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St Luke’s & Queen Street Church Congregational News

Lost Sheep In Sunday School

October 2013

Dear Friends Well here we are already in Harvest season! Indeed, we in St Luke’s have already celebrated all that God has given us over the past year with our Harvest Festival Service and our Ceilidh. Yet we cannot focus all our thanksgiving on just a weekend. Instead it must be an ongoing activity each and every day. And I use the word ‘activity’ advisedly since thanksgiving is a ‘doing word’ as my primary school teacher used to say of a verb. So if we are to ‘verbalise’ our gratitude, what should we be undertaking? Firstly, we must continue with frequent prayers of thanks for food, care and shelter in a safe and stable country. For we may think of our nation a bit tatty at the moment and its people often less than gracious yet we must always be grateful for the vast resources and opportunities that enhance and support our lives. We must also try to be as generous to charity as we can. I know, like me, you may be a tad jaundiced by the high salaries of the ‘big name’ charities’ CEOs but there are many others who are ensuring their donations go to meet genuine needs. In fact, my recent research suggests that most Christian charities, including churches, display admirable stewardship with reasonable staff remuneration. However, there are other things we can give in a sense of thankful service and the greatest of these is ‘time’! The enormous value of this most precious gift is brought out, for example, in a quote by Stephen Fry on the needs of those with depression:

“If you know someone who’s depressed, please resolve never to ask them why. Depression isn’t a straightforward response to a bad situation; depression just is, like the weather. Try to understand the blackness, lethargy, hopelessness, and loneliness they’re going through. Be there for them when they come through the other side. It’s hard to be a friend to someone who’s depressed, but it is one of the kindest, noblest, and best things you will ever do.” May we then, this harvest time, give with kindness, with nobleness and if need be with sacrifice since that is the way and gifts of Christ. With every blessing


St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

October 2013

2 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

New Members by Certificate of Transference Mr Ian Thow Mrs Susan Thow

17 Crathes Way 17 Crathes Way

D37 D37

Deaths “and whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die” 13.9.13

Mr Terry Allison, 20 Ferry Road, Monifieth

Forthcoming Events 6 October

Morning Service

11.00 am

13 October

Morning Service Rev A Strickland

11.00 am

20 October

Morning Service Mr Daryl McKeown

11.00 am

22 October

Congregational Board Kirk Session

27 October


3 November

Morning Service

7.00 pm Approx 8.00 pm

Family Communion Traditional Communion

9.30 am 11.00 am 11.00 am

Broughty Ferry Community Service in the New Kirk

6.30 pm

Door Duties 6.10.13

Margaret McLuskie Ian Spence

Jim McLuskie Tom Neilson


Anita McIsaac Margaret Wight

Brenda Moffat Gordon Gillan


Ian Wightman Douglas Cain

Fred Marshall Nina Martin


Mary Rice XXX

Les Mackay XXX


Shelagh Allison Babs Beat

Jim Nimmo John Alexander

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

October 2013

3 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

Flowers for the Church 6.10.13 13.10.13 20.10.13 27.10.13 3.11.13

Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs

D Gregory N Dean M Pollock M Cunningham E Bates

There are still some vacant dates on the flower calendar. If you would like to donate and/or arrange flowers some Sunday then please get in touch with Marvin Harris 778089. There will always be someone who can arrange them for you if you do not feel able. Thanks Marvin Car Pool The Car Pool is available every Sunday for your convenience and drivers are willing to pick you up from your home and bring you to the service. To use this service, phone either of the named drivers for the appropriate Sunday either on the Saturday before or up until 10 am on the day. They will pick you up and return you to your home after the service. Sunday 6 October

Sandy Duncan Ian Wightman

778031 739275

Sunday 13 October

Isabel Scott Mgt & Jim McLuskie

779151 521235

Sunday 20 October

Fred Marshall Douglas Cain

738769 778959

Sunday 27 October

Linda Grimmond John Alexander

736783 690745

Sunday 3 November

Jim Nimmo Ian Wightman

477740 739275

Sunday 10 November

Sandy Duncan Ian Spence

778031 732732

Still looking for more drivers! If you can help, then please speak to Marvin Harris 778089.

Friends of the Garden – Weekly Rota 7 Oct

Daryl & Group

14 Oct

Shepherd family

21 Oct

Fred & Marjory Marshall

28 Oct

Everyone (weather permitting)

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

October 2013

4 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

Sunday School Rota 6 October


Sue, Ian, Val, Gail, Fiona

13 October


Donna, Sheena, Angela, Morven

20 October 27 October

Donna, Sheena, Angela, Morven 9.30 FAMILY COMMUNION NO SUNDAY SCHOOL

3 November 10 November

Donna, Sheena, Angela, Morven REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY

Cate, Walter, Gill, Elaine

Carpet Bowling The Carpet Bowling. club resumes on 8th October at 1.45 pm in the Church hall. New members are assured of a warm welcome and tuition can be given. Look forward to the new season. Jack Maxwell

Shoe Box Appeal 2013

‘Christian care for body and soul’ You will find in the church pews this month some leaflets relating to this year’s Shoe Box Appeal.

Please take one of these and consider contributing in a very practical way to the care of the genuinely needy this Christmas. Filling a shoebox is an opportunity for us to reach out to much less fortunate people – men, women and children – in a range of countries, particularly Eastern Europe. For many of these people Christmas presents would otherwise be unknown; and as the chief executive of the organising body Blythswood Care puts it, “Filling a shoebox is a great way of showing kindness to a stranger in need. It’s both practical and personal at the same time”. As our festive season approaches, let’s think too of these people. Shoeboxes should be returned to me by Sunday 3 November 2013.

Stewart Howe

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

October 2013

5 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

August Summary of Offerings

FWO Gift Aid Plate/Retiring Totals

2013 August

2013 YTD

2012 August

2012 YTD

657 4475 323 5455

8490 28242 3476 40209

1085 3721 244 5050

9259 29449 3603 42311

20 Pence Pieces The total received from those who have taken collection boxes continues to grow and has now reached £1,775. Once again I should like to thank all those who support this effort and remind them that Elders will be calling next month and the contents of the boxes may be handed to them. Les Mackay

John Jarvis delivering harvest donations to the Lily Walker Centre

Sunday School planting trees

Harvest Thanksgiving Thanks to all who contributed towards our Harvest Thanksgiving service in money, gifts etc. and thanks to all who supported our successful Harvest Ceilidh and Supper. Thanks Les Mackay and family would like to thank the many members of congregation who expressed their sympathy and provided practical support during Jean’s long illness and at the time of her death. The family would also like to thank those who so generously contributed to the collection in favour of The Save the Children Fund, this raised £1,020. Life & Work 2014 The price of the subscription to the above magazine is to be £19.44. Please advise me of any change to your order. Thank you. Mrs C Hotson, 48 Victoria Road, Broughty Ferry, DD5 1BN Telephone 779417 St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

October 2013

6 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

ST LUKE’S GUILD The annual subscription for 2013-2014 is £10, which covers our dues to Headquarters and the flower fund. October Events October 10

We start with a talk on The Kirk and its Worthies by Rev Alex Strickland.

October 24

Insights into Roxburghe House & Royal Victoria Hospital

October 31

by the chaplain, Rev. Andrew Bennett and the support nurse, Allison Liddell. Lunch in the Royal Tay Yacht Club to celebrate our Guild’s 60th anniversary. More information will be made available at our inaugural meeting on 10th October.

November Events November 7 November 9

November 17 November 21

Crime, Punishment and The Mars by Gordon Douglas. AFTERNOON TEA FUND RAISER IN AID OF 500 MILES, which is a Scottish charity for African children who have lost limbs and can only roll about in the dirt. The founder is a woman with no hands and prosthetic legs. DEDICATION SERVICE Beautiful Gardens by John Alexander.

December Events December 5

Extraordinary General Meeting to distribute Finances.

December 19

Christmas Celebration

Past Events The National Guild Rally was held in the Caird Hall on Saturday, 7th September. Mary Macleod has written a report, which appears below. Isabel Scott, Guild Secretary On Saturday 7th September six Guild members were present at the Guild Rally attended by over 2000 ladies and a few gentlemen from all over Scotland. The singing, accompanied by the music of the very fine organ was most uplifting and the assembled throng, were in good voice.

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

October 2013

7 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

We learned a great deal about the projects which have the support of Guild members. In this last year a total of £248,371.96 has been raised for the Project Partnership Scheme. The principal speaker was Rt. Rev. Lorna Hood, Moderator of the Church of Scotland. Her talk, entitled Personal Reflections, gave rise to much laughter as she recounted many amusing anecdotes related to her status as a young female minister. On a more serious note the Moderator was saddened to find on visits to parts of Scotland that women were still unable to serve as elders and if transferring from another parish their ordination was not always recognized. We were reminded that our faith is about risk and her final message to us was “Keep taking risks!” We had two interludes of hand bell ringing from the Celtic Carillon and after closing worship it was time to leave. It was a most uplifting experience to have shared our day and to realise that we represented so many more members with the common purpose of serving our Lord and Master. Mary McLeod GOOD NEWS IN SEPTEMBER CONGRATULATIONS to Alex Strickland for his sterling work ministering to other congregations. He preached at Whitfield church for three Sundays in September. Alex will be at Camperdown on 6th October and we will welcome him to our own pulpit on 13th October. As Alex and Jan Strickland sit in the same pew as I do, I really miss his lovely singing voice, which sometimes manages to keep me approximating to the correct notes. If, however, he decides to harmonise, I am left to my own devices. CONGRATULATIONS to Douglas Clark on playing the organ on 15th September. CONGRATULATIONS to Grove Academy for the wonderful afternoon entertainment provided to local senior citizens. The music staff, the Home Economics staff, the rector and all the pupils deserve hearty congratulations. All the musical items were first rate. We were treated to the pipe band, the various instrumental groups, soloists and the choirs. Of special interest to the members of St Luke’s was the duet when Caitlin Morgan (granddaughter of Jimmy and Margaret McLuskie) played piano with Michael Strachan on cello. Alexandra Clark sang solos Alexandra, Caitlin and Douglas Clark are members of Dundee Schools Music Theatre. The afternoon tea provided was a feast worthy of the legendary Lucullus. Mary Macleod wrote a letter of thanks to the school and included a spontaneous donation of £60, which was gathered from all the visitors from St Luke’s.

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

October 2013

8 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

CONGRATULATIONS to Shona Morgan, (Caitlin’s mother) who teaches at Dundee High School on her appointment as the Director of the National Youth Choir of Dundee. CONGRATULATIONS to Elizabeth Bates for agreeing to serve as church coordinator on a trial basis. Betty Soutar is certainly a hard act to follow! By the way, we all enjoy the snippets, which Elizabeth contributes, to our church news. CONGRATULATIONS to our three new elders, Susan Jarvis, Elizabeth Lorimer and Valerie Shepherd on their ordination. John Rice will be ordained on Communion Sunday. CONGRATULATIONS to Brenda Moffat for taking the photograph of the 44th Boys Brigade Pipe Band, which graced the Summer Church Notes. BIRTHDAY CONGRATULATIONS to our minister, Graham Taylor, and any other members who celebrated a September birthday. CONGRATULATIONS to all these gifted people who made Graham’s birthday party such a success. Help for Heroes gained £251 from contributions made after the party. Aileen Adamson, Shelagh Andrew and Marvin Harris were the tireless servers who were ably assisted by the Sunday school teachers. There were five delicious soups made by Elaine Hackney, Frances Hutcheson and Elizabeth Lorimer. The mega celebration birthday cake was in fact several cakes under one appropriately decorated iced top. Mary Rice created this masterpiece. Ken Andrew made a witty speech that had us all helpless with laughter. Graham had no idea what was coming next but Ken’s final tribute to our minister was sincerely felt. CONGRATULATIONS to Brenda Moffat for completing The Dundee Cyclathon, organised by Claverhouse Rotary. Brenda’s feat was in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care. If you would like to sponsor Brenda, please get in touch with her. The following account from Brenda may loosen your purse strings. Last Sunday, 15th September, on a very wet and windy day I completed the Cyclathon (26 miles around Dundee) starting and finishing in Camperdown Park. It was a great achievement for me but Harestane Road and Laird Street up to Clatto Park was hard going, I don't think I'd like to do that part again!! Ronan, my 9-yearold grandson, managed about 15 miles with me. CONGRATULATIONS to Elaine Sim, the daughter of Marvin Harris, on being part of the team, which raised over £3600 to benefit Street children in the Philippines. The intrepid cyclists rode from Aberdeen to Broughty Ferry to raise this splendid sum. CONGRATULATIONS to the choir for their successful dinner. Former members, Claire Milne and Bob Pollock, with Mrs Pollock were present. Stewart Howe donated the surplus £7 to the Guild.

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

October 2013

9 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

CONGRATULATIONS to Ken Andrew and Graham Taylor for their angelic portrayals during a church service. I later overheard a critic insisting that they didn’t really look like angels but as Pauline Steenbergen once pertinently remarked, we do not actually know what angels look like and in fact we could be sitting unawares beside one on a bus journey. CONGRATULATIONS to Fraser Trusty, Alana’s son, for commencing a degree in mathematics at Aberdeen University. CONGRATULATIONS to Iain Richmond and his many helpers for arranging the enjoyable ceilidh, which raised £240 for church funds. The Carnoustie Traditionals were in great form and Alana Trusty was in her element. The great thing about a ceilidh is that all ages from children to golden oldies can have fun. CONGRATULATIONS to the Sunday school and the floral artists who decorated the church for the Harvest Thanksgiving. Thanks to all who contributed gifts for the Lily Walker Centre. A speaker will talk to our Guild on 9th January about Mary Lily Walker and all are cordially invited to learn more about that modest and amazing Dundee woman. CONGRATULATIONS to David Shepherd for completing the exterior painting of the hall. CONGRATULATIONS to John Alexander for his acrobatic study of the church roof. It is certainly not the usual pastime of an octogenarian but as my best friend, Lesley-Anne Harris, succinctly says, “St. Luke’s church is something else! “ CONGRATULATIONS to Irene and Jack Maxwell in celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary. Roving Reporter alias Isabel Scott PS

If you are aware of any good news please phone me on 779151 Or email me Or just talk to me! 20th Guides

We had a super evening on 19th September. Five guides were presented with their Baden-Powell Challenge Award. They entertained parents and friends with stories of their trip to Switzerland. We had a special cake with the new badge, the Scottish flag and the Swiss flag. L McLeod NEW CHURCH OFFICE HOURS Tuesday Friday

10.00 - 12 Noon 2.00 - 4.00 pm

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

October 2013

10 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

Summer Quiz Answers Here are the answers for the summer quiz on English Place Names. The winner was Mary Stewart. A total of £145 was raised for Church Funds. A big thank you to Jim Nimmo for printing the quiz sheets and to Ruby for her help in selling them. Fiona Cochrane

English place names

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

Red hot gardening carrier Twenty foot Scottish thrower Perusing a book Small furry animals digging funeral plot Part of a Ship Rowing Eight A heavy sweetheart Where bad boys are sent Plenty of trees in Lincoln colours An Offal puddle Side of a body turning on light Disciple asking for a loan Vorderman’s Offshore retreat 2 out of 3 facial hair Scarlet mini The lines in which cows sleep Club 7 has been buried Hill needs a lock opener Fighting with a 100wt Mr Livingstone is friendly with Roald What trousers are with an iron Old funny man Charlie need this to keep warm Essential for walkies? Singer Joe including the lips Female servant has her own pebble

Barrow in Furness Lancaster Reading Shrewsbury Hull Crewe Darlington Coventry Forest Green Liverpool Ipswich Peterburgh Carlisle Middlesbrough Redcar Barnsley Sunderland Torquay Warrington Kendal Preston Colchester Leeds Cockermouth Maidstone

Church Notes Articles for the November edition should be with me by Sunday 27 October 2013. If you would like to receive an email version of the Church News please email me at and I will confirm receipt to let you know that I have received your request. Brenda Moffat

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

October 2013

11 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088


Rev Graham Taylor, BSc BD (Min) FIAB, The Manse, 22 Albert Road, Broughty Ferry Mr Ken Andrew, 49 Cedar Road e-mail: Mrs Mary Rice, 20 Abercorn Street


779212 776765 450662


Mr Mike Clark 31 Dawson Road Mrs Sheilah Andrew, 49 Cedar Road

477570 776765


Mr A G Duncan, 17 Strathisla Road



Mr Les Mackay, 62 Fintry Place



Mr Steven Peters, 11 Johnston Avenue



Mrs Elizabeth Bates Office Hours – Tuesday 10 – 12 noon Friday 2 – 4 pm Ms E Mckay, 14 Church Street



Mrs Aileen Adamson, 35 Blake Avenue



Mrs Marvin Harris, 64 Marlee Road





Mr John Alexander, 11 Bader Square



Mrs Brenda Moffat, 12 Rossie Avenue e-mail:



Mrs Ruth Adamson, 41 Cedar Road



Mrs Elaine McKeown, 22 Edzell Street



Meets fortnightly on Thursday at 2.00 pm Mrs Margaret McLuskie, 6 Fyne Road


Meets Thursday at 7.00 pm Mrs Lorna McLeod, 21 Cedar Road Meets Friday 6.15 – 7.25 pm Mrs Mairi Clark, 15 Guthrie St, Carnoustie



477495 (01241) 853410


Meets Fridays at 6.15 - Mrs Rachel Thompson, Old School House, 2 Doon Tce., Dundee, DD4 8EW


Meets on Sunday at 10 am in the Church Mr Steven Peters, 11 Johnston Avenue Mr Iain A Richmond, 31 Luke Place

813835 739056


Mr Daryl McKeown, 22 Edzell Street



Meets on Wednesdays at 2.30 pm Mrs MacLeod, 33 Ballinard Rd



Mrs E Hackney, 5 Elmgrove Park, Monikie



Meets on Monday 7.30 – 9.30 pm Jean Harkins, 10 Quality Street, Gauldry, Fife



Meets on Tuesday at 1.45 pm Mr Jack Maxwell, 25 Fairfield Road


St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

October 2013

12 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

October 2013 church news  

The magazine of St Luke's & Queen St Church of Scotland in Broughty Ferry, Dundee

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