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CHAA Services Philosophy As a community-based organization, CHAA believes health and wellness are a vital part of community development and social justice. CHAA partners with diverse API communities in an ongoing effort to reduce health disparities in a manner that honors and nurtures authentic leadership, with the promotion of community, family and consumer wellness, voice and choice. CHAA’s multidisciplinary team includes psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, therapists, support counselors, wraparound teams, prevention specialists, youth development specialists, public health professionals, and wellness advocates. CHAA staff members are from the communities they serve, and bring their cultural and language skills, knowledge, and commitment to this important work. CHAA’s mission, vision, and values are

Counseling Individual and family sessions offer clients the opportunity to express their feelings and emotional needs in a confidential and supportive setting. Services occur both at our clinic sites and in local schools.

Wraparound Wraparound is a family-centered, strengthbased program serving children, youth and families who are confronted with complex issues that are chronic and systemic, and who could use additional support from a team of dedicated providers. Families, agency representatives, and supports from the family’s community meet together and plan ways to help families meet their needs in a manner that honors their voices and choices.

Youth Development CHAA offers services and programs for youth that promote healthy lifestyles, positive choices and build safer communities, including alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention programs, youth leadership, media arts and violence prevention programming.

grounded in promoting wellness, recovery and resiliency through consumer-, family-, and community-driven services for all. CHAA is committed to providing the highest quality services in a culturally appropriate manner.

Cultural Competency For CHAA, cultural competence begins with engaging communities with attention to their unique needs. By being responsive and respectful of our consumer’s beliefs, practices, cultures, and languages, CHAA hopes to bring positive health outcomes to diverse API communities.

Community Engagement Programs CHAA believes that the participation of community members in developing healthier communities is critical to the success of our work. CHAA uses community-driven approaches that bring the life experiences of community members to bear on program design and advocacy, more accurately identifying health issues and root causes as they are lived by our consumers, and increasing the likelihood that interventions will affect structural changes that benefit the community’s overall health and wellness.

Training Programs CHAA has a diverse professional staff with roots in API communities, and offers a rigorous graduate training program to prepare students to become social workers, marriage and family therapists, and psychologists, helping them become better prepared to give back to their communities.

Imagine. Heal. Create.

Locations CHAA OAKLAND 255 International Blvd. Oakland, CA 94606 Phone: (510) 835-2777 Fax: (510) 835-0164 CHAA RICHMOND 3905 MacDonald Ave. Richmond, CA 94805 Phone: (510) 233-7555 Fax: (510) 233-4545

Overview CHAA is a non-profit health and wellness services agency that specializes in enhancing the quality of life for historically underserved Asian and Pacific Islander (API) communities. We provide services throughout the East Bay with offices in Oakland, Richmond, Berkeley, and Antioch.

CHAA STEP AHEAD YOUTH CENTER 3718 MacDonald Ave. Richmond, CA 94805 Phone: (510) 237-5777 Fax: (510) 233-4545 CHAA BERKELEY 1995 University Ave., Suite 450 Berkeley, CA 94704 Phone: (510) 845-1766 CHAA ANTIOCH/FAMILIES FORWARD PROGRAM 3727 Sunset Lane, Suite 110 Antioch, CA 94509 Phone: (925) 778-1667 Fax: (925) 778-2679


Creating Brighter Futures with Asian American & Pacific Islander Communities

CHAA General Brochure, English  

CHAA General Brochure, English

CHAA General Brochure, English  

CHAA General Brochure, English