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TREASURY CHAPULIMITA Written by Hector Solano Uribe Sunday, 20 December 2009 While in the town of Ahualulco de Mercado, Jalisco, we could not miss a beautiful old house, in mid-seventeenth century, I refer to the estate of "Chapulimita" which for obvious reasons we reserve the name of their current owners and who by the way they received us very kindly. This farm is located just 15 kilometers from the county seat and is within the population of the same name Chapulimita "which means" place where they breed and grasshoppers abound. Its construction is said to be held in the grounds of an ancient ceremonial center belonging to the group of "billets" and dedicated to the god of the wind of the four cardinal points: "Ehecatl."

Its main activity was the cattle producing excellent quality beef was sent to New Galicia, Compostela and other places.

Inside, we can still see these walls. What was once their school. Of great importance to the people of Nueva Galicia and later for people at the time of the Reformation, the land of "Chapulimita" along with those of "Providence" (connected by a path that still exists today) were owned by Dr. Herrera and Cairo. During the nineteenth century, this estate was "Posta", ie, here was a staging point to stables where horses renewed shots of measures that traveled from Guadalajara to Compostela, Nayarit. Once accomplished the fact of the Independence of Mexico, its owner, Dr. Herrera and Cairo, pay the estate of his great friend Chapulimita Santos Degollado first captain Olaine surname of French origin who comes to live with his family to this place .

Chapulimita in the municipality of Ahualulco, Jalisco. During the Olaine family, finances remain self-sufficient and flourished considerably in a short time becoming a monopoly producer in the region blessed with a rich source of water. It had everything they needed from his time: warehouses, store, tavern

but most of all the granaries full of corn, chickpeas, beans, etc.,

all year. Due to his friendship with the French family Olaine Dr. Herrara and Cairo is considered a traitor to the Republic and with certain conservative tendencies as die



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Until the restoration of this palace, the place served as a pig farm, their rooms with dirt floors, served as stables where donkeys and horses were locked. Yes, the conditions of the property were very depressing.

However, here it is important to stop and note the extensive reconstruction carried out by its present

owners who beyond the economic resources invested much of their love lives so that today this looks like an old house of the most beautiful estates in the region. Today this estate which retains its original colonial-style arches at the entrance to the garden, his lookout tower or French origin, its warehouses and its temple dedicated to San Jose which there is an interesting oil (pictured at left shows part of the current state of the farm and gardens). As this temple is said to be the right side of the altar, was an entrance to a basement where he had six sarcophagi (3 and 3 on right side to left) each containing the remains of the first landowners with their original clothing and jewelry . Clear that for years nothing remains of these cultural treasures since everything was looted by villagers, to the extent that a priest named Vidal Ojeda ordered the closure of the subway by placing a heavy earthenware and thus seal their entry.

In what is now the entrance to the grounds of the estate, there are remains of what once was the first Chapulimita Rural School.

Here there were also wine

cellars and taverns from the storehouse of Tequila Viuda de Romero. "

It is a curious fact that if someone visits Ahualulco, and counting this town with hotels, tourism sometimes prefer to try to stay at the Hacienda de Chapulimita.

As data over, the international TV UNIVISION rolled on this estate for 15 days at some chapters of the telenovela "Fire at Dawn." In fact, there have been offers from entrepreneurs to this place turned into a resort, however, the response from owners has been in the sense that at any price it would sell its tranquility. Peace and quiet that I could observe during my stay in this beautiful place. It was with a visit to this beautiful ranch Chapulimita, with which we completed our first day tour of the town of Ahualulco, incidentally, one of the best preserved haciendas and today, continue to adorn our Region Valles.

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