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Hello There,

irst term down and another to go - welcome to the third edition of “The Bolt”, official magazine of the City & Guilds College Union. With January exams long gone it seems like a new peace has settled - the guilds office has returned to its normal state as a prime location of gossip and banter on Campus but the underlying anticipation of change can be felt throughout - it’s election season. This term will see all the positions in Union’s across campus be elected or left vacant until bielections. There are plenty of roles for you to get involved in and leave your mark on. In our third installment ive focussed largely on these elections, the roles availiable and the timing of when polls open. Aside from this, we have background photos by Memeperial legend, Paul Balaji, and the usual cynical sarcasm of Chen, the drone master. If you are however getting the urge to drop out but want to get rich quick then an introduction to the mysterious realm of cryptocurrencies can be found on page 18. To appease the ‘remainers’ there is a ‘balanced’ Brexit article. Continuing to showcase our societies this issue features the Department of Computings’ DoCSoc.

The Christmas Mince Pie give away - 600 pies distributed!! Trying to pull an edgy deep-thaught editor worthy photo like...

I’d like to thank our President Claudia Caravello for her contributions, VP(Clubs & Socs) Andrew Hill for his advice with this issue and David Moores for living, sleeping and eating in our office CAGB 350. Our graphics were made by Nisha Saduagkan. “The Bolt” is your magazine and all gulidspeople are encouraged to get involved. Just drop us an email on . Tom Thomas Cross Editor, “The Bolt”  THE BOLT | 3



ith January gone, we’re already mid-way through the term! With the weeks whizzing past, we’ve covered exams, college and union campaigns, run the Sportsperson of the Year Award nominations, and promoted the SACAs, all leading up to our current big campaign – the Union Elections!

now is the perfect time to stand! But, clubs and socs aren’t the only place with positions available… there are also many roles in the CGCU up for grabs! Ranging from small and silly positions to ones of great responsibility and power, our variety ensures there is a role for everyone! Check out our main feature section about our committee and roles on page 10.

tions, this term is an exciting one to look forward to. The CGCU has many great things planned, including pop up welfare stalls, the CGCU football league final, our festival and a Women in Engineering event. On top of that, there are multiple IC varsity matches, arts performances and student nights to get excited about!

So get involved and make the most of Even if you’re not running, stay enyour next term! Whether wanting to make a change gaged! Make sure you remember Your Committee in your club or soc, think you can to vote for all the positions (2nd do a role better than the current March), as these are the people committee, or are looking to ex- helping shape your future experipand your responsibilities (and CV), ences at Imperial! Aside for elec-



eed free sexual health supplies this Valentines day? Say no more the Guild has got you covered - join us between 12:00 and 14:00 in Dalby Court where we will have our free sexual health supplys stand.

Valentine’s Day Stall 12:00 13th February

CGCU Hustings 13:00 5th March


ace off election rivals during election week (2nd-9th March) during the CGCU Hustings. Mascots will be lifted and questions fired during this hot-seat session. Throw your hat into the ring and Stand in the upcoming union elections: . 4 | THE BOLT

Check out our Facebook page and events for more details! Upcoming: - CGCU Festival -Dog Spotting -CGCA Dinner -Guilds Office Hours -Bar Nights & Much More!


ith the start of the new term, the main meetings are yet to come – as of writing, the first Union Council meeting of 2018 has taken place, with the Faculty SSC (Wellbeing) and Community and Welfare Board (CWB) coming up over the next few weeks. In the meantime, we have been restocking on more supplies, with a new batch of personal security alarms arriving around the start of term. Additionally, we have come up with a wellbeing survey that should be going live over the next few weeks (keep an eye out for that in the CGCU email!) and there will also be a free supplies stall in Dalby Court on February 13th 12-2pm (just in time for Valentine’s Day).

the newly established roles of if they are unable to attend (exCGCU Vice President (Wellbeing) cluding Union Council) and helping and CGCU Wellbeing Officer. to organise different initiatives or events, as well as assisting and advise the Wellbeing Reps within our 8 departments.

The roles are challenging but hugely rewarding and a lot of fun!

The roles are challenging but hugely rewarding and a lot of fun! So if you’re thinking about running, go for it! Good luck, have fun and see you around. Friendly reminder that you can always pick up free healthcare supplies (tampons, pads, pregnancy tests, condoms, lube etc.) from CAGB 350 – just knock when the light is on or email uk  to arrange a time to get them! All done with descretion and confidentiality.

Being the Vice President (Wellbeing), you will manage the Wellbeing Representation Network for the CGCU departments, and will have a seat at Faculty-level meetings to directly speak to influential staff Damian As you may be aware, the leader- about wellbeing issues that concern Damian Coveney Welfare Officer  ship elections will be opening soon. Engineering students. This gives you the opportunity to run for a position and make change You will be on the Community within the Imperial community – in- and Welfare Board and have votThis years Quad-Union cluding ing rights at Union Council, mean- carnival was also ing you have the capacity to effect a great success and advise on policy changes to this year! the Union itself. You also have the chance to organise Welfare events and enact your vision for healthier, happier and safer CGCU students!

Spread the love this valentines - welfare stand in Dalby court 13th February

The Wellbeing Officer also acts effectively as the support for the Vice President, filling in at these meetings THE BOLT | 5


or the seventh consecutive year, the Department of Computing Society, DoCSoc are hosting over 300 of Imperial’s (and the rest of the UK’s) most creative and talented students at IC hack 18, powered by Microsoft!

With over 14 sponsors and a recordbreaking turnout this event ia the highlight on the Imperial calender and a key Faculty event. We caught up with their committee to ask a few questions and learn more. What is DoCSoC? Are you the doctors’ society? Are you documentary enthusiasts? o! DoCSoc = Department of Computing Society


As one of the most prestigious names in Europe’s hackathon community, and the UK’s largest student-run hackathon, this year’s edition of IC hack took place right here, at Imperial’s South Kensington campus. Over 24 consecutive hours of hacking across the weekend of 27th-28th January, teams and individuals built innovative, challenging, or just outright ridiculous software and hardware projects to learn new technologies, compete to win in one of our many prize categories and most importantly, have fun! What’s a hackathon? Do you hack into stuff? Can you hack into my ex’s Facebook for me? It’s an event where people come together to develop software projects (although some projects also include hardware elements) with 6 | THE BOLT

the goal of having a usable product at the end of it. Hack is used in the sense of engineering and building something quickly to make it work (“hacking something together”).

We hack: things need to be built quickly and work - in Computing in like any other area of life.

IC Hack is sponsored by many companies, predominantly from the world technology, including Visa, Bloomberg and Ocado, so it’s also a great place to find out about and get to know about potential future employers. Many sponsors also bring along some of their products for hackers to use, making IC Hack a fantastic environment to try out and use new technologies. For example, last year, title sponsor Mic-

rosoft had a prize category for the best hack which made use of their Cognitive Services Facial Recognition API. This years event was held on the 27th-28th January 2018. despite being London’s largest student-run hackathon our generous sponsors help us to make sure the event has no financial cost to those attending! Participants receive a free and unlimited supply of drinks and snacks provided, as well as IC hack branded and sponsor branded regalia, all hot meals, midnight pizza and even a mini-bar night! Not to mention beanbags and nintendo switches! IC Hack 18 also had midnight Pizza with G-reasearch

DOCSOC This music was picked up by a microphone connected to an ArduiWinno, which printed a letter in Morse ning code. The letter was then tweeted teams recieve to Donald Trump. A web-scraper gadgets from waited for this tweet to be favour- our event sponsors Along with sponsors’ workshops, ited by anyone and triggered differ- bar nights throughwe also put on several fun activities ent things: out the year so during the event, giving something keep your eyes on the for participants to do if they want - A robot moved forward ICU website! to escape from the programming. - A motion sensor was triggered These include karaoke, Mario Kart - This caused an LED to play Con- Photos from IC Hack 18, Powand FIFA tournaments, Football and way’s Game of Life ered by Microsoft can be found on giant Jenga! - An AI started to play the Atari instagram on T4RUN MEDIA and game, Brick Breaker on our website . One of the most memorable proj- - Upon reaching a certain score the ects from last year’s IC hack was system is allowed to continue DoCSoC a software-focused Rube Gold- - The robot, realising it had collided, berg machine (for those who don’t sent a message to a laptop, which know, it’s a complicated way of do- printed a photo on a Polaroid printing something really simple), creat- er using AppleScript and Bluetooth. ed by a team of five Imperial stu- The printed image set off 152 Erlang dents. It started with a Monzo nodes, which triggered a Vigenère transaction, which set off a decryption in the programming lan- The Hack is free to attend and open song on a Spotify client guage, which spelt out “ICHACK”. to all students on a speaker. from any This year we went the extra-mile UniverWith massive sponsors securing further sponsorships and sity the DoCSoc committee worked making this hackathon the biggest tirelessly to ever with hundreds of studens inplan the volved including many outside the event Department of Computing. Some of our key speakers were those from our principle sponsor MicroDoCSoc soft as well as the City and Guilds IC Hack Committee Union’s very own Tom Bower and is a great roles are also Paul Balaji. We are greatful to our cooperative up for election - do you want to plan sponsors that make big events like journey - give it a try next year ICHACK 19 - run now this possible for us and also our media team. We also host cross-faculty

The CGCU provided much of the storage space for the events items



ot seeking to cause uproar “The Bolt” holds feedom of opinion sacrosanct. In June 2016, the UK voted to leave the European Union. In the below article, “Brexit: The Knife in British Engineering”, one of our readers shares their own (rather inflammatory and negative) opinions on the consequences, (if any) that the decision may have for the UK in the future...


otentially the most important factor in my decision making during the EU Referendum was the impact on the engineering sector in Britain. James Dyson is arguably the most prominent engineer in Britain, so when he came out to the country as a staunch Brexiteer it naturally caught my attention.

However, most people in his position would be considering his extensive legal battles in Brussels with the ECJ on energy efficiency labelling. In fact, before these legal shenanigans in 2000, he said it would be ‘suicidal’ for Britain to not join the Euro. What is astonishing is that now he also wants us to leave with no trade deal, hence reverting trade to basic WTO standards. The result would Is it really all doom be tariffs on though for our exports, green and pleasent pastures?

something that may make our small- engineers by 2020 according to the er engineering firms outpriced and Royal Academy of Engineering. The out of profit. now notorious ‘Australian-style points system’ in theory should sort Compound the impact on the cost this, but take it from an Australian, of importing goods due to a 12% this system has major flaws. Curweaker Pound and our engineer- rently, there is a massive shortage ing start-ups have gargantuan task of pilots in Australia, causing major to now compete on a global stage. issues with rostering. The governThe largest multinational engineer- ment in reply has made it easier for ing companies in theory shouldn’t foreign pilots to get a visa to work struggle, especially if money re- in Australia, but there will still be a serves and income are non-Sterling. time delay between this and pilots Potential import tariffs have caused moving to Australia.Time delays like companies such as Microsoft to this will hit small Australian airlincontemplate moving R&D to other ers (e.g. Tiger and Rex) very hard. European cities, but this will only This impact would be pretty much happen if Theresa May goes with identical on our smaller engineering her hard-line stance of leaving the firms if we adopt this system. single market. With May’s continued push for leavAnother issue she must deal with is ing the single market, British engithe shortage of neering companies big and small engineers in the UK need to create contingency plans post-Brexit. for multiple hardships in the future. Britain needs 1 Maybe James Dyson is right, only million new time will tell if he is currently blowing about as much hot air as those fancy hand driers Dyson make. Toby Toby Bryce-Smith Remainer, Aero I




Hundreds of roles leading every every Hundreds of roles leading every aspect of Imperial student nt life aspect of Imperial student life life






his year the City and Guilds College Union has 24 roles avaliable for the student elections. For those of you who are famililar with the guild – might notice a slight restructure from our previous committees. We have decided to spread workload more efficiently amongst the commitee as we have seen an increase in our number of clubs in past couple of years.This should ensure no volunteers are overworked and that more of our students can participate.

In our new form, each aspect of the CGCU can get more attention with 5 clear vice-presidents (VP), as well as their respective officers, leading the main areas of intrest. We have also created the new VP Operations position to lead our marketing and outreach programs. Ultimately we hope that this change will enhance the opportunities that the Guild offers to students within the Engineering faculty throughout their time here at Imperial. All the positions are open so get voting and fill them! THE BOLT | 11




s CGCU President you are ultimately responsible for approximately 3,700 Undergraduate students. The President ensures the large Executive Committee is run smoothly through regular meetings and is also responsible for overseeing the Departmental Societies and other clubs within the Guilds in their role as Management Group

Chair. You’ll also be representing undergraduates to both College and ICU, where you’ll hold positions on Union Council and other boards. The schedule is busy but an incredible opportunity.You’ll have access to our office on campus and be invited to represent the Guilds at various delightfully catered functions - this could be you.




PRESIDENT PRESIDENT The President is the representative of over 3700 engineers at Imperial College - it could be you!






even think existed as well as leading the bearers on mascot raids to steal the RSM & RCSU mascots. If you’re feeling up for a challenge then this is the role for you. Each day will bring a new story or gossip from around South Kensington. As with all roles the nominations are now live and close on the 25th February - make your voice heard.


The VP Clubs/Socs manages the 60 groups we support including our motor group and mascots.



s well as our 8 faculty departments, the CGCU also supports some 60 clubs and societies. As the Vice President of Clubs and Societies you will be the one who has overall responsibility for these organisations and the thousands of students who partake in them. From your own office on Campus you will be in contact with clubs you didnt

ur Vice President for Wel- can guide students to the resourcf you love hosting events, parties, Imperial together. Highlights from being is a key student role es that college offers for any permeetups and social activites and this year include the annual CGCU within the Faculty of Engineering. sonal or life related problems too. can co-ordinate a team of volun- Dinner and Quad Union iPOP TakeYour aim is to deliver a happy and VP teers from all yearsVP then why not You’ll be the one they turn to, it’s over. You’ll work closely with your VP WELLBEING EDUCATION VP OPERATIONS CLUBS & SOCIETIES VP ACTIVITIES healthy student experience to the a position of huge importance that run for the Vice President of Acti- two events officers who will be members of the Guild. A familiar can do so much good and help so vites. This senior leadership role there to support you and also run VP WELLBEING VP EDUCATION VP OPERATIONS VP CLUBS & SOCIETIES VP OFFICERS ACTIVITIESx2 face around Campus, you’ll overwithin the CGCU gives you overall the smaller events. It’s a great role, many students, I encourage you to EVENTS MEDIA & MARKETING see the wellbeing Rep network and stand for this postion in the Union authority and planning power over so if you are an ideas person and WELLBEING EDUCATION CLUBS & SOCIETIES run welfare campaigns To this end elections. You can vote online at: our year long events calender to love the social scene, run now! The VP wellbeing is a critical link within the Faculty. From Bar nights to Football - a world of& activities. MEDIA MARKETING EVENTS OFFICERS x2 OFFICER you’ll act as a co-ordinator OFFICER and bring the Enginnering community at OFFICER











he Vice President of Operations forts and keep the steady pace of he job of the Vice President of the Union works, and help develop is a new role we have created welfare supply related media flowEducation makes the academ- SPANNER your ability to persuade and negoBEARER BOLT EDITOR x2 to oversee the many larger aspects ing from CAGB 350. This role also ic experience of every engineer at tiate. If you are passionate about SPONSORSHIP CGCU CSP ALL CGCU WELLBEING ALL CGCU of the CGCU which we present in allows for you to buildALL ImperialACADEMIC College the very best that making sure that student voice is industrial the public eye. In this capacity, you relations with companies CHAIRS it canREPS be. Working to which AND heard run for VPE in the upcomSPANNER BEARER DEP REPS AND DEP AND closely with the will oversee the Operations of the Deputy President of Education the many of our graduates go. The VP ing elections. If you have any more SPONSORSHIP TREASURERS ALL CGCU CSP WELL BEING YEAR REPS ACADEMIC YEAR REPS ALL CGCU WELLBEING ALL CGCU ACADEMIC SPORTS OFFICER REGALIA CGCU and get the Guilds name out Ops is the person behind the banVPE also plans events for Guilds- questions about the role, then AND DEP REPS AND DEPpeople REPS AND to our 17,000 strong student com- ners the public see and CHAIRS outside of the curriculum. please don’t hesitate to email our every tweet munity at Imperial.You’ll help co-or- or post. It’s a great jobwith Experiences as VPE will give you SPORTS a outgoing a great VPE: cgcuaao@imperial. TREASURERS WELL BEING YEARIt’sREPS ACADEMIC YEAR REPS OFFICER REGALIA As the head of the CGCU media wing you’d be the not a Learning role - the VPE co-ordinated guild dinate fundraising and campaign ef- team beneath you. much deeper understanding of how one in the ops room. Make the guild known across efforts to enhance student learning. A big respon-


campus through propaganda - Office included.

siobilty - You up for the challenge?





Wellbeing Officer: As a deputy to the VP Welbeing you will serve as a leader within each departmental welbeing committee. This role includes feeding back the issues raised in student surveys to departments and assisting in the implementation of welbeing strategy. This is a great role for any conscientious guildsperson who cared about student satisfaction and the health of their fellow engineers.

Chairperson: Assisting the President in the running of the Guild this position is a key one. There are over 4000 Engineers at ICL; the chair serves as one of their official speakers within the union.

PRESIDENT PRESIDENT PRESIDENT TREASURER Secretary: The secretary will document all major CGCU events and meetEducation Officer: A key part of the acedemicSECRETARY rep network you will assist ings for future students and assists in the running of major events. The secrethe VP Education in refining courses. As Education Officer you play a part in SECRETARY tary alsoTREASURER manages our office and sends our weekly email updates. making sure that the student voice is heard. Want to improve your negotiSECRETARY TREASURER ation, management and time-keeping skills while improving student life and CHAIRPERSON ALUMNI OFFICER Alumni Officer: Every year the Guilds is kindly supported by the CGCA, subject teaching. In this role you can innact real change that will benifit you CHAIRPERSON ourALUMNI Alumni network. This role helps connect us, with those who were here and your peers so stand now for one of the most rewarding roles on offer. OFFICER before us includingOFFICER attending the CGCA dinner. Email to ask any CHAIRPERSON questions about this role. ALUMNI

Treasurer: Controls and montitors CGCU Finances, assists our Clubs and DepSocs with Annual Budgeting. A critical role this upcoming year.




Events Officer (x2): As one of our events officers you’ll assist the VP Ac- Visit Metric, 568 VP plan OPERATIONS SOCIETIES tivities and and run the many events we put on for VP our CLUBS students.& These and the Union on VP OPERATIONS VP CLUBS & SOCIETIES include Quad Union Carnival, festival, Bowling,Welfare activities and CGCU Bar nights MEDIA &CGCU MARKETING unmissable. many more. A great role to get involved in for any year.

CLUBS & SOCIETIES MEDIA & MARKETING MEDIA & MARKETING Bolt Bearer: “Carrying a Bolt around at public dinners is a big responsi- OFFICER CLUBS & SOCIETIES WEBMASTER bility”. As Bolt bearer, you’ll join a long lineage of guilds people dating back & SOCIETIES CLUBS over 110 years.You’ll become part of our history - flexing your muscles.YouOFFICER WEBMASTER OFFICER will be required to lift WEBMASTER your mascot during Hustings. BOLT EDITOR x2

Co-ordinated by the Sports officer the CGCU football contest is held in Hyde Park.





Background in

Media & Marketing: Perhaps one of the most important roles on our Photo-shop? The VP WELLBEING VP EDUCATION VP ACTIVITIES committee our media officer produces all of our posters and material. Ide- fun never stops with welfare postVP WELLBEINGally you should be a swiss army knife VP EDUCATION VP ACTIVITIESx2 on photoshop - or willing to learn. EVENTS OFFICERS ers galore.

At 31kg you will be dencher than the Spanner Bearer bragging rights are yours too.

WELLBEING EDUCATION Webmaster: The CGCU maintain a healthy social media presence to keep EVENTS OFFICERS x2 EVENTS OFFICERS x2 Visit the CGCU OFFICER OFFICER our members informed of all the latest mascot raids and events. Your role WELLBEING EDUCATION website: will be the updating our website, spreading our news online! WELLBEING EDUCATION OFFICER OFFICER BOLT BEARER OFFICER OFFICER “Bolt” Editor (x2): Writer of the CGCU Magazine - great creativity. IdeBOLTone BEARER of ally you should have had experience with adobe programs or a fast learner. Definitely BOLT BEARER the hottest roles One of the first to hear the Union’s top gossip. Contact

At 29kg Spanner Bearer: Big shoes to fill - but you get a huge mascot. If you are BOLT EDITORSpanner x2 requires a hench BOLT EDITOR x2 gardian - flex your then embodiment of the CGCU then this is the role for you, part parade, SPONSORSHIP ALL CGCU CSP CGCU WELLBEING muscles and lift. part guard duty. You too will be required to lift your mascot during ALL Hustings so get practicing. CHAIRS DEP REPS AND SPONSORSHIP ALL CGCU AND CSP ALL CGCU WELLBEING SPONSORSHIP TREASURERS WELL BEING YEAR ALL CGCU CSP competitive and recreational ALL CGCU WELLBEING REGALIA CHAIRS AND DEP REPS AND REPS Sports Officer: Encourages and organises DEP AND REPS sporting activities within CHAIRS the Union.AND The main sporting event toWELL organise isREPSYEAR TREASURERS BEING REGALIAthe CGCU football tournament. Sponsored is This year it had a record breaking 181playTREASURERS WELL BEING YEARThe REPS REGALIA

ers involved! Contact: for info.


Sponsored each year by Shell amongst others.

on Campus - 2 now avalible. Good atmosphere. 4/5


ALLRegalia: CGCU ACADEMIC Your role is a simple one - SPANNER acquire the Gucci Merch and kit out BEARER guildspersons in CGCU Regalia. WeSPANNER currently have hats, ties and scarves in BEARER DEP REPS AND ALL CGCU ACADEMIC our online shop. Why not visit it? ACADEMIC YEAR ALL CGCU ACADEMIC SPORTS OFFICER DEP REPS AND REPS DEP REPS AND Sponsorship: every other society the CGCU forms industrial relaACADEMIC YEARLike REPS SPORTSput OFFICER tions with companies be able toOFFICER on the events that you ACADEMIC YEAR REPS such as Shell toSPORTS

Sales person wanted - Guilds Merch for sale!

all enjoy. This role liases with our partner companies and sponsors.




CRYPTO-FINANCE ith the finance sector relying more than ever on technology cryptocurrencies may be of vital use to tomorrows’ engineers.

By far the largest cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, created in 2009 with the intention to become the currency of the internet.

These currencies allow for peer-topeer transactions; online payments are sent directly from one party to another without the burdens of going through a financial institution. Digital signatures (timestamps) are used to identify transfers, forming a record that cannot be changed.

Bitcoin may seem resistant to growing CPU power but it is important to understand that the difficulty in ‘mining’ this resource is changed every 10 minutes - can this outpace vastly growing computers though?

1 Bitcoin is valued at over £7000 - a perfect hedgefund?





So called ‘honest’ nodes (computers) control the most power on these networks, they can generate safety firewalls and outpace any attackers. The network itself requires minimal structure. Messages are broadcasted on a ‘best effort basis’, and users can leave and rejoin the network at will, accepting the longest proof-of-work code as proof of what happened while they were gone.


- Smart contracts can be created to pay a worker for every hour they work. The worker could log their hours on the blockchain and then after verification the funds are instantly transferred to them. - Buying goods internationally can be tracked and verified – reducing fraud. Notably, this is peer-to-peer, so third parties, such as PayPal, would not have to be used - Property buying can be facilitated through this network - Every industry that has a contract in place will be able to use the blockchain of Ethereum - a global network that can expand supply chains

Another notable cryptocurrency is Ethereum. Whilst similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum had the vision of not only creating a decentralised cryptocurrency, allowing decentralised applications to be created, but allowing the use of Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is quicker than Bitcoin, average block time being 15 secThe whole idea of blockchain is to onds for Ethereum opposed to 10 remove the power from the third minutes. Ethereum is a second genparties and allow the user to con- eration blockchain, and the impletrol their own data. There is an in- mentation of smart contracts and credibly powerful global network decentralised applications makes it that runs this blockchain and forms a far more valuable investment (in a platform for multiple applications my humble opinion). that use Ethereum. It’s clear the technology behind This enables developers to create Ethereum will have a real-world use markets, store registries of debts and change how business’s operates or promises, move funds in accor- entirely potentially changing our dance with instructions given long sector of the market forever. in the past. It’s a space for many other things that have not been Davide invented yet! All without a middle Davide Vaccaro man or counterparty risk. These Aero I platforms should change the world and industry with it:


id you find the general solutions to our puzzels? Or did the guilds game beat you. Email us at and let us know how you got on. Correct solutions have already entitled their solvers to a £15 Amazon Voucher! In the elections we have 2 Editor positions for “The Bolt”. Why not try your mind at making the hardest puzzels for the countries top Problem solvers. Stand Now: .



Corrections to Previous Issues: “ACROSS ” 20. A company that makes everything ISSUE II - AUTUMN 2017 THE BOLT | 19


nterviews can seem like a daunting prospect - but fear not, in this article our very own current City & Guilds’ College Union Predisent, Claudia explores a collection of interview tips and debunks many aspects of job-hunting post application.


o you’ve got past the initial CV/ Cover letter round, so what next? Different

companies have different stages and hoops for you to jump through, in order to secure that internship or job. The first piece of advice is familiarise yourself with the specific company’s process. This is usually available online on their recruitment website, along with key qualities they are looking for in a candidate. Knowing the qualities is helpful during later interview or assessment day rounds. But first things first, what sort of rounds are there? Some companies skip straight to one-to-one inter20 | THE BOLT

views, while others put you through the paces using psychometric tests, online questions, video interviews, and assessment days, before you finally get to that last interview. Here are some tips and tricks of things to help you get through all these stages, and remember, you can check out careers/application-process/ at any time for even more advice, or visit the College’s Careers Service in person on Level 5 of the Sherfield Building.

The key to these tests are practice, practice, practice. Imperial Careers website has a great list of practice tests available for a wide variety of companies and styles. Practice sharpens your skills, speeding up your answers, while getting you comfortable with the format. In terms of personality tests, it’s a good idea to look at the company’s values and aims beforehand and keep these in mind while answering the questions. However, don’t be caught out and answer how you think you should, rather than how you would! Be true to yourself, pretending to be a different personality will not help you out later in process.

Psychometric Tests: Popular amongst employers, psychometric tests are standardised tests, allowing candidates to be easily measured and compared using reliable, valid, objective measures of a variety of aspects. There are two Online Questions: main categories of tests: The key to these questions is being clear with your answers. A bit - Aptitude tests: these can be nu- like a cover letter, use buzzwords merical, verbal or diagrammatical and be direct with your answers, reasoning and are aimed at assess- demonstrating or explaining exacting your level of ability in a partic- ly what the question asked. When ular skill required for the role and asked why you’re interested in the are strictly timed. company or industry, remember to - Personality tests: usually untimed, exhibit passion and enthusiasm! these tests have no “right answer” and are designed to assess your Assessment Days: personality traits to see if they align Assessment days can cover such with the role and company ideals. a wide variety of activities and each day is specific to the

company. Employees use these days to obtain a more rounded view of candidates, as well as seeing how they interact with others. A typical assessment group would be five or six candidates, and there may be up to about four such groups at an assessment day. Remember, they’re looking for the best candidates, so any number of you may get through to the next round, whether that be some, all or none of your group members. It is therefore helpful if you regard the other candidates as people to cooperate with rather than “the competition”, as you need to demonstrate you can work in a team. But, how do you they assess you? We’re not saying be as cool in interview as metric but DON’T PANIC

Employers rate you against a list of skills, abilities and competencies that they may tell you in advance in the recruitment information, or keep to themselves. Typical skills and attributes they look for include problem solving, team/group skills, drive and energy, and negotiation and initiative. Most importantly, be confident, clear and calm! Even the best candidates won’t do everything perfectly – if you feel you have made a slip, get over it and carry on regardless, think of the bigger picture! Main things to remember: - Arrive with time to spare: Lateness never looks good! - Better to be too smart than not smart enough! Dress codes are taken seriously, and if you’re unsure on what to where, always play it safe. - Be friendly and cooperative to everyone you meet. You never know who will have the decisive say about whether to hire you or not. - Follow all instructions carefully - Read carefully through the background information and make sure that you are clear about the task.

Make things to remember: - Make sure that you are clear on exactly what you have to offer to the organisation. Understand your strengths, your most well developed skills and all the factors that make you a strong candidate - Be ready to offer evidence to support all of these points - See yourself as a valuable resource that is potentially available to the employer - Review your application form or CV and make sure that you can expand confidently on everything that is written there. What do you think the employer liked in your application? Are there any particular weaknesses or gaps in experience which an employer may want to explore in the interview? - Answer questions using the STAR format (Situation, Task, Action, Response)

Interviews Don’t worry, nerves are ok, we all get Claudia them! Try take a few deep breathes Claudia Caravello and portray a calm, confident ex- CivEng IV terior and remember, you’re awesome, so let’s show (summarised from life advice, them that! And most imfriends and student experiences) portantly, SMILE!





he first term has come to an end. With exams coming up lectures have stopped being a social event for meme sharing and creating and actually need to focus. With Christmas being a time to Panopto and Chill, nothing is more worrying than the lack of structure in some modules...

Time to put on those Christmas pounds and possibly enjoy some time with family. With everyone, including myself, dreading coming back to Uni after Christmas... But hey, let’s get on with life. Kubs Kuba Porzycki Aero I YEAR 2


nter the seventh circle of revision hell. Your pitiful routine consists of dreading the exams, waking up in the afternoon followed by a long yet half-hearted Panopto binge. I dread the exam even more while being *annoyed* that you can’t play Netflix shows on 2x speed. Whate-


Chen Jiangxuan Chen Aero II

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our years ago today, 16 year old me flew to London for an interview at Imperial College. I never thought I’d stand a chance of getting into one of the world’s most prestigious universities. Fast forward four years, and somehow I’ve made it to my masters year of Chemical Engineering, and will have my final year research


ver is left of your soul wallows on in a quagmire of regret – why did you spend your lectures Snapchatting and looking at memes?

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presentation tomorrow. We’ll be presenting a new, breathable metal crystal (which we hope will be published)! Fingers crossed tomorrow goes as well as my interview. Mel Mel Lee ChemEng IV

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The Bolt Issue 3 (FEB 2018)  
The Bolt Issue 3 (FEB 2018)