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peaktime the jewellery

by Caroline Haberkorn


Inspired by the mountains the jewellery appears light and strong. When connected to the peaktime application it allows you to disconnect from all digital communication whenever you want by simply changing the shape. Material In each of the four seasons and at different times of the day the appearance of the sky changes when hitting the summits allowing you to feel the raw but beautiful sublime nature. The solid-coloured and transparent glass pieces shine slightly in the sunlight and convey a light positive feeling. Together with the titan plates on the brooch’s and pendant’s back it also gets a slightly raw appearance. Shape The jewellery’s shape can be changed as a small part of the triangle is movable. If you change the shape to a mountain like appearance you also disconnect from all digital communication.

Symbol Disconnect By sliding the small piece to the side and changing the shape you disconnect yourself from your digital contacts according to your personal settings. Simply slide back the triangle if you want to reconnect again. Status By wearing the symbol you show that you decide over your availability and that you don’t let technology dictate how you use your time just because it is possible to constantly be online. When disconnected, the senders will get a polite answer which tells them when you are reachable again. By then you will be able to properly take your time - you don’t have to disappoint others by having several conversations simultaneously as well since you will be relaxed. The status displays your independency which becomes a strong and positive group sign that others want to belong to.

Technology Web server peaktime The jewellery is connected to a web server which runs the peaktime application. By changing your status with the jewellery you activate it and you will automatically be either disconnected or connected. For more information take a look at peaktime_the application.

Interaction The jewellery can measure your emotions and react. Should it feel that you are stressed and nervous it will start to shimmer slightly. Like a sparkling light of hope that makes you aware of the possibility to take a break.

“(Refusing technology) is a luxury. One who wants to live an ordinary life actually needs a mobile phone and an email address. More and more people who can afford to hand over their communication to an assistant will resign from these things and be offline.� Daniel Kehlmann, German Writer, April 2012

peaktime_the jewellery and peaktime_the application are part of the master thesis project dis-connected, switch the off-button on. They were developed in the program Design Individual Specialization at HDK - School of Design and Crafts at Gothenburg’s University, Sweden by Caroline Haberkorn.

For more information feel welcome to take contact!

Š Caroline Haberkorn, 2012

Peaktime the jewellery  

Peaktime the jewellery is one of two handbooks which are parts of the masterthesis Peaktime from Caroline Haberkorn at the School of Design...

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