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Plateia Software for Road Design and Reconstruction

Plateia Plateia is a software suite, intended for use in the design or


reconstruction design of roads. It offers the designer a large

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Road Design and Reconstruction

set of commands from basic to very detailed, from the initial Working platform:

input of survey data through to plotting and the creation of

AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map 3D, BricsCAD

3D models that can be used for further design analysis. Supported languages:

Plateia assists an engineer in preparation of their professional

German, English, Croatian,Turkish Russian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, ...

drawings and technical documentation including volume calculations with comprehensive mass-haul diagrams. The 3D model environment further enables the user to carry out various forms of design analysis such as swept path, visibility and road water runoff. Plateia is designed to work in conjunction with several CAD applications however, when used in conjunction with AutoCAD

Important new features!

Civil 3D, Plateia enables the user to leverage both software packages.


Improved vertical alignment best fit algorithm


New grading functionality

Plateia has been used for roadway projects of all varieties and


Conditional TCS element

scale: Road Design of all categories, Road Reconstruction and


New intersections functionality

rehabilitation, Earthworks etc.


Show sections of 3D objects in cross sections

Easy to learn and use

Highlights Flexible Automated “Design in one draw in several� concept allows efficient processing of cross-sections.

Several degrees of automation allow the user to retain full control over the design process while maintaining the relations between elements.

Compatible Plateia is a perfect companion to AutoCAD Civil 3D, It's connected to the Civil 3D DTM, you can transfer road geometry both ways.

Comprehensive Tools are available for tasks from preliminary studies all the way to the construction documentation.

Well structured menus enable fast learning for the first time user while ribbon and toolbox command options are provided for the convenience of experienced users.

Proven Plateia has been localized and used in several countries for projects ranging from urban roads and intersections to countless reconstructions and large scale highway projects.

using points or surface (Plateia uses AutoCAD Civil 3D surfaces or the CGSplus DTM) n

Transfer points/lines from sections into plan view or 3D


Horizontal alignment-related utilities


Horizontal visibility analysis


Grading functionality

Benefits Support for various road design standards: n roadway categories, design

speed n critical values of design

parameters n superelevations and

widenings calculation

Longitudinal Sections Layout


This module comprises commands for processing input data and drafting in plan view:

In this module the user finds powerful commands for manipulating horizontal alignments:


Digital terrain model capable of handling several million points


Manipulation of survey points and connections


Insert and edit topographic and other symbols


Raster image manager



Design and edit horizontal alignments with three different methods and the option to combine all three into one single alignment Create horizontal alignments based on surveyed points with best-fit method that automatically produces tangents, arcs and spirals


Hatch/color embankments


2D-3D conversions


Calculations and interpolations



Utilities for dimensioning and processing of plan view

Create cross axes in multiple ways


Automatic labeling


Layout plan production tools


Drape sections to 3D command

This module contains the commands needed to process and analyze alignment profiles:

n integrated national roadway

signs and pavement markings Fully integrated in a CAD system: n take advantage of AutoCAD

Civil 3D functionality,


Design the vertical geometry of the road

n start from an existing


Calculate and edit superelevations

n resulting design can also be


Vertical visibility analysis


Road water runoff analysis


Mass-haul diagrams


Customizable profile bands


Several tools for drawing and inserting of geometric elements, dimensions lines ect.


Longitudinal section plan production tools

Cross Sections This module contains the commands needed to process and analyze cross sections:

AutoCAD drawing, further processed in plain AutoCAD. Improve speed and reliability: n speed up time-consuming

and repetitive operations n fast and accurate transfer of

data between layout / longitudinal / cross sections. n capable of handling alignments of more than 100 km Use one product for all steps of the design process: n start with insertion of survey




Plot existing ground and roadway sections Simple design of cross sections with various cross section elements (embankment shoulder, ditch, drainage, substructure, pavement, conditional element ...) Editing, labeling, dimensioning of cross sections

data, raster images etc., n go through all phases of

design/drafting, n intersection and roundabout

design n create various analysis n finish with efficient

preparation of paper spaces for plotting or 3D model building for further BIM processing


Tools for defining, editing and applying typical cross sections


Calculate takeoff quantities


Several tools for processing (add blocks, dimensions, zoom sections…)

2 0


Cross sections plan production tools

From 1993, when the first version was officially released, Plateia has gained a number of satisfied users in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, etc. It has been successfully integrated into the workflow of companies of very different sizes: from small engineering bureaus with only a few employees to the big and internationally renowned consulting companies.

Traffic This module expands the designer's ability to create and analyze by providing tools for Traffic Signalization, Intersection Design and Swept Path Analysis: n

Autopath – horizontal and vertical swept path analysis


Draw, edit and create reports from traffic signs


Design pavement markings (zebra, longitudinal markings, ghost islands, etc.)


Present traffic signs and pavement marking in 3D view to make effective visualizations


Design of splitter island (teardrop, triangular)


Complete roundabout design


Curb return fillets


Bus bays

CGS plus d.o.o.

USA Branch office:

About CGS plus

CGS plus LLC

CGS plus is a reputable Civil Engineering software developer and Autodesk Preferred Industry Partner for AutoCAD Civil 3D.

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Internet: e-mail:

CGS plus Software is translated into several languages and adapted to national civil engineering standards. It’s used by more than 3000 customers in app. 25 countries every day.

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Plateia 2014  

Plateia is a software suite, intended for use in the design or reconstruction design of roads. It offers the designer a large set of command...