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Tuesday, March 6, 2012 Email: @ : at In the park See you at the bank On the corner I saw you on TV Class Work: Nurse: Sociable, tolerance, careful, kindness, compassionate, dedicated Accountant: organized, under-pressure worker, honesty, knowledgeable. Architect: creative, punctual, ambitious, responsibility, calculator. Journalist: Sociable, risk-taking, self- reliance, punctual.

Class Work -What career are we going to study at the U? - María: I´d like to be a nurse -Jeannette: For this career you need to be sociable, careful, dedicated, tolerant and compassionate. -María: I can do it, thank you. - Carlos: In my opinion I prefer to be an Accountant. -Mónica: Interesting!, for being an accountant you should be very organized, under-pressure worker, honest and knowledgeable. -Carlos: I´m gonna try it. What about you? -Mónica: Good, I´m more interested in journalism. I want to be a Journalist. -Carlos: are you sociable, risk-taking? Do you have self-reliance, and are you punctual?... cause a journalist needs these qualities… -Mónica: Definatly, it is the perfect profession for me.

-Carlos: Jeannette, what have u been thinking? -Jeannette: I´d like to be an architect -María: Try to be creative, punctual, ambitious, responsible, and calculator….and you are going to be the best… -Jeannette: thank you for the tips, now I´ve to go, so good bye!!! -María, Mónica, Carlos: Bye…. Target: -

Identifying oneself to others in the company Expressing likes and dislikes Asking for and giving information about personal skills Expressing opinions and concerns Approving or disapproving practices in a working environment Agreeing and disagreeing

Homework: -

Describe yourself Personal qualities Likes and dislikes Preferences Personal skills Info What are you like?

English Lesson 2  

English lessons for accounting

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