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SCI 163 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Short Answer Questions (UOP) To Purchase This Material Click below Link FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT

Learning Team Assignment: Short Answer Questions Address the following questions as a Learning Team: Based on the Methods of Fertility Management section of Chapter 6 of the text, what are the guidelines recommended to evaluate the risks of contraceptives? Why is it important to be aware of any medical conditions before selecting a contraceptive? Based on Chapter 6 of the text, what are the advantages of being informed and proactive about pregnancy preventions and about protecting your reproductive wellbeing. Define hypertension and discuss why it is dangerous and describe the ways to prevent it. Explain the most common types of cancer and describe risk factors and treatments for each that are described in your textbook. In the Risks You Cannot Control section of Chapter 12, the text discusses cardiometabolic risk factors you cannot control. Consider how these factors affect you and your risk for developing a cardiometabolic condition. Post your submission as a MicrosoftÂŽ Word attachment in the assignment tab.

Sci 163 week 4 learning team assignment short answer questions (uop)  
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