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ECE 332 Week 3 DQ 2 Optimal Brain Development Click Here to Buy the Tutorial mal-brain-development-(ash-course)

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Optimal Brain Development. The human brain is highly dependent on experiences for development. Discuss your role as a teacher or caregiver in a child’s life in terms of promoting optimal brain development through exposure to various experiences. Give three examples of appropriate stimulation (activities) you can employ in the classroom or daycare center to promote learning. How can you include activities outside the classroom that will reinforce the learning? How can you involve the parents and community resources (i.e., fieldtrips)? Lastly, include information on a field trip you could take your class on in your local area that would extend the learning that you included in one of your sample activities. Relate experiences from your own schooling such as field trips, community events, and activities that connected your learning to both the community and your home.

Ece 332 week 3 dq 2 optimal brain development  
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