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SEC 430 Week 1 Bus Radio Theft Investigation (UOP) To Purchase This Material Click below Link MORE CLASSES VISIT

Resource: University of Phoenix Materials: Bus Radio Case Facts ? Review the University of Phoenix Materials: Bus Radio Case Facts located in the Week One Assessment section of your student website. ? Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper, in which you answer the following questions from the point of view of the investigator: - What documents, interviews, direct observations, and additional tactics would you use to conduct the investigation? - What technological tools might be helpful to conduct the investigation? - Where might you find information? - What questions would you ask and of whom? - What type of documentation would you create for the file? Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. a. Special Instructions for the assignment: i. Do not include an abstract describing the work. Abstracts are used in manuscripts and are not appropriate for the assignments in this course. ii. Please use headings to separate the various sections of your assignment. Use one to three levels of headings in accordance with APA guidelines. iii. Before submitting this assignment to your individual forum, please adhere to the following requirements using both the Write Point and the Plagiarism Check service: 路 Conduct a grammar check using the WritePoint service from the U of P Center for Writing Excellence. 路 Make the appropriate corrections to your final assignment as noted by the Write Point report. 路 Conduct a plagiarism check using the Plagiarism Check service from the U of P Center for Writing Excellence. Note: No more than 30% of the assignment may be directly quoted from references/resources. 路 Correct any plagiarism issues noted by the Plagiarism Check service.

Sec 430 week 1 bus radio theft investigation (uop)  
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