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THE DARK By Chris Godin

BLACK SCREEN THE DARK (V.O.) If you want to boil it down to its roots, it was the money that made it possible. More specifically it was my parent’s money. I’m not saying that middle class people can’t be like me. But being incredibly rich really helps. FADE IN: EXT. PARKING LOT - NIGHT A street light illuminates a small corner of the deserted lot. A HOODED MAN stands just outside of the lights illumination. THE DARK (V.O.) I’m no kid. Being thirty four, I’d lost a step or two since high school cross country. I’m not giving excuses here, but I had to start small. Hidden around the corner from the lot, THE DARK, a fit man dressed in all black with a black ski mask, clings to a brick wall. The Dark’s eyes are his only visible flesh. THE DARK (V.O.) Adrenaline starts pumping like crazy. Your extremities tingle and you are constantly on the verge of vomiting. It’s like being called up by a teacher for a presentation. The hooded man motions with his arm. A young MISFIT approaches the hooded man. MISFIT So, where’s the stuff? HOODED MAN Money first, kid. The Dark peaks around the corner to spy on the troublemakers. The Dark’s eyes sinisterly squint. THE DARK It’s time.


THE DARK (V.O.) You have to push through the fear if you want to make a difference. It’s the fear that prevents the common man from acting. The Dark clenches his fists. He breathes heavy. He reaches for his dark pocket. THE DARK (V.O.) I’m tired of being a common man. The Dark steps away from the wall. He tightly grips a small object in his hand. The Dark raises the object to his head. It’s a cellphone. THE DARK Hello, 9-1-1? Hi, I’d like to report a drug deal. Yes, I’ll hold. The Dark carefully returns to his position pressed up against the wall. His breathing has turned into slight hyperventilation. THE DARK (V.O.) But like I said, you have to start small.

The Dark  

A superhero, sort of. (Sample 2 page scene.)

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