will learn communication tips to use with their children that will result in an emotionally healthy environment. When the parents and children are in constant battles, it can create a very unhealthy environment for all involved. Chris Thompson does this in Talking to Toddlers with four basic facts. The first is that behavior is driven by emotion, not logic. Parents need to learn to change their language before they can expect the child to change. He talks about ways to rephrase certain commands and orders from the parent in a way that will give the child self-respect and make them want to do the right thing. Second, parents overuse the word no. In Talking to Toddlers, Chris discusses how kids stop listening when they hear this word repeatedly. It gets used so often that it no longer has any effect. He suggests other ways of saying no in a positive way. Rather than saying no, he rephrases it into a positive statement that states the desired behavior. Third is that one needs to have an emotional connection with their child. In Talking to Toddlers it talks about ways to build rapport with little ones. If they feel like they are being treated as a person, they are more willing to cooperate. He discusses how adults will build a good relationship with other people in their lives, but they tend to forget that their kids are people to. Last, Chris shows that language is a powerful tool. Using positive language is the opposite of what parents normally do. Learning a new,

more positive way of making day to day statements can create huge changes in how children react to what is being said. The desired result of using Talking to Toddlers is that kids will start saying yes to the parent instead of no. When asked to do something, they will follow directions without being told again. Hopefully bad moods, for both the children and moms and dads, will change. With this change the family can begin to establish a loving relationship of respect and understanding. Talking to Toddlers should also help get toddlers and preschoolers to stop changing their minds continually. Young children have a very hard time staying focused on any one thing for very long. They will change their minds about what they want continually throughout the day. This can become very frustrating to the adults, and it begins to look to them like this child is trying to drive them crazy on purpose. Talking to Toddlers will show parents the best ways to use consequences as a punishment. A big mistake all parents make from time to time is to shout out a very unreasonable punishment in the heat of the moment. In the end it is rarely followed through on. This can cause the child to think the parent’s words are meaningless. Talking to Toddlers will also help avoid temper tantrums. Talking to Toddlers Pros       

gives relevant information to struggling parents teaches the most effective tips and tricks to use when dealing with toddlers and preschoolers Helps teach children distinguishing abilities teaches facts and lessons teaches the correct approach parents need when talking to children improves the parent and child relationship convenient courses to download or purchase on CD

Cons to Talking to Toddlers  

Too much information to understand and use some techniques and tips are inaccurate

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Increasing the amount of cooperation a child is able to provide while at the same time providing them with useful skills, communication abil...