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Bear Country

Tahoe has the second highest population density of Black Bear in North America! Tahoe’s bears are all American Black Bear (although often cinnamon in color) and not the more dangerous Grizzly. They are omnivores, with most adults in the 200–350-pound range, but with some males weighting over 600 pounds. They normally try to avoid humans, but they are aggressive foragers who look at unprotected food as an open invitation, whether that’s an open door to a vacation cabin, garbage left out in unsecured cans or bags, or dog food left in a parked car over-night. Tahoe’s bears have learned to open unlocked doors and break car windows when necessary. They have one of the most powerful senses of smell in the animal kingdom, so don’t leave that half-eaten energy bar in your car’s glovebox overnight! If you spot a bear, keep your distance. Hopefully, you’ll be treated to the sight of a bear scratching its back on a tree—or taking a swim in the lake—enjoying the Tahoe summer just like you and me. Tahoe Black Bear, COURTESY PHOTO

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