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What we want to communicate FRIENDLY





Concept to communicate the support Carmichael Centre offers to organisations they work with This will be communicated in a positive, personal and friendly manner.

Tone of Voice

Verbally communicating the concept BEFORE

Personal accounts of members of the organisations Inclusive tone ‘We’ and ‘Our’


“We, at Carmichael, help promoting awareness of Dyspraxia in Ireland this creates a better understanding of the difficulties children and parents face.”

Visual Concept

Visually communicating the concept Support and encouragement that Carmichael Centre brings to the organisations Design style: friendly, personal, positive and supportive Imagery style:

photographies illustrations textures stamps labels envelops quotations

Friendly approach will allow the reader to visually connect with what Carmichael Centre has achieved throughout the year.


Colours and fonts COLOUR PALETTE

Colours The colour palette we have selected consists of blue tones to keep it consistent with the Carmichael Centre brand. Fonts To comply with the NCBI guidelines we selected a font, Bell Gothic, that was known for its legibility in print.


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog [Bell Gothic font]

The quick brown fox ju mps over the lazy dog [Angelina font]


Printed and online solution Our solution is suitable for both printed materials and online viewing. Printed solution Ivory paper and wiro binding Online solution ‘Issuu’ solution for pdf reading


Summary of our concept Concept: positive, personal, friendly and supportive Clear style, motive funders NCBI compliant Carmichael Centre’s brand identity consistency Thank you


Hello Kitty

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