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Martes 28 de Febrero de 2012 English Teacher: Luis González Topic: Expressing likes and dislikes and feelings Content Expressing opinions and concerns Approving and disapproving different Practices in a working environment What do u like…. About…. This company? How do you feel about….? I like playing the guitar I like cooking I enjoy practicing sports I love dancing I hate ironing I can´t stand Martha

What don’t u like about? What is it that you don’t like about? What do you like the most? What do you like more about?

Team work: Switzerland I´m looking for a capable person willing to go to Switzerland. The job offer is to develop the skills in the Swiss Bank

1. 2. 3. 4.

What do you like about Swiss Culture? What do you feel about leaving Costa Rica and working at that bank for 9 months? What don´t u like about Switzerland? What do you like more about Swiss people? R/ The more I like about Swiss people is their precision´s sense about the time and making things like knives and watches.

Class Work Practice Make sentences using the vocabulary list: 1. Opportunity I got a great opportunity working for a big company. 2. Stairs If you go up and down the stairs you’ll get strong legs. 3. Computer The computer is the most useful tool for a lot of professional workers. 4. Technology Nowadays, knowing and using in a right way the technology, is the key for successful. 5. Mate, Partner, Co-Worker I hate when my partner is in a bad mood. 6. Colleague I don’t like when my colleague beat around the bush when we talk about my money!!! 7. Team work Many management gurus, institutes and schools, preach the importance of teamwork in business. 8. Hesitate I dislike when I hesitate saying what I am really thinking. 9. Punctual My boss loves the punctual delivery of the daily mail. 10. Strict My niece doesn’t like her strict teacher. 11. Flexible The strongest and more expensive swords are made with carbon and flexible steel. 12. Skills If you boost your English skills you’ll get better work offers.

Homework 1. Bring information about: personal qualities, job titles, your personal computer skills. a. Personal Qualities:

b. Job Titles: c. My personal computer skills: 2. a. b. c.

Culture and differences: Cards exchange, personal distance, bribe Cards exchange: Personal distance: Bribe:

3. Bring sentence with the following words: mandatory, schedule, kind (person, people), Busy, Apologize. a. Mandatory b. Schedule c. Kind (person, people) d. Busy e. Apologize

English Lesson 1  
English Lesson 1  

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