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Saluki Strike Battalion NEWS Success is knowing how to lead Christina Gray/MSIV


omeone once said leading your peers will be the most difficult thing you ever do. Your success is measured in your ability to assess situations throughout life and make decisions; sometimes those decisions will affect more than just you. Sometimes your peers will need someone to be a role model, to show them where to go and what to do. Is that person you? s an Army ROTC cadet, you will have many instances where people will depend on you to lead them. That’s what we do here. A group without direction gets nothing accomplished and teeters on the verge of chaos. But a group with a purpose, with even a vague sense of direction, can accomplish great things. hile you might not always have the right plan or know the right answers, sticking your neck out there and taking charge will develop



your leadership style and personlity. Army ROTC has created a nice warm blanket for you to snuggle in as you fumble your way into leadership. In this training environment, you can screw up; you can make the wrong decision or plan without people’s lives in danger. This is how we learn. You must realize those instances when your knowledge is needed. You must realize when you can contribute to the good of the group. Your success and the success of this program depends on it. ultivate a sense of duty and responsibility within yourselves. That is what today’s Army needs. It needs people who are knowledgeable, dependable and self motivated. We’re a team, but our individuality will have a huge success upon the mission and the well-being of the group. Know your strenghs, know your weaknesses. Be ready.


Upcoming Events Ruck March: 11 Feb APFT: 23 Feb Swim Test: 24 Feb Springbreak: 12-20 Mar APFT 2: 30 March TTD: 26 Mar BDE FTX: 8-10 Apr Rapelling: 14 Apr River to River: 16 Apr Final APFT: 21 Apr Adventure Day: 21 Apr Dining Out: 5 May Commissioning: 14 May

Featured Workout Ab Superset 25 regular crunches 25 reverse crunches 25-4 count flutter kicks 25 decline crunches 25-4 count in and outs 50 side crunches eachside 25 knee lifts 25 leg lifts

Saluki Strike Battalions 2010 River to River team poses for a group photo.

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