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How many secrets do you know about becoming more authentic and achieving more success in your life? I came up with 103 insights and if you would like to add to the list, I invite you to send them along. I share them often at speaking events and in my workshops. However, many of you have asked me to repeat them and where you can find a ‘library’ of them. I decided to put them all in this e-book for you, with my compliments. Some of these insights are profound; others may give you a giggle. I hope they energize your day, or offer some sort of ‘aha’ moment in one way or another. If you find these insights helpful, you may want to follow my blog at so you continue to receive updates from me. If you’re in the Travel Industry you can join my blog at and be sure to LIKE my Strategies4Travel Facebook Fan Page at All the Best


1. Be accountable. That way, there’s no one else to blame. 2. Hold your own feet to the fire; you’ll be amazed at what you achieve! 3. Develop a healthy sense of curiosity about other people. 4. Always ask “WHY? 5. For your next meeting, have a contest to see who can come up with the highest number of ways you can ask “why?’ 6. Don’t just HEAR, LISTEN to what people say; there’s a goldmine of information for you. 7. Find something that makes you laugh every day. 8. At the end of each day, write down at least one thing you are grateful for. 9. Share your information using stories; people will understand it better. 10. People buy based on emotion and justify using logic. 11. Laugh WITH people, not AT them. 12. Enthusiasm is contagious.

13. Smiles are contagious. 14. Smile with your eyes. 15. SHOW others you are listening to them. 16. People appreciate attention; give them 100% of yours. 17. Human to Human (h2h) is the way of business today. connecting?

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18. Selling today is nothing about forcing and more about connecting. 19. Positive words attract positive results. 20. Surround yourself with people who reach for higher goals than you. 21. Growing your business is about solving problems and adding value. 22. Develop the skills to make YOU the First and Only One your clients call. 23. Pay to grow your skills. You are the most qualified to give the greatest ROI on the investment.

24. Stop trying to justify your VALUE to people who don’t want to pay; spend your energy attracting those who will. 25. Talk about benefits, not features. 26. Don’t get caught up in gossip. 27. Refuse to allow others’ negative attitudes bring you down. 28. If you feel overwhelmed, get moving and take a few deep breaths. When you return, the solution will be right there, in front of you. 29. Think of selling as helping people with a decision. 30. If ‘no’ is the worst that can happen, that’s not so bad. 31. Most upset people are not upset with YOU; you just happen to be the first one they speak to. 32. Upset clients are opportunities to develop loyal clients. 33. People skills are not luck or something you are born with; it is a mindset. 34. Success is not an abundance of money and material things; it is a mindset.

35. Everything that happens is an opportunity to learn. What have you learned today? 36. Be nice to waiters and waitresses; they are the GATEKEEPERS to what’s best on tonight’s menu. 37. Who has the power to make your break your Brand in seconds? The receptionist. 38. What 4 words alienate clients the fastest? “That’s not our policy.” 39. What 4 words destroy teams? “That’s not my job.” 40. What 6 words stunt innovation? “We’ve always done it this way.” 41. What single word can shake other’s confidence in you? “Ooops.” 42. What song makes you feel strong enough to get through anything? Make it your theme song. 43. What you THINK you will see will BE what you’ll see. 44. Manifest your dreams by visualizing them with passion and taking action.

45. Review your values regularly. They are part of your evolution. 46. Learn how to know by being mindful. 47. There are different kinds of people in the world; not better; not worse; just different. 48. Understanding others opens you up to new experiences. 49. Learning how to get along with people is the best skill you can learn. 50. Being a mentor is the best learning experience. 51. The more you fail, the less fear you will have toward it. 52. Losing your job allows you to discover your creative side. 53. Getting fired is the Universe’s way of telling you you’re meant for something better. 54. You succeed with someone’s help; give back by helping others succeed. 55. If you have negative self-talk, don’t worry about your enemies; you’ll defeat yourself before they even get to you.

56. If you have a great idea, run it past the most critical people you know; they’ll find the gaps you need to fill before you launch it. 57. Instead of watching garbage on TV, read a book or learn something new. 58. If you resist change because you’re comfortable with how things are now, think about change as the NEW way things are now … as of tomorrow. 59. Good leaders SAY they listen to their employees; GREAT leaders do something about it. 60. Is it, “walk the walk?” or “talk the talk?” Or is it “walk the talk?” or “talk the walk?” Whatever it is, just Practise what you Preach. 61. Just because clients SAY they want something, doesn’t mean that’s what they should BUY. (Very close cousin to “just because you can get it on, doesn’t mean you should wear it.”) 62. Clarify generic words and terms to achieve greater understanding. 63. To get where you want to go, sometimes you have to think SDRAWKCAB.

64. Spend more time helping others with their essentials instead of talking about your credentials. 65. Helping people solve their problems puts you on the MOST WANTED list … and that’s a GOOD thing. 66. Eliminate judgment; it opens up your perspective. 67. Replace assumptive thoughts with explorative questions. 68. Say THANK YOU more often. 69. Saying “I’m sorry” doesn’t mean you are accepting blame. 70. Show others respect; whether they deserve it or not. 71. Ask for help when you want to learn something. 72. Be the first to extend a helping hand. 73. Instead of wishing ill to those who mistreat you, wish them well … somewhere else. It’s the most polite way I know to flip someone the bird.

74. Hugs heal. 75. The amazing thing about work is - it’s always around. It will even wait for you to give it attention; this may not be true for your friends and family. Choose wisely. 76. We are all educators – what lessons are you teaching? 77. Actions speak louder than words – What’s YOUR message? 78. Working toward a clear goal creates an energy that draws that goal toward you. 79. Action generates positive energy. 80. Be patient with yourself. 81. Get up early each day and honor your body through exercise. 82. Advise yourself the way you would your best friend. 83. Forgive those who criticize you. 84. Consistent effort will reward you.

85. Hold the door open for someone. 86. Say “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” to everyone on the elevator. Maybe you’ll score some more space. 87. Empathy connects you to “the Power”. 88. Look for and acknowledge positives first, before correcting. 89. Thank your Angels (or whomever is your Greater Power) every day. 90. Be open to receiving. 91. Sometimes it’s the quiet ones who have the greatest ideas. 92. Taking the extra step can make a difference in your results. 93. The more you PUSH to MAKE something happen, the more it resists. Stop pushing and allow it happen. 94. If you come to a dead end looking for a solution, change it up. Do something completely different. Ideas will flow later.

95. Finding a solution for the problem you SAY you have, requires finding out what the REAL problem is. 96. You find better solutions using more than one style of thinking. 97. People appreciate manners. 98. If you’ve always been an outsider … stay there. It’s far better than mediocrity. 99. No one cares if you have an MBA or a PhD; they only care about what you can do for them. 100. Connect with others using the same verbal and non-verbal language they have. 101. Leaving a quickly spoken voicemail will not get clients to call you back sooner. 102. Giving someone reams of information doesn’t necessarily satisfy them; make sure you give people what they want the way they want it. 103. Trying something new and failing is FAR BETTER than never trying.

About the Author: Cheryl Gregory specializes in helping Leaders and Professionals improve h2h (human to human) skills so they can achieve better results and higher profits. She is an author and keynote speaker, and offers energetic, engaging workshops. Cheryl transforms what feels like complex, challenging and confusing interactions into clearer, connected, collaborative relationships. The results: stronger teams, better problem-solving ability, more clients and more business. Her upcoming book “Selling Your Soul™” offers practical ways you can unearth and share your authentic self in order to attract the right people to you and achieve greater success in business and in life. Cheryl has worked for over 35 years in Sales and Marketing, 30 of them in the highly competitive Travel Industry. Before starting her own Company, she was President of an Internationally-known Travel Company, successfully leading a team of Sales Professionals and grew the business well over 150% in a few years. She has spoken in a number of States and Provinces in the USA and Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and several International countries.

103 insights for business and life  
103 insights for business and life  

A collection of thoughts and insights close to my heart. They relate to being authentic in how we live in business and personally. Some ar...