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My Honest Inteligator Review – Read This Before Spending Your Money

Inteligator is an online background check software that claims to allow you to look into other people’s past quietly and discretely. They also claim to have one of the nations largest public and private databases to compile reports on the names you request. I have purchased a subscription from this website and I want to give you a full Inteligator review to help clear up any questions about this company. First off I want to say that I know how important it can be when you are looking into the background of somebody and it can often times seem like a daunting task with so many companies to choose from. Before I actually forked out my credit card to take the 4 day trial for a $1 I did some research into Inteligator and looked for other reviews about them. Well the first few sites that came up for the term “Inteligator

Review� only talked about how great it was and gave their highest of recommendations for it. I wasn’t just quite sold on this place yet so I looked into it a little deeper and found quite a few complaints in 2009 from some unhappy customers. As you can see below the comment that one person made on in October of 2009 because they were unhappy with their service.

As I kept reading the list went on and on of people giving bad Inteligator reviews. For almost 2 years people were complaining about these guys up until April of 2011 when they seemed to stop, and there were actually a couple of decent things to say about the company. Look at this next testimonial:

After reading this and seeing the lack of complaints in 2011 I wondered if maybe this company had switched its act around, so I went ahead and paid for the $1 trial. The worse thing that could happen is I’m out of a dollar, if I forget to cancel I can always get a refund… Right? This is where I really put them to the test, I had 3 people that I needed background checks on before hiring them so I figured that I could get all the info that I needed within the trial period and I would have nothing to lose while saving a bunch of money. So I did my background checks and I got some pretty good results back, learning about 1 applicant who had a DUI charge on his record from over a decade ago. After my 4 days I cancelled my membership and was never charged another penny. This is Important, So Keep Reading… Only a few days after using Inteligator for the 3 background checks that I did on prospective employees, a good friend and business partner of

mine told me about a company that he had been using for several years named People Finders. They also had a very cheap trial period, so I went ahead and checked it out to compare the the results from the 2 companies. The Results Shocked Me! I found additional information on 2 of the 3 people when using to do my search, and it was some pretty sensitive information that was overlooked. I couldn’t believe it. These guys only charge $3.99 per month of service too, this isn’t even close to the $30 a month it would cost you with Inteligator. I’m not saying they are a complete waste of money because you can actually get some useful information from them for the $1 trial but if you’re looking for long term I recommend weighing your options. I hope that this review is helpful in making your decision and I wish you the best of luck on your background checking journey. If you click this link below you can see what I’m talking about with People Finders, just look at the bottom of their page’s trust seals compared to Inteligator’s page and you will see the difference in what I’m talking about. If you’re gonna be performing criminal background checks on a regular basis, I

highly recommend that you take a look at People Finders and see what they have to offer.

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