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Your Heart in Bloom Reflections on the Hoffman Process

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Winter 2011

by Raz Ingrasci, President & CEO


omething is waiting to bloom in your heart. You can feel it, but how can you make it happen? In Asia, the lotus blossom has become a symbol of the opening heart and spiritual transformation. Those wishing to find ease amidst the challenges of everyday life are drawn to this gently glowing petaled flower floating serenely on the water. But how easy it is to forget the other hidden half of this symbol: the muck in which the plant is deeply rooted and from which it somehow draws the nutrients it needs to thrive.  The true message of the lotus is that we cannot escape our less presentable, painful parts, but we can transform them – just as the lotus draws elements from the mud to form its elegant blossom.  We’ve all known states of flow and ease – when we are “in the zone.” That’s when we feel whole, joyful, balanced and full of a loving, powerful energy. Who doesn’t wish they could feel this way all the time? The temptation is strong to shortcut the steps of personal growth by identifying with lovely things found on the surface of life, while attempting to distance ourselves from what persists under the surface.  This approach can give us positive feelings for a time, but it’s not sustainable. For Hoffman Process graduates, transformation is effective and longlasting because it happens differently. On the Process path we learn that the elements that make up our troubling dark side and our loving light side are not really opposites but, in fact, are connected. Many of us have found some of our most powerful, life-affirming experiences through misfortune, whether by enduring an illness or accident, bottoming out with an addiction, confronting codependency or the grief of loss or death.  

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There comes a time in each person’s life when they are called upon to face and heal their wounded hearts from the negative emotions, behaviors, failures, and tragedies, while simultaneously opening their hearts to embrace their successful, joyful, authentic selves. To strive for wholeness, we needed to become acquainted with that dark side of our personalities that we learned early in life to keep hidden. The question is how to engage with that early life material in a way that transforms our suffering rather than sending us further into it. We want to grow a lotus, not make a mud pie!  More than forty years ago in San Francisco, Bob Hoffman began devising the Hoffman Process, a program of emotional and spiritual re-education to help us understand and transform our patterns of suffering. In the Hoffman Process, the origins of persistent sufferContinued on page 2 >



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ing are brought to light in a safe, respectful and confidential setting, and the transformation begins on a deep emotional and spiritual level.   Bob Hoffman understood that we took on negative emotional patterns from our parents through a dynamic that he called the “Negative Love Syndrome.” When parents are unable to provide a consistent flow of unconditional love, children feel abandoned and desperately seek to win back their parents’ love and approval by matching them emotionally.  In effect, they keep exclaiming, “See, Mommy and Daddy, I’m just like you. Now will you love and accept me?” But at these moments, what are the children emulating?   Not unconditional love, because if the children were basking in love, they would not be desperately trying to win it back from their parents.  No, they are internalizing the worst traits in their parents, the very ones that have made their parents feel insecure.  True love, of course, also involves emulation.   To the extent that what is being emulated is positive, children inherit an emotional and spiritual treasure.   However, when the emotional patterns learned

from parents are negative, children inherit trouble. This negative programming stays with us as we grow into adulthood invisibly undermining virtually every aspect of our personal, professional and social lives. Our problems are always emotional, yet most adults cannot see where this unwanted material came from, let alone how to change it.

How Does the Hoffman Process Help Us Become Whole? The Hoffman Process is designed to help us identify and heal Negative Love patterns while strengthening our connection to our radiant true selves, which we call the “Spiritual Self.” For most people this aspect of self was largely ignored, pushed aside, or negated. The Process is so effective because right from the start participants learn to identify and experience their wise, compassionate and loving “Spiritual Self” (or soul, as some would say) and the all-powerful “Light” (or Higher Power). This spiritual energy is then brought to bear on the unwanted Negative Love patterns that are causing so much difficulty in our lives. The emotional hurts that were caused by a lack of unconditional love in childhood can heal only in the presence of the love that comes deep within and beyond

David Raz


oneself. Healing does occur, and wonder of wonders, the emotional child matures into a free, open, loving and spontaneous adult. This healing – this wholeness - is further reinforced by an experience of forgiveness toward the parents of our childhood who unwittingly passed their pain onto us.  To quote Bob Hoffman, “Everyone is guilty, but no one is to blame.” There is great relief for many Process participants who, after years of feeling anger, resentment or avoidance, now find a felt sense of compassionate understanding, and love for the parents of their childhood. This forgiveness expands to include yourself and others, as well. When previously ignored issues of childhood are addressed and inner conflicts resolved, Process participants shift from being fear-based to being love-based. With an open heart, nearly anything is possible. The Hoffman Process is a contemporary “heroes journey;” a healing of the past and an empowering initiation into your new reality. As you are released from the unwanted emotions of the past, you move into a way of being that is more free, open, loving and spontaneous. Your heart blooms and, finally, it’s possible to live from your heart and be your best self!




Ariana Lizzi

Stan Tessa

Trevor Branden


Ellie Liza


Hoffman’s San Rafael staff send you LOVE and heartfelt THANKS for your generosity and support! Light News | Winter 2011

The Hoffman Institute



Hoofing it to Hoffman A Personal Account of the Process by graduate Karen Elizaga Where did I disappear to wasn’t broken and was (and am!) so for a week in December? I had very happy with my life. an adventure! Along with 29 But I wanted to know about other excited and simultanethese patterns. I certainly wanted ously nervous souls, I spent 8 to be aware of them. And boy, did days entirely cut off from the I find negative patterns! I really, at outside world thinking about the end of the day, did this for my and feeling the journey that kids. I don’t want to be beholden got each of us to where we are to patterns that affect my behavtoday. I am not sure I can adeior toward and around them. And quately describe the profound I certainly don’t want to pass my effect the Hoffman Process has patterns down to them. had on me, but here goes. And as with each and every one Karen Elizaga I had been wanting to expeof my classmates – my new soul rience the Process for a few years. My dear sisters and brothers who, strangers on day friend Patricia had told me about this retreat one, now genuinely have love for one anothshe’d heard of, and then one of my clients told er – we came out on the other side of that me about (and I witnessed) how phenomenal week with newfound energy, spirit, hapit was for him. But it still took me a while to piness and love for ourselves. People who get there. were pale and so unhappy on the first day What is it? The Hoffman Process is a glowed with color in their cheeks. Those who physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual were skeptical said “You know what? It f-ing evaluation of your life. By examining each works!” Classmates who wore mask over of these four aspects (Hoffman calls it the mask over mask to disguise the real person Quadrinity) individually and then as a whole, inside radiated with honesty, integrity and you take a careful look at what negative pattrue spirit. Even hardened, wrinkled faces terns might be holding you back from being were softer and less lined (I promise! This the person you truly are and living the life stuff might work better than Botox!). you are meant to have. The premise is that And me? I feel so incredible, even hapnegative patterns cause us to act, react, and pier and more grateful for the life that I have even build our life based on automatic combuilt together with my family. I have even pulsion rather than choice. Choice is a good more love in my heart. I feel so connected place to be. Compulsion is not. to the person that I am. I realize now how I How’d Hoffman do it? Identification of the had been striving for the unattainable goal of patterns that govern our behavior. Intense perfection despite my statements to my cliphysical challenge. Visualization. Connecents and workshop participants that this was tion with spirit. Play. Dance. Compassion for an illusory standard. I hadn’t realized how our parents’ journeys. Song. Honesty. Deparmuch I was quite frankly hiding from myself. ture from our comfort zone. Tears. Laughter. I have new awareness of my previous limitaHugs. LOVE. tions and new tools to deal with them. And I To attempt to describe the Process in have 29 more beautiful souls with whom to detail would do it no justice. For sure, the share life. Hoffman Process is not traditional, and I am What a week!! I promise to share more positive that each person (including me) had because the Hoffman Process moved me in a moments of total skepticism and even wanttruly extraordinary way. And they didn’t even ed to flee. try to sell me anything else… To be honest, on the first day, I wasn’t even Karen Elizaga is a NYC-based executive sure I really belonged. I felt a bit guilty that I coach and speaker who works with top level did not have a lot of pain to process. Some of executives to sharpen their performance, as my classmates had endured so much more. well as individuals looking to effect change Some less. Some of them are wildly sucin their lives. Karen also focuses on helping cessful beyond comprehension. And some women to attain happiness, health and love are still finding their way. What brought me for themselves. You can find her work at there? Pure curiosity and my unquenchable and her blog at desire to learn about the human spirit. I The Hoffman Institute

HOFFMAN INSTITUTE FOUNDATION Board of Directors Randy Perkins, Chair Mary Cunningham Agee Joel Appel Giles Bateman Joan Belkin Steve Belkin Jean M. Halloran Gerald Harris Liza Ingrasci Raz Ingrasci William Johnson Betsy Myers Stephen Seligman Dick Simon Myron A. Wick III

Advisory Council (partial list) Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Chair Ward Ashman, Ph.D. Anat Baniel, M.A., ABMT, FMT Ken Blanchard, Ph.D. David Bork Matthew Budd, M.D. Sonia Choquette, Ph.D. Ken Druck, Ph.D. Stewart Emery Felipe Jain, M.D. Karen Leland Lee Lipsenthal, M.D., ABHM Elizabeth Lindsey, Ph.D. Paul Mazonson Rev. Hal Milton Claudia Naranjo, M.D. Bruce Price, M.D. Michael Ray, Ph.D. Rabbi Zalman Schatcher-Shalomi Tony Schwartz Marianne H. Stefancic, M.F.T. Eileen Sullivan, Ph.D. Siavash Tabrizy, M.S., M.F.T., Ph.D. Barry Taylor, N.D. Lynne Twist Eric Utne Sirah Vettese, Ph.D. Brenda Wade, Ph.D. Bettina Wright, LCSW, LCDC

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Hoffman Welcomes New Development Director Major Gift Officer. As part of As a 501c3 non-profit orgathe executive leadership team, nization, the viability of the Branden doubled RAN’s budget Process and Hoffman’s other and won significant campaigns programs is strongly tied to our fundraising ability. So for the Earth, learning first-hand the power of passionate fundwhen we started our search for raising and effective non- profit a new Development Director organizational management. last Fall, we knew we wanted Prior to RAN, Branden someone with unwavering passion for Hoffman, boundplayed key roles at successful software development comless energy, a unique vision, panies, then design and brand and a proven track record. agencies, both in the US and With Branden Barber (Process Branden Barber Australia, where he spent sevgraduate, 1994) on board, we found that and more! eral years. While in Australia he taught at the University level for creative media stuBranden is an ardent humanitarian and dents at RMIT and the TAFE schools, ran environmentalist who serves on two nonhis own design and web studio and was a profit Boards for organizations that prolieutenant in the local fire brigade. mote social and environmental justice. He came to Hoffman from Rainforest Action But before that, in the early days of his web career, Branden lived with Bob HoffNetwork (RAN), where he spent nearly man at his home for 6 months, collabofive years as the Development Director and

rating with him to create the first online presence for the global Hoffman Process community in 1996. As the Development Director at the Hoffman Institute, Branden is wholeheartedly determined to help save the world in a new way -- by supporting people in becoming more loving, authentic and joyful through the Hoffman Process. Branden received his BA degree from UC Santa Cruz. He and his wife Sarah McLeod (Process Grad, 1992) and two children, Ruby (8) and Xander (6), live in El Sobrante, CA. Sarah is the daughter of Australian Hoffman Process teacher Maggie McLeod, and William R. McLeod, MD, who serves on the Hoffman US Advisory Council. Drop Branden a line by email,, or call him at 415.526.2964, to welcome this newest member of our team.

The Power of Giving From the Heart by Lynne Twist I will be forever grateful to the Hoffman Process for the dramatic changes that have taken place in my life as a result of my participation. It’s been my privilege to work in the arena of transformation for most of my adult life. I’m a global activist, a fundraiser, speaker, author, workshop leader, consultant and a coach. Participating in the Hoffman Process deepened my resolve to serve and my capacity to make a difference. In my experience, Hoffman graduates become better people as a result of their participation, which is why I think it’s vitally important that all of us who’ve The Soul of Money is an inspiring exploration of the connection between how you spend money and leading a fulfilling life.

Light News | Winter 2011

experienced the Process begin ger and more vital each year. 2011 looking at how we can The Institute set up the support the Hoffman InstiProcess Scholarship Fund tute in reaching more people. so that people who can’t As a fundraiser and as a philanafford the Process can thropist, I am committed to the still attend, when it will reallocation of my own finanmost helpful to them. This cial resources and to seeing is one concrete way that that the financial resources of you and I and every Process our world are directed towards graduate can give back to the things, organizations and this wonderful organization initiatives we most value. that has done so much for us Facilitating the reallocation of and for the world in which Lynne Twist the world’s financial resources we live. away from fear, destruction, consumption As a Hoffman graduate who lives in gratand depletion of natural resources towards itude for the Process that I went through, love, the affirmation of life and the health it’s my privilege to include the Hoffman and wellbeing of all children and all species Institute in my philanthropy for 2011 and for all time is one of the intentions that I to insure that I continue to give back in a have for the world and a mission that I live way that makes this extraordinary work day in and day out. available to more people every day. By contributing to the Hoffman InstiTogether we can build a future that tute, a 501c3 non-profit, I know that I empowers ourselves, our children and empower several of Hoffman’s initiatives future generations. Please join me in including the ongoing training and devellaunching 2011 with a monthly contribuopment of Hoffman teachers, bringing tion to the Hoffman Institute or by makthe Process to inner-city teens, restoring ing a one-time gift to inaugurate this very White Sulphur Springs, the Process’ Napa special year. Valley home and making Hoffman stronThank you. The Hoffman Institute



Hoffman Scholarships Change Lives, And You Make This Possible At any given time, there are hundreds of people who are ready for the Hoffman Process – they have the courage and commitment necessary to learn the powerful lessons and to reap the Process’s amazing rewards. The one thing they lack, however, is the means to pay for it. The Process Scholarship Fund was created by the Hoffman Institute Foundation to allow graduates like you to help make the Process possible for those who would otherwise miss out. When you think about your Process and the positive growth it continues to have make in your life, how the gift of the Process has rippled out to touch those you know and love, you’re no doubt grateful for the experience and what it has enabled. The Process Scholarship Fund makes that experience possible for those who couldn’t afford it on their own. Last year the Scholarship Fund distributed $171,115, allowing 157 people the opportu-

“I’ve learned that emotions are the very nature and power of who I am. All along they lay hidden behind so much intellectualized anger, shame, frustration, neglect, and general coping baggage, that I had all but forgotten what it is like to really live and be awake to my feelings…Feeling is not some squishy, emotional, feminine thing. It is your and everyone else’s birthright. To give yourself this gift is to experience one of the most powerful reasons for living: to truly feel alive.”

John – HQP 11/10

White Sulphur Springs GETS A FACELIFT!

nity to find self-love and great compassion, to heal old wounds and to move forward into life authentically, leading with a more balanced self, a whole Quadrinity. Every person’s story is different but each reflects the powerful nature of the Process. Your gifts are 100% tax-deductible and 100% guaranteed to bring the power of the Process to someone who is ready for it, needs it, and can’t afford it without your help. To help someone attend the Process, please make your check payable to “Hoffman Institute Foundation” and mail to: Hoffman Institute Foundation/ Scholarship Fund 1299 Fourth Street, 6th Floor San Rafael, CA 94901 Make a gift by phone: 800.506.5253 or on-line at: https://www.hoffmaninstitute. org/sections/support/contributions.html THANK YOU!!

New Downloads for Hoffman Grads are HERE! Grads, we heard your requests for more downloadable Hoffman tools, visualizations and inspirations LOUD and CLEAR. You can now purchase and download powerful NEW recordings, spoken by Hoffman teachers, wherever you are, whenever you’d like. Simply go to graduate/shop. Enjoy!

The Inn at White Sulphur Springs was painted and the roof was repaired.

Just in time for the NEW YEAR, WSS proudly unveiled a NEW LOOK. Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of many Hoffman graduates during our WSS Renewal Campaign, the Process’ Napa Valley site is undergoing much needed improvements. When you refer a friend to the Process or come back to WSS yourself for a Q2 Graduate Intensive, a Thursday night Integration Ceremony or an overnight stay, you will find WSS is better able to comfortably, lovingly support the people whose hearts are opened here. While exciting improvement projects continue, as of today there are freshly painted walls and doors, remodeled inns, new and repaired roofs (no more leaky ceilings!), fabulous new energy efficient windows, sparkling showers, comfy new interior and exterior furniture, and much more. Come check it out for yourself! The Hoffman Institute

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2011 Hoffman Courses Many Courses Fill To Capacity Please Register Early! Hoffman’s 2011 calendar is abundant with powerful, Lightfilled offerings for you as a Process grad, and the people you know who are considering whether the Process is right for them. Next year the Process will be offered a total of 31 times at White Sulphur Springs in California and at Racebrook Lodge in Massachusetts. Following is the schedule of offerings through April. For the complete list of 2011 dates, please go to: calendar 2011 Process Dates California February 4 – 11 February 18 – 25 March 4 – 11 March 18 – 25 April 1 – 8 April 8 – 15

Massachusetts March 25-April 21

2011 Q2 Dates California March 25 – 27

Massachusetts April 15-17

2011 Leadership Q2 Dates California February 25 - 27

To register on-line, please go to: register or call us at 800-506-5253.

Light News | Winter 2011

Optimizing Your Q2 Graduate Intensive by Hoffman Graduate, Karen Leland A few months ago I sat at White heart of what I want to work on Sulphur Springs waiting for my before entering the classroom and Q2 – the 5th one I’ve taken since I’d hit the ground running. attended the Process 14 years earBash with a bottom line. lier – to begin. In preparation, I folOne of the great advantages of lowed what has become my usual doing a Q2 is that it affords the stupre Q2 procedure and sat down to dents an opportunity to review the define the objectives I wanted to pattern bashing exercise and the work on for the weekend. Dark Side Bash from the original I recognize, of course, that some Process. Karen Leland people (and make no mistake, I am Now I am not — and never have both in awe of you and envious at the same been — a global basher. I don’t want my nice, time) require no such planning and can go white poster paper featuring a scary looking with the Q2 flow and see where it takes them. dark side cluttered up with every pattern I They simply show up and let the Light / possess. Instead, I prefer to narrow my Dark Higher Power guide them like a boat on their Side Bash down to a nice, manageable group river of life to their next lessons. I am not one of related patterns — the ones that most of those people. impact the goal I came into the Q2 to work Chalk it up to my being an obsessive comon. pulsive, control freak (my dad) or a worryI’ve found that approaching my bashes wart (my mom), or perhaps it’s just a habit in this way creates a substantial shift in the formed from 25-plus years of being a conenergy around those particular patterns. sultant. But, as a lifetime member and past president of the overachieving overachievers Play nice with the other kids. club, I need a tangible objective. A lot of value in my Q2s has come from If you think that you too might benefit the other graduates in the group. Just by havfrom a little bit of self-imposed structure to ing a clear focus for the weekend and being make your Q2 an even richer experience, I open, the perfect person usually pulls up a offer the following: chair next to me at lunch or picks me as a Look Through a General Lens and/ partner for an exercise. In 2009 I ended up spending quite a bit of or Pick Some Specific Group of time with a very successful management conRelated Patterns. sultant in my group. She was next to me durIn each Q2 I’ve attended, I’ve set for myself ing one of the bashing sessions and, knowing at least one focused objective. For example: full well I was one of her same clan, flashed In the 2009 Q2 my intention was to address me a card on which she had just written, “I a current career conundrum and use my achieve, therefore I am.” I laughed, wrote the Quadrinity as a designated Board of Advisors phrase down on my own card and went on to provide guidance in the next chapter of my my bashing way. professional life. OK, so all that having been said, here is I held that focus consciously in the backmy one caveat. To get value out of a Q2, you ground during every exercise, every discusjust have to show up and do the work. (Forsion and every teacher meeting — so much tunately, the weekend is designed to allow for so that it formed the lens through which I awesome results if you just follow the instructook my entire Q2. tions, with no specific goal coming in). But The results? A year later, I’m happy to given my patterns, I preferred starting with report that I shifted successfully and with relmy goals very well defined. ative ease into my next expression of career. I’m convinced the process was greatly facilitated by my focus on this area in that Q2. Karen Leland is president of Sterling Market-

Schedule a Coaching Session. For the past three Q2s, I’ve set up a presession with a Hoffman teacher to discuss my goals for the weekend. This “State of My Union” conversation allows me to get to the

ing Group, the best-selling author of six business books and a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Woman’s Day, Self, the Los Angeles Times, SPA and others. Please feel free to contact her at or The Hoffman Institute


Hoffman Individual Coaching – Living the Life of your Dreams Through your work at the Process, you embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery and growth. Hoffman coaching is designed to further support you by creating the structure and impetus for achieving your goals, and teaching you how to manage your ongoing personal development and growth. What differentiates Hoffman coaching from other coaching programs is that it uses tools and practices from the Process, and follows the official protocols of the Hoffman coaching programs. Every Hoffman coach is also a certified Hoffman teacher, so each is uniquely qualified to work with you as a Process graduate.

Hoffman Coaching Happens via Telephone, in Two Distinct Formats Individual Sessions One-to-one coaching will provide you with the support, direction, and results you desire. Not sure what you need? We suggest you start with one session and work with your coach to create a plan that works for you. To learn more, go to

Focused Discovery

This structured, three-part coaching program, which happens over the course of 2-3 months, will propel your discovery, growth, and transformation in an area of your life where you seek strong results. Choose from one of our relevant topics including Relationship with Self & Others; Work & Career Development; Body, Health & Vitality; and Spirituality, Presence & Creativity. For additional information, please go to:

To Get Started Please go to for more details and to select

the Hoffman coach you’d most like to work with. If you need guidance choosing a Hoffman coach, please call the graduate department at 800/506-5253.

Fees: $150 per hour, payable by credit card at the time of your session.

Introducing: Graduate Refresher Days New Grad Offering Will Head to Several Cities Graduate Refreshers are a great addition to the other excellent Hoffman graduate programs. Each Refresher is a powerful day-long course that is facilitated by a Hoffman teacher, and focuses on topics of particular interest and benefit to Process grads. Refreshers offer you an economical way to re-engage with some of your original Process work through the use of the Hoffman tools, empowering your vision, building resilience, accessing your inner wisdom, and much more. You are welcome to attend a Refresher with your Hoffman buddies, graduate friends, or your partner if he/she is a Process graduate.

Some of the themes for upcoming Grad Refreshers are: • • • •

Deepening the Love Within Creating a Daily Practice Empowering Your Vision and Your “YES” to Produce It The Transformative Power of Joy & Play

Graduate Refreshers are planned for LA, Boston, New York, and several other metropolitan areas. Dates and locations will be announced via email, so please keep an eye out for a Refresher near you, or check our website at The Hoffman Institute


Graduate Teleclasses Continue to Re-Create Your Life!

Our live teleclasses are a great way to stay connected to your Process, brush up on your use of the Hoffman tools, and have a Light experience – while keeping to your budget and busy schedule! All you need is a phone connection and a quiet space to participate. Please review the list of teleclasses below, and plan to join a Hoffman teacher and grads from coast to coast as you revisit aspects of your Process and delve further into subjects that matter most to you. You’ll be glad you did!

Why Did I Eat That: Exploring Emotional Hunger with teacher Laurel Callan Tuesday, February 8th 5:00–6:15 PM PST

How To Move Toward Your Vision By Staying Present with teacher Laurel Callan (a 2-session teleclass) Wednesday, March 16th 5:30–6:30 PM PDT, session 1 and Wednesday, March 23rd 5:30–6:30 PM PDT, session 2

Finding Your Mate

with teacher Hilary Illick Wednesday, April 6th 5:30–6:45 PM PDT

Unlocking Your Creativity with teacher Hilary Illick Wednesday, May 11th 5:30–6:30 PM PDT

For detailed information on each class, please go to http:// To register for a teleclass, please call 800/506-5253 or sign up online at Can’t make the live call? No worries! A playback of the recording is automatically included when you register.

Winter 2011 | Light News

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In This Issue! • Hoffman President Raz Ingrasci on how our greatest challenges are our pathways to our greatest growth, in his article “The Heart in Bloom.” • Brand New: Hoffman is coming to a city near you! Graduate Refresher Days, led by our gifted teachers, will be held around the nation! • Global Activist, Author, Fundraiser, Co-founder, Pachamama Alliance and Hoffman Advisory Council Member, Lynne Twist on the Power of Giving from the Heart. • Making the Most of Your Q2 Graduate Intensive, by best-selling Author, Marketing Executive, Publicist, and Hoffman Advisory Council Member, Karen Leland.

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