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Natural Wonder

Help protect Tahoe’s unique beauty.

Lake Tahoe has been recognized as a global environmental success story. Watershed restoration projects first launched in the 1990’s halted a 50-year decline in the lake’s water clarity, actually improving it to almost 80 feet early this century. But now warming air and water temperatures created by climate change present new challenges for the Sierra region, threatening algae blooms in Lake Tahoe and diminishing winter snow fall.

U.C. Davis’ Tahoe Environmental Research Center creates programs that educate visitors and locals on the importance of personal commitment. Their Citizen Science Tahoe app empowers others to help with the University’s on-going research. The Center is unveiling a new “Underwater Lake Tahoe” exhibit at their Tahoe Science Center and launching a new “Find Tahoe Tessie” app, referring to reported sightings of a Loch Ness-like “sea serpent” in Lake Tahoe. The app is designed for children and families with the tagline: “Tahoe Tessie isn’t real, but climate change is.”

Do your part to protect Tahoe’s unique environment for future generations. Please don’t litter, clean up after pets, don’t have outdoor fi res or set-off fi reworks, and lessen your carbon-footprint by using public transportation or traveling by bike or foot when possible. Thank you for your efforts.