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With the commercialism of the modern day Christmas season, it’s easy to forget why we celebrate this holiday. We take a look at the roots of Christmas.

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Looking for places to hop around for the holidays? We have a list of festive activities that are sure to keep you occupied.

Holiday Season Edition

Yule-tide Foods

We have a bunch of recipies to warm your Christmas dinner table.

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2 |School News Avoid Flu Season

Volume 50, Issue 3 By ChristineFernandez


lthough being sick excuses ourselves from being in school, it’s never as much fun as we think it’s going to be, is it? Unfortunately, there are no known cures for colds and flu, but there are some tips that can help prevent them from taking over your immune system. Wash your hands. Yes it’s cliché and you’ve heard it so many times, but most colds and flu are spread by direct contact. Someone who has the flu may sneeze onto their hand, and then that hand touches the desk, the keyboard, and the table that you yourself just touched. What happens then? Those germs are on your hands. And once they are on you, they can live for hours, sometimes even weeks. So wash your hands often. If no sink is available, rub your hands together very hard for a minute or so. Drink fluids. Fluids, especially water, wash out all the poisons that lie inside your body, along with rehydrating you. Eat foods containing phytochemicals. “Phyto” means plant and the natural chemicals in plants have vitamins. So eat up on salads and other green, red, yellow vegetables. Exercise. Now by exercise, I don’t meant run three miles a day. That would be nice, but teenagers only need to exercise for 30 minutes each day to stay healthy. By jogging or walking for 30 minutes everyday you’re strengthening your leg and back muscles, improving your bones, and strengthening your heart. Relax. If you sit down and take a couple deep breaths, especially if you’re stressing out, you can relax which can help you activate your immune system on demand. Go to bed. Everyone knows that sleep is good for you, but most people don’t know why. Aside from the obvious reasons, resting your mind and body, because your mind and body also correct chemical imbalances, assure proper blood sugar levels for the next day, and maintain the memory.

A Day in the Life of a Nurse


n November, 17 Cardinal Gibbons High School students participated in an annual Holy Cross Hospital event known as the “Day in the Life of a Nurse” program.

With an opportunity to shadow professional registered nurses and to use the hospital’s skills lab, the program offers excellent hands-on career education that has inspired some of our past participants to pursue Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degrees.

December 2011

School News


Exam Encounter By GiaManieri


s juniors and seniors in high school, standardized tests are an inevitable part of life which must eventually be tackled. If you’re up for the challenge, both the SAT and the ACT will present themselves complete with baffling charts, puzzling equations, and mystifying vocab. There is an option, however, to choose which test best suits you and strive for your most impressive score! Take these points into account if you’re unsure about which test to grace with your scholarly skills! Since the ACT’s main focus is to determine what the student has learned over the course of his or her education, the student with consistently high grades in school find it less of a challenge. The SAT differs in the sense that aptitude and verbal abilities aid the test-taker who packs keen perception and reasoning. Although the tests both take up a good four hours of a Saturday morning, the categories by which they test the students differ. says, “The ACT has up to 5 components: English, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and an optional Writing Test. The SAT has 3 components: Critical Reasoning, Mathematics, and a required Writing Test. The College Board introduced a new version of the SAT in 2005, with a mandatory writing test. You take the ACT Writing Test only if required by the college(s) you’re applying to.” Another large factor taken into account by students is that the SAT penalizes wrong answers while the ACT accumulates the questions answered correctly with no penalty for wrong answers. We asked seasoned test-taker Ansley Parish about which test she preferred of the two. She reported, “I like the SAT because it’s broken up and some parts are easier than others. In the math portion of the ACT, you either know it or you don’t, whereas the SAT lets you try to solve with some common sense. The science on the ACT was by far the most challenging for me.” National statistics report that males tend to excel on the SAT while, the girls lead in scores on the ACT. However, the true determination of which test fits with your niche lies within your academic strengths and weaknesses. So prepare to perform, but don’t stress the test!

Gibbons Family Grows By DanielleCruzpino Keegan Casey Hoag was born October 19th at Holy Cross Hospital.He weighed 7 lbs. 7 oz. at birth and was 20 3/4 inches long. Mrs. Hoag said, “I feel very blessed.”

4 |School News

Volume 50, Issue 3

Behind the Curtains By SusanCurry


hose lucky enough to see Cardinal Gibbons’ production of Into the Woods in November may not be aware of how much effort goes on behind the scenes. For this particular production rehearsals began in August. Since that point the cast met four times a week to block with Mr. Sheremeta and work on music with Music Director, Amanda Satchell. The cast’s work doesn’t stop simply at the performance. Once the sets have been constructed by Michael Boni they must be painted. Many members of the cast and crew assist with this but even with help, painting on such a large scale takes hours and mixing the proper color can sometimes result in an ugly mess. The Sunday before opening night all of the sets,

Cyber School


costumes, and props are loaded into the theater. Tech Week is the first time that the cast performs in full costume with Mrs. Sheremeta and the full set. It is then that lighting, music, and sound cues are loaded into the system and fly-ins are added onto the rails. During performances there are many hands working backstage that are never seen... or at least hopefully they aren’t seen. They are responsible for moving sets and assisting with costume changes that allow characters to transform within seconds, all of which is done in little light. So when you’re clapping you aren’t just applauding a couple of hours of great acting; you are also applauding all of the hard work that has been going on for months behind the curtains.

By SaraJacobs

hether you’re scrambling to get your required credits before graduation or you just want to extend your learning beyond Cardinal Gibbons, you’ll probably end up enrolled in Florida Virtual School. However, are these classes a pleasure or a pain? Florida Virtual School offers a plethora of courses in all levels: Regular, Honors, and Advanced Placement. These online classes give students the freedom to take classes that aren’t offered at their school or that can’t be fit into their schedules. For students who enjoy the challenge of being organized and disciplined, online classes are a wonderful way to enhance your curriculum. Dominick Casciato, senior, says that online classes “allow the students to learn at their own pace. They also teach students how to manage their time, preparing themselves for life beyond the classroom.” Though these classes are flexible and convenient, they are not for all students. If your time is consumed by band or sports practices, play rehearsals, or other extracurricular activities, engaging yourself into an online class may be quite difficult. These classes require a lot of time and if you don’t have that time to give, you may find yourself in a stressful situation. Leslie Novakovic, sophomore, says, “’s the worst being on the computer for that long.” Also, if you’re the type of student who learns best through interaction, online classes may stifle your learning. Michael Hamilton, senior, stated that online classes “distance students from teachers, making their learning experience less dynamic”. Kara Schwantes, junior, described online classes as “ not very effective if you like to be face-to-face with a teacher and surrounded by other students”. Generally, one’s experience with online classes is quite personal. If you are very self-disciplined and don’t mind learning mainly through reading, you will succeed in online classes and view them as a pleasure. On the other hand, if you enjoy the classroom setting and enjoy the personal help given by a teacher, online classes may not be the route you want to take. 

December 2011

School News


Lionfish: Beautiful Predators


asp! As I was exploring a wreck for lobsters in the Florida Keys recently, I suddenly pulled my hand back when I came eye to eye with the most intimidating fish I had ever seen.  I knew that the fish that had caught me off guard was dangerous, but I didn’t know much more about it other than that its spiny tentacles sent shivers down my spine.   I decided to look more into what is behind the fish that has been causing divers so much grief: the lionfish and its cousins, the scorpionfish and stonefish are an interesting species. 

           Though they are intimidating, lionfish are generally smaller than the magazine you’re holding.   They are covered in red, white, and brown stripes and around eighteen long, pointy dorsal fins. Similar to the lionfish, the scorpion fish has shorter spines, and the stonefish sports the shortest of them all.  Their unique appearance allows these fish to blend into reefs and rocks easily (not to mention wrecks).  They are also some of the most popular aquarium fish because of their beauty and mysteriousness. Lionfish are native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans, but they are an invasive species to Caribbean waters.  They are said to have

By MeganMcGee

arrived through the releases by frustrated aquarium owners or the destruction of Florida aquariums during Hurricane Andrew in 1992. A huge explosion of the species was seen around 2007 because they produce over 200,000 eggs per month, which has become a major problem in our waters since.  According to NPR News, “A lionfish can kill three-quarters of a reef’s fish population in just five weeks.”

Lionfish are an invasive species to Florida, and can kill three-quarters of the fish on our local reefs.

           Lionfish are reef predators; and they have no natural predators they prey mainly on small fish (although it is rumored that they and shrimp, but they can also be are snacked on by goliath grouper).  very harmful to humans if they Lionfish can also be extremely are ignored.  If a person is stung dangerous to divers, but if we by a lionfish, some of the most are careful around them, we can common effects are nausea, potentially make an impact on wiping fever, and difficulty breathing.  them out.  Efforts to eliminate the There have been hardly any lionfish were pushed in the Florida fatalities due to lionfish.  In fact, Keys Lionfish Derby Series this past some of the most common August in Key Largo, when 675 episodes of lionfish stings have lionfish were shot by divers.  Lionfish occurred in peoples’ own homes can be speared easily, and they as they are fiddling with their taste delicious both raw and cooked.  aquariums.  Lionfish strike using They also look extremely impressive their long dorsal fins, which are in pictures, so strap your fins on, covered in venomous spines. The jump in the water, and slay some harder these predators strike, lionfish! the more venom is transferred to the victim; in the worst case scenarios, the needle-like spines Don’t forget to honor our Alumni are broken off and can cause on January 21 when our very own long-term effects. If you happen to be stung by a lionfish, the best Coach Flack ‘98, Coach Montiel thing to do is immerse the area ‘89, Brother Michael Brickman, in hot water until you can get to Missy Myer ‘91, Tommy Peragine a hospital as soon as possible.  ‘88 and the 1977 - 1978 Girls Make sure not to apply pressure Tennis Teams are inducted into if you think spines may be stuck in your skin. our Athletic Hall of Fame! The problem in our reefs is that lionfish are some of the worst predators to our native fishes,

6 |School News

Volume 50, Issue 3

Into the Woods By CailinCooney and ChristineFernandez


veryone has his or her favorite fairytales, from Little Red and her fateful encounter with the wolf to Jack and the Beanstalk. The Drama Department’s fall production of Into the Woods, directed by Mark Shermetta, will summon the young and the young at heart. The cow as white as milk, the cape as red as blood, the hair as yellow as corn, the slipper as pure as gold… these are not your typical grocery items. They are, however, what a childless baker and wife must retrieve from the woods to satisfy a cantankerous witch, and it’s all downhill from there. As the curtains open, a hush fell over the audience as the talented actress, senior Erin Hallick started off the magical play with her melodic voice. Everything was top notch, from the actors to the set, the costumes, and the make up. The witch, played by senior Marionna Marchelos, deserves notable praise for her impeccable acting. Her character, far from the sweet and beautiful girl we know, is vile, ugly and evil. You simply could not tear your eyes away even for a sip of soda once she stepped onto the stage. The baker, played by senior David Stewart and the baker’s wife, played by senior Elizabeth Guttmann, were also flawless. When the baker was in pain, you felt his pain. When the baker’s wife was miserable about not having a child, you felt the need to cry. In “It Takes Two”, a catchy duet, the audience truly believed the two are were in love. For all who love comedy, this show provided plenty. I’m not sure which is more funny, the witch who raps, or little Miss Red Riding Hood skipping on stage with her homemade wolf cape. The ditzy Jack, played by senior Ryan Horten, created laughter throughout the theater with his dimwitted characteristics. When the show came to an end with the enjoyable song “Into the Woods Finale” and all the characters appear for the last time, you can’t help but get goosebumps. The incredibly entertaining, hilarious, and engaging production left all who attended in awe. All the tedious hours the cast and crew put into the making of this production paid off.

December 2011

School News


A Day in the Life of Mr. Hardison

By LorenHill hen I press my snooze button for the final time at 7:00a.m. each school day, our dedicated CGHS security guard, Kerry Hardison, has already been on school campus for two hours. He arrives everyday at 5:00a.m. to open the gates for teachers, faculty, and students who arrive early, so next time you pull into the parking lot at 7:49 please avoid complaining. Kerry may arguably have the most important job on campus: to keep us safe and in school. This job comes with a lot of pressure and he doesn’t have time to be cleaning the campus in which he takes pride in, so do us a favor and refrain from leaving your trash wherever you see fit. That means if you choose to sit outside during lunch, use the accommodations Cardinal Gibbons has provided you with for the disposal of your garbage (get up and throw it away in a trash can).


While picking up the students’ trash is his biggest pet-peeve, the Cardinal Gibbons

family is Kerry’s favorite part about his job. In his own words, “I love the people I work with, and 99% of the students are great. I was a kid once too, and I know how much fun high school is.” After a long day’s work of dealing with students, parents, and traffic; Kerry leaves school at 3:00pm, always faithful to return again in the morning.

Behind the Scenes: Courtesy of Mr.Parker’sCompositionClass - Edited by SusanCurry Bus Drivers


ardinal Gibbons has always been a center for learning, but what is frequently overlooked is how the students get here. The bus drivers at CGHS, Darlene Burton, Tongala Washington, Wilma Jean Baptiste, Jack Noel, Albert McCall, Pierre Françoise, and Jeffrey Jackson are dedicated to providing safe transportation to the students, not just for school but for sporting and other after school events. They take great pride in their work, and that includes supporting the Chiefs on the field and court.

Along with passing a series of licenser requirements and being certified they believe in the importance of respect, discipline, and a true love for their work. Each morning these drivers transport roughly 300 students. Without those students, it would be like missing the entire sophomore class. Their day starts at 5a.m. -8a.m., then 2p.m.-5p.m., and sometimes goes to as late as 11p.m. for afterschool activities. Their route stretches as far as North Boca out to West Parkland/Coral Springs, south Port Everglades, and the greater Fort Lauderdale area to ensure that every student can be a part of CGHS. Director of Transportation Mr. Davis says, “Their job seems impossible, but the department of transportation always gets the job done because, deep down, they know the importance of the cargo they carry.”

8 |Sports

Volume 50, Issue 3

COACH By DanielleCruzpino


The wrestling season has now begun, and the team is looking towards states once again with the help of Coach Frank Pettino. Pettino has been coaching wrestling at Cardinal Gibbons since 1988. He wrestled at Fort Lauderdale high school and in the Marine Corps. Before coaching at Gibbons, he coached at Coconut Creek high school for two years and Taravella for four years. Besides coaching wrestling, Pettino also coaches youth sports such as little league. The wrestling team was number one last year and is currently ranked number one in state and county in all divisions. Coach Pettino is hoping to break the county record of five state titles this year with his team made up of predominately sophomores. His favorite part about coaching is coaching boys that have never wrestled and seeing them fall in love with the sport. Pettino encourages everyone to come to a wrestling match to see the wrestlers’ hard work be put to the test on the mats.

Girls Soccer

By MeganMcGee

Boys Soccer

By LorenHill

C o a c h Rafael Ferreiro, who is more commonly referred to as “Raf”, began playing soccer as a child with family and friends. He then joined travel leagues and was on the Cardinal Gibbons Varsity Boys team throughout all four years of high school. Once he graduated from Gibbons, Coach Ferreiro played soccer for one year of college at FIU and then transferred to Nova Southeastern University where he continued to play and was named CO-MVP. Due to his outstanding performance in college, he played professional soccer for two years in Spain. When he arrived back to the US, it was only natural that he returned to his alma mater to coach his favorite sport. Rafael Ferreiro is enthusiastic about coaching in a new district this year. He says, “It’s exciting that we’re going to compete with new teams. I think we have a great chance at a state title, an honor this program deserves and needs.” The Chiefs are starting the season off with a clean record of 2-0 as of early November and surely will not disappoint!

The girls’ soccer team is kicking into grove with a positive attitude this season. With their first few games in early November, they got off to a great start. You may appreciate our girls’ soccer team and their remarkable athletic talents, but do not forget the woman behind it all: Margo Flack has led the Lady Chiefs to over 188 wins over the course of 12 years coaching at Cardinal Gibbons. She led our team to state runner-up in 2009, which a few of our senior girls had the opportunity to experience as freshmen. Flack is a Gibbons alum herself, and she played soccer both as a Chief and as a Knight at Nova Southeastern before the mascot became a Shark.

As the present season is underway, Coach Flack is eager to compete for the title in the mix of their new district, and she loves working with such a young team this year. “Our team is a talented group that works really well together,” Flack says. She remarks on the exceptional leadership of team captains, Katie Crittenberger, Maylis Broderick, and Meaghan Daw. Meaghan, who will make this her fourth year on the varsity team, says, “I’m really looking forward to this season and coming together as a team. I can’t wait to see how we finish”. It is clear that these girls are driven toward making the best of this season. Be sure to cheer them on at their games; and you can witness the passion they have on the field.

December 2011



APPROACH Boys Basketball By LorenHill

Coach Marty Seilden is beginning his fourth year as the head coach of the Varsity Boys Basketball Team. Coach Marty grew up in New York, which is where he learned to play basketball. After his playing days were over, he refereed for basketball games and coached in New York. He decided to become a coach because of his "love for the game". When Coach Marty moved down to Florida, he coached at several different schools, including Boyd Anderson, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Archbishop McCarthy, and Nova. Coach Marty ended up at Cardinal Gibbons when he asked former athletic directior, Coach Crocco, if he could use the gym for a basketball camp. She informed him that only their coaches could use their facilities. Coach Marty did not inquire anything more because he knew that they already had a head coach for their boys basketball team. However, a few days after he spoke with Coach Crocco, she called him and told him that we were looking for a new head coach for our boys basketball team and asked if he'd be interested. Evidently, he was interested. He loves coaching at Cardinal Gibbons and his favorite part is "seeing the boys go through all four of their years and maturing into great athletes and kids".


By MeganMcGee

Coach Chaka Bainbridge is adding a little diversity to our coaching staff this year. This Canadianborn coach is beginning his first year at Cardinal Gibbons as the head coach of the hockey team. Coach Bainbridge played as a center in both Canada and Germany, and he earned a Canadian National Title. He began coaching in Canada as “a way to give back to the game that gave me (Bainbridge) so much”. He began his coaching career here at CGHS last year as a volunteer assistant coach. Last year, he helped lead the team to an undefeated season and his goal for this year is to “repeat last season”. However, Coach Bainbridge noted that “it will be harder to go undefeated as we will play ten games in our division and ten games against Division I teams.” This tough schedule is something to recognize but not to fear because Coach Bainbridge is sure that his team can do it.

By BobbyNichols

Girls Basketball

The girls basketball season opened Tuesday the 15th with an impressive win for both the varsity and junior varsity Lady Chiefs. Head coach, Kevin Gordon said that the team, though still young, is looking good. We have three starters returning from last season giving us a good starting lineup. Gordon and assistant coach, Leatha Ingram, displayed excellent coaching throughout the duration of the games. Their excellence was matched by the impressive athleticism of the Lady Chiefs.

10 |Sports

Volume 50, Issue 3

SPORTS INJURIES: When It’s No Longer a Game By AleFonte e’ve all seen our own fellow classmates limping around campus in casts and slings due to sports injuries. It is an inevitable misfortune that every year a certain number of students get injured during school sports. The most common injuries today in high school sports are shinsplints and muscle sprains. Since high school students are still growing, the worst injuries to withstand would be fractures and any growth plate and joints related injuries. Football, wrestling, and soccer are the most common sports to result in injuries. Aggressive sports with physical contact, these sports can result in dangerous and even life threatening injuries.


Matthew Knick experienced a neck injury while catching a football pass. This sophomore went to catch the football and bumped into a fellow player. An ambulance was called when he fell to the ground and suffered pain in his neck and head. He suffered a concussion and had to wear a neck brace.

After the injury, he had to go through several tests and medications to be nursed back to health. During a wrestling match, Junior Sean Woods endured a hip dislocation. Once the ambulance arrived, he was taken to a local hospital where they pulled and popped the hip back into place. Woods had to attend physical therapy for a total of 8 months and was out for the rest of the season.   Although anybody is subjected to injury without warning, there are ways to prevent them. Stretching and warming up before the game or match can help you avoid injury. Wearing insoles in your shoes, especially for runners, can prevent shinsplints and help with feet problems. One of the most important and effective ways to avoid injuries is by nipping it in the bud. Addressing the problem before it gets out of hand is the safest and best way to ensure your own safety and health so that you do not have to endure the long time effects.

Field Dedication: Honoring Our Family


By CailinCooney

n October 28 , the field Cardinal Gibbons students commonly refer to as “the Furnace” was dedicated to Dr. Alvin J. Tight. Dr. Tight not only supported his own family, but his Cardinal Gibbons family as well. “He represents the epitome of what Cardinal Gibbons is all about: family”, said Chiefs Principal, Paul Ott, at the dedication ceremony. th

To go along with the field being dedicated to his memory, the Broward County Board of Commissioners Office has declared Monday, May 21, 2012, Dr. Alvin J. Tight Memorial Day. “It means so much to me that I will get to play on the field named after my grandpa. Even though I won’t get to see him up in the stands anymore, I know he will still always be watching my games from Heaven. I can’t wait to make him proud.” Katie Crittenberger, Class of 2012.

December 2011





By SaraJacobs

The number of banners that decorate the gym walls may be astounding to other schools, but here at Cardinal Gibbons, it is tradition. After a successful 2011 season, the girls volleyball team was honored to go to States. The competition was a challenge and the Ladies gave a great example of how to play hard to the end. Nationally - ranked Tampa Berkeley Prep moved forward. While the final score did not end in our favor, we congratulate the girl’s volleyball team on their successful season!


By DanielleCruzpino

The Chiefs football teams are fierce, ferocious, and fired up! The freshman boys rounded up the year with 1 win and 5 losses. The JV team ended the season undefeated and strong with 5 wins. The varsity team concluded the season with 8 wins and 2 losses. The varsity team won our Homecoming Game against Fort Lauderdale 34-6 on October 1st.  Senior Night on November 4th was a success with the crowd cheering on the whole team and later acknowledging the hardworking seniors. Although our undefeated streak was broken with the loss against Coral Springs on October 14th, the team pulled through and made our school proud. What a fantastic football season!

By GiaManieri


As both the boys’ and girls’ golf seasons come to an end, coaches and players have provided reports of a very successful season! The girls concluded with a 5-5 record while coming in third place at the District Competition. Coach Melnicoff said, “We will be saying goodbye to both Danielle Welker and Taylor Selbach.  As seniors, they have played their final competitive high school match. The “Best Average Award” will go to senior Danielle Welker whose average is an 83.” The boys’ team, reportedly packed with promising young talent, finished 2nd in the district and 3rd in the regional championship. Sean Smothers, however, excelled individually to the state finals where he “played well and represented Cardinal Gibbons with class and dignity” according to Coach Brady. Coach also claimed, “Our entire starting team will be returning next year, which will give us an excellent chance of winning states. No Gibbons boys’ golf team has ever done this. Sean Smothers, Alex Lutz, Sam Madsen, Jesus Delgado, and William Hart will make one of the best teams in the state of Florida next season.”

12 | Sports

Volume 50, Issue 3

Sport Report By ChristineFernandez

Aqua Chiefs

The Aqua Chiefs never disappoint. The CGHS Girls Swim Team (16-1) won 9th place and the Boys Swim Team (4-3) won 6th place in the regional championship, November 4, at the Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex. Senior Ryan Rosenbaum deserves special recognition for his outstanding win that night with both the 200-yard individual medley with a time of 1:53.42 and the 500-yard freestyle 4:34.78. He said “It feels great to win all of my events after training so hard for them. It feels even better to be representing Gibbons at States for the fourth year in a row”. Their amazing Coaches, Mr. Duffy Dillon, who is entering his 13th year here at Cardinal Gibbons, Assistant Coach Lisa McLuckie, and Assistant Coach Jesse Vassallo all deserve honorable credibility for all of the hard work and time they have and continue to dedicate to making the Aqua Chiefs their very best. The Swim Team advanced to States, which took place on November 11, 2011. The girls placed 19th while the boys placed 11th.

Cross Country

By MeganMcGee

The Boys' Cross Country team stands proud with their District Championship trophy. The Cross Country team had an outstanding season this year under the talented instruction of Coach Glenn Lee and Assistant Coach Peter Santamarina. The girls ended the season with a record of 29-1, and the boys came close with a record of 28-2. Keenan Bailey comments on the season overall, “As both a junior and a first year runner, I couldn’t have been more proud of this year’s season. I think the key to our success was the bond that our team shared. The combination of senior leadership and the strength of the underclassmen was just an overall perfect mix”. This perfect mix of runners is what allowed the team to do so well this season. At Counties, the team made an impressive feat as every boy achieved his personal record. These Chiefs won the District Championship at Mills Pond on November 3, where Morgan Rodriguez became the Girls’ Individual Champion (21:00) followed by Catherine Haley in second (21:39). Five of our boys finished within a 30 second period, including Michael Hampel (3rd/18:52), Andrew Nicholson (5th/18:54), Jason Belina (7th/19:09), Tony Testa (8th/19:18), and James Sahagian (9th/19:21). The Girls Cross Country team also placed third at regional’s in Stuart on Saturday, November 12, and the boys placed fifth. The boys went on to place 17th and the girls at 24th at the State Championships in Dade City on November 19th. Congratulations to all our running Chiefs for an impressive season!

December 2011

Voice of the Chiefs

The Voice of the Chiefs Staff Writers: Maylis Broderick, Danielle Cruzpino, Susan Curry, Caiti Donahoe, Christine Fernandez, Ale Fonte, Loren Hill, Sara Jacobs, Gia Manieri, Megan McGee, Graphic Design: Bobby Nichols Editor: Cailin Cooney Adviser: Mrs. Macy Dailey

Insight Staff: Dedicated to providing a deeper vision of scholastic, spiritual and social activities. Email: 954-346-9445 7472 Wiles Road Coral Springs

| 13

14 |Holiday Happenings

Volume 50, Issue 3

Christmas Ideas for Him and Her

By AleFonte

Having trouble deciding what to buy your significant other or friend of the opposite gender this Christmas? Before you read my suggestions below, make sure you have a set price point with the person with whom you will be exchanging gifts, because, let’s face it, no one likes to be the one who bought a candy bar for the person who gave you a brand-new pair of Sperrys! For Him

For Her

$20-$40: A couple preowned video games that he doesn’t already have!    Buying the brand-new Modern Warfare 3 will cost you over $50, and chances are: he already has it. Purchasing pre-owned games at stores such as GameStop will save you tons of money and gives you the chance to buy him a couple games he doesn’t own, though you will have to do some snooping to make sure he doesn’t already have it!

$10-$15: A Mini Gift Basket from Bath & Body Works     By purchasing this gift you not only will score points because girls love to smell nice, but you get a $20 value for only $15! Another plus is that YOU get to pick the scent, so every time you smell it and dish out a compliment you’ll impress her!

For Him

For Her

$10-$15: Make him a snack basket or buy some sort of food

$20-$40: A Juicy Couture Necklace

   A way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach! If he is a snack or candy lover then compile some of his favorites and put them in a nice basket. If he’s not much into junk-food, get him a large Laspada’s sub! These subs are already wrapped, so throw on a bow and take it to-go! (Note: If you purchase a sub, do it right before you exchange gifts.)

No girl can deny anything that sparkles! Though Juicy Couture may seem usually very expensive, if you find the right deal (at Macy’s or other department stores), a Juicy heart necklace can cost less than $35!

T’was the Night Before Midterms


was the night before midterms, and all through the school, Gibbons students were focused on things far from yule. For the pupils had stalled ‘til the very last hour; and with their noses in books, had grown rather sour.

By GiaManieri

In need of a guide to ensure some success they called out for help to the obvious best. On Cubas, On Quailey, On Davis and Hanke! On Lasher, On Orcutt, On Coyle and Dailey!

The clocks on their wrists read the end of the day, After hours on end of tiring revision yet their study sessions were completed only halfway. The students concluded on one last decision: While the homes of their teachers filled with cookies & wreaths “We’ll trust what we know, we’ll just do our best, the students crunched numbers while gritting their teeth. Happy Midterms to All, And to ALL a good test. At this point their choices had come with high prices as Mr. Ott penned lists of naughty and nices.

December 2011

Holiday Happenings


Courtesy of your InsightStaff

On the first day of Christmas Cardinal Gibbons gave to me the feeling of family.

On the second day of Christmas Cardinal Gibbons gave to me 2 brown sketchers and the feeling of family. On the third day of Christmas Cardinal Gibbons gave to me 3 french braids, 2 brown sketchers and the feeling of family. On the fourth day of Christmas Cardinal Gibbons gave to me 4 counselors guiding, 3 french braids, 2 brown sketchers and the feeling of family. On the fifth day of Christmas Cardinal Gibbons gave to me 5 chicken wraps...4 counselors guiding, 3 french braids, 2 brown sketchers and the feeling of family. On the sixth day of Christmas Cardinal Gibbons gave to me 6 Chiefs a – praying, 5 chicken wraps‌ 4 counselors guiding, 3 french braids, 2 brown sketchers and the feeling of family. On the seventh day of Christmas Cardinal Gibbons gave to me 7 swimmers swimming, 6 Chiefs a - praying, 5 chicken wraps...4 counselors guiding, 3 french braids, 2 brown sketchers and the feeling of family. On the eighth day of Christmas Cardinal Gibbons gave to me 8 boys in boom squad, 7 swimmers swimming, 6 Chiefs a - praying, 5 chicken wraps...4 counselors guiding, 3 french braids, 2 brown sketchers and the feeling of family. On the ninth day of Christmas Cardinal Gibbons gave to me 9 crates of books, 8 boys in boom squad, 7 swimmers swimming, 6 Chiefs a - praying, 5 chicken wraps...4 counselors guiding, 3 french braids, 2 brown sketchers and the feeling of family. On the tenth day of Christmas Cardinal Gibbons gave to me 10 Chiefs a - giving, 9 crates of books, 8 boys in boom squad, 7 swimmers swimming, 6 Chiefs a - praying, 5 chicken wraps...4 counselors guiding, 3 french braids, 2 brown sketchers and the feeling of family. On the eleventh day of Christmas Cardinal Gibbons gave to me 11 actors performing, 10 Chiefs a - giving, 9 crates of books, 8 boys in boom squad, 7 swimmers swimming, 6 Chiefs a - praying, 5 chicken wraps...4 counselors guiding, 3 french braids, 2 brown sketchers and the feeling of family. On the twelfth day of Christmas Cardinal Gibbons gave to me 12 cheerers tumbling, 11 actors performing, 10 Chiefs a - giving, 9 crates of books, 8 boys in boom squad, 7 swimmers swimming, 6 Chiefs a - praying, 5 chicken wraps...4 counselors guiding, 3 french braids, 2 brown sketchers and the feeling of family.

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16 | Holiday Happenings Volume 50, Issue 3

December 2011

Holiday Happenings

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Santa Flashback: What Did You Want Under the Tree? Do you remember the good old days when we would be so anxious for Christmas morning to see the tree surrounded by shiny new toys and beautifully wrapped presents? Although being older has numerous advantages, not being able to feel that giddy anxiety is a drawback. Let’s reminisce on some of the prime presents, shall we?

Legos A staple childhood toy! Legos seem to have been around since the dawn of time and a certainly a reminder of childhood days. What is better than a SpongeBob SquarePants Lego collection for remembrances? Complete with SpongeBob’s pineapple house, a Mermaid Man mobile, and the Krusty Krab, this Lego set is a kids dream come true. The new Architecture collection is a nice grown-up version of Legos, including timeless structures such as the Empire Sate Building and the White House, but it’s not the same as the vibrant simple Legos of our childhoods.

Barbie Whenever the word Barbie is brought up, we all picture the classic blonde Barbie doll, decked out in bubblegum pink attire. However, there are over 100 Barbie doll editions nowadays, and another 100 type of accessories. The Barbie empire may have expanded over the years, but the traditional Barbie doll will always be a representation of a girl’s perfect Christmas gift.

Easy Bake Oven Ok ladies, don’t deny it, we all know you had an Easy Bake oven. Although it was all the rage when we were younger, it was without a doubt the faultiest most useless gift one could get. They never worked and were a waste of money but man, did we love those Easy Bake ovens. Ah, I guess nostalgia does come in a heated purple box.

Lite Brite I remember thinking this was some futuristic spectacular marvel created by the gods. I mean, honestly, how do these things work?! Lite Brite seems to have lit up our television screens back in the day, but haven’t been around recently. Nonetheless, Lite Brite will always have a special luminescent place in my heart. So when the Toys R Us catalog arrives in the mail, don’t throw it aside. Instead let nostalgia waft over you and remember those glorious Christmas present-ridden extravaganzas. Merry Christmas!

18 |Holiday Happenings

Volume 50, Issue 3

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE PART OF CHRISTMAS? By LorenHill ‘Tis the season to be happy. Whether it’s because you are seeing your extended family, you are vacationing, you are picking out the Christmas tree, or opening gifts, everyone simply loves Christmas. When asked what their favorite part of Christmas was, here’s what some CGHS students had to say. “Presents, that’s just it.” Matt Yeager, Freshman “Every year I go up to New Jersey to spend time with my family so I’d say that is my favorite part of Christmas.” Samantha Robinson, Freshman “I just love the cold weather and opening presents is a given favorite about Christmas.”

“Opening presents would have to be my favorite part about Christmas.”

Kristin Wiley, Sophomore

Brandon Sierra, Senior

“I love listening to Christmas “The new Justin Bieber carols and the food is always Christmas CD will be great this time of year.” my favorite part about Christmas this year.” Sean Whittaker, Junior Sabrina Masri, Junior

“My favorite part of Christmas is when my family members fly in and we celebrate together.” Kelsey Lyonnais, Senior

“My favorite part of Christmas is not having school.” Thomas Roa, Sophomore

December 2011

Holiday Happenings

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Giving the Gift of Kindness to Keep Christ in Christmas


By LorenHill

uring the month of December, if you hear jingling and automatically assume it is the sound of coins rattling around in someone’s pocket rather than the sweet melody of bells, you probably aren’t focusing on what Christmas is truly about. Yes, I said it! Money isn’t everything. Christmas is a time for giving and rejoicing the birth of Christ with the wonderful people the Lord has blessed you with. Take some time this Christmas season from the stress of shopping, the urge to receive the nicest gifts from Santa Claus, and the desire to be named the “Best Gift Giver” in order to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday.

can give this season is remembering God. Take an extra moment each day and say a prayer thanking Him for all of the gifts He has given you. Spreading the Holiday joy this Christmas season isn’t all about giving expensive presents to your friends and family. It’s about giving back to your community and remembering the true reason we celebrate Christmas. There are so many things you can do to keep the Christ in Christmas, and the best part is, they are fun, easy and cost nothing.

During the Holidays, we may forget those who are fighting very hard to protect us overseas. Remember our Instead of allowing yourself to fall into the trap troops this year through offering a special prayer for them of a commercialized Christmas, work on attending Mass or sending a letter or care basket. each Sunday and especially on Christmas Eve and/or Another group we may forget is the elderly. A visit Christmas day. Going to Christmas service with your to a senior citizen, even if they don’t know you, will not family is a great activity. Many masses on Christmas Eve only make their day, but their entire Christmas. Many of are “toy masses.” During these services, you can bring a the elderly are lonely, and talking for just an hour or so will wrapped present (labeled what the present is) and place surely brighten up their Holiday. it under their tree and the Church will give the present to children in need. At school, you can participate in the Christmas Food Set up an Advent Wreath in your home to remind Drive. It’s easy, just find some cans of food in your pantry you and your family that the Christmas season is not or go to your grocery store to get some canned goods. about presents. It is about preparing for and celebrating (There are many sales during the Holidays!) Participating in your Clubs’ various Christmas activities and drives is the Birth of Jesus, our Savior. also a fun and easy way to keep the Christ in Christmas. If you have younger family members, set up This Christmas season, remember what is truly a Nativity scene in your home and read with them the important during the Holidays, is giving to the less fortunate Gospel chapters regarding the birth of Jesus. and spending quality time with your family. Another way to keep the Lord present this season is to avoid sending cards with phrases such as “Season’s Greetings” or “Happy Holidays”, stick with “Merry Christmas.” Doing community service is a wonderful way to remind others that Jesus is the reason for the season. Grab a small group of friends and volunteer! Rather than spend tons of money on friends, do a secret Santa where each person is required to make a home-made gift for the person they are assigned to; whether you bake cookies or create a tree ornament, it is sure to be a present your friend won’t forget!

Perhaps the most significant gift you

20 | Holiday Happenings Volume 50, Issue 3 Receiving and Re-Gifting


By GiaManieri

A guide to accepting and recycling gifts you’d never want:

hances are, if you celebrate Christmas, you’ll be receiving quite a few presents this year. Upon such a report, it is also very likely that some of these presents will be utterly atrocious. Such a misfortune is simply unavoidable, considering that we all have at least one friend or family member who is notorious for dreadful giftgiving. This contributor will stop at nothing to fill your closets with holiday-themed trinkets. The snow globe, the knitted mittens, and the occasional cat sweater are all commonplace castoffs that get packaged and presented every year. Armed with this guide, you too can dodge the eternal bullet that is the terrible present, and manipulate the burden to work in your favor! Since we’ve all fallen victim to an undesirable gift, it doesn’t take a psychoanalyst to decipher whether it was well received or not. The key to a coy acceptance is to not show extreme emotion on any end of the spectrum. No one cries tears of joy over a jumbo pack of underwear. However, if you know your acting skills just aren’t convincing, try not to look as though someone presented you with a framed obituary. A genuine smile and an enthused “Thank you!” will surely suffice. If you’re feeling extra spirited, you may even choose to add a “How did you know?!” You’ll be giving the donor piece of mind even if what they gave you was the equivalent to a piece of fruit cake. Parting with these gifts is an extremely viable option, especially if you know someone who would thoroughly enjoy them. For instance, if Aunt Gertrude hits the stores on Black Friday to find you that cat sweater every year, who better to re-gift the putrid thing to than your math teacher with a cat fixation! If you’ve got a friend with an extensive snow globe collection that they guard with their life, you’ve just gained bonus points for holiday gifting resourcefulness! There is one deadly blunder, however, that must be avoided at all costs: the double gift bungle. We’ve all heard of it, maybe some have even seen it done, the uncomfortable instant when someone unwraps the same gift they’ve given you in the past! Upon this, you’re re-gifting efforts are foiled and you are utterly embarrassed. Avoiding this is simple: as laborious as a “gift log” may sound, it’s quite effective and may save you a heap of humiliation. Hopefully these tips have fortified you for a successful gift-giving season, just remember that no matter how unsightly the gift may be, it’s the thought that counts!

New Year’s Resolutions By DanielleCruzpino “I want to learn how to swim.” Ryan Rosenbaum (12)

“To do better in school.” Alexandra Bautista (10)

New Years is a time for a reflection of the past and more importantly, looking forward to the new year. A common tradition for the holiday is to make a goal or resolution for the year to come. Some commonly known resolutions are to get fit, help others, and get organized. Here are some of the New Years Resolutions from the chiefs.

“I want to win States again” Ross Clark (11)

“To not fight with my parents.” Kayln Mossorofo (9)

December 2011

Holiday Happenings

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Around Town... Home for the Holidays? By CaitiDonahoe

The Holidays are here! Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukah, it is a time of great happiness, reverence, and celebration. We all have high expectations this winter season, so what can you do to make your holidays merrier than the others? Check out these fun Around Town ideas to see how. L i g h t s , Baking cookies and lights, lights! singing Christmas Tradewinds carols are now not Park offers a your only things on spectacular your Christmas todrive through do list this Holiday holiday light season. Tradewinds show that Park light show, will knock Santa’s Enchanted your socks Forest, and Christmas on Las Olas are merry off. Located in Coconut Creek, over 150,000 visitors activities that will not disappoint! of all ages come to visit the three - mile long display full of all different types of lights. They also hand out 3-D glasses to make the experience truly magical. It’s open from November 18 until January 2nd nightly from 6-10 p.m. and it is just over 10 dollars for all of the passengers in your car! Did you know that the world’s largest Christmas theme park is located in your area? S a n t a ’ s Enchanted Forest often known as the “Miracle on 40th Street” is filled with over 100 rides, shows, games, and attractions. It is home to South Florida’s tallest Christmas tree, many lights and displays, festive Christmas music, delicious foods from around the world, and live show entertainment. Santa’s enchanted forest is fun for the whole family. This great attraction is open every day from November 3rd to January 8th from 5 p.m. to midnight. It is located at Tropical Park, Miami and although it is a bit of a drive, it is well worth it. 

If you don’t want to take the journey all the way to Miami, try Christmas on Las Olas! But don’t miss it because it is a one night thing, occurring on November 29. From 5 to 10 p.m., enjoy this Winterfest Celebration located in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Live bands and school choirs will be singing on the streets while visitors roam in and out of the shops and through the streets filled with many performers as well. You can also get your picture taken with Santa! Christmas on Las Olas brings cold weather activities to South Florida. You can test your skills in a ski stimulator or hit the ice skating rink. The best part of it all, it is absolutely free!

22 |Holiday Happenings

Volume 50, Issue 3

Student Celebrity

Perry Joochin - Kevin Hart


Tara Moras - Vanessa Hudgens

Ali Jacobs - Taylor Momsen

Henry Thomas - Robert Pattinson

Andrea Marrero - Nicki Manaj

Christian Reyaz - Taylor Lautner


Sara Goodwin - Kaya Scodelario

William Thies - Macaulay Culkin

December 2011


Look - A - Likes

Ryan Andino - Bruno Mars


Ryan Giaratono - Justin Bieber

Shannon Grimm - Brittany Snow

Penny Motsett - Taylor Swift

By GiaManieri

Montana Mungal - Kourtney Kardashian

Brigitte Morgan - Brittney Spears


| 23

Timmy Jadotte - Usher

Joey Mueller - Chad Michael Murray

24 |Clubs

Volume 50, Issue 3

The Year of the Tempest


ongratulations to our very own Troupe 6362 on their twelve “Superior” and eleven “Excellent” ratings at this years ITS District Competition. International Thespian Society, or ITS, is an honorary organization that recognizes and rewards students who demonstrate excellence and dedication in all areas of theater, including performance, technical, and theater administration. There are many different categories to compete in at the competition; from solo musical, to pantomimes, to set design, everyone has an opportunity to showcase their talents. This year’s District competition’s theme was “Year of the Tempest” in honor of the late Florida State Thespian Director, Leroy “Lee” Tempest. Tempest taught English and Drama at Deerfield Beach High School. He passed away unexpectedly on July 10, 2011. On Saturday, November 19th, troupe 6362 competed against fifteen other high schools in the district.

By CailinCooney Congratulations again to David Stewart “Gethsemne”, Bautista & Co. “Crucible”, Erin Hallick “Man of My Dreams”, Elizabeth Guttmann “Disneyland”, Ryan Horten “Giants in the Sky”, Christian Klein “I Believe”, Hallick & Mitchell “Casting Call for a Best Friend”, Klein & Williams “You’re Nothing Without Me”, Horten & Flavell “Mushnik and Son”, Susan Curry “Titus Andronicus”, Behan & Co. “21 Guns”, Hallick & Co. “Can’t I Just Be”, and Bush & Cooney “Pop Lock & Pirouette” for their “Superior” ratings. Also, a special congratulations to Horten & Flavell and Susan Curry on receiving Critics Choice. Cardinal Gibbons has not received a Critics Choice Award in six years! The next stop is the State Festival which is help during March! The Festival will host thespian troupes from all over Florida, and will showcase only the best of the best! Keep it up 6362!


By CaitiDonahoe ational Honor Society is arguably the most prestigious club here at Cardinal Gibbons and around the country. The number of service projects the club organizes and puts on is unbelievable. So what does National Honor Society really do to make it one of the best clubs on campus?


The blood drive is the biggest service project NHS does here at Cardinal Gibbons. Members organize, advertise, and encourage students and faculty to donate blood. They provide the delicious snacks like cookies, bagels, and pizza along with various assorted beverages to make sure donors get the necessary calories back from loosing blood. NHS also does the canned food drive for Thanksgiving. While most people are in the cafeteria eating lunch, members are boxing up canned food and delivering it to homeless shelters around the county. “La, la, la, la, la!” In December, members go to a nursing home to sing Christmas songs. Christmas caroling is a great way to spread Holiday cheer, and NHS does a wonderful job. Also, you know those wonderful candy grams you like to send to your friends? Glenn Coco can thank National Honor Society for all those candy cane treats. There are many other projects that NHS does around school which often get unnoticed. Next time you hear of a blood drive, clean up, or food drive, you can expect the National Honor Society is in charge; remember to thank all of its members for doing so much for our school and community.

December 2011


Coldplay: Mylo Xyloto


| 25

Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk

By SusanCurry

ylo Xyloto is Coldplay’s fifth studio album. This high concept record tells the tale of two lovers (Mylo and Xyloto) in a dystopian society. Coldplay stays true to their industrial rock sound that made them so mainstream with albums such as Vida La Vida or Death and All His Friends and X&Y; after all, why fix something that isn’t broken. Mylo Xyloto was released on the 24th of October after nearly three years in the making. Although you can take comfort in the fact that Mylo Xyloto is the same old familiar Coldplay, they did take a turn for the techno with tracks such as “Hurts Like Heaven”. Although the tracks are rather slow, as is the album as a whole, there are some pick-ups like “Princess of China” featuring Rihanna. This particular album is also far more acoustic than their previous records. The beats themselves are quite simple, but they drive along the soft acoustic melody that overlays Chris Martin’s piano, which has become somewhat his signature and creates that blatantly Coldplay sound.


amous British comedian and actor has transformed into a musician. Hugh Laurie released his debut album entitled “Let Them Talk” in May 2011. The extent of his musical ability up until this point was only seen in his sketches with Stephen Fry in “A Bit of Fry and Laurie” and more recently on the rare occasions when Dr. House felt the desire to play. Let Them Talk touches on the bluesier side of Laurie, featuring his take on famous tracks such as “St. James Infirmary” and “Swanee River”. Despite his British origin, Hugh Laurie, who bares a striking resemblance to Mr. Lee if you squint your eyes, drops you in the center of New Orleans during the very peak of the blues years. With long instrumentals and deep baritones this album is not necessarily for everyone, especially those who do not enjoy the combination of bluesy pianos, saxophones, basses, and trumpets.

26 |Opinion

Volume 50, Issue 3

A Book You Should’ve Would’ve, Could’ve Read: Catcher In the Rye By LorenHill


ace it: when a teacher assigns a book that is coined as a “Classic” everyone in the classroom simultaneously sighs and rolls his or eyes. Each student already knows that there will be some form of online summary to study from because if it is a Classic then the book must be boring and torturous to read. The fact of the matter is that teachers assign these books because they ARE great reads and students SHOULD actually read them. Regrettably, I was never assigned to read J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye in American Literature sophomore year and now, as a senior, I happened to stumble upon a free copy and opted to read it in my spare time.        Catcher in the Rye was published in 1951, which means it holds no difficult language and is an easy read. It is a wonderfully hilarious novel about a teenager named Holden Caulfield who leaves his prep school in Pennsylvania and wanders about the streets of New York City for three days. In this coming-of-age novel, Salinger presents the voice of both an adolescent and an adult in the character of Caulfield. Caulfield brings himself into adult situations with his still semi-immature mindset. Catcher truly is a classic and a very entertaining read, and I know many people can relate to it: in the words of Salinger himself, “It’s really too bad that so much crumby stuff is a lot of fun sometimes.”

December 2011


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Are you ever in the mood for Mexican $=3 to 10 dollars food but don’t know where to $$= 10 to 17 dollars go? Here is a review of the top $$$=17 dollars and up five Mexican restaurants in town that will satisfy your Mexican cravings!

By MaylisBroderick

Whole Enchilada: $ Ever in the mood for some authentic Mexican food? Well then the Whole Enchilada is the place to go! This original restaurant has one location in Ft. Lauderdale, but it definitely has made a name for itself. The Whole Enchilada has all the basic Mexican food but it is known for it’s salsa and it’s very original fish tacos. Not only is the food amazing but also the relaxing, laid back ambiance is even better! You can always expect great food here for a very reasonable price, and knowing that you are supporting a one of a kind restaurant makes the whole eating experience fulfilling. It is located on 4115 North Federal Highway.

Zona Fresca: $$ At Zona Fresca the mission is to create a “great place” where people in our community can gather, enjoy a high quality meal, and experience Mexican food that is fresh, light and can be consumed every day. They definitely do fulfill their mission! Zona Fresca is known for it’s salsa, burritos, and specialties like “taquitos”. One very unique thing about Zona Fresca is that it also sells alcoholic beverages to adults to go along with their meal, even though it’s more of a fast food restaurant. You can always expect consistently great food at Zona Fresca! It is located on 1635 North Federal Highway.




Tijuana Flats: $ Tijuana Flats is a great place to go eat out with your friends whenever you’re indecisive on where to eat! It not only has an up beat atmosphere, but great food as well. For a relatively low price you can order whatever you like with all the works already added unless you choose specific toppings to go with your meal. Also Tijuana Flats is especially known for its sauce bar! With endless possibilities going from extremely hot to mild, you can pick the perfect sauce for your meal. Tijuana Flats is located on 431 S. Federal Highway.


La Bamba: $$ If you are ever in the mood for a sit down dinner with big servings of Mexican food then La Bamba is the place for you! La Bamba became so popular that there is even a La Bamba II. This restaurant will make you feel that you are in Mexico with its wall paintings and Spanish music constantly playing in the background. Also you will never leave La Bamba hungry because of its delicious, big servings of food! From their burrito to enchilada dinners, there is something for everyone. The original La Bamba is located on 4245 N. Federal Highway.

Chipotle: $ * Chipotle is the one the newer Mexican restaurants on the scene this year! Their menu has simple ingredients and is very easy to order from.  Chipotle has four main items: burritos, burrito bowls, tacos, and salads. From there you can choose to add chicken, steak, beef, and pork. It also has a kid’s menu with small quesadillas and tacos. Another helpful guide is that Chipotle’s take out menus have nutrition facts! Chipotle is located on South Federal Highway right next to Pei Way.

28 |Food

Volume 50, Issue 3

Peppermint Chocolate Drop Cookies By MeganMcGee

I don’t know if there’ll be snow, but have a cup of cheer (and a few cookies while you’re at it). One of the best parts of the Christmas season is the comforting sweets that remind us of family gatherings and the importance of the warmth we have in our hearts because of Jesus.  This season, try out a few new recipes to keep the relatives on their toes: they’ll be begging for your secret recipe, but don’t forget to give Insight credit! Ingredients:

½ cup butter, softened 1 cup sugar 1 egg 2 ounces melted unsweetened chocolate, cooled 1/3 cup buttermilk 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 ¾ cups flour ½ teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon salt Peppermint sticks Chocolate Drops: Mix butter, sugar, egg, chocolate, buttermilk, and vanilla in a bowl.  Stir in flour, baking soda, and salt mixture until smooth.  Cover the bowl with a cloth and chill for one hour.  After an hour, heat the oven to 400°.  Use two teaspoons to form dough into rounded cookies, and place on baking sheet about 2 inches apart.  Bake 8 to 10 minutes, then immediately remove the cookies from the baking sheet to cool.  Once they are cooled, frost with vanilla butter icing, and sprinkle with shredded peppermint sticks.    Vanilla Butter Icing:             Blend ¼ cup soft butter and 2 cups of confectioners’ sugar.  Stir in 1 teaspoon of vanilla and about 2 tablespoons of light cream.  Beat until creamy smooth.  Make chocolate drop cookies a new part of your Christmas tradition. 

December 2011



| 29

By MeganMcGee

This is a traditional Italian dessert recipe that literally means “pick me up” because of the caffeine in the dessert. It is a light pudding-like cake that goes well with coffee, but it might not be the best idea to serve tiramisu on Christmas Eve; we all know that Santa won’t come until everyone is fast asleep. Ingredients:


6 cups coffee, cooled

1. In a small pan, dissolve sugar into coffee and Kahlua.

1 shot of espresso (if desired)

2. In one bowl, whip cream cheese and sour cream.

3 tablespoons Kahlua

3. In another bowl, whip heavy whipping cream.

2 tablespoons sugar

4. Add powdered sugar to heavy whipping cream, and then add the cream cheese mixture.

8 ounces cream cheese 2 tablespoons sour cream 1 pint heavy whipping cream 2 tablespoons powdered sugar 1 package Stella Dora lady fingers Sweetened cocoa powder

5. Dip lady fingers one at a time into coffee mixture until they are soggy, and place them in the bottom of an 8x8 serving dish to form a layer that covers the bottom of the dish. 6. Take ½ the cream cheese/ whipping cream mixture, and spread it over the first layer of lady fingers so they are completely covered. 7. Sprinkle cocoa powder on top. 8. Repeat another layer of soggy lady fingers on top of the cream. 9. Spread the rest of the cream mixture over the lady fingers. 10. Sprinkle cocoa over cream once again. 11. As a final touch, shave chocolate over the entire dessert. 12. Refrigerate overnight. 13. Add shaved chocolate for garnish.

Tiramisu is an authentic italian dessert that contains coffee, but you don’t need to be a coffee lover to enjoy this sweet treat.

30 |Games

Volume 50, Issue 3

"*#+,&+*(++/(* #'#*#

+,1(-*$'(/%!( ,"&(+,/('* -%,#&(  ,"1*

Across 2. A color that symbolizes  pure, new life 4. Waiting under the tree  the morning of December 25th

5. This snowman will be back again some day

7. A ring of evergreen trimmings 8. Best when half mixed with marshmellows  10. Make sure this is swept free of soot for Santa  

11. He’s making a list 

13. Color that symbolizes Jesus’s sacrifice  15. The flavor of a classic candy cane 17. Color that symbolizes *(++  (%(*,",+1&(%#2+)-* everlasting '/%#  life #,#'!-'*,",*," &(*'#'!( &* ," 18. These

"#++'(/&'/#%%$ decorations!#'+(&1 *#'!( .*!*',*#&&#'!+ brighten

+,/"'"(,'&#0/#," everyone’s &*+"&%%(/+ yard.  $+-*,"#+#++/), *(  +((, (*', 19. Falling  +&$#'!%#+,  32 (%(*,",+1&(%#2++-++ at around +*# # degrees " %.(*( %++#'1


(/' "*+(' (*,"++(' "++('#'/"#""*#+,&+ By MaylisBroderick (-**+ "&(+, &(-+*#'*( %% '!#'! *(&,",*#'1(-* %#.#'!*((& ',++)1**#! ")(%/"*+',%#.+ "( ##%+(-'( "*#+,&+ ',++)#%"%)*+




'  (%(*,",+1&(%#2+ .*%+,#'!%#   "+(*,#('+*#!",' .*1('+1*  %%#'!,*(-'!*+ Printed by

Print Dynamics 1721 N. Federal Highway Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33305 954-563-0775

Down 1. The reason for the season 3. The season in which Christmas occurs 6. The most famous reindeer of all 9. Hanging from the tree in your living room 11. Santa’s speedy carriage 12. The pole where Santa lives 14. The official sound of Christmas 16. Santa’s special helpers

Answers found on page 31

December 2011


| 31

MadLibs: Decorating the Tree

Crossword Answers Down 1. Jesus 3. winter 6.Rudolph 9. ornaments 11. sleigh 12. north pole 14. bells 16. elves

Crossword Answers: Across 2. white 4. gifts 5. Frosty 7. wreath 8. coca 10. chimney 11. Santa 13. red 15. peppermint 17. green 18. lights 19. snow

Many people decorate their Christmas (Noun) on Christmas Eve. Last year (Person) had a/an (Adjective) party and everyone helped (Verb) the tree. (Another Person) brought tinsel and (Plural Noun). And (Another Person) brought lots of fresh (Type of Food, Plural) and candy (Another Type of Food, Plural) to put on the tree. The most important decoration, of course, is the string of colored electric (Plural Noun). A few dozen (Adjective) lights make any tree look (Adjective). And most stores sell round, sparkly (Plural Noun) and little (Adjective) balls to hang on the branches. But the hardest decoration to pick is the one that goes right on top. Once that (Noun) is up, you know that the (Adjective) season has officially started. Of course, if you are too (Adjective) to have a tree for Christmas, you can decorate your (Noun) or hang (Plural Noun) on your (Noun). Then the neighbors will say, “(Exclamation)!�

December 2011  

Cardinal Gibbons Insight published December 2011