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11th Grade Fallout September 2013 To: Head-Royce School Trip Participants, Parents or Guardians Re: Risk Acknowledgement and Consent to Participate Head-Royce School is pleased that you wish to participate in the planned trip to the South Fork of the American River Thursday August 29 to Friday August 30, 2013. It is the School’s objective to provide a safe and educational experience for all participants. HeadRoyce School and its employees and agents intend to make every effort to insure the safety of students participating in these various activities. Participation in this trip and its activities is associated with inherent risks. The School shall not be held accountable for inherent risks in the activities, unforeseen natural occurrences, or for any injury or loss caused by a child’s failure to strictly follow safety guidelines or instructions. All School rules and regulations, as well as specific rules for the trip, also apply for the duration of this trip. A student’s failure to abide by School rules and rules associated with the specific activity as well as other expectations defined by the supervisors may result in the student being sent home. Should this be necessary, the parent will be responsible for any and all costs incurred. The risks associated with participation in this trip may range from minor to severe life-threatening injuries. In the event that the parent or guardian is unreachable during a medical emergency, it is agreed that Head-Royce School and its employees or agents may authorize treatment by a licensed medical professional as needed. I/we agree and promised to accept and assume all of the risks of this trip/activity, for myself or on behalf of the participating student. I/we understand that participation is purely voluntary, and I/we elect participation in spite of the risks. By signing below I/we acknowledge that I/we have read and understand this Risk Acknowledgement and Consent to Participate as outlined and agree to the terms and conditions stated above and accept and assume all risks in this activity. I/we have discussed with our student the terms and conditions set forth and his/her responsibilities as a participant in School activities. ______________________________________________________________________ Signature of Parent or Guardian Date ______________________________________________________________________ Signature of Parent or Guardian Date ______________________________________________________________________ PRINTED Student Name Date ______________________________________________________________________ Signature of Student Date During the school trip or activities I/we can be reached at the following phone numbers: (Indicate work and home numbers and relationship to student) 1. __________________________________ 2. _______________________________ 3. _________________________________

4. _______________________________

5. _________________________________ 6. ________________________________ Please list below any medical conditions or allergies of which trip/activities leaders should be aware. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Medication Release Form Dear Parents: In order for your son/daughter to receive any of the medications listed below, the Upper School Office needs your permission. Please check the items you will allow and sign on the signature line. Return this form to the Upper School Office. Advil

Pepto Bismol


Antacid (Tums)

Benadryl – Allergy


Other _________________________________________________________________ This information will be in effect for the duration of high school unless you notify the school of any changes. Please notify the Upper School office if any changes occur or if this information is no longer accurate. _________________________________________ Student Name - Print Clearly

_______________ Grade

_________________________________________ Parent Signature

_______________ Date

June 2013

Summer 2013 Dear Students and Parents of the Class of 2015: Greetings! I hope that your summer will be rich and full and rejuvenating, and that you will return to Head-Royce with buoyant spirits, and eager for the exciting challenges of junior year. I am very excited to be your dean! However, I’m mostly writing not to sound the alarm of the coming school year, but to provide some background information on Junior Fall-Out, which takes place this year on Thursday and Friday, August 29 and 30, 2013. The Juniors will once again go river rafting on the South Fork of the American River with the wonderful company Earthtrek Expeditions. After an exciting day of rafting on Thursday, we will enjoy a delicious dinner, camp out under the stars, and return to school by mid-afternoon on Friday. Please don't let fear of river-rafting keep you from this Fall-Out. You don't have to know how to swim in order to go rafting; many of Earthtrek’s customers are first-time rafters, and their guides are experienced, excellent teachers of paddling basics (as well as more advanced topics), and energetic folks who will make our trip down the river safe and entertaining, no matter your experience level. Earthtrek will prepare all of our meals on this trip. Freed of such culinary responsibility, the Juniors typically prepare something else—a talent show for Thursday night. We’re best served in this department if folks do a little planning ahead – so as you consider the start of school, along with dusting off that summer reading, consider what you might be able to offer in the way of entertainment. Anything can work – a solo act, a small group performance – in the past we’ve seen singing, instrument playing, dancing, improvisational skits, card tricks, etc. As with all of our Fall-Out trips, the option not to participate exists. I strongly encourage everyone to join us, and I hope that everyone will do so. However, if you decide not to go on the Fall-Out trip, please contact the school as soon as possible so that we can arrange an alternative activity during these two school days. Enclosed is a packet of information regarding Fall-Out. Please note that the medical form and appropriate permission/registration forms must be returned to school before August 1, 2013. If you have any special dietary or medical considerations, please let me know at our first class meeting. Departure time on August 29 is 7am. Enjoy the remaining days of summer. I look forward to seeing you soon. Paul Scott

June 2013

PACKING LIST Junior and Senior Fallouts -- Rafting on the American River What to bring for camping (Seniors will leave this on the bus, Juniors at Camp): When thinking about what to pack for camping, please note that we will be sleeping on the ground, under the stars, and that it can get quite cold at night. If you do not wish to sleep out, bring a small, backpacking tent. Please be certain all your gear is plainly identifiable. Items for Camp: Sleeping Bag Foam or Inflatable Pad (key to a good night) Flashlight One Set of Camp Clothes (Including Shoes and Socks and Warm Layers) Plastic Bag for Wet Clothes Small Towel Necessary Toiletries (Keep it Simple) Insect Repellent Optional Items for Camp: Camera Musical Instrument Spare Glasses or Contacts What to bring/wear for the river: The Seniors will go right from the bus onto the river. Be prepared to go rafting right away. The Juniors will unload all their gear at the EarthTrek camp site first, and will have plenty of time to change and get ready for rafting. Please be prepared accordingly when you arrive at school early in the morning. Sunscreen Sunglasses with a Secure Head Strap A Pair of Tennis Shoes, Water Socks, or Rafting Sandals like Keens. You Will Not be Allowed to Raft in Flip Flops--They Will Fall Off and Float Away Down the River Hat or Visor Swimsuit T-Shirt or (Better Yet) Quick Drying Shirt Sunscreen (That’s Right, It’s on Here Twice, To Help You Remember) Chapstick Please avoid bringing valuables on the river. Things will be safe on the bus and at the EarthTrek camp. June 2013

2013-14 Head-Royce School Student Driver Vehicle Registration Form To improve the School’s ability to provide for the safety of all its students, families of students who drive to school are requested to read carefully these guidelines and rules and follow them at all times. Parents or guardians must sign and return the driving permission form on the first day of school if you are already driving, or directly to the Business Office whenever the student begins driving to and from school. Driving to Head-Royce School is a privilege. It is expected that all students who drive to School or who ride to School with student drivers have permission to do so from their parents or legal guardian. Driving to School is a privilege that can be suspended or revoked by the School. VEHICLE REGISTRATION: Parents/legal guardians must register with the Business Office any automobile the student(s) intend to drive to and from School. Additionally, parents/legal guardians must register with the Business Office any automobile that will be used to drop off and pick up students at the School. All student vehicles must display a School-issued sticker. PARKING RESTRICTIONS: Student drivers are required to park on Lincoln Avenue above the School or in the School parking lot. Students may not park in any residential area surrounding the school. Residents who live near the School want their neighborhood to remain quiet and free from driving and parking complications. Restricted areas and private property surrounding the School must not be abused or littered. Do not park in driveways, including but not limited to the Lincoln Child Center driveway. Do not park in “No Parking” zones or on private property. Parking is not allowed after 3 p.m. on the north side of Lincoln Avenue directly above the School as this part of Lincoln Avenue is used as the carpool lane. Please check the signs regarding parking restrictions posted on Lincoln Avenue. SAFETY GUIDELINES & RULES: All those who drive to and from School, including students with driving privileges, are expected to use caution and safe-driving practices at all times, including but not limited to the following rules: Obey the local traffic laws; remember that Lincoln Avenue is a school zone. Be patient, cautious, and set a good example for others; do NOT “take cuts” in front of other drivers. Stay in your vehicle at all times during drop-off and pick-up on Lincoln Avenue. Getting out of your vehicle to remove items from your trunk places you and/or your child in danger given the steep grade on Lincoln Avenue. Do NOT drive on campus. Do NOT use Alida Court or other residential streets or private driveways to turn around. Go all the way around the block to re-enter Lincoln Avenue. Do NOT jaywalk or encourage jaywalking (“Jayhawks don’t Jaywalk.”) Do NOT block or use driveways for student drop-off or pick-up, and do not park across residents’ driveways. Do NOT drop off students while in the traffic lane; pull over to the curb before loading or unloading passengers on Lincoln Avenue. Do NOT make U-turns anywhere on Lincoln Avenue because they are unsafe and illegal.

Do NOT make sudden stops to park your car. Do NOT stop in the crosswalk or block private driveways to drop off or pick up passengers. ENFORCEMENT: Complaints made to the School by neighbors, the police or others about incorrect or illegal parking, unregistered cars, unsafe driving, abused property, litter, blocked driveways, excessive noise, discourteous behavior, and/or other violations of School rules, or violations of law will result in disciplinary action. After a warning, driving privileges will be suspended for ten (10) school days. If a second offense occurs, the consequence may include a two-day suspension from school. Driving privileges of a student who has broken a substance (alcohol/drug) related rule may be revoked (e.g., possession, use, sale/distribution of alcohol or drugs). More serious forms of student discipline will be imposed for rule violations in accordance with School policy as outlined in the School Directory/Handbook. The SAFETY RULES FOR AUTOMOBILES AND BUSES are printed in the HeadRoyce School Directory/Handbook for the current school year, and all adult and student drivers in our “Head-Royce family� hereby agree to read the SAFETY RULES FOR AUTOMOBILES AND BUSES carefully and follow them at all times.

June 2013

2013-14 Head-Royce School Student Driver Vehicle Registration Form NAME: ___________________________________GRADE: ______________ We acknowledge receipt of the Head-Royce School SAFETY RULES FOR AUTOMOBILES AND BUSES contained in the Head-Royce School Director/Handbook for the current school year. We agree to read and abide by SAFETY RULES FOR AUTOMOBILES AND BUSES. We acknowledge reading this STUDENT DRIVER/VEHICLE REGISTRATION FORM and understand the consequences of violating the SAFETY RULES FOR AUTOMOBILES AND BUSES contained in this form and set forth more fully in the Head-Royce School Directory/Handbook. ****************************************************************************************** (Any student driving to school must Completely Fill Out all information listed below - this form will be returned if all requested information is not provided). Student Name: __________________________________________________________ Student Signature: _____________________________________ Date: ___________ Parent/Legal Guardian: _________________________________ Date: ___________ 2013-2014 STUDENT DRIVER VEHICLE REGISTRATION Name of Driver: ____________________________________ Name of Driver: ____________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Auto #1-Color Vehicle Make/Model Year License Plate # ______________________________________________________________________ Auto #2-Color Vehicle Make/Model Year License Plate #

June 2013

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