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How Divorce Affects Children Though it is never a good idea to stay in an unhealthy marriage, divorce is not an option that should be taken lightly by those who have children. Repeated studies have shown that there are a host of negative effects that children suffer as a result of their parents’ divorce. These range from academic to behavioral problems and are seen across economical, class and racial lines. Here is a list of the negative ways that divorce affects children unfortunate enough to deal with it. Instant Stress When parents announce to their children they are getting a divorce, the most instantaneous effect is a heightened stress level for the children. Most children feel like parents should be able to work through any problems they are having. They do not understand or recognize the concept of “irreconcilable differences.� This will lead to a straining of the relationship between the child and the parents, and it also often leads to problems for the kids in their everyday lives. Immediately after a divorce, children are much more likely to struggle in school, have problems interacting with their peers and suffer from behavioral and psychological problems. To help mitigate this stress and the problems that result from it, parents need to discuss the issue with their children at length in a calm and reasoned manner. Ignoring it will not make the stress go away; it will merely increase the chances that kids have problems while they are dealing with accepting the situation. Parents need to make sure that their children understand that the divorce is not their fault, and they also need to make it clear that their love for them is in no way diminished. Future Negative Effects Even once children understand the divorce and come to accept it, they are still statistically likely to suffer from negative effects of the divorce well into the future. Children who have divorced parents are more likely to struggle academically for the rest of their lives, including all the way through college. Parents need to be aware of this fact and watch how their children deal with school as they grow up. They need to make sure to hire tutors or get their children extra help in any way they need it so that they will succeed academically. Children who have divorced parents are also much more likely to suffer from behavioral problems, especially issues dealing with authority figures. They are more likely to be angry and depressed. They are more likely to act out in school and to commit rules violations. Parents need to deal with any of these negative behavioral problems swiftly before they develop into something more severe. The best way to deal with these kinds of behavioral issues is to get them counseling. Being able to talk with someone that is a neutral figure is the best way for children to be able to get out the negative emotions they are experiencing from the divorce, allowing them to learn to cope with it and move on to a healthy future. One of the most disturbing ways that divorce affects children occurs when they hit adolescence. Adolescents of divorced parents are more likely to engage in risky, thrill-seeking behavior such as drug use and sexual activity. Parents should be prepared for these things and should look for the warning

signs that they are engaging in such activities. Again, getting them counseling so they can work through their issues is the best way to handle the problems. Most Children Will Be Fine Even though children of divorce are more likely to face these issues, most of them will be just fine. The majority of children with divorced parents live happy, normal lives. Parents need to keep that in mind, but they should also be on the lookout for any negative effects so they can get their kids the help they need right away. Source: Click here

How Divorce Affects Children - Though it is never a good idea to stay in an unhealthy marriage, divorce is not an option that should be taken li...

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