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SCI 163 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Essay Development (UOP) To Purchase This Material Click below Link MORE CLASSES VISIT

Learning Team Assignment: Essay Development Address the following questions as a Learning Team: What are important things to look for in interpreting nutrition information provided on labeled foods? How might this information be used to improve nutrition? In the past 3 days, what foods did you eat that are not part of a healthful diet? What alternatives might you have chosen that would have been healthier? Suggest two ways you might motive a friend or relative who does not currently exercise to participate in physical activity. What would you suggest and why? Use p. 87 of Health for examples to get you started. Identify a particular stressor in your life related to time management. What techniques might you use to help reduce or cope with this stress? What kind of support do you expect from others in a personal relationship? What kind of support do you expect from others in a professional relationship? Name one eating disorder and describe the symptoms and dangers associated with this disorder. Post your submission as a MicrosoftÂŽ Word attachment.

Sci 163 week 3 learning team assignment essay development (uop)