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Educational Presentations: Informative Workshops, Art & Prevention Education Health and Wellness Workshops Classes: Tai Chi, Meditation, Yoga, Zumba, Reiki, and more

7709 Family/Kid Programs 115 Including Walking the Dinosaur New people served 1,888 TOTAL SERVICE HOURS = Licensed Staff and Expert Faculty 28,760 TOTAL VOLUNTEER HOURS = 1,058 TOTAL LEGACIES VOLUNTEER HOURS =



VISION UPDATE No one understands like someone who’s been there. And no one should have to go through this alone – Lynn Stern

In 1988, Lynn Stern was watching the Phil Donahue Show with guest Dr. Harold Benjamin, founder of The Wellness Community (TWC) located in California. In 1982, Harold and Harriet Benjamin committed to transforming the way our culture faces cancer. Harriet, a cancer survivor herself, sought to create an organization that would provide social and emotional support to not only cancer patients, but also to families, friends, and caregivers. Upon her return, Lynn’s passion easily persuaded her brothers and sister in law who committed to the vision. Lynn Stern, co-founder Sherry Weathers, their friends and supporters, opened TWC Cincinnati in 1990. Lynn’s passion for cancer support could not be contained; she also pursued serving Northern Kentucky families. Thanks to Bill and Sue Butler and John Barrett, we opened a center in Ft. Wright Kentucky 20 years ago. “When we started I didn’t understand the value of the organization until I saw the results. I was astounded by the idea that the organization really, really helped people and still does.” –Harry Davidow, Lynn Stern’s brother and Co-Founder Our promise to our community is to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community. Our unwavering commitment to patients, survivors, caregivers, and families requires reinforced alliances with the CSC Research and Training Institute, Cancer Policy Institute, CSC Headquarters, and Patient Planning Services. We are truly grateful to our founders, donors, new local alliances, volunteers, partners, and those who believe that together; we can improve lives impacted by cancer and the health of our community.


KEY FINDINGS Research supports that asking people about how they are coping and what their needs are is an important step in identifying important concerns, leading to improved quality of life, the ability to stay on treatment and overall patient satisfaction. CancerSupportSource® (CSS) is a brief survey to open these conversations about patients and caregivers unique needs and wants. The individual receives a customized My Support Care Plan. CancerSupportSource® survey identifies concerns that need to be addressed early on in diagnosis before they become a barrier to care.


CSS Patient / Survivor Survey – Total 2017 = CSS Caregiver Survey April - December 2017 – Total 2017 =


Total Since Inception Locally= Total through affiliates globally since inception= Pediatric Screening Tool expected 2019



OUTCOME DATA Decrease in depression by 37% Distress decreased by 26%

98% of respondents found CSS helpful REFERRAL SOURCES

Doctor Newspaper/Magazine Internet Friend/Family Nurse Other Social Worker Facebook/Social Media


UC Health/ UCWC TUG Other Unspecified

Tri Health

New People


1,888 4

COLLABORATIONS & PARTNERSHIPS PARTNERSHIP LOCATIONS Countryside YMCA Crestview Presbyterian Church Dunham Recreation Center E.H. Green Intermediate School Mercy Anderson HealthPlex Mercy Western Hills HealthPlex St. Elizabeth Health Care The Christ Hospital Veteran’s Administration Medical Center West Chester Hospital YWCA COLLABORATIVE PARTNERS Black and White Foundation, Dr. C Keith Melvin and William Mabrey Breast Collaborative of Cincinnati Cancer Family Care Children’s Hospital Courage Caps FORCE Griswold Home Care Hospice of Southwest Ohio International Myeloma Foundation Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Tristate Southern Ohio Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Greater Cincinnati PANCAN PHEN, Prostate Health Education Network, Tom Farrington CEO Pink Ribbon Girls Remke Markets St. Elizabeth Health Care Teal Love and Care The Christ Hospital The National Exemplar The Plant Detail Company The Vora Group UC Health US Oncology – OHC INTERNSHIP PARTNERS Case Western Cristo Rey High School Louisville University Northern Kentucky University Sycamore School District University of Cincinnati MEMBERSHIPS/PARTNERSHIPS Association of Fundraising Professional American of Clinical Society Association Oncology Social Workers Breast Health Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati Cancer Committee, St. Elizabeth Health Care Cancer Committee, The Christ Hospital Cancer Committee, TriHealth Cancer Committee, UC West Chester Clermont County Chamber of Commerce Covington Business Council Grant Professional Association Greater Cincinnati Oncology Leadership Council The Metropolitan Club

5 5

ALLIANCES REDEFINING CANCER CARE 2018 Pilot Project: Prostate Cancer Patients & Families The Urology Group, one of the largest specialty groups in the U.S., provides unparalleled urology patient care and treatment. Cancer Support Community of Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky, is proud to announce an alliance with The Urology Group staff and physicians serving prostate patients and families at no additional cost. The goal of this one of a kind alliance is to advance care and improve quality of life beginning May 2018. Cancer Support Community is excited and humbled to announce an alliance with The Auxiliary of the Jewish Hospital to further the support and innovative care to patients in our community. The Auxiliary Officers: Peggy Greenberg – President, Elizabeth Kuersman – VP Finance, Hildy Clayton – Administrative VP. At large member: April Davidow, Renee Lemberg and Ann Meranus.


Larry Watson

Gary Johnson, PT

Dawn Holladay, CGC

Dr. Cathy Rosenbaum, PharmD MBA RPh CHC

Dr. Chad Vickery

Dr. John Breneman

Justine Snyder, CGC

Janet Basil, MS, LGC

Juliane Belisle, LISW, LCSW

Maureen Graham, CGC

Amelia Herold, RN, MBA Elizabeth Herold, RN Abigail Beausir, MPH, CHES Mike Strick, M.A. Amy McPike, CLU Dr. Peter Sheng Heidi Bright, MDiv Denise Smith Charles Baker Susan M. Pinney, PhD Judy Couch, FNP

Randa Newman, MS Geraldine & Samantha Asmah Dr. John Sacco Meredith McClain Christy Sapp, MD Dr. Edward Faber Dr. Ann Romaker Rebecca Victor Lily Wang, MD Luke Pater, MD Vincent DiNapoli, MD Drucilla Pape, OT

Casey Johnson, LISW-S Kim Byrwa-Neff, RN Dr. Beverly Reigle Mim Grace Gieser

Jennifer Hopper, CGC Rebecca Sisson, CGC Kathleen Collin, CGC Margaret Van Gilse, M.B.A Dr. James Essell, Lyn

Elizabeth Shaughnessy, Sontag, PsyD, ABPP MD, PhD Dr. Thomas Coyle Lyn Sontag, PsyD, ABPP Cindy Cassell PhD, Debra Breneman, MD RD, LD Karen Huelsman, CGC Marilyn Kaiser Courtney Rice, CGC Kay Walters Megan Shearouse, CGC Brooke Gillespie, MSN, Jaime Grund, CGC APRN

Aimee Brown, MSN, APRN Dr. Pat Ward Dr. Richard Becker Krystle Nemo, Financial Advisor Ralph Dehner Esly Caldwell, AP, DOM Linda Green Kim Jackson Pat Woellert, MSW Jaimie Robinson, LISW-S Kristin Worley Laurie Arshonsky

Kaitlyn Lovett, FNP 6


Lee Czerwonka

Sue Hilvert

Connor McCarthy

Jim Purtell

Mary VanDerveer

Frances Ablett

Mayuri Dharne

Sharon Hoehn

Diana McCarthy

Leanne Ray

Ginny Van Dyke

Laalitya Acharya

Christy Damron

Sophia House

Mulligan McCarthy

Ann Reagan

Parker Adkins

Eutice Dell’Aira

Ruth Holthaus

Kim McCracken

Hailey Riegler

Shirley VanAbbema

Linda Allgeier

Carol Dimeglio

Janine Howard

Marla Mecklenborg

Joan Recker

Brenda Walton

Geraldine Asmah

John Duke

Kirsten Hughes

Kinny McQuade

Susan Reilly

Samantha Asmah

Jean Dye

Bridgette Johnson

Lynn Micklas

Yolanda Robinson

Liz Warren-Novick

Roberta Atkinson

Judy Elmore

Jennifer Johnson

Jana Millen

Devin Scarborough

Marcia Bail

Karin Eppert

Paul Kaszubski

Lynn Money


Kathleen Werenski

Angela Barnes

Karen Everett

Bob Kehm

Jessica Moores

Stacy Scherr

Bob Weston

Jan Battistini

Samantha Fernandez Karol Kennedy

Diane Moore

Thomas Schott

Andrea West

Elizabeth “Hazel” Bell

Arlyne Fritz

Adrianna King

Teresa Moran

Leesa Scudder

Ashley Berry

Sarah Fourman

Tina Kuhn

Olivia Marrocco

Joyce Seeger

Annette Wethington

Mary Bledsoe


Jeff Lachter

Barbara Murray

Jane Sharkey

Fran Whited

Gail Bowler

Autumn Forte

Estelle Lafata

Kim Neff

Alice Shelby

Katie Wiggins

Eileen Brinn

Barb Ganim

Patty LaLonde

Sandi Nunnery

Doris Simmons

Carolyn Wiggins

Bill Bryant

Cyndy George

Margret Lambrecht

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Susan Smith

Luke Wilson

Molly Buckler

JoAnne Gibbons

Patricia Latessa

Melissa Oliva

Jennifer Bumgardner-Thorpe

Shelly Gilene

Gail Laule

Mara Oszaczky

Jodie Lawson

Sheila Parry

Elizabeth Burress

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Wendy Leach

Jessica Pearson

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Linda Chambers

Elaine Hamilton

Barb Logan

Erin Player

Phyllis Ciaccio

Kristie Hart

Jessica Lu

Alex Poon

Deborah Standafer Julie Wogenstahl Kathie Steinhard Harriett Wyatt Hart Kenneth Strategier Abhilash Phyllis Strizak Yarlagadda Kathryn Joyce Yonka Suddendorf Tom Young Brinda Rachel Yuhas Subramanian Sandy Swearingen Carolyn Zhang

Claire Ciupak

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Claudia Lucas

Sue Porter

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Francie Condon

Gracey Hirsch

Sonja Marchant

Stevie Poulin

Linda Coyle

Cheri Hitt

Wanda Taylor Smith

Chris Martin

Shannon Price

Mark Crowell

Kathy Herren

Joyce Thomas

Lynn Mayo

Beverley Purtell

Nola Welling

Barbara Swift

Lorelei Zenk

Sandra Tan

Samantha Zimmer Christine Zou



Jamie Janette

Natalie Barger

Shelley Johnson

Honorary Committee

Sheryl Beyersdorfer Cynthia Blocksom

Susie McDonald

Dr. Nancy Anderson

Katie Murphy

Sheryl Beyersdorfer

Lori Colwell

Lisa Phipps

Becky Finger

Becky Finger

Monika Royal-Fisher

Jordan Finley

Julia Sullivan, and Michele Wiener

Michelle Dunne Johnson

Diana Hadden

Cheryl Wood

EVENING OF HOPE COMMITTEE Rodney Johnson Terry Allman Shari Goldsmith Wayne “Box” Miller Kim Moreno Mays Alex Raney Matt Sathe Mary Schnitzler


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On September 17, 2005, the The Lynn Stern Society was dedicated to recognize the Visionaries who have included Cancer Support Community (formerly The Wellness Community) in their estate plans. The Lynn Stern Society planned giving program and Hope for the Future Fund was launched to ensure Cancer Support Community will have resources available to fulfill its mission in the future. *Denotes Deceased Charter Members Dedicated September 17, 2005 John and Shirley Davies* John D. and Ruth Erhardt Harry and April Davidow Robin E. Harvey Bill and Patricia Krul Ned Stern Rick and Linda Bryan Ralph and Carol Davidow James Miller Rodger and Debbie Davis

Anita and Hank Schneider Dianne Dunkelman Nora Kelly Lucy Ward Thomas E. Dewey Maureen “Mo” Dunne Victoria L. Memmel* Wayne A. Pryor* Thomas R. Schiff Dr. Edward and Karen Saeks William J. and Nancy Ashbaugh Lois “Kay” Wise Joe and Jean Desch

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Members Dedicated 2012 Charles Guffin* Members Dedicated 2013 Noel Pedrotty* Members Dedicated May 21, 2014 Matthew and Michelle Johnson Members Dedicated 2017 John Anast



2017 – 2018 (MAY-APRIL)

Terry Allman, Market Director, VP PNC Institutional Investments

Joan Gates, General Counsel, Northern Kentucky University

William J. Ashbaugh, CSC Treasurer

Kathy Jennings, VP Patient Care Services and Oncology, Institute of Clinical Research Administrator, St. Elizabeth Healthcare

Nathan Bachrach, CEO, The Financial Network Group, Ltd. Sheryl Beyersdorfer, Consultant Lee Hecht Harrison Scott Bristow, President, Jeff Wyler Automotive Family Terry Bruck – Retired Joe Cleves, Jr., Attorney at Law Taft Stettinius & Hollister, CSC Board President – May ‘18-’20 Edward Crotty, Managing Partner WJW Management, Inc. Christopher Dolle, Sr. Executive Vice President AXA Advisors John Fickle, Sr. VP Retail Banking, U.S. Bank, CSC Board President – Term May ’16-’18 *Denotes Deceased

Shelly Maxwell, Vice President Fifth Third Bank Equipment Finance, Fifth Third Keith Melvin, MD – Mercy Health James A. Miller, Chairman, Bartlett & Co.

Trustee Emeriti Fran Carlisle April D. Davidow Harry B. Davidow Dianne Dunkelman

Rodney Johnson, Divisional Vice President of Culture and Inclusion, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Pandy Pridemore, Principal Consultant, The Human Resource Group

Robin Harvey

Laurence F. Jones III, President, Legacy Investment Funds

Beverly Reigle, PhD, RN

Thomas R. Schiff

Vicki Kennedy, LCSW Executive Director Oncology and Patient Engagement, Cullari Communications Global

Matt Sathe, Financial Advisor, MCF Advisors

Daniel C. Staton

Hank Schneider, Dov, Ltd.

William Krul, CEO/Senior Partner, Miller-Valentine Group Steven R. Love, President, SRL Consulting Joan Manzo, RN, BSN Director of Physician Relations and Business Development, US Oncology- OHC

Walter Matern, MD Virgil Reed

Patricia Corbett* John Davies*

Rick Setzer, President, CTS Telecommunications

Sidney Peerless, MD*

Lenny Stokes, President/Owner, Smart Growth Construction

Michelle Dunne Johnson, CSC President

Matt Tepe, VP, Managing Director Wells Fargo Institutional Trust Service, Wells Fargo

PROFESSIONAL ADVISORY BOARD Mazen Elias Abdallah, DE Fertility Robert E. Albright, Jr., MD Neuro-Oncology Sandra Amoils, MD Alliance Institute for Integrative Medicine Jack Basil, MD Gynecologic Oncologist

Denise Davis, MD Health, Wellness & Restoration James Donovan, Jr. MD, UC Health Urology Douglas K. Hawley, MD Medical Hematology/Oncology

Arthur L. Richards, MD Medical Oncology Cathy Rosenbaum, PharmD, MBA, RPh Holistic Clinical Pharmacist Dianne Runk, MD Breast Surgeon Peter Sheng, MD Medical Oncology/Hematology

Rebecca Bechhold, MD Medical Oncology

Henry F. Kenkel, MD Franciscan Holistic Health Center

Marcia Bowling, MD Gynecologic Oncology

Philip Leming, MD Medical Oncology

R. Bruce Bracken, MD Urology Oncologist

Elizabeth Horn Levick, MD Radiation Oncology

David Waterhouse, MD Medical Hematology/Oncology

Jennifer Bradley, PhD Clinical Psychology

Elyse E. Lower, MD Medical Oncology

John J. Zerbe, MD Internal Medicine

Bradley Collett, MD Radiation Oncology

Thomas Morand, MD Radiation Oncology

Advisor Emeritus

Susan E. Crafton, RN, OCN Christ Hospital Cancer Center

Sue Partusch, RN, AOCN Oncology Nurse Specialist

Richard L. Levy, MD Radiation Oncology

Cheryl Skinner, MD Medical Oncology/Hematology

W. Boyd Crafton, MD, FACS Oncology Surgeon


CSC STAFF Michelle Dunne Johnson, President 513-745-6321 •

Legacies Upscale Retail Hyde Park Plaza 512-871-8882 •

Kelly Schoen, LISW-S, Executive Vice President of Programs

Lori Rockford, Business Operations Manager Lrochford@shoplegacies

Jackie Drake, LISW-S, Woman to Woman Program Manager

Emily Rowe, Finance Manager Donna Barnes, Sales Manager

Rebecca Irwin, LSW, Urology Program Manager

Bo Blalock Jewelry Coordinator

Sarah Thompson, MSW, CSW, LSW, Northern Kentucky Program & Navigation Manager

Kathy Kallmeyer, Textitle Coordinator-Volunteer

Jennifer VanLandingham, LISW, Cincinnati Program & Navigation Manager

Mary Koester, Merchandising Coordinator Barbara Lenhardt, Home Accessories Coordinator

Luke Dermody, Business Manager

Marjie Prosser, Furniture Coordinator

Chris Dicks, Program Support and Data Coordinator

Diana Sehlhorst, Boutique Coordinator-Volunteer

Julie Lueder, Operations and Program Coordinator Mary Workman, Volunteer Coordinator Tony Dellecave, VP of Development Carla Howard, Donor Engagement Specialist

Ellen Shown, Assistant Home Accessories Coordinator Warehouse Team Warehouse Coordinator Charles Wolfson Warehouse Associates Bill Dodson Chuck Vanover Mike Watkins

Blue Ash 513-791-4060 4918 Cooper Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Ft. Wright 859-331-5568 1717 Dixie Highway Suite 160 Ft. Wright, Kentucky 41011

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Cancer impact report