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ECE 353 Week 5 Discussions 1 Cognitive Development And Learning Click Here to Buy the Tutorial For more course tutorials visit

Cognitive Development and Learning. Formal schooling plays a large role helping children to develop cognitively. Along with their home and social environments, experiences in school continue to foster children’s development of cognitive skills and strategies. In school, children learn new ideas, concepts, skills and are provided with the opportunity to engage in activities where they can explore and experiment. For this discussion, you will begin by reviewing one of the videos below. Before responding to this discussion, review the Week Five Instructor Guidance for additional information, resources, and support. Brief Description of Video Link to Video A Pre-K teacher shares a story with her students (n.d.). Interactive Read Aloud A Kindergarten teacher helps their students to learn about the letter S(Pasley & Shields, 2011). Letter of the Week: "S" Is for Scarecrow A Kindergarten teacher teaches their students about counting (Weimberg & Ryan, 2013). Beyond Fingers: Place Value & the Numbers 11-19 A third grade teacher teachers their students about number patterns (2012).

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¡ a) Discuss three different strategies the teacher used during the lesson to enhance cognition. Some ideas include memory, social/emotional needs, cognitive skills necessary for different academic areas, or the characteristics of effective classrooms. ¡

b) Examine how the three strategies influence cognitive development.

¡ c) Explain how the teacher could continue to reinforce the cognitive abilities of their students after the lesson.

Ece 353 week 5 discussions 1 cognitive development and learning  
Ece 353 week 5 discussions 1 cognitive development and learning