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St Luke’s & Queen Street Church Congregational News

November 2013

Dear Friends During my recent autumn break, I managed to make a visit to Beamish. This is a vast outdoor museum with a working mine, manor house and reconstructed Edwardian village. This last feature seems to have been set just before the First World War as its newsagent has newspapers announcing the sinking of the Titanic. Well, such a visit tends to make us look back with rose-tinted spectacles. For, despite all its cosy certainty, we do not see the back-breaking manual labour, limited education and primitive medical capabilities that many of our nation’s citizens endured at that time. Yet that age did seem to have a greater sense of community. Because, after all, there were no distractions such as TV, mobile phones or the Internet from genuine ‘socialising’ in your district. Something of this came to mind when, this week, we heard so much of the chronic loneliness of older people in Britain today. Certainly, many people living in Broughty are no strangers to this affliction. And it is here that Jesus words are relevant:

“Who do you think my mother and brothers are?” He then stretched out his hand toward his disciples. “Look closely. These are my mother and brothers. Obedience is thicker than blood. The person who obeys my heavenly Father’s will is my brother and sister and mother.” Here he is not really suggesting a rejection of family. Instead he is saying that other humans are just as important. Now in the offering companionship to the lonely and stranger, the Church has traditionally been a brand leader. But rather like a savings account, we cannot draw out what we have not put in. Let this be a reminder to us all that Church events are worth supporting not least for their very real opportunities to receive and build community, friendship and togetherness. Since if we do not do this essential work, day by day, the church itself may one day only live in museums. With every blessing


St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

November 2013

2 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

Forthcoming Events The Broughty Ferry Centenary Church Trail Broughty Ferry, A Strong Community Broughty Ferry Churches have always played a key part in the life of our community, offering worship and pastoral care, providing meeting places and leadership for youth and community groups, funds and personnel for charitable work at home and overseas. Churches are themselves charities, supported by their members. The Centenary Church Tail invites local people into the church buildings to see some of our work and projects, past and present. 2 November

Church open for visitors

10 – 12 noon

3 November

Morning Service

3 November

Combined service in New Kirk – celebrating Broughty’s community

11.00 am 6.00 pm

10 November

Remembrance Service

10.50 am

17 November

Morning Service Guild Dedication

11.00 am

24 November

Morning Service with Daryl McKeown

11.00 am

26 November

Congregational Board Kirk Session

7.00 pm Approx 8.00 pm

30 November

Christmas Fair

11.00 – 2.00 pm

1 December

Gift Service

11.00 am

8 December

Morning Service

11.00 am

Door Duties 3.11.13

Shelagh Allison Babs Beat

Jim Nimmo John Alexander


Isabel Scott Anita McIsaac

Ian Richmond Brenda Moffat


Sandy Duncan Mike Clark

Irene Butler Dorothy Anderson


Ian Spence Margaret McLuskie

Tom Neilson Jim McLuskie


Margaret Wight Ian Wightman

Gordon Gillan Fred Marshall


Douglas Cain Shelagh Allison

Nina Martin Jim Nimmo

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

November 2013

3 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

Flowers for the Church 3.11.13 10.11.13 17.11.13 24.11.13 1.12.13 8.12.13

Mrs E Bates Mr C Lindsay Mrs R Campbell Mrs J Young Mrs M Skea Miss O Robertson

There are still some vacant dates on the flower calendar. If you would like to donate and/or arrange flowers some Sunday then please get in touch with Marvin Harris 778089. There will always be someone who can arrange them for you if you do not feel able. Thanks Marvin Car Pool The Car Pool is available every Sunday for your convenience and drivers are willing to pick you up from your home and bring you to the service. To use this service, phone either of the named drivers for the appropriate Sunday either on the Saturday before or up until 10 am on the day. They will pick you up and return you to your home after the service. Sunday 3 November

Fred Marshall Ian Wightman

738769 739275

Sunday 10 November

John Alexander Ian Spence

690745 732732

Sunday 17 November

Jim Nimmo Douglas Cain

477740 778959

Sunday 24 November

Sandy Duncan Linda Grimmond

778031 736783

Sunday 1 December

Mgt & Jim McLuskie Ian Spence


Sunday 8 December

John Alexander Sandy Duncan

690745 778031

Still looking for more drivers! If you can help, then please speak to Marvin Harris 778089.

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

November 2013

4 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

Sunday School Rota 3 November

Donna, Sheena, Angela, Morven

10 November


Cate, Walter, Gill, Elaine

17 November

Cate, Walter, Gill Elaine

25 November

Cate, Walter, Gill Elaine

1 December


Cate, Walter, Gill Elaine

Bring wrapped present for Barnardo’s

8 December


Sue, Ian, Val, Gail, Fiona

Sunday School Nativity Play Yes! The time is upon us once more where rehearsals for this years Nativity play are due to begin. The first rehearsal will be on Sunday 3rd November at 12.15 pm - 1.30 pm in the church, and each Sunday following at the same time until the performance on Sunday 22nd December 2013. All children of the Sunday School and Youth Group will be involved and we thank the children and parents in advance for ensuring rehearsals are attended. Please bring a packed lunch each Sunday, and we look forward to a fun-filled exciting time working together in the run up to Christmas. Alana Trusty Music Coordinator September Summary of Offerings

FWO Gift Aid Plate/Retiring Totals

2013 Sept

2013 YTD

2012 Sept

2012 YTD

993 2669 403 4064

9483 30163 3879 43525

886 2918 336 4140

10145 32367 3939 46451

Life & Work 2014 The price of the subscription to the above magazine is to be £19.44. Please advise me of any change to your order. Thank you. Mrs C Hotson, 48 Victoria Road, Broughty Ferry, DD5 1BN Telephone 779417

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

November 2013

5 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

20 Pence Pieces I’m very pleased to report a further increase in our total, and particularly to be able to let you know that we are past the £2,000 mark. The amount collected now stands at £2773. In view of the expenditure the congregation is incurring with dry rot and other problems, this is a most welcome addition to our dwindling funds. Yet again, I would like to thank all those who have contributed so generously. Les Mackay 20th Guides

We are involved in the World Guiding Badge – word searches about the four World Centres, learning Taps in French, and a Bake Sale decorating cakes are among some of the clauses. Future events will be a Bring and Buy sale, Christmas Crafts, and Present Wrapping. There are still seats available on the bus to Glasgow for shopping Saturday 14th December. L McLeod

Church Notes Please note that December’s Church Notes will be a week later than usual, they should be available for collection on 8th December. Articles for the December edition should be with me by Sunday 24 November 2013. If you would like to receive an email version of the Church News please email me at and I will confirm receipt to let you know that I have received your request. Brenda Moffat

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

November 2013

6 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

Christmas Fair The Christmas Fair will be held in the Church Hall on Saturday 30th November 2013 from 11am to 2pm. This year there will be a wide selection of items for sale including cake and candy, craft, books, photographs, jewellery, tombola, brick a brack, children's games and of course Santa will be stopping off in his Grotto. Donations to any of the above would be appreciated either by placing in the box in the Church vestibule, handed into the Church hall on Friday 29th November after 7.30 pm or by contacting Iain Richmond on 739056. Please also stay with us to enjoy soup and bread over lunchtime. Tickets priced £2 adults and 50p children are available now to include entry, tea/coffee mince pies and biscuits. Soup and bread is £1.50 payable on the day.

Jewellery The jewellery stall raised £110 at our Summer Fete, so with donations of your unwanted jewellery, we can raise even more at our Christmas Bazaar. Please raid your drawers for brooches, pendants, ear-rings etc and bring to the church by 24th November. Donations of little boxes for jewellery would be very welcome also. Thank you. Babs Beat

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

November 2013

7 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088








St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

November 2013

8 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

November 2013

9 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

November 2013

10 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

ST LUKE’S GUILD Future Events

October 31

Lunch in the Royal Tay Yacht Club to celebrate our Guild’s 60th anniversary.

November 7

Crime, Punishment and The Mars by Gordon Douglas.

November 9

at 2 pm AFTERNOON TEA FUND RAISER IN AID OF 500 MILES, which is a Scottish charity for African people who have lost limbs and can only roll about on the ground. The founder is an amazing woman with no hands and prosthetic legs. Tickets cost £5.

November 17

DEDICATION SERVICE. After this service our guild will provide refreshments and give the usual team a well deserved break.

November 21

Beautiful Gardens by John Alexander.

December 5

Extraordinary General Meeting to distribute Finances.

December 19

Christmas Celebration

Past Events October 10

October 24

We started with a talk on The Kirk and its Worthies by Rev Alex Strickland. Our speaker kept us enthralled with anecdotes about worthies in the Kirk in the early 20th century. He intermingled this with some of his own hilarious adventures as a minister.

Insights into Roxburghe House & Royal Victoria Hospital by the chaplain, Rev. Andrew Bennett and Susan McGregor.

Rev. Andrew Bennett is a chaplain employed by the NHS and he works in Ninewells, Roxburghe House and Royal Victoria Hospital. In the unavoidable absence of Allison Liddell, Susan McGregor had kindly come along. Susan works as a uniformed staff nurse at Roxburghe House two days per week and as the Family Bereavement Support Service Co-coordinator on the three remaining days. Susan described her activities prompted by Andrew’s questions and told us how she was able to unwind. Andrew then explained his duties. Although he is a Christian, he has responsibilities towards patients who profess other faiths or indeed none. Like Susan, he needs to unwind and cycling to and from work helps this process. We learned a great deal about the facilities in Roxburghe and Royal Victoria. After his talk, Andrew willingly replied to various searching questions. Isabel Scott, Guild Secretary

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

November 2013

11 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

GOOD NEWS CONGRATULATIONS to our organist, Steven Peters, the Praise Band and the choir for their contributions to our Hall Service on Sunday, September 29. The congregational singing seemed very joyous. It was a beautiful day for the planting of 10 new trees in the glebe by the Sunday school and Youth group. CONGRATULATIONS to John Alexander for his invitation to join Princess Anne, who is patron of South Georgia Heritage Trust, and others on October 7 at the Palace of Holyrood House. The special occasion was held to celebrate the completion of two thirds of the Habitat Restoration Project. All being well, the habitat should be completely restored by 2015. A non -judgmental film, entitled, The Whale Hunters is due to be screened on BBC4 in 2014. CONGRATULATIONS to those members who filled a shoebox, or several shoeboxes for Blythswood Care. Stewart Howe has been able to source some empty covered shoeboxes from St. Stephen’s and West Church. All boxes should be returned to Stewart by November 3. CONGRATULATIONS to Fred and Nina Martin on their 48th Wedding Anniversary. CONGRATULATIONS to Alex Strickland for surviving the vagaries of the sound system when he led the devotions on October 13. The sound system was not at fault because Alex had not switched on his microphone. It would be great if a technically adept member of the congregation could undertake to check the apparatus with visiting preachers before the service. In other words, a reliable microphone monitor on the lines of a trustworthy school monitor! By the way, I noticed that Daryl McKeown checked the sound equipment beforehand when he took the service on October 20. CONGRATULATIONS to Ben and Georgia Frattaroli, the grandchildren of Alex and Jan Strickland on their excellent behaviour during their grandfather’s service. They occupied themselves with paper and pencil and just rushed enthusiastically to put their offerings in the collection bag. Mike Clark’s job would be much easier if we were all as keen to contribute financially. CONGRATULATIONS to Douglas Clark on playing the organ on October 13. He also played the organ at Camperdown Church when Alex Strickland took the service there. I understand that Douglas is often asked to be the organist at other churches. BIRTHDAY CONGRATULATIONS to those who celebrated an October birthday. St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

November 2013

12 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

CONGRATULATIONS to our minister, Graham Taylor, for taking the service at St. Michael’s in Linlithgow at the South East Scotland Wing ATC Church Parade on October 20. Graham had the duty of handing out citations to deserving personnel and was quite stunned to discover that one of the citations was for him. CONGRATULATIONS to Broughty Ferry Churches group for suggesting events to celebrate 100 years of Broughty Ferry’s community. The service in the New Kirk at 6 p.m. on November 3 and various displays in our 800 Broughty Ferry churches are fully described by Anne Anderson elsewhere in this newsletter. CONGRATULATIONS to Les McKay on the success of his 20 pence initiative as the sum collected now amounts to £2770. CONGRATULATIONS to John Alexander for his meticulous attention to detail as fabric convener. The roof in the chancel requires work to be done and as a cherry picker machine will be involved there may at times need to be an alternative entrance to the hall via the old kitchen. CONGRATULATIONS to Daryl McKeown for leading worship on October 20 and using our young people as an integral part of the service. His theme was musical worship and he traced the singing of psalms, hymns and choruses in Christian churches through the centuries as a direct instruction from Psalm 30: I will enter His gates with praise. The last hymn was Jubilate everybody which reminds us all that Gillies MacNab’s book entitled Jubilate is still available in the foyer. CONGRATULATIONS to Ian Wightman for organizing communion on October 27 in the absence of Jimmy McLuskie who is on holiday in Canada and the USA. Ian had to provide replacement elders and even replacements for replacements. CONGRATULATIONS to our minister for presiding over a gracious and reverent communion service. Special congratulations are also due to Sue Jarvis, a new elder, as she faultlessly played her part despite having for many years regularly attended the 9.30 informal communion. CONGRATULATIONS to John Rice for taking his vows during the service on October 27. The Kirk Session also has to be congratulated on acquiring an obliging and diligent new elder who is blessed with a lively sense of humour. Roving Reporter alias Isabel Scott PS

If you are aware of any good news please phone me on 779151 Or email me Or just talk to me!

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

November 2013

13 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088


Rev Graham Taylor, BSc BD (Min) FIAB, The Manse, 22 Albert Road, Broughty Ferry Mr Ken Andrew, 49 Cedar Road e-mail: Mrs Mary Rice, 20 Abercorn Street


779212 776765 450662


Mr Mike Clark 31 Dawson Road Mrs Sheilah Andrew, 49 Cedar Road

477570 776765


Mr A G Duncan, 17 Strathisla Road



Mr Les Mackay, 62 Fintry Place



Mr Steven Peters, 11 Johnston Avenue



Mrs Elizabeth Bates Office Hours – Tuesday 10 – 12 noon Friday 2 – 4 pm Ms E Mckay, 14 Church Street



Mrs Aileen Adamson, 35 Blake Avenue



Mrs Marvin Harris, 64 Marlee Road





Mr John Alexander, 11 Bader Square



Mrs Brenda Moffat, 12 Rossie Avenue e-mail:



Mrs Ruth Adamson, 41 Cedar Road



Mrs Elaine McKeown, 22 Edzell Street



Meets fortnightly on Thursday at 2.00 pm Mrs Margaret McLuskie, 6 Fyne Road


Meets Thursday at 7.00 pm Mrs Lorna McLeod, 21 Cedar Road Meets Friday 6.15 – 7.25 pm Mrs Mairi Clark, 15 Guthrie St, Carnoustie



477495 (01241) 853410


Meets Fridays at 6.15 - Mrs Rachel Thompson, Old School House, 2 Doon Tce., Dundee, DD4 8EW


Meets on Sunday at 10 am in the Church Mr Steven Peters, 11 Johnston Avenue Mr Iain A Richmond, 31 Luke Place

813835 739056


Mr Daryl McKeown, 22 Edzell Street



Meets on Wednesdays at 2.30 pm Mrs MacLeod, 33 Ballinard Rd



Mrs E Hackney, 5 Elmgrove Park, Monikie



Meets on Monday 7.30 – 9.30 pm Jean Harkins, 10 Quality Street, Gauldry, Fife



Meets on Tuesday at 1.45 pm Mr Jack Maxwell, 25 Fairfield Road


St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

November 2013

14 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

November 2013 church news  

St Luke's & Queen St Church of Scotland, Broughty Ferry, Magazine

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