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St Luke’s & Queen Street Church Congregational News

October 2012

Dear friends In the summer we were in the Lake District. Now, although it was very busy, most people were patient, friendly and kind. Actually when you got off the beaten track, things tended to quieten down a bit. And it was on one such back road that I encountered a second hand bookshop - called something like ‘Daisy Books’ - based in an old village school. Not surprisingly, the owner specialised in Lakeland volumes not least of which are the works of Alfred Wainwright. Now Alfred loved walking and was never happier than when climbing in the mountains of the Lake District. He was a solitary man, and if you met him he was nearly always alone. ‘The hills are my friends’ - he would say. As he walked along, he would draw maps and sketches, and when he got home he wrote up his lively books with their beautiful illustrations. Books that did indeed become best sellers the world over. Not surprising then that, when he died, he had not only his hills as friends, he also had his countless readers - many who may not get the opportunity to explore the Lakes and their peaks. Nevertheless they had shared Wainwright’s walks with him. It as been said then, that this blunt yet kind and gifted man left behind a legacy of love. Well, there is a point here for us as we read our Bibles. For some read selective snippets and then do this or that with them. Others brandish its words like rules and regulations. However, we should really read with the spirit of Wainwright. We should read to share God’s adventures with humanity. We should read to meet Jesus and know his friendship. We should, in fact, read to share a few steps of the journey with him. Because that is his legacy of love in life’s highlands and lowlands. With every blessing


St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

October 2012

2 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

Death “and whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die” 3 September 8 September

Mrs Winnie Williamson, 28 Ferndale Drive Mrs Nancy Hebenton

D22 D15

Forthcoming Events 7 October

Morning Service

11.00 am

7 October

Fun Club

11.00 am

14 October

Morning Service

11.00 am

14 October

Fun Club

11.00 am

21 October

Morning Service

11.00 am

23 October

Congregational Board Kirk Session

28 October


3 November

Messy Church

4 November

Morning Service - Baptism

7.00 pm 8.00 pm

Family Communion Traditional Communion Creche

9.30 am 11.00 am 11.00 am 6.30 pm 11.00 am

October Fun Club A Fun Club will run on the two Sundays of the October School Holidays this year instead of Sunday School at the usual time of 11am - 12pm. The dates are Sunday 7th and 14th October, so come along and join in the fun and games. Door Duties 7.10.12

Isabel Scott Mike Clark

Ian Richmond Dorothy Anderson


Sandy Duncan Anita McIsaac

Irene Butler Brenda Moffat


Ian Spence Margaret McLuskie

Tom Neilson Jim McLuskie


Mary Rice xxx

Les Mackay xxx


Margaret Wight Ian Wightman

Gordon Gillan Fred Marshall

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

October 2012

3 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

Car Pool The Car Pool is available every Sunday for your convenience and drivers are willing to pick you up from your home and bring you to the service. To use this service, phone either of the named drivers for the appropriate Sunday either on the Saturday before or up until 10 am on the day. They will pick you up and return you to your home after the service. Sunday 7 October

Sandy Duncan Jim Nimmo

778031 477740

Sunday 14 October

Ian Spence Fred Marshall

732732 738769

Sunday 21 October

Douglas Cain Ian Wightman

778959 739275

Sunday 28 October

Linda Grimmond Isabel Scott

736783 779151

Sunday 4 November

John Alexander Mgt & Jim McLuskie

690745 521235

The list of drivers is getting shorter and we could do with some more volunteers. Anyone who would like to add their name to the list of drivers would be most welcome. It involves picking people up from their own homes and taking them to and from the Sunday service about once every 5 or 6 weeks. Please phone Marvin Harris 778089 if you can help. Flowers for the Church 7 October 14 October 21 October 28 October 4 November

Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs

D Gregory N Dean M Pollock M Cunningham E Bates

There are still some vacant dates on this year's flower calendar. If you would like to donate and/or arrange flowers some Sunday then please get in touch with Marvin Harris 778089. There will always be someone who can arrange them for you if you do not feel able. Thanks Marvin

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

October 2012

4 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

June Summary of Offerings

FWO Gift Aid Plate/Retiring Totals

2012 June

2012 YTD

2011 June

2011 YTD

964 3348 450 4762

6958 22753 2852 32563

1050 3723 375 5148

6888 24723 2612 34224

July Summary of Offerings

FWO Gift Aid Plate/Retiring Totals

2012 July

2012 YTD

2011 July

2011 YTD

902 3291 506 4699

7860 26044 3358 37261

894 3023 349 4266

7782 27746 2961 38489

August Summary of Offerings

FWO Gift Aid Plate/Retiring Totals

2012 August

2012 YTD

2011 August

2011 YTD

1085 3721 244 5050

8945 29764 3602 42311

961 3908 172 5041

8743 31654 3133 43530

Life and Work 2013 Please note that the subscription has been increased slightly to £19.44 (£1.62 per issue). Please advise me of any change to your order as soon as possible. Thank you

Chris Hotson, 48 Victoria Road, telephone number 779417

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

October 2012

5 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

Race for life – Thank you We wish to thank everyone who kindly sponsored us in the “Race for Life” on Sunday 17th June at Camperdown Park and to say a grand total of £195 was raised for cancer research. Babs Beat and Mary Stewart

Lily Walker Centre – Thank You Dear Sunday School and Congregation of St Luke’s & Queen Street Church Harvest Donation I would like to thank you for your kind gesture at the weekend. The donation of food from your harvest service was very much appreciated by our residents. Thanks again. Robin Grimmond Supervised Accommodation Team Leader Homeless Services Unit

20th Guides May and June were busy months with a trip to Pitlochry Youth Hostel, a visit to London and a day trip to Glamis Castle. We also were pleased to present four guides with their Baden-Powell Award and celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a concert and a beautiful cake. The guides also received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee badge. L McLeod Church Notes All articles for the November issue should be with me by Sunday 28th October. If you too would like to add your name to the list, please email me at and I will confirm receipt. Brenda Moffat

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

October 2012

6 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

ST. LUKE’S GUILD We are all saddened by the death of last session’s much loved President, Winnie Williamson. At her funeral service, Emma McDonald quoted “You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back Or you can do what she’d want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on.” At the Session on September 25, Graham Taylor said it was difficult to eulogise a person you knew very well and after some apposite comments he said that Winnie would undoubtedly remark, ”Just get on with it.” That is what the guild will now strive to do under the experienced leadership of Margaret McLuskie. The Guild Rally in the Caird Hall was an uplifting and cheerful event made noteworthy by enthusiastic singing. All the speakers exemplified this session’s theme of A Faith to Proclaim. OCTOBER EVENTS The guild commences with our meeting on Thursday, October 11 at 2 pm when Dr Hepworth will explain his fascination with Laurel and Hardy. Then on Thursday, October 25 at 2 pm Miss Evelyn Matthew reveals How the Guild Started. This seems very appropriate in our anniversary year when the national guild celebrates 125 years. Any member of our congregation or any friend or acquaintance will be welcomed enthusiastically at our meetings. The subscription remains £9. The treasurer, Mary Stewart, is obliged to send £8 to George Street and the remaining £1 provides for flowers for the church etc. Don’t forget to bring your summer coppers for the Copper Pot collection, which goes to the Presbyterial Council to be distributed to charities. Cris Hotson always keeps us well informed of Presbyterial Council matters. LOOKING AHEAD TO NOVEMBER This is an eventful month for the guild starting with a lecture about Everest Base Camp on November 8. This is an account by Mr Alastair Milne about a close relative’s experiences in the Himalayas. An Afternoon Tea Charity Fund Raiser follows that meeting on SATURDAY, November 10.

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

October 2012

7 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

We commemorate National Guild Week with our Guild Dedication service on November 18. We share this occasion with some less chronologically challenged members of our church. Rev Emma McDonald will regale us with Memories on Thursday, November 22. A final plea from Margaret McLuskie is PLEASE BRING A FRIEND TO SAMPLE OUR GUILD! Isabel Scott, Guild Secretary

A SMILE Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the 'flu. When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too. I passed around the corner and someone saw me grin And when I smiled I realised I'd passed it on to him. I thought about my smile and realised its worth. A single smile like mine could travel round the earth. So if you feel a smile begin don't leave it undetected Just start an epidemic quick and get the world infected.

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

October 2012

8 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

GOOD NEWS CONGRATULATIONS to Emma McDonald for successfully completing her time as a probationer minister. The only drawback is that we will eventually lose her in St Luke’s. CONGRATULATIONS to Kristyn Clark and Benjamin McDonald on starting Primary 1 at Forthill Primary School. CONGRATULATIONS to John Alexander on becoming our new Fabric Convenor. Frankly, I think it is the congregation who should be congratulated for acquiring his services. CONGRATULATIONS to Katherine Jarvis for winning the photographic competition in her group at Dundee Flower Festival. This success was trumped by winning the trophy for best in the whole show! CONGRATULATIONS to Rebecca Evans for being the Dundee United mascot at the match on 22nd September. BIRTHDAY CONGRATULATIONS to our minister, Graham Taylor, and everyone else who had a September birthday. CONGRATULATIONS to Margot and Bob Cunningham on their Golden Wedding Anniversary. CONGRATULATIONS to the participants in the Messy Church services. CONGRATULATIONS to Ian Richmond and his volunteers for the enjoyable Quiz Night, which raised £147. CONGRATULATIONS to Marvin Harris and her helpers for the beautiful decorations for the Harvest Festival. Our church is lovely but it was even more attractive on that lively occasion. PENULTIMATE CONGRATULATIONS to Ian, Sue and John Jarvis for delivering the Harvest Festival offerings to the Lily Walker Centre whose staff seemed quite overwhelmed by St. Luke’s generosity. MEGA CONGRATULATIONS to Alana and Daryl and all the other adult helpers for the splendid Easy Peasy Harvest celebration. The children were a joy to watch and hear as they so evidently loved what they were doing. I really tried to do all the actions as instructed but did not attempt to touch my toes as I knew that in the unlikely prospect of getting down there was no way I could ever get up again. Roving Reporter alias Isabel Scott P.S. If you are aware of any good news please phone me on 779151 or email me or just talk to me! St Luke’s & Queen Street Church

October 2012

9 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088


Rev Graham Taylor, BSc BD (Min) FIAB, The Manse, 22 Albert Road, Broughty Ferry



Emma McDonald


Mr Ken Andrew, 49 Cedar Road e-mail:



Mrs Mary Rice, 20 Abercorn Street



Mr Mike Clark 31 Dawson Road



Mrs Sheilah Andrew, 49 Cedar Road



Mr A G Duncan, 17 Strathisla Road



Mr Les Mackay, 62 Fintry Place



Mr Steven Peters, 11 Johnston Avenue



Mrs Betty Soutar



Ms E Mckay, 14 Church Street



Mrs Aileen Adamson, 35 Blake Avenue



Mrs Marvin Harris, 64 Marlee Road



Mr John Alexander, 11 Bader Square



Mrs Brenda Moffat, 12 Rossie Avenue e-mail:



Mrs Ruth Adamson, 41 Cedar Road



Mrs Elaine McKeown, 22 Edzell Street




Meets fortnightly on Thursday at 2.00 pm Mrs Margaret McLuskie, 6 Fyne Road


Meets Thursday at 7.00 pm Mrs Lorna McLeod, 21 Cedar Road



Meets Friday 6.15 – 7.25 pm Mrs Mairi Clark, 15 Guthrie St, Carnoustie

(01241) 853410


Meets Fridays at 6.15 - Mrs Rachel Thompson, Old School House, 2 Doon Tce., Dundee, DD4 8EW


Meets on Sunday at 10 am in the Church Mr Steven Peters, 11 Johnston Avenue



Mr Iain A Richmond, 31 Luke Place



Mr Daryl McKeown, 22 Edzell Street



Meets on Wednesdays at 2.30 pm Mrs MacLeod, 33 Ballinard Rd



Mrs E Hackney, 5 Elmgrove Park, Monikie



Meets on Monday 7.30 – 9.30 pm Jean Harkins, 10 Quality Street, Gauldry, Fife



Meets on Tuesday at 1.45 pm Mr Jack Maxwell, 25 Fairfield Road



Meets on Wednesday 7.00 - 8.30 pm Mr Robert Lindsay, 37 Dalcraig Crescent

St Luke’s & Queen Street Church


October 2012

10 St. Luke’s & Queen Street Church of Scotland Registered Charity No. SC000088

St Luke's News - October 12  

News and notes for St Luke's & Queen Street Church of Scotland, Broughty Ferry, Dundee

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