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Stephanie Sol in June 2012. Blazer from Zara, To p and skirt from Mag’ s. Jewelry, Stylist’s o wn. Hair & Make-up by Ry an C. Sy. Styling by Zoe Botwin. Photographed by Mi kko Mahinay. On Location at the Lim’ s be ach residence.

“Murder she wore” & “In those jeans” Leave it to Bon Blue to conjure up an avant garde editorial out of the most simple settings and clothing. Bon would describe his work as “dark, sexual and direct” would be best defined as an amalgam of both Terry Richardson and Steven Klein. At 18, Bon is currently the Vice President of the Ateneo Camera Club at Ateneo de Cagayan -Xavier University and as young as he is, he always comes to do a shoot knowing what he already wants to portray even if there was no arsenal of influence prior to the engagement. Indeed, Bon is one to watch out for.

“A retreat” As a Freelance Content Writer, Blogger, SEO Expert for, not acquiring Justine to join our team of writers would be an infamy especially with her impressive resume. Justine has published numerous e-books and has written for several websites which would make her a valuable asset for CGY. When we did the interview for the newly opened Sanctuary Spa, we had no second thoughts or doubts on asking Justine to do the interview for we knew when it comes to business writing, which is Justine’s business.

“The dark side of the moon” & “CGY launching party” In the industry for 2 years, Phillip’s forte has always been his shots inside his studio or not, his polished takes during events. Despite being one of the rising photographers in Cagayan de Oro city, it’s a great pleasure and relief that he has spared CGY some time to do the beauty editorial (“The dark side of the moon”) as well as to be one of the photographers for our launching program last 21st of July 2012.

Proofreader Crissane or “Isay” is forever a musician, a bookworm and a shoeaholic, then a news writer and editor in grade and high school, abandoning it to widen her spectrum of interests by doing photography, football and Muay Thai in college and as of today. Proofreading for CGY got her excited as it also reconnected her with her journalism roots. She is currently a SpEd teacher, who's eyeing to be a Speech Pathologist.

“A retreat” Having graduated as Valedictorian in grade school and Salutatorian in high school (both at the Kong Hua school) and let’s not forget being a Dean’s Lister of the College of Nursing for 2 academic years at Ateneo de Cagayan -Xavier University, these were not the reasons why Jean Karla or “Klang” was chosen to join our team. As a matter of fact, Klang applied formally and we were honored to have someone with her intellect to join us. However, as said earlier, it was not just her intelligence that got us to grab her; it was her amazing hidden talent in photography.

“The sweet life” & “Haute Spot” The young and bubbly Business Administration senior at Ateneo de Cagayan-Xavier University is no stranger to writing. A member of The Crusader Publishing at her university, Jacqueline says she has always wanted to become a writer. However, despite not exactly pursing a degree related to writing, “Jacq” satisfies her inner writer thru The Crusader and thru CGY. One of the prime examples of professionalism for submitting her works before deadlines.

“Time to strike” A household name in Cagayan de Oro city when the word photographer is mentioned, Dustein Sibug is one of the most in-demand photographers in the city. In addition to that, of course with great demand comes with a great busy schedule. So when CGY contacted Dustein to have him featured and interviewed (“In focus”) and shoot Casey Alcantara (“Time to strike”), the shy photographer did not decline. Thank God. “Time to strike” A former Miss Teen Cagayan de Oro and currently a sophomore student taking up AB International Studies at Ateneo de Cagayan-Xavier University and to top it off, a member of Models Association of Cagayan de Oro (MACdO), Ashbelle is a writer by heart.

Whether or not you believe in the quote “every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway”, you still can’t deny that once in your waking life, you've experienced stressing over dressing. The pressure of styling your wardrobe pieces escalates with the immerging popularity of online style diaries. Our generation seems to have a penchant over documenting our OOTDs [outfit of the day] and yes, I charge myself guilty.

Some fashion enthusiasts may correct me by saying one shouldn't be stressing over dressing because it diminishes the concept of fashion being fun and personal. I mean, if fashion is indeed a form of selfexpression, what could be as stress -free as being yourself? Nonetheless, one of the most taxing questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis spells, “W-H-A-T-T-O-W-E-A-R?”

I’m no fashion expert but here are three of my unsolicited basic styling tricks.



You cannot love what you do not know. Identifying your body type helps you recognize your assets. This aids you to pick the clothes that respect what you want to flaunt and what you want to hide. It is the basic step to achieving the most essential fashion accessory: confidence.

Fashion is a philosophy. Your attitude and perspective makes or breaks it. Whatever you wear, wear it well. I’m hypothesizing most of the days, if not all, which we are stressing over dressing, are those days when we’r e too lazy to dress up but the occasion calls for us to look our best. When these days haunt you, tell a story. Pick out a main article of clothing and start from ther e. Attending the birthday party of your crush? Skip jeans and wear the tank top he-said-looks-good-on-you with a mullet skirt; add on some neckpiece, a dash of your smile and your good to go. Defending a thesis today? Strut your campus’ hall way prepared with your defense paraphernalia matched with your neon pumps and get your professor to utter, “That’s a bright idea.”

Trick#2: FASCINATE OVER THE 3F’S IN FASHION: FIT. FORM. FUNCTION. I’m not one to abide fashion rules but these thr ee F’s just make sense. When choosing my outfit, these style questions often pop up: [Fit] does it make me feel good? Does it convey the story I want to tell? [Form] Does it flaunt my asset and hide my flaws? Does it suit me? [Function] Is it appropriate to wear such to where I am going? If I place a check mark on all three, bravo; I have my OOTD.

There ya go, 3 cents worth of styling tricks! Hoping we get to dress with less stress from this day forwa rd

 S H A B B Y




Fall/Winter 2012/2013 fashion shows from New York, Milan, London and Paris happened just recently, and from these shows we picked four trends that have not only captured people’s attention but also likely to be tomorrow’s trend.

OVERSIZED BLAZERS As seen on John Paul Gaultier’s collection, he incorporated casual looks with oversized blazer and motorcycle jacket instantly giving it a dynamic outcome. Gaultier also showed how sequined dresses or any party dresses can be paired with an oversized blazer to achieve a androgynous classic look.

Color Blocking with a twist. Color blocking has been a trend for a couple of seasons now, yet Diane Von Furstenberg gave it a twist by mixing and matching bold colors adding a little spice of leather pieces. Considering that we are living in a tropical country, we can choose a leathered belt, clutch or any accessories available to combine it with a color blocking outfi t.

CLASSIC HANDBAGS We could almost remember our grandmothers or even our moms carrying medium sized handbags for it was not only stylish but also it was more preferred than slings and backpacks back then. Revive that kind of piece of handbag which was classically chic and very wearable by using the bag in any getup.

Patterns and Prints If you thought that print on print/ patterns on patterns was overrated, think again. Mary Katrantzou exhibited a more exquisitely unique prints and patterns [no floral on floral] that was inspired by a robust bold prints on bold colors. Choose a piece that screams patterns and prints all over, with minimal accessory then you a re off to go.


Angel Locsin.


“You have to discuss what they want.. how they feel. But at the same time you're not compromising how you interpret what they're telling you. It's a symbiotic relationship, really."

IRONY. "My first ever paid shoot was to cover a funeral." It's ironic how someone who makes colorful, blissful and definitely world class wedding photos started out earning his first peso covering something as melancholic as a funeral. But this did not stop Dustein Sibug from learning and up to this day, Dustein, despite being one of Cagayan de Oro's finest photographers, admits he continuosly studies different approaches and genres in photography and takes influence & not imitate other photographers' works. As a matter of fact, Dustein started his passion for photography with curiosity. "I got amazed at macro photography. Something about the depth in these photographs just caught my attention. So I guess curiosity and will power is a major factor in knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life.� claims the recent graduate of BS Development Communicaions from Xavier University. FEET ON THE GROUND. Dustein has been a professional photographer since 2007 and has been active ever since shooting from one wedding to another, to a debut the next day, a workshop the following day and even has done some commercial work with some local businesses. Let's not forget he has also held a photography workshop in Dubai.

"I simply want to take photos for the rest of my life" says the 24 year old Wao Native but has been calling Cagayan de Oro city his home for 15 years. Despite being an in-demand photographer (known for his quirky and polished work), Dustein remains the same person he has always been and it's quite obvious during this interview that he has never let any of the fame to enter his brain.

SHYNESS. He arrives at the shoot's location driving his canary-colored scooter and despite looking quite ravishing with his gold raybans on, Dustein quickly shrank like a shy violet once the hair and make-up people started working their magic on him."People had always known me as a shy & laidback person, so I never really see a reason why I should change who I am when people liked me before I even got anywhere." RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CLIENT/S. Dustein says one of his secrets in producing stellar photographs is that he always makes a connection with his clients. "Your success as a photographer depends when you build a friendship with your client. Majority of Dustein's shoots are for pre-nups and weddings, when asked who would he want to be the photographer if his own big days comes, he replies "Mr. Nelwin Uy" but when asked if there

was a bride to be to join him at the altar, the shy photographer simply flushed and replied "there's no one yet. If there was one, I'd marry her right away.(laughs)"

LIKE AN ANGEL We also asked Dustein who would he want to shoot, why and how? It took him minutes to respond and several presses of the pause button on the iPhone used to record the interview. He replies almost 2 minutes passed, "Angel Locsin. A simple portrait of Angel Locsin.There's something really interesting about her that the camera loves" and we joked back "really Is that the real reason? (laughs) but Dustein retaliated by just laughing. Dustein however, is not picky with his clients. He says “when I first started out, I used to only do shoots with models who of cpirse, knew how to project in front of the camera. I slowly shifted to doing commercial work and my clients vary every session, so in a way, it’s a challenge. I don’t have to capture a pose on a shutter’s click but instead I have to capture a moment.” Undeniably, Dustein has made a name for himself. His growth as a photographer is visible in his work and several Kagay-anons paid witness of his evolution From experimental photography varying in subjects, tones and colors to his present trademark of work, which is “clean and simple” as the photographer would describe his work today. Dustein says “my best advice to those who want to be a photographer is to always keep on learning and finding your advantage point against your competitors.” Dustein’s success, body of work and influence earns him the right to be our first ever featured photographer. Wherein we turn the tables and put the photographer/s in front of the lens and allow everyone to know more about them. His laidback attitude and tenacity are the perfect elements to tie everything altoghether, making hime stand-out. You may check out Dustein Sibug’s work at or you may contact him at 09175175981.

was a bride to be to join him at the altar, the shy photographer simply flushed and replied "there's no one yet. If there was one, I'd marry her rightaway.(laughs)"

LIKE AN ANGEL We also asked Dustein who would he want to shoot, why and how? It took him minutes to respond and several presses of the pause button on the iPhone used to record the interview. He replies almost 2 minutes passed, "Angel Locsin. A simple portrait of Angel Locsin.There's something really interesting about her that the camera loves" and we joked back "really Is that the real reason?(laughs)” but Dustein retaliated by just laughing. Dustein however, is not picky with his clients. He says “when I first started out, I used to only do shoots with models who of course, knew how to project in front of the camera. I slowly shifted to doing commercial work and my clients vary every session, so in a way, it’s a challenge. I don’t have to capture a pose on a shutter’s click but instead I have to capture a moment.”

Undeniably, Dustein has made a name for himself. His growth as a photographer is visible in his work and several Kagay-anons paid witness of his evolution From experimental photography varying in subjects, tones and colors to his present trademark of work, which is “clean and simple” as the photographer would describe his work today. Dustein says “my best advice to those who want to be a photographer is to always keep on learning and finding your advantage point against your competitors.”

"People had always known me as a shy & laidback person, so I never really see a reason why I should change who I am when people liked me before I even got anywhere."

Dustein’s success, body of work and influence earns him the right to be our first ever featured photographer. Wherein we turn the tables and put the photographer/s in front of the lens and allow everyone to know more about them. His laidback attitude and tenacity are the perfect elements to tie everything altoghether, making him standout.

You may check out Dustein Sibug’s work at or you may contact him at 09175175981.


Special thanks to Sir Benjie Manuel STYLING BY Zoe Botwin PHOTOGRAPHED BY Glenn Palacio GROOMING BY Ismael Mahinay

LIVING THE SWEET LIFE. For Aileen Lee, life is sweet. At 23, she has a lovely one year old daughter named Karleen and has already started a baking business even without any formal culinary sc hooling. Coming from a prominent family, Aileen and her siblings are known to live the luxurious life. But to prove that she is not the typical dependent and spoiled rich kid, sh e sets out on a baking journey and whips up a delec table array of pastries that will surely tickle anybody’s sweet tooth. Flip the pages and join CGY as we take a tour on Aileen’s sweet life. By Jacqueline Uy Hair and Make-up by Ryan C. Sy

Mama Mia When CGY visited Aileen Lee for this fea ture, there a re two things we couldn’t fail to noti ce: One, her pinkish, glowing, whi te s kin whi ch turns heads everywhere she goes ; and two, her mi ni-me, Ka rleen. This little tyke is very artistahin, we reckon, as we took some shots of her pla ying wi th the i cing.“Sometimes when I frost the cupcakes she helps me or she thinks she’s helping”, Aileen laughingl y sha res. “She knows that mommy is cooking and she even wants her own kitchen set because she sees that her mom has one.” she adds . It is no denying that Aileen’s relati onship wi th daughter Ka rleen is as s weet as her pas tries. As a single, young and working mother, Aileen sa ys there a re three things tha t she loves spending ti me wi th or a t the most. “The kitchen, my Karleen, and Karl”, she gushes and blushes. As you would probabl y ha ve guessed by now, the la tter is her pa rtner and Ka rleen’s fa ther. “If I’m not in the kitchen, I’d be with either Karleen or Karl... Sometimes, all three can be at the same place”, s he sa ys . We’re guessing that’s where s he is happies t a t. As a home -based ba ker, Aileen seems happy and content. She sa ys that one of the reasons why s he chose this lifes tyle is because she can spend time wi th her daughter while working. “I work but I stay at home so I can just spend time with my baby. I don’t have to go somewhere else. While working, I can hug my baby, we can talk, and it’s also our bonding time”, she sa ys . As they say, a mother’s love for her daughter or son is s tronger than a nything else in this world. Aileen can surel y a ttes t to that. Sweet Baker Aileen fi nds it ha rd to speci fi cally point out where her l ove for baking began. “Dili ko ka remember when I exactly started to bake but I remember [that] as a child, I used to play with my candies and pretend that I am baking…” she claims . When asked i f she has alwa ys been a s weet tooth, she answers wi th a defini te “yes.” Aileen sa ys tha t prior to ma king i t as a business ; she bakes as a hobby and as a fa vor to her friends. “Baking is a very expensive hobby. My friends who tasted my pastries, wants to eat it all the time... [But] I also can’t afford to treat them all the time!” she exclaims. Wha t she does then was to allow friends to hand in money for the ingredients and then she bakes the pas tries for free. After getti ng the hang of baking regula rl y, she wanted to a cqui re a l ot of ba king equipment that cos t a slight fortune. Tha t was when s he deci ded to make i t as a business. “It might be a dead investment If I invest [it] and

maybe I’ll get fired if I work in an office….” s he s ha res her doubts ba ck then. When she finall y mus tered up the guts to run a baking business, she slowl y purchased some ba king equipment tha t she needed a nd in her own words , “It just grew.” Rela ting her pastries to her li fe, we ask her to answer the question, “If you were a pastry, what would you be and why?” a la Miss Uni verse. She pauses and ponders for a moment. “I’d be a strawberry shortcake”, s he finall y says . “The strawberry shortcake is very simple. It’s just [made out of] chiffon cake, whipped cream and strawberries. It’s made out of very simple and basic ingredients, but the indulgence that it gives…” s he lea ves the sentence hanging to point out how simple yet very deli ciousl y satisfying a s trawberry s hortcake ca n be. “I’m very si mple. When i t comes to my pas tries, I don’t want to make i t compli ca ted; [I wa nt it to be] simple but all the goodness is in there”, she adds . She’s also qui ck to ans wer on wha t pas tries a re the easiest and ha rdest to make. She mentions Meringue for the former and Sans ri val for the la tter. One could easil y call Aileen a domes ti c yet high -class indi vi dual. But as young as she is, s he possesses little qui rks and anti cs that can li ven up the a tmosphere of any room. In fa ct, when we asked her i f Ma rtha Stewa rt is her peg, she shrugs it off and sa ys , “More like Bree Van de Kamp”, referring to a famous cha ra cter of the series , the Despera te Housewi ves. We ques tioned her for any plans

of expanding her business and she sa ys she doesn’t li ke to go commercial like the big bakeries tha t we a re usuall y fa miliar wi th. “I want probably [just] a stall, and a café. “, she quips . Aileen is honest when she sa ys that s he didn’t deci de to ma ture at an ea rl y age; “the circumstances desired…” she utters . Al though she says she doesn’t complain and in fa ct, she loves i t. “I can say that I was born to be like this”, s he adds . We ask wha t she wants to sa y to her future self; she pauses for some time and sa ys , “Pwede how do you see yourself sa?” The room is filled with laughter but we obliged. She then sa ys , “Probably I’d have a kitchen of my own and maybe a small café that I will run. Maybe more babies [also]…” For Aileen, tha t is never i mpossible. Even before Aileen s ta rted whipping up her pastries , she has al ready been li vi ng a s weet life. Wha t ma kes her admi rable was her decision to get out of her comfort zone and gain some independence; this proves her s trength of cha ra cter. All her delectable pastries , together wi th her vibra nt personality and her love for her daughter Ka rleen, Aileen’s life is defini tel y sweeter this ti me a round. Aileen’s pastries are also available at the Slick Café located at JR Borja Extension.

The dark side of the moon.

We usually prefer to purchase the more colored eye shadows with hues ranging with colors beyond what’s in the rainbow. However, the palettes that contain colors such as black, grays, navy, brown and mauves are always left unnoticed because these colors are not as attractive as compared to their saturated counterparts. However, no other palette or make-up technique can make a woman look more stunning than the basic smoky eye that these aforementioned “lack of color� palettes can provide. Let us show you the tips on wearing the classic staple for a woman.

Hair & Make-up by Inyaki Yusson

Photographed by Phillip Vallespin

Shot at PHILLIP VALLESPIN STUDIOS, Vamenta Blvd, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro city Model: CHRISTINE (MACdO)

PAINTING THE TOWN RED By Vic tor Emmanuel Alvarez Photographed by Mikko Mahinay

“The most efficient use of space� as they say, is the very core of and objective of good interior design. Combining form and function to every nook and cranny is perhaps har der than it seems.More than any thing else, it takes skill, a keen sense of style and passion to put things together in the right order, liter ally. Not surprisingly, we have, in our midst, a stylish and vibrant young lady who can easily conj ure her seemingly magical abilities to transform a drab corner into a c omfortable and chic spot. This time, we join Ayen Chiong as she gives us a brief outlook on her own pur suit of style.


woke up at exactly 08:45; a tad too early to welcome that lazy Satur day morning. Nonetheless, I was more than excited for the shoot that I was scheduled to go to. I head over to Xavier Estates - a stone's throw and a few steps more from where I live - straight to the location of the shoot. Being in the location was nothing new to me, as we were doing the shoot in the residence of a very close friend, Aileen Lee. The place was in complete and unusual disarray; clothes, shoes and accessories all piled up waiting to be put together - yes, I was definitely in the right place! The bold prints and screaming colors were a visual feast, upping the energy and filling the room with creative juices up to the brim. As I rummage my way through what seems like a closet raid, I see my subject, Ayen Chiong, sitting pretty on a c hair while being prepped up before her turn in front of the camera comes. Having known her personally for a very long time, she was nothing more than her usual self quirky, loud and funny. It was definitely exciting putting her on the hot seat, grilling her with questions I c an only ask as an interviewer, and seeing the different side of her and the c areer she chose to pursue.

“..How my visions and perspectives will change and evolve once I am exposed to the wider spectrum of the Interior Design industry.�

After several takes and outfit changes, we finally got the chance to sit down and talk. An attempt to create a formal interview reduced us to a burst of laughter (we really can't help not bringing out our usual c hica personality), letting the awkwardness of the situation die down.

Ayen gr aduated from college in 2009 with a degree in the Arts, major in Inter national Studies from Xavier University, but she reveals how her desire to be an Interior Designer stemmed out back in high school. " I've always wanted to

be an Interior Designer even then; I used to visualize how I'd like to have my future house look like, taking cues from magazines and tv shows dedicated to home makeovers, improvements, and decorations. " Before entering college, she shares, "I never really knew that a course on Interior Design was being offered, so I decided to take up International Studies here in Xavier University instead".

Throughout her college year s, she has actively par ticipated and excelled in the course she ended up choosing - but that never stopped her from holding on to a high school dream. " One night, while

watching an episode of the local Big Brother (laughs hard!), I caught a glimpse of the major sponsor responsible for the interior design of the famed house - the Philippine School of Interior Design", she shares. Upon hearing about PSID, and together with the approval and support of her parents, she enlisted and enrolled for school year 2010 and eventually relocated to Manila. In the study of Interior Design, one is exposed to countless dr awing and sketc hing, "But I was never really good at drawing, to begin with", she quips and


THIS PAGE: White jersey dress, SHABBY CHIC OPOSSITE PAGE: Maroon Jumpsuit, COEXIST

continues, " Good thing, the school offered

basic drawing classes for beginners, and I eventually got used to drawing ". Other than going to class, it was also her fir st time living independently away from home. "It was really hard at first, having to juggle both school activities and chores", she reminisces. " I was used to being quite

sheltered back here in CGY, and it was definitely a challenge having to do things all by myself back when I was still in Manila". "How did you survive?", I asked in amazement. " I needed to adjust fast so I can focus on my studies. I t so happened that Carlo decided to take culinary courses and relocated to Manila as well, so I didn't really feel that homesick anymore ." Despite these challenges, she still persevered and got her degree in Interior Design in a span of 3 years. Residing in Manila for that span of years, Ayen was given the opportunity to come across different kinds of people - both inside and outside the industry she wanted to break through. " One of the very

important persons I've met was my own professor ", she shares with a smile, " I remember him telling me how my visions and perspectives will change and evolve once I am exposed to the wider spectrum of the I nterior Design industry ." Indeed, Ayen explored the different genres and themes, and put into sketches whatever her imagination and vision dictates. Some of her collaborative works have been featured on the country's top home and interior design magazines - to date, 3 features have been done on her works. Suffice to say, Ayen is slowly but surely taking her spot in the local interior design industry.

On an ordinary day outside the workroom, "I enjoy going out with friends and having

good conversations over coffee or what have you", she answer s with a hint of laughter. Reflec tive of her artistic nature, she never leaves home without a pair of killer heels stomping on the pavement. Yes, Ayen never fails to let any opportunity to dress and impress pass by. One c an never miss her even in a sea of fashionistas as she is one of the few who can pull a look without being overdone. She admits not being too reliant on trends. "I try not to jump into the bandwagon.

Trends surely influence us in one way or another, but I try to make my own definition of style". On being one of the fir st individuals featured in the maiden issue of CGY, Ayen has this to say; "I am very flattered for

being featured in the maiden issue, and I truly appreciate the recognition you guys have given me and my craft. I can only wish for the success of CGY, and many many more features to come!" Ayen definitely is taking her spot in the local scene, and its about high time that we get fresh ideas and new perspec tives from a woman, a Cagayan-on who represents the evolution of Cagay an de Oro from being "just another city" to a city worth stopping by and experiencing!

Ayen and her group mates’ final presentation for the PSID exhibit which has been featured on several interior design magazines and most of all, the cover of My Home’s March 2012 issue.

Dress with Lace Detail, SHABBY CHIC Shoes, PRIMADONNA

Styling by MIKKO MAHINAY Hair & Make-up by RYAN C, SY


Photography BON BLEU Styling ZOE BOTWIN

Leather Jacket, Sylist’s own Fishtail Skirt, ARIES LAGAT

Red dress with Damask pattern, COUTURE BY ZOE BOTWIN

Black Skirt, STYLIST’S OWN


Black corset dress, COUTURE BY ZOE BOTWIN

Special thanks to Sir ALEX ORBEGOSO and Ma’am NOEMI ORBEGOSO Models: ALEXA of MACdO ZANDRE (Freelance)

Thanks to INYAKI YUSSON (for Alexa’s make-up) RYAN C. SY (for Zandre’s hair & make-up and Alexa’s hair)


In the field of tennis, many Filipinos have started making their way to break through the competitive sport. But our very own Kagay-anon, Francis Casey Alcantara, made his way to the top at the very young age of 16. BY ASHBELLE TORENO PHOTOGRAPHY BY DUSTEIN SIBUG


ilipinos have always been wide sports enthusiasts. May it be a boxing match or a basketball game; name it, we follow it. We go through lengths determining who to root for, even going as far as betting. In the Philippines, we have the boxing champ of the world, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, pool king Efren “Bata” Reyes, and many more outstanding athletes in different events. In the field of tennis, many Filipinos have started making their way to break through, but our very own Kagayanon lad made his way to the top at the very young age of 16.

Casey's success

Francis Casey “Niño” Alcantara, 20, is currently one of the top-ranked Filipino tennis players all over the world. He was also the first Filipino to win a Grand Slam title on the Philippine Tennis history at 16. At the tender age of 7, Casey started to take interest in tennis and won several tournaments such as the Milo National Championship and at the age of 8, he was already among the cream of the crop in the Philippines. Reaching the age of 12, he bagged the title of being the champion on the Asian Tennis Federation which was held in Manila. He has competed in numerous tournaments and events since then. One of his big games which placed him on the pedestal being not only a Kagay-anon’s pride but as well as the pride of the Filipino people was his game on the Australian

Open last 2009 where he played doubles with his partner, Cheng-Peng Hsieh, and won the Grand Slam award. He was the first to bag a Grand Slam title in the history of Philippine Tennis. Since then, Casey reached # 14 on the world junior ranking for tennis. Also, he recently won the 2012 Davis Cup where he played doubles against Pakistan. Great things start from small beginnings He was born on February 4, 1992 and has 2 brothers. Casey is a certified Atenean; he’s been studying at Xavier University since kindergarten up to his high school years. In grade school, he was an honor student and was already a budding athlete. Aside from tennis, he played basketball and was part of the Small Basketball Players of the Philippines in XU Grade School and was the MVP when their team won the championships and represented Mindanao against other schools from Luzon and NCR. Another sport that he plays is badminton, where he also excelled at the Milo Little Olympics.

“Practice, Practice and belief in one’s self. And last but not the least, prayers” When Casey reached high school, it is where his career on being a tennis player was hastened. “I didn’t get the chance to be an honor student in high school since I started travelling for the tournaments and I got lot of absences and class skipping to do", he says. He left for a year and a half to

focus on his budding career. And also during high school, he only played once for tennis on their intramurals. He wasn’t allowed to participate anymore since he was already starting to be a professional athlete. Casey then transferred abroad and continued studying at Fresno State University in California, where he is currently a junior college student taking up Business Management and Major in Economics. Studying and living far away from your family and friends has not been easy for him. “At first nanibago lang (ako) ‘cause I stopped for 1 ½ year in studying to play tournaments. I was challenged kay ako ra isa with new environment and new people", Casey shares. But it never hindered him from going on, “It was different lang, 8 months of being there and I only get to be with my family on Christmas and summer break. After a year, naka-adjust na ako, got friends and marami ng kakilala", he added. The Casey Formula

A good sportsman must be someone with good values, attitude and character. And yes, he does posses them all. Many may get intimidated with his demeanor and his achievements but he surely is great company to keep. “Lingaw ko kasabay, tabian kay ko”, he says while sharing about himself off-court. Indeed he is, his friends as well could prove that, too. A talkative, outgoing guy who throws punchlines here and there, a guy who keeps a smile on his face and cheers his friends up. A total package of attitude and talent. What does he do when he’s free? He sleeps. “Sleeping. Tulog. That’s what I usually do

and I really need it", he shared as he talked on his preparations for practices. Considering how occupied he is juggling his studies and career, he surely needs a lot of it. Wisdom from Casey Casey has obviously kept up with the game of being a model and an idol for the youth of today. Asked with his secret for always winning the game, “Practice, Practice and belief in one’s self. And last but not the least, prayers", he answered. It was never easy for him to balance his studies and at the same nurture his career. He has had his own share of lapses as he tries to reach for the top. He is one young man that Cagayan de Oro should be proud of. He serves as an example to many young men and women who have the same aspirations as his. Although, he had been receiving awards and recognitions from all corners, still, Casey remained grounded all this time. Humility still lingers in his character. Truly, a living testament that passion with action can definitely bring oneself to greater heights. Casey is just one among all those young athletes who had given pride and honor to our country. Let him be an inspiration to all of us, and let not his legacy be left hidden through the years. “To the youth of today, instead of playing computer games or partying, why not indulge yourselves and your peer to sports? You get the prize of being healthy and fit and the same time you enjoy and discover new things in you away from drugs and vices. And to all who dreams and who aspires to reach their dreams-- my dream was just to be able to watch the French Wimbledon, but I was fortunate enough to be able to play. Just keep on trying and practicing."

WARDROBE PROVIDED BY Shabby Chic; Pabayo-Gaerlan Sts., Cagayan de Oro City STYLED BY Zoe Botwin HAIR AND MAKE-UP BY Ryan C. Sy MODEL Tina Mende of MACdO

hot air, she keeps .


By MARA JAYNE TISMO Wardrobe Provided by MAG’S





n a swanky residence, a good 75 miles away from the city, stood Stephanie Sol in her cool and lively demeanor. She pranced all over the place, strutting every mix of stylish garb she was asked to put on. To a random observer, she appeared to be just having fun lounging around with her friends on a chill afternoon. With all the giggles and mindless chatter that was going on, one would easily assume it to be a normal day spent primping and catching up with friends. However, to a girl like Stephanie, this scenario would fall as another day of work.

Everything was set into place, the lights, the cameras, the carefully picked out change of outfits and everything else needed for this shoot to come out perfect. Of course, not a single person would suspect that all these happened spontaneously. The idea to create a virtual arsenal of loc al talents and ideas (i.e. CGY) as well as the concept for the initial cover shoot was spawned in a busy little coffee shop somewhere within the city. The day following the mini-brainstorming session, Steph and her group of equally young and promising sages were off 70 miles east of Cagay an de Oro to execute the concept they have weaved out of thin air.

Upon arriving at the loc ation, the team wasted no time and immediately set to work. One gorgeous photo was snapped after another. Things went on per fectly well until an ill-fated fake nail went loose and fell from Steph's finger. In a blur, she shifted from her glamour girl persona into an animated girly-girl as she stood there giggling over a tiny booboo.

That's the thing about Steph - she is fun to work with. This is probably one of the many reasons why she has earned a lot of big time stints in such a short span of time. And while she may appear to be all

play and laughter, she is in reality serious about her work. Moreover, she injects the right amount of enthusiasm to make every project she commits herself into as fun and engaging as possible. Even while she was still in school, she managed to become part of sever al notable projects that bordered on various environmental issues and other relevant concer ns. What's more, she even managed to spearhead some of these said projects. An avid supporter of environmental and educational causes, she poised herself as one of the primary people behind the I Love CdeO Earth Day Jam &

Jingle Contest, the One Step at A Time School Supply Drive & Feeding Program, as well as the Third NASSPHIL Youth Congress just to name a few.

Judging from her impressively thick and continuously expanding resume, Stephanie Sol has undeniably achieved a lot of remarkable feats at such a young age. In any c ase, this is not surprising. After all, she was crowned as the fir st ever Miss Teen Philippines two years prior to gr aduating as Valedictorian in high school. At 14 year s old, Stephanie was the youngest contender among 40 other young ladies vying for the same title. Proving her self worthy of the title, Steph worked on her fir st environmental Trash into project, Turn Cash, immediately after bagging the much coveted crown.

Fast forward to several year s later, we find a more sophistic ated Stephanie Sol, armed with experience and a deeper understanding of what's going on around her. Still in her early twenties, Steph carries around a tr ace of the younger wide-eyed dreamer that she once was. A little girl at hear t, Steph can fill a room with her infec tious laughter brought on by the most trivial things such as that random fake nail that came off during the progression of the shoot.

Nonetheless, her endearing juvenile qualities are counterbalanced with her impeccable courtesy and sense of professionalism. Work may seem like playtime to her but in the bac k of her mind, she means business. This is evident through her efforts to constantly improve herself and her craft to maintain a winning hand at the industry that she chooses to break in. She is a hands-on type of girl who brings her own makeup and hair extensions to the set.

“I feel like my life has been an open book ever since.”

made it clear that if Steph wanted to stay in Manila, she would have to look for a job. With that, he agreed to pay for her rent until December and bought her a one-way ticket to CDO. If she can't find a job within that span of time, she would have to fly back home. Fortunately, she got her fir st commercial offer a week before her dad flew to the US. As luck would have it, her employer happened to be one of the country's leading network providers Smar t. The money she earned from that stint gave her enough funds to suffice a few more months in the capital. This allowed her to stay longer and welcome in more offer s to appear in TVCs for Lipton Sparkling Iced Tea, SMB, Nescafe, Mr. Donut, Jollibee, Avon and a whole lot more.

Not fairly convinced of her own success, “Wow, I don't know, actually feeling nako

Her effervescence and gaiety has worked well in her favor; bringing in offers from here and there. So far, she has appeared in various print ads and TVCs nationwide. She has worked with the likes of John Lloyd Cruz and Anne Curtis. Yet forging deeper into the industry, Steph has recently landed an acting stint for TV 5. She takes on the role of Lana Hiya as a mainstay beside Martin Esc udero for a series entitled “Kapitan Awesome”. The offers came by consecutively, propelling Steph into an altogether daunting and exciting c areer path.

dili pako inana ka-successful, naswertehan lang. ” she says, Steph tries to

While she may now find herself absorbed into a mixture of several showbiz projects, everything started out so simply. It all began with a deal she made with her dad. A few months after taking a much-needed break after graduation, Stephanie Sol threw herself back into the metro in search for work. This happened sometime around October last year. Her dad allowed her to stay a few more months in Manila. However, her dad was bound for the US on the third week of November. Before he left, he tried bargaining with his daughter. He

Of course, being exposed to this industry at such a young age also has its fair share of disadvantages. “I feel like my life has been an open book ever since .” She mumbles. There are some instances wherein she feels like she is being misconceived of misinterpreted. “Most of the time, people think I'm maarte, mataray, snobbish; I don't know, that's what I usually hear.” She ponder s.

blame it on sheer good luck. While she isn't quite there yet, she is cer tainly perched on top of an enviable position most girls could only dream of having. Of course, being the humble girl that she is, Steph continues to bank on har d work and prayers to reach a certain level of success. She also remains grateful for the support she receives from her friends and family. “Har dwork and lots, lots of prayer s, and a lot, lot more friends that help me out.” She enumer ates.

Nonetheless she prides herself in being

thankful for whatever it is that she has. “I guess when someone is always thankful, you always want to do more and you want to give more so always be thankful …” says

Steph in the most cheerful tone you could ever expect from someone who just j


Nonetheless she prides herself in being thankful for whatever it is that she has. “I guess when someone is always thankful, you alway s want to do more and you want to give more so alway s be thankful…” says Steph in the most cheerful tone you could ever expect from someone who just traveled 70 miles to endure a full after noon shoot.

Apart from simply having the means to pay for her rent, Steph thoughtfully shifts her gaze when asked about the dr iving force that sets her into ac tion. Her answer was simple. She wanted to have a taste of the limelight so as to put her self in a position that would enable her to reach out to more people.

Given that we are talking about a girl who is determined to translate her dreams into actions, this doesn't seem like an impossible feat for Stephanie Sol. She's precocious and confident and she's beaming with vibrant ener gy all over. She gives off an aur a of girlishness mixed with the right amount of ferocious intensity, an understated power yet unmistakably present. She is more than just the young socialite and budding celebrity most people perceive her to be.



For any local designer, showcasing his/her collec tions during the Philippine Fashion week is a dream; to Sir Benjie Manuel, it has become a reality. Read on as Sir Benjie talks about rubbing elbows with Frederick Peralta, the importance of the Little Black Dress, how Yin and Yang fits his personality and how he never leaves home without his MAC NC45.

By Jac quline Uy

From DJ to designer

When Sir Benjie found out that he would be the featured designer on CGY’s maiden issue, he made no fuss. Instead, he created a masterpiece – two gowns in a span of two days. Impressive? You bet. It is no wonder that this former club DJ in Butuan went on to become one of our city’s top designers. When asked on what inspires him in creating stunning gowns, he says, “I am always inspired by the music I listen to.” In fac t, his Facebook wall is full of Youtube music links. “I listen to all genres, except Metal (laughs). Righ t now, I am very much into the music of the 40's”, he quips.Looks like his inner DJ still lives. What makes Sir Benjie stand out is not just his beautiful creations but also his well-rounded character. This earned him the chance to have his collection showc ased in the Philippine Fashion Week for the past years. Sir Benjie’s good nature has been passed on to his staff as they are known for their hospitality towards their guests. Once being a budding designer himself, Sir Benjie looks back at his roots and appreciates how blessed he has already become. He sees this as a chance to be able to help young and creative minds in their passion for the arts. To this day, Sir Benjie lets aspiring photographers borrow his collections for shoots and holds a personality development and modeling workshop every summer to raise the level of our city’s modeling circ uit.

Up close and personal Sir Benjie’s designs never fail to be beautifully cr afted; but how does he perceive real beauty? “One wor dsimplic ity”, he say s matterof-factly. In truth, even with his use of various fabrics, threads and color s to his designs, Sir Benjie states that the best colors to describe his personality would be black and white. “Somewhat similar to Yin and Yang… there is [ a] balance”, he adds. But in his professed love for all things simple, he does get his hopes up when asked who he dreams of designing for. “That would have to be Madonna. She is just ageless!” he exclaims. As a loc al fashion icon himself, Sir Benjie looks up to those who have reached a pedestal in the national fashion industry. Two of the noted fashion icons he looks up to are Frederick Peralta and Rene Salud. “I was humbled [ to be] meeting both of them in person, and I only have good words for both”, he utters. We humored him and asked if it is safe to say that he is rubbing elbows with THE Frederick Peralta. He laughs and shares, “Well, the last time we've seen each other was during a recent event in Butuan. We also met during

during the Mindanao Fashion Week just last year.”

Sir Benjie c aught up in the glitz and glamour of the fashion world and Sir Benjie on normal days is two different people. The former entails him to always be in tip-top fashion shape, getting busy with his next collec tion or organizing fashion shows for his current one. The latter is someone who merely longs for some free time to finally get to read his stack of unopened magazines. We ask him what he does on his day s off and he says,” I really just try to enjoy the simple things in life - the company of good friends, watering the garden plants (laughs), [ and] going out for coffee or tea without worrying what to wear.” There are two things though, that he never attempts to leave home without. “I usually forget bringing my mobile phone, but never my laptop! Aside from that, I always make sure to have my MAC NC45 because you'll never really know when it might come in handy!” he laughingly say s. Aside from the secrets of his MAC NC45, women would surely love to ask fashion advices from Sir Benjie. CGY took the liberty of doing so and asked his opinion on what he thinks is the most important fashion staple any woman should have in her closet. His answer is simple and str aightforwar d, “LBD! The little black dress is the best investment you could ever make.” he states. In fac t, Sir Benjie will soon be venturing on ready-to-wear apparel whic h will mostly comprise of little black dresses. That’s definitely something to look forward to!

Beyond his years The Gloria Pastoris collec tion presented by Sir Benjie during the 2007 Philippine Fashion Week is said to be the closest to his heart. “The Gloria Pastoris, or Glory to the Father, paved the way towards my very first exposure in the Philippine Fashion Week...” he claims. He also said that what made it more special was the presence of renowned Filipino Fashion Designer Frederick Peralta who accommodated him during his stay in Manila. “Everything just fell into place!” We asked Sir Benjie to divulge a little bit of information about his next collection. “My nex t collection will be playing on the different hues of blue and green... [The] land and sea. I t's my personal tribute to Mother Earth which I'll be showcasing for my spring / summer collec tion.” he answers. Sir Benjie lives and breathes fashion. But aside from this, there are three things he say s he could not live without. “On top of my list would definitely be the people around me - my family and friends who are and will always be there, even at times when I don't want to be disturbed (laughs). Second would have to be the people who inspire me - love interest included! (laughs) [And] last would be the internet.” he reveals. In the eyes of many, Sir Benjie has created a niche in the fashion industry, both local and national. It is however, inevitable that a lot of young, fresh and creative minds are coming out of their shadows. We asked him how he feels about fading away someday, “During my earlier years [in] starting out in the fashion industry, I have been nothing but aggressive, and I can honestly say that I've outgrown this.” he quips. To wrap up the interview, we consequently asked him how he wants to be remembered in the industry he has loved and lived for. “I want to make a mark

as a passionate per son who continuously hones the craft that I've loved and embraced”, he say s. And on a final note, he mentions: “I do not long to be the hottest name or the most sought after designer, I only want to constantly be in the scene visible and never forgotten.”

Styling by ZOE BOTWIN Wardrobe provided by HOUSE OF MANUEL Models: MARIS (MACdO) JULIE (MACdO) Hair and make-up artists: INYAKI YUSSON (Maris) HALE DEMETRIO (Julie) RYAN C. SY (Sir Benjie Manuel)

A RETREAT. The beauty and relaxation business is indeed booming in Cagayan de Oro. In the Divisoria area alone, you are bound to find a spa or beauty parlor within several blocks from each other. Not all establishments are created equally though - especially to the discerning eye.


So, if you are constantly on the lookout for that perfect relaxing and rejuvenating spot in the city, then you might want to consider one of the newest establishments today, The Sanctuary Spa and Salon. The Sanctuary Spa and Salon indeed lives up to its name. Nestled among the busy and winding roads of barangay Nazareth, the venue is a world of its own, making you forget the hectic streets outside. This small beauty haven – which is ongoing expansion as of this writing – houses a full-range hair salon and spa which features a wide array of hair, body and facial treatments. A water fountain, with its soothing and relaxing sound, greets you right outside the entrance. As you enter the premises, a wonderful mixture of exotic and chic décor greets you right away, transporting you to your very own Balinese haven. No detail is spared inside the Sanctuary. The lights, painting, wall pieces, shelves, chairs and down to the pebbles on the floor are handpicked to provide visitors with a complete visual experience. The Story Behind The Sanctuary They say beauty is skin deep – but sometimes clear glowing skin or bouncy, healthy hair is all it takes for you to feel confident and good about yourself. People understand that, naturally – especially women. And that is basically the same reason behind The Sanctuary Spa and Salon. We were able to meet Ms. Gigi Butaslac, owner of The Sanctuary Spa and Salon, which she runs with her family and her siblings. As a lover of beauty treatments, Ms. Gigi regularly frequented beauty parlors and skin care centers in the past for her choice of hair services and body treatments. Years after regular spa and salon visits, she eventually decided to venture into the business. To put it in another light – The Sanctuary was created so she could get excellent beauty treatments and top of the line service right when she needed it, and

share that with others too. She says that the major goal of The Sanctuary Spa strives to provide class A services to people from all walks of life. As a top consumer and customer of her own spa and salon, she made sure that everything in The Sanctuary is top of the line. This is why the parlor and spa only makes use of high quality machines, top hair products and skin-friendly skin care products. Salon and Spa Services The Sanctuary Spa and Salon offers a wide range of salon, spa and skin care services. Today they have a full service parlor, a spa with three massage beds and two beds for facials. If you are thinking of getting a makeover, then beauty salon is the place to go. Their

services range from hair cuts, hair styling, hair coloring, hair treatments and nail care treatments. The salon services range from PHP 75 to PHP 2000. The spa features relaxing body treatments like massages and scrubs, grooming services like waxing and threading and different kinds of skin care facials. The body and skin treatments make use of all natural products like milk and honey. Spa services start from PHP 100 to PHP 3500 depending on the type of service. However, what sets the Sanctuary Spa and Salon apart from others are its signature treatments. These are the Viora Bi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) Treatment and Viora Diamond Peel (DP) Treatment.

These signature treatments do not just use any brand of machine. The use machines made by Viora, a leading global medical aesthetics company that manufactures advanced radio frequency systems, diamond tip and microdermabrasion machines and other light based systems. Viora features a wide range of beauty applications ranging from microdermabrasion, anti-aging treatments body contouring, cellulite reduction and phototherapy. If you are familiar with Velashape, Belo’s Multipolar or Sculptor Plus or Calayan’s Vela Thermofat Lipolift, then you would be glad to know that The Sanctuary’s Viora Reaction sits in the same league with these devices. Viora Reaction (Radio Frequency) Reaction is an FDA approved


Bipolar Radio Frequency device that applies thermal effects on the tissues of the body. The frequencies of the device reach different tissue depths, helping burn cellulite and body fat in a quick, relaxing and non-invasive manner. RF treatments are on the face, arms, stomach and legs – or any part of the body that requires contouring. The Sanctuary’s RF treatment starts at PHP 3000 depending on the area, but the results are definitely worth it. One session already produces visible results. Four to six sessions produce optimal results. Radio frequency treatments are perfect

to achieve a more contoured face or slimmer arms and legs without the need for exercise. Viora Pristine (Diamond Peel) – Viora Pristine features a wide variety of treatment tips to match the skin type and skin area. Suitable for superficial and deep treatments, the machine can be used even on very sensitive skin. The Sanctuary’s Diamond Peel treatment costs at PHP 700 for a diamond peel session alone, or PHP 1000 when accompanied by a facial treatment first. A

If you are looking for a place to go for your beauty and relaxation needs, you may want to drop by T he Sanctuary Spa and Salon at 6th17th Street Nazareth. You can also call them at 851-20-43 or 09339345968 and 09174331402.

diamond peel session lasts for around 20minutes while a diamond peel session with facial lasts longer. The Sanctuary Spa and Salon is an all-in-one place to go to for your beauty and relaxation needs. While it is just several months old, it has already established a strong client base already, mostly through referrals and word of mouth. With its ongoing expansion, the Sanctuary Spa and Salon is a work in progress. Once the expansion is over, the Sanctuary will have eight massage beds, a sauna, three facial beds, separate area for hand and foot care and a coffee shop.



I’m not a fan of wea ring make -up to the gym but I am a fan of looking good, whenever and wherever. I know, I know, i t is best not to wear make-up while working out but let’s fa ce i t, some of us want to feel pretty especiall y during moments when our strength and endurance are exposed; especially when the gym is where you and tha t cutie meet eye-to-eye. Besides, wha t’s so wrong with wea ring make up to the gym? It’s not like you’ll smother products like a geisha. So here a re my top 5 pi cks of ma ke up must-ha ves for the gym.



It is no secret tha t we usually suffer from a ruddy complexion pos t-intense workout. To a void this, opt for a BB cream or ti nted mois turi zer tha t ma tches your skin tone to ca mouflage awa y the redness . Wea ring a founda tion or concealer to the gym is a bad idea because of i ts tendency to cl og your pores when mi xed wi th swea t. We don't want pi mples working out on our fa ce now, do we?



Mas ca ra ins tantl y brightens the eyes but when it s ta rts to blot a nd drip down your eyes duri ng your swea ty workout sessions, i t ma y not onl y make you look like you’ve been

bea ten up but i t mi ght pull out the “turn off” ca rd of your crus h a t the gym. So pick your choi ce of working wa terproof masca ra so you can ba t those lashes all you can on a stea my session without looking like a ra ccoon.



If the eyes a re the windows to our s oul , our eyebrows a re probabl y the curtains. Thus, alwa ys make it a point to keep your eyebrows pretty. I suggest appl ying some clea r eyebrow gel to a void unrul y, bushy brows and to keep your a rches in place for hours . Remember, a bad “browmance” is a big no-no.



Lus cious lips a re a mus t, da y-in and da y-out. However, you mi ght want to skip on wea ring lips ti ck or lip -gloss to the gym beca use 1) i t doesn't seem very appropria te and 2) i t will jus t end up s ti cking to your wa ter bottle. A lightl ytinted li p balm is your bes t option because i t adds some color to your pucker.



Not onl y a re mineral wa ter spra ys refreshing, but i t also keeps make up in place, gi ving you a fresher look that lasts longer.

So there you go. No need to compl y wi th how we us ually percei ve the “gym” look and s till look ra vishing while trying to shed off the baby fa t or the lechon from last week’s fiesta and you don’t ha ve to be emba rrassed to go drop by the nea res t convenience s tore to grab some sna cks pos t-workout. Look grea t and a t the same time, feel grea t.



Photography by BON BLEU

Styling by MELANIE JOY SERRANO Grooming by MARA JAYNE TISMO Wardrobe Provided by USA PRODUCTS

That 4-Hour Time Difference By Pamela Grace Lico, Currently based in Dubai, UAE; Forever a Kagay-anon.

“Look at me; I‟m 23, beautiful, a sight to see, tonight.” I was riding the train trying to drown everything out with my music when it hit me that after 7 years of having Plumb‟s Real in my playlist, I could finally relate to it! Okay,






Moments like these can only take you back to a time when you really didn‟t know what was out there. The future was a distant entity, a sparkly but muted collage of unknowns. Getting through college, budgeting a daily allowance of 100 pesos, knowing the name of that cute boy in your English class— the present was the priority. I am now living the once-future and looking at the once-present as the past. I can‟t say I am where I thought I‟d be (there never was a formal sit-down) but I do think I am where I‟m supposed to be.






good things happening over the weekend— all those concerts, book signings, movie premieres? Forget „em. Work‟s got you booked those 2 precious days. All the good things happening back home in December— all those reunions, weddings, Christmas parties? Don‟t bother. That is your busiest work mont h. Going out— it‟s complicated. If everyone was just an unlitext and a „rela ride away back then, here and now, getting your few friends together practically requires a miracle. And when such a miracle does happen, the gettogether always ends prematurely because everyone‟s got to be up early the next day. Keeping in touch with loved on es back home— not any easier because of the 4-hour time difference. Making vacation plans a year ahead— not an option because your annual leave depends on the moon! Then there‟s the issue of maintaining residency. Who kn ew keeping a visa could be so difficult?

world .

Here, hours fly by like seconds, plans are played by ear, rush is the only form of motion, and coffee is the only reprieve from the madness of it all. Two steps and a sip, and your entire day‟s schedule, carefully plotted out in your diary, could change entirely because of a project moved to the top of the haystack. Everything comes with a hitch. When you‟ve got the money, you don‟t have the time. When you‟ve got the money and the time, you don‟t have the energy. When you‟ve got the money, the time, and the energy, you don‟t have the right company. Or any company at all.

If not an obstacle, a complete barricade. All the

„Here‟ can get very exhausting, frustrating, and lonely but despite the exhaustion, frustration, and loneliness, I do believe it‟s where I‟m supposed to be. Being here, far far away from home, has given me a unique perspective, a stable form of self-reliance, and (this is not to be taken literally) a sense of direction. This is not to discount the growth of those who‟ve stayed in CDO. Wanderlust desires aside, leaving was my way of throwing myself into the water, a desperate push towards a version of myself I knew I could not be in solid, familiar ground. Two years of blissful post-college „no obligations‟ freedom made me complacent. I did anything I pleased: woke up whenever, ate

whatever, and went wherever. I could not be bothered with a steady job, not when I had a stream of projects to fund my every whim— or parents who could be counted on to add more than a little extra. And what need were goals when I seemed to be doing fine winging it? Luckily, and just at the right time, I had the perfect excuse to get away: an engagement shoot in Dubai. Finding myself abroad, I sought stable employment. I landed a job where I blogged about fashion & beauty, witnessed exciting photo & video shoots, and attended glamorous, invite-only events with Dubai‟s elite. I was living the dream. Not long after however, I realized this dream wasn‟t all that was cracked up to be. I resigned. I got depressed and a little bit mental but I eventually got it together. I survived. Moreover, I found myself a better job. The job suits my unique work habits and satiates my thirst for technical knowledge in photography; the boss challenges my weakn esses and tests my limits. It has not necessarily been easy but it has been good for me. I wear a watch for the purpose it was made now. Look at me; I‟m 23, I wear a watch for the purpose it was made now.

Now that‟s a sight to see.

Pamela Grace Lico, 23, is a graduate of BS Development communications at Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan. She is 1/5 of the photography team known as ParaShoot. She was the feature writer for the Crusader Publication from academic year 2007-2009 and her writing has been featured on the Philippine Daily Inquirers YoungBlood section. Right now, Pamela resides in Dubai, UAE and works hand in hand with an Italian photographer who specializes in Emirati weddings assist and shoots back-up for a year now.

By Mara Jayne Tismo

Lucid, mellifluous, euphonic a fine exhibition of sheer lyrical coalescence …

Just when you thought the music scene has yielded to the superficial ideals of fame and vanity, emerges Poetry of Water; the group solely responsible for coming up with sleek, fluid tracks such as Halok, Bagong Paglaom, Lihok and Dalan sa Bukidnon. You may have heard them perform in various places all over the city. With each performance, the group tends to throw an enthralling wave of beats and tempos towards the audience; making it hard for every spectator to miss. What they exude is musical ingenuity so eminent and palpable, it commands attention. This time, we cross the threshold of the seemingly cryptic mechanism that holds their work together. We trace the lines of how they came to be as a group and what keeps them going.

Formed on June 2005, Poetry of Wa ter mana ges to secure i ts position i n the local music s cene wi th their distinct bra nd of music; one that doesn’t fi t into any sort of generi c mold. Sui generis, as would be fitting to des cribe the group. However, i f there’ll be a need to put a label on wha t they do, it’s called Fusion – the combina tion of two or more s tyles of music.

Thei rs is the kind of musi c tha t enters your mind as subtl y as it fades ; discreetl y seeping through your consciousness, aligning your thoughts as you enter into a sense of buoyancy as i f you were floa ting through the ri ver itsel f all tha t, in a li ttle over fi ve minutes .

Wha t it bri ngs to the table is an ill-assortment of elements , so va ried and di verse you would not expect it to blend so well together. Sounding more li ke an obs cure illusive drea m, Poetry of Water deli vers a combinati on of recollected experiences and sentiments , a hodgepodge of bea ts and s tyles all tied up i nto one cohesi ve impressionisti c work. They’ll ha ve you reeling into your own pool of thoughts while simulta neousl y evoking new emotions . You’ll ha ve to listen to unders tand.

Dissecting the group, you’ll ha ve Jude Decasa on vocals, Jaime “Jami ” Cinco on gui ta r, Kinase “Budi ” Ramos on bass, Erol Balcos on percussions, a nd Jedi dela Cruz on drums . Ha vi ng different musical influences , each member ma kes an essential contribution to the group. Thei r influences and styles va ry from blues , jazz, ethni c, and rock. How they blend all these together requi res a ri gid and time consumi ng process.

The group s ta rts by pinning down a certain experience, jui cing out all sorts of emotions invol ved. The interpla y of emotions contributes a lot to the progression of a single song. However, in order to gi ve justi ce to tha t certain emotion, i t must be interpreted a t a time when the mind is mos t quiescent; free of any sort of dis tra ction. “The spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions recollected in tranquility”, quoted Jude (vocals) when asked how they go about the s ong wri ting process . Appa rentl y, these were the exa ct words William Wordsworth used to define poetry. It ma kes a fi tting compa rison as both crea ti ve a renas invol ve the rhythmi cal process of s tringing the ri ght words and elements together to reminisce or evoke a pa rti cula r emotion. And what better wa y is there to see and cons true an emotion s o clea rl y as in retrospect?

Si nce the goal is to interpret a certain emotion in the mos t succinct wa y possible, Poetry of Wa ter relies on thei r ins truments to convey the message they wish to deli ver. They don’t focus so much on which language or dialect they ought to use in thei r songs . Ins tead, they pa y more a ttention to the cohesion of the elements they inject in a single tra ck. When i t comes to the song wri ting process, the group takes in the message as the very core. Graduall y, they wrap i t up by mi xing in each of thei r own va ried styles and ins truments . As the elements s ta rt to roll and converge into one another, they create a piercing rhythm tha t is both calming and empowering.

Moreover, ins tead of following wha t a certain genre di cta tes , they focus more on the message they wan t thei r listeners to hea r and they work on i t. Thei r work is done once they’ve properl y jus tified the intensi ty of a n emotion by tra nslating i t into a coherent piece.

“The spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions recollected in tranquility” – Jude de la Cruz

Poetry of Wa ter has been a round for seven yea rs . The concept of the group was ini tially formula ted by Jude and a former PoW member, Jose “Ma ma y” Ci nco. Originall y, Poetry of Water was composed of Jude on vocals , Ma ma y on gui ta r, Ja mi on Bass, Errol on percussions and Janjan Ti rando on drums . Eventuall y, Ma ma y had to lea ve the group to pursue other opportuni ties both musi cal and otherwise. The group now needed res tructuring. Ja mi was left to fill in his brother’s pla ce as gui ta rist. To assume his pla ce as bassist, he invi ted his old college friend, Budi , to join the group. During tha t time, Budi used to pla y bass for another local band known as “Kaapin”. La ter on, Jedi came into the ci rcle as repla cement for the group’s drummer Janjan who eventuall y needed to lea ve the group. As a prominent drummer for the l ocal underground s cene, Jedi ma kes an unexpected addi tion to the group. This is simpl y because he is known as a pounder who often pla ys for groups borderi ng on the hea vier side of things – rock. Nonetheless, he ma kes an interes ting addi tion to Poetry of Wa ter. Together, they deli ver an obs cure sub genre of jazz-rock fusion wi th an ethni c twist or vi ce versa . But all tha t is jus t a flims y a ttempt to define thei r musi c all for the sake of ha ving something concrete to grasp.

As anyone would ima gine, this process invol ves a lot of techni calities. The main di ffi culty lies in trying to fuse all the elements together. Throwing in one la yer after another while ca refull y trying not to blur out or overpower the simple message of a single l yri cal piece is a defini te feat. It takes about four months for the group to complete a song. Nonetheless, wha t they ha ve come up wi th so fa r a re impressi ve chunks of gra ceful and rhythmi c explosions .

Much like thei r tra cks , the group i tself is a mishmash of personalities and identi ties . Wha t keeps them rolling is thei r sha red love for musi c. Li ving in di fferent a reas, s tudying i n different s chools and working in different es tablishments , the group makes an effort to come together to ful fill the sense of urgency to crea te good music together.

More impressive than their music is the band’s reason for sticking together. They continue strumming and pounding beat after beat not for the image, not for the money, not for the fame. Rather, for the sense of satisfaction of having created something beautiful. After all, it’s the thing that no one can ever stick a price tag into.

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SOCIOLOGY Lights flickering, drinks pouring, crazy dancing and people having a great time. By VICTORIA CARLOBOS Photography by HIGS SNAPZ

These are the sentiments Cagayan de Oro experienced last June 30, 2012 at Club Tilt where Asylum Productions organized one of the craziest parties this city has ever encountered. RECESS, a party l (well-known in the Manila party scenes) as the featured guest DJ to rock the night away with his party mixes.

metropolitan lifestyle, party goers on the Recess event wowed us with their sexy and eye catching outfits that deserve a spot on

CGY Launching party


fter so many Facebook sta tuses , Twi tter updates and text messages , tha t Sa turda y that we ha ve all been looking forwa rd to finall y came. Last Jul y 21, 2012 a t SM CDO was the launching of our maiden issue wi th Stephanie Sol who gra ces our cover. At exa ctl y 5 o’clock in the afternoon, there were already people by the floor wai ting to wi tness wha t the hyped -up event was all about. The s ta ge was draped with an Aztec-like ba ckground wi th eye -capti va ting pa tterns and bright colors in-lieu wi th wha t CGY has to offer whi ch is to embody the multi tude of talents and personali ties worth knowi ng and reading about. The event s howcased talents featuring the wonderful angelic voi ces of the beautiful ladies of Belladonna , the hi p yet gra cefu l Ca tzeye Dancers who reall y captured the eyes of the crowd and the gorgeous models from CDO’s own agencies , MACdO and Gli ttera ti , who gra ced the runwa y wi th astonishing outfi ts from Ma gs Collecti on. The progra m was brief and very concise whi ch wanted the crowd looking out for more. It’s our wa y of sending a message to the Ka ga y-anons tha t with CGY, there is something bi g we should all look out for. Wi th the specta cle of talents and a fashion show, i t simpl y denotes wha t’s inside the e-maga zine i tself. The launching event was without a doubt a s uccess and a cro wd-pleaser tha t left everyone looking out and wanting for more.

By Victoria Jane Carlobos Photos by Phillip Vallespin

CGY issue no. 1 July-August 2012  

The Maiden Issue

CGY issue no. 1 July-August 2012  

The Maiden Issue