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TITLE: Rajeev Chaba- A Man Of Dynamism BODY: The Rajeev Chaba does not actually require any introduction in the field of automobiles. He has excelled in the field of automobiles in the past decades. In his journey with the automobile industry, he was specialized in various things. He had also worked in many nations across the globe and also worked with many companies in the industry. However, most of the time he spent with the General Motors, one of the leading automobile company in the world. He started his career as a National Marketing Officer in General Motors, India and reached many higher positions in the company. He was also honored with the Managing Director position to General Motors, India. He graduated from one of the prestigious business schools in the world and can be addressed as one of the best managers in the present world. Because, he has undertaken many projects and was proven to be successful in accomplishing them effectively. He faced many challenges in his long career and was always ready to face them with courage. He is very dynamic in taking the decisions and is a rich source of best managerial skills. He handled some prestigious projects in General Motors, Japan and is well recognized for his performance there. He got plenty of leadership skills with which he had driven all the human force effectively to the success of General Motors in a country like India. He had earned a lot of experience and expertise in the field of automobiles and had given a tremendous contribution to the development of the company in India.

Rajeev chaba, a man of dynamism