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Site Guide Four specialty sections are available on this site: Anesthesia/Critical Care Medicine, Hepatology, Surgery and Pediatrics. Each section is overseen by experienced liver transplant physicians and presenting in-depth, specialtyspecific content. The Vanguard page is multidisciplinary and designed as a news and discussion forum for fellows and younger ILTS members. The content of these sections has been selected by the specialty editors to showcase new papers, presentations at recent meetings, and short clinical reviews. In addition to literature updates and lectures, all sections have discussion forums and YouTube-style video platforms. Materials are labeled by topic and archived to create an easily searchable library. The features of each sub-section are as follows:

Literature PubMed abstracts are selected by the section editors from PubMed alerts and regular surveys of key journals. Abstracts are labeled by topic and displayed as “Latest papers” (under 2 months from publication), then “2-12 months,” then archived by year. Click on any title to display full abstract and PubMed links. Links to full text are available for some papers. Click on “Experts’ views” to display all papers with expert commentary, or on “Must read” for those considered important or groundbreaking. Use the Comment button under each abstract to submit your views on any paper or related topic. The Search function at the top left of each page will locate terms in all areas of each specialty section, but is most useful in the Literature pages.

Lectures Presentations from recent meetings can be browsed by topic or by meeting (click on these headings). They are downloadable in Flash format, with PowerPoint slides and synchronized speaker soundtrack. These may be played continuously or flexibly using thumbnails. Please report any problems by clicking on “Contact editors.”

Discussions Discussions are open to all site users. The most recent comment (use the “Comment” button) moves the linked discussion to the top of the page, and anyone can propose a new topic using the “Contact editors” button. Comments are posted instantly and attributed to your registered name and institution. All

comments are monitored by the editors. Users must be respectful and are encouraged to use the inappropriate content alert if necessary. Patient or family consent should be obtained before posting any details that may identify a patient. Do not post any comment that may be perceived to defame any individual or institution, including your own, or that is critical of clinical care, including your own. The ILTS disclaimer makes it clear that any such views are those of the authors only and not of the ILTS.

Clinical Updates These are concise, authoritative reviews 3-4000 words long, contributed by invited experts and complete with ďŹ gures, references and self-testing multiplechoice questions. New topics and authors may be proposed by any site user, using Contact editors. These are not PubMed indexed, although efforts to achieve this are ongoing.

Videos This section shows videos presented at ILTS meetings or submitted by site users. The format is similar to YouTube, and download speeds depend on local factors. Space for text commentary is provided and should be used for any submitted videos unless clear background information is provided in the video itself, in either audio or slide format. Click on Comment to submit a question or comment for the authors or to initiate a discussion of the content.


This shows a specialty-speciďŹ c list of clinical topics. Clicking on any topic brings up a table of all materials posted on the website under that topic in Lectures, Discussions and Literature (abstracts). Videos and other content will be added soon. Any of these can be displayed by a single click. Click on Email alerts to select any topics for which you would like to receive alerts as soon as new content is posted.

Transplant Centers This displays the recently launched International Directory of Liver Transplant Centers. Centers are sorted alphabetically, both by country and within a country. It shows contact and other information submitted by local liver transplant physicians, including details on training fellowships, and clinical and research activity. You can add or edit the data for your center by clicking on Add your center or Edit/update your center.

Training This lists ILTS and other scholarships and fellowships available around the world, and has a table showing all fellowship positions registered on the International Directory of Liver Transplant Programs. These are sorted by specialty and country. Click on any of these for details and contact information.

Trainees The Vanguard page is aimed at trainees and younger clinicians in the ILTS. Vanguard committee members post news items and relevant PubMed abstracts for comment. The Discussions page is open for all topics, both clinical and nonclinical, subject to the rules given under Discussions above. The page also has links to the “Training” page, which lists ILTS and other scholarships and fellowships available around the world, and has a table showing all fellowship positions registered on the International Directory of Liver Transplant Centers. As yet there is no designated or tiered approach to the large amount of educational data available on this site. Fellowship training curricula have been created in individual centers and by the ASTS for transplant surgeons, but no formal ILTS-sponsored versions exist. An outline curriculum with embedded links to relevant site materials is a near-term goal for the ILTS. The list of specialtyspecific topics under Topics / alerts gives an overview of the range of relevant areas, so using Topics / alerts to identify key materials around specific topics would be a systematic approach. Alternatively, browsing Clinical Updates and Lectures (grouped by topic) could also provide a good starting point. The editors are always open to constructive suggestions - use “Contact editors” for this too! © J R Klinck ILTS Physician Web Administrator

ILTSEducation Site Guide  
ILTSEducation Site Guide