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Program Investment Process Priority Considerations

Community Result: People live in safe neighborhoods

Community Result: People live in safe and decent housing

Focusing Investments United Way of Central Ohio is charged with creating measureable change at the community and neighborhood level. In order to achieve this goal, volunteers and the Board of Trustees have chosen to focus resources supporting both community results for Building Vibrant Neighborhoods on a few priority neighborhoods. In May 2008 the Building Vibrant Neighborhoods Impact Council unanimously approved a plan to focus strategies on a select number of priority neighborhoods. Asset-based and need-based data was collected and numerous meetings were held with partners, collaborators, funders, government officials, and neighborhood leaders. In September 2008, five neighborhoods were selected. These neighborhoods will be the focus of our work for at least the next three years. Recent research by the United Way of Central Ohio has indicated a trend of growing poverty in many neighborhoods. Many of these neighborhoods lack the social infrastructure that is necessary for communities to succeed socially and economically. Safe streets, well maintained homes, civically engaged residents and strong community leaders are just a few of the fundamental components of a healthy community that are lacking in many neighborhoods. United Way’s investment involves a broad range of strategies in five priority neighborhoods selected by United Way volunteers, partners and stakeholders.

Priority Neighborhoods The location of the facility or organization providing services does not need to be located within the boundaries of the priority neighborhoods (see the accompanying map). The majority of program participants need to reside within the five priority neighborhoods. Our focus is on the service provision, and not on the location of the agency providing the service. All eight strategies supporting both community results will be implemented in the following two neighborhoods: Weinland Park

Near South Side

Four strategies supporting Safe Neighborhoods and three strategies supporting Safe & Decent Housing will be implemented in the following three neighborhoods, with the strategy addressing repair, modification and rehabilitation of housing units omitted in the following: King Lincoln

Franklinton Northland Area

Only programs responding to the above five neighborhoods will be considered for funding.

Program Investment Process  

All eight strategies supporting both community results will be implemented in the following two neighborhoods:

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