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The Chase By Chris Godin

EXT. URBAN ALLEY - DAY CHRIS, dirty and in half shredded clothes, sprints past bums and trash bags. A SKINNY suited man and a FAT suited man chase after Chris. They trail him by a few yards. CHRIS (V.O.) You never really know how fast you can run until you have the proper motivation. Your body shifts into a biological fourth gear and dormant energy is summoned from deep down in your muscles, or maybe you’re just scared shitless. Chris nearly face plants. He manages to right himself. Gun shots ring out from behind him. Chris reaches a series of dumpsters and trash obstacles. He sloppily works his way through each obstacle. The crackle of gunshots chase after him. CHRIS (V.O.) Sure, dodging dumpsters and navigating clever escape routes are my mind’s top priority. However, I can’t help but wonder if an extra trip to the gym would have made all of this cardio a little easier. Hold on a second. Chris leaps and hurdles over a chain link fence. He hits the ground running. The skinny suited man has trouble with the rugged fence. Chris slips around a brick wall corner. He stops to regain his breath and leans on the wall. CHRIS (out of breath) You see all of this. It’s because of a lie. Everyone lies. Parents, friends, bosses... every one of’em. Santa Claus is real, bullshit. I’ll never cheat on you, screw off. You’re doing a great job, I’ll consider you for a well deserved promotion, yeah. In the end its all about who will lie to you the least and who will give you a running (MORE)


CHRIS (cont’d) start before they stab you in the back. A bullet ricochet’s just above Chris’ head. He ducks and dashes away from the wall. INT. ABANDONED BUILDING - DAY The building is dark and dank. Chris bursts through a rickety door. He skips over a few cardboard boxes. Chris stops dead in his tracks. The fat suited man shoves a pistol into Chris’ face. FAT SUITED MAN This it. End of the line. CHRIS Go ahead. I’ve got no regrets. FAT SUITED MAN You didn’t really think you would get away with it, did you? CHRIS I did what I had to do. FAT SUITED MAN You’re just like all the rest. Same mistakes, same outcome. CHRIS You don’t know what you’re talking about. There were no mistakes. FAT SUITED MAN Two words. Voice over. Chris looks away in disappointment. FAT SUITED MAN You expect to get away with a bland narration as an introduction? Some pedantic narration about back story or insight into your character. CHRIS It was necessary for exposition.


FAT SUITED MAN Of course it was. God forbid you ’show’ instead of ’tell’. And by the way, when you break the fourth wall, it better be for a damn good joke. Not for some preachy, self involved complaint on life. CHRIS I was just trying to be creative. FAT SUITED MAN Creative? Gangsters in suits, alleyway chases, and this convoluted dialogue are not creative. The words I’m saying literally right now- bush league. Chris, defeated, falls back against a wall. FAT SUITED MAN Trust me, I’m doing you a favor. I’m putting this script out of it’s misery. CHRIS Wait! The suited man lowers his weapon. Chris innocently falls to his knees. CHRIS Any chance I can get an epilogue? One of those onscreen text blurbs right before the credits. FAT SUITED MAN Jesus, you really are an amateur. The fat suited man takes aim at Chris and pulls the trigger. FADE OUT

The Chase  

A guy is chased by two other guys in this script.