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School of Pharmacy

aucc University College Cork, lreland

Colรกiste na hOllscoile Corcaigh

"The blend of clinical, industrial and regulatory expertise delivered by knowledgeable and approachable lecturers makes this a highly valuable degree". WHY STUDY PHARMACY AT UCC? If you have an interest in science and healthcare, then you should consider Pharmacy as a career option. Pharmacy is the study of the many features of drugs; including their design, manufacture, formulation into a medicine and how they work in the body. The pharmacy degree course also provides training to ensure that medicines are used safely and effectively to improve the lives of patients. As drugs and medicines experts, pharmacists are vital members of the healthcare team in both community and hospital settings. Qualified pharmacists are also invaluable in the pharmaceutical industry and in drug regulatory settings, such as the Health Products Regulatory Authority, to ensure that the drugs and medicines available on the market are safe for humans or animals.

Students who enter the UCC Pharmacy programme will g raduate with a level 9 MPharm deg ree. Once you have successfully completed your first four years (BPharm) you will then progress to the fifth year (MPharm). The pharmacy degree is designed to integrate both the subjects you will study and the placements you will undertake so that you can readily understand and apply your knowledge of science and healthcare to d rug treatment for patients. After you have been awarded the MPharm degree you are eligible to register with the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland and to practise as a Pharmacist. Practice/work placements will be an integral part of the programme over the five years. Placements can be carried out in community, hospital or industry as well as within regulatory organisations but the final eight-month placement in year 5 must be carried out in a patient facing setting.


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REASEARCH OPPORTUNITIES FOLLOW ING THE MPHARM DEGREE TheSchoolof f er scut t i ngedger esear choppor t uni t i esl eadi ngt oaPhD i nawi devar i et yofsubj ectar eas.TheSchoolal sor unst wot aughtMSc pr ogr ammesi nCl i ni calPhar macyandPhar maceut i calTechnol ogyand Qual i t y Syst ems as wel las of f er i ng many Cont i nui ng Pr of essi onal Devel opment( CPD)modul es.

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• Medi calSci enceLi ai son/Medi calAdvi sor • Medi ci nesInf or mat i on Phar maci st • Phar macyCl i entEngagementRepr esent at i ve • Qual i f i ed Per son (QP i ni ndust r y) • Qual i t yAssur anceVal i dat i on Consul t ant • Qual i t yOper at i onsManager /Speci al i st • Regul at or yAf f ai r sSpeci al i st /Of f i cer • Resear cher • Ri skManager


a.Ent r yst andar dsi nI nt er nat i onalBaccal aur eat e( I B) Mi ni mum at t ai nmentof36poi nt si nt heI nt er nat i onalBaccal aur eat easf ol l ows: Mi ni mum Hi gherGr ade5i nPhysi cs,Chemi st r yandMat hemat i csorBi ol ogy Mi ni mum Subsi di ar yGr ade5i nt her emai ni ngt hr eesubj ect s. b.Fort hosepr esent i ngt hr eesubj ect si nGCEAl evel s: Gr ades ABB,AAC* orhi gheratt he SAME si t t i ng i n Chemi st r y and t wo oft he f ol l owi ngt hr eesubj ect s–Physi cs,Bi ol ogyandMat hemat i cs–pr ovi dedami ni mum Gr ade B atGCSE/ O l evelor equi val entexami nat i on has been at t ai ned i nt he r emai ni ngsubj ect . Seewebsi t ef orf ur t herdet ai l sonent r yr equi r ement s.

Fur t herInf or mat i on: +353( 0) 214901662/ 1663 phar macy@ucc. i e gear oi d. mccar t hy@ucc. i e ht t p: / / www. ucc. i e/ en/ phar macy ht t p: / / www. f acebook. com/ phar macyucc

UCC Pharmacy (MPharm)

5 years (integrated masters) Start date: September 2020 Highlights of MPharm -


Placements undertaken throughout the 5 years Clinical and industry placements Strong links with Pharmaceutical industry Four main areas of study 1. Pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry 2. Drug delivery 3. Drug action in the body 4. Clinical and practice aspects of pharmacy Many career prospects in Ireland and abroad Degree gives QP status, which means a graduate can work as a qualified person in the pharmaceutical industry Once qualified, pharmacy graduates can work anywhere in the EU Top-50 ranked Pharmacy School globally (QS, 2015) 2-year stay back option after graduation 100% employment record from programme Extremely safe university and city environment

Cork is home to globally important pharmaceutical cluster, which includes GSK, Pfizer, Novartis, Lilly, Janssen, DePuy

Entry requirements UCC Pharmacy accepts students for direct entry who present with: 1. International Baccalaureate (IB) Minimum attainment of 36 points in the International Baccalaureate as follows: Minimum Higher Grade 5 in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics or Biology Minimum Subsidiary Grade 5 in the remaining three subjects. 2. A-levels

(a) For those presenting three subjects: Grades ABB, AAC* or higher at the SAME sitting in Chemistry and two of the following three subjects – Physics, Biology and Mathematics – provided a minimum Grade B at GCSE/O level or equivalent examination has been attained in the remaining subject. or (b) For those presenting four subjects: Grades ABCC* or BBBB or higher grades at the SAME sitting in the following subjects – Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. *UCC requires a minimum grade B at A level (or equivalent) in Chemistry for Pharmacy. -For those not presenting with these, we offer a foundation pathway option at DIFC (Cork)

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