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RDG 415 Week 3 Assignment Scenario Powerpoint (UOP) To Purchase This Material Click below Link MORE CLASSES VISIT

Read the Scenario for your team. Share and Discuss ideas with your teammates about what area of difficulty your student is experiencing and about how you would remediate this student’s reading difficulties. Each team member chooses an appropriate instructional activity that would remediate your struggling student’s problem. Describe the activity (1 paragraph), give a rationale (1 paragraph). This will tell me you know how to find an appropriate activity for your student and why your activity is appropriate. Include your resource. Share your ideas. Two must come from Miller’s book, the rest can come from other sources – internet, observation, another teacher, or other book resource. Create a visual representation, Power Point is fine, illustrating the results. Page 1 Title Page, with LT names Page 2 Review scenario and identified weak area Page 3 - One page per LT member. Dress it up or insert pictures as needed. Put UOP student name and your reference for the activity on your page. Last Page – A reference page. Post the final visual through the Assignment link.

Rdg 415 week 3 assignment scenario powerpoint (uop)