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EDUCATION 2009 Graduated as a Master of Science with

Distinction (2nd July) with the project “Alternative Urbanities: Invasive Densities,” as a part of the Urban Asymmetries: Mexico collective project (a team of seven architects and three urbanists), with a degree of 9.50/10.00 cum laude. 2008/2009 Graduation project in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences (track: Architecture) at the TU DELFT after joining as a regular student. The graduation project belongs to the DSD Future cities: Urban Asymmetries master program and is located in Ecatepec, Mexico City (Mexico). One month research trip to Mexico in December 2008. On-site collaboration with the UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), under the supervision of Ricardo Eibenschutz, and the Municipality of Ecatepec (Municipio de Ecatepec de Morelos). 2007/2008 One year stay at the TU DELFT (Delft’s Technical University, The Netherlands) as an exchange student part of the ERASMUS programme. Enrolled for the DSD (Delft School of Design) Future cities: Urban Asymmetries pilot program. Research trip to Istanbul (Turkey) as part of the FILM/VIDEO/CITY Design Workshop in April 2008. 2003/ 2007 Superior Architecture First Cycle at the ETSAB (School of Architecture of Barcelona) during four years. Graduations of 7.00/ 10.00 in Design Project (3rd year), 8.00/ 10.00 in Urbanism Design Project (2nd year), First Class with Distinction (9.50/10.00, MH) in History and Theory of Art and Architecture (Composició III, 4th year). Great interest on Urbanism and Landscape planning. 2001/ 2003 High school on Science and Technology in Valladolid, Núñez de Arce High School. First Class with Distinction (9.00/ 10.00).

WORK EXPERIENCE 2007 One month stay at Architecture Office

Alberto Merinos y asociados (Valladolid), collaborating in the design process for a new school facility. 2007 Six month experience at Architecture Atelier ON-A Arquitectura (Barcelona), hired through the ETSAB Area of educative cooperation. Working as a collaborator in the design process for architectural competitions, buildings, and ephemeral architecture. Drawings published in DETAIL magazine. 2005 Experience as a collaborator with teachers Marta Bayona and Josep Parcerisa (ETSAB) at the Urbanism and Regional Planning Department, helping in the production of a new General Urban Planning for Maó (Menorca). One week stay in Maó doing field research and one month collaboration at B+V Arquitectes Associats (Marta Bayona and Albert Valero, Barcelona), member of the architect and designers partnership Espai Carolines.

PUBLICATIONS 2010 Coming publication of an Urban

Asymmetries book issued by 010 Publishers, Rotterdam (The Netherlands). 2009 Special number of ATLANTIS MAGAZINE comprising the Urban Asymmetries master programs’ graduation projects in Mexico City and Santiago de Chile. ATLANTIS is a quarterly journal edited by POLIS, an organization formed by professors and students of Urban Design from the Architecture Department at the TU DELFT.


AutoCAD: Proficient in 2D and 3D, intensive use over the last 5 years. Photoshop, Premiere PRO: Proficient, intensive use over the last 5 years. Illustrator, InDesign: Very good. Rhino, 3D Studio MAX: Good, Used at work. Microsoft Office: Proficient. Maya, Vectorworks: Basic knowledge.


English / Advanced Certificate in English (University of Cambridge). Grade B. Fluent speaking, excellent writing and comprehension, several stays in the US and UK. French/ Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française/ A2. Fluent speaking, very good writing and comprehension, several stays in France. German/ Zertifikat Deutsch, GUT (grade B). Good writing and comprehension. One two week stay in Berlin. Catalan/ Certificat A/ Elemental , 9.00 Excel·lent. Fluent speaking, very good writing and comprehension. Spanish as mother tongue.


Several cinema and drama courses. Broad experience in digital video editing for the final exhibition for Marc Bouwmeester’s course: “RDM-IST: Media Mapping”, as well as the Urban Asymmetries presentations, with documentary clips form Ecatepec, Mexico City. From summer 2006, working on small scale fashion design, with the brand for T-shirts&more *ménage à moi*. Catwalk at B_side bar (Barcelona)


Architect. Master of Science.

(Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences, TU DELFT, 2009)

Valladolid (SPAIN) , 16Dec1985 0157 84553808


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