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A Very Narrative - How you can Write Compactly If you can write a couple of incredibly Short story, narratives-- then this will go a long way to practice for the longer ones of over 1,000 words or even more. And when we are talking about brief, we indicate 50-300 words. See the example below and keep in mind how it has suspense, secret, a beginning, middle and a nice twisty ending. If you can be this compact when you write, a narrative will end up splendidly. This one I call Primitives is available in at 262 words, and it's in my preferred category, Sci-Fi.

Woman and feline, both long, lean and black, crouched reduced in the overgrown dry yard, sand and rusted remains of items long rotted into red and lumpy masses. She, dressed in a ragged and tainted piece of cloth, gestured to the pet cat quietly. Pet cat, hackles raised, took a look at her then slunk off and around the small hill. Female, using the row of dunes for cover, kept hidden as long as she could. Without taking her eyes off the animal ahead of them, she reached out and grabbed the closest thing she might find, then half crouching, tossed it at the animal ahead. She hit the rabbit as feline capitalized on the surprised animal, leapt on it and with one swift bite, eliminated then held it over to the woman. She stood up, holding the rabbit out to the feline happily. After both appreciated their meal with a good degree of contentment, lady bent down and got the item she had thrown at the bunny. She took a look at it curiously then began to pocket it, however took it out once again and held it in her hand. It sparkled a little, even in the rank light which permeated with the blanket of clouds. She cleaned off the clear but fractured face of the things, stared at the numbers painted below, then shrugged and tied it to her belt. Satisfied, the lady and the feline moved off to their shelter, the battered watch swinging from her belt. Long past its initial purpose, it was given a brand-new one by its owner.

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