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Welcome to the very first of many issues of ‘The Bolt’ or as I sometimes call it in my head: ‘my baby’. I hope you enjoy this issue made of many hours of inDeisgn youtube tutorials, lots and lots of coffee and garnished with a sprinkle of my love. For this issue we focused on all things CGC-you. We’re here to make sure you have the best opportunities possible, so read on for many articles catered to you. Whether you’re looking for fun events to take part in, need help in

getting a head start on internships or wondering how Bo is doing (which is obviously what’s always on the top of our minds) we’ve got it all in one compact little newsletter. If you want to get involved with The Bolt or wish to contact me, please don’t hesitate to email me at Nisha Saduagkan Media & Marketing Officer THE BOLT 3



There are so many great clubs and societies within the CGCU and I hope you are all ready for what Imperial, I highly recommend you we have in store for you this term! try a few! Our aim this year is to make you more aware of what the CGCU Not sure what is available? That’s has to offer, ensuring you make the where The Bolt comes in! Each ismost of your time here! Alongside sue we will be focusing on differsome great events, which you can ent activities around the CGCU read about in here, you can find – whether it’s a CGCU sporting out more about what’s happening achievement, projects or tours a department or student has comin the CGCU each month. pleted, or reviews of events. The Throughout your time at universi- highlight of the magazine is “Soc ty, from your first week of Fresh- Spotlight”, where we shall be pickers, to celebrating finishing your ing a different dep soc or CGCU degree, you will come across many club to feature each issue, giving opportunities. University is a time them a chance to shout about all to try new experiences, explore the great stuff they’ve been up to! and make life changing friends. It is a time for development and If you think you deserve to be one for discovery. While your studies of these clubs, send either come first, it would be a shame if me or our Bolt editor you didn’t complement that with a message! all the exciting things Imperial has to offer. Hey everyone! Welcome back!


On top of this, we shall be filling each issue with tips and tricks for company applications, engineering articles and interviews, as well as fun things such as “Guess the Close Up”, crosswords, or our CGCU version of Where’s Wally. Have an epic year! And remember, the rest of the committee and I are here when you need us, whether it be academics, welfare or something else. So please drop by our office, Room 350 CAGB, and say hi at any time! Claudia Caravello President


We hope you’re excited to begin a new year at Imperial. We’re certainly looking forward to helping ensure you get the most out of your time here. University represents a big life change and also some challengine situtions along the way, so it is inevitable that some will struggle with aspects of life as a student - but whatever your problem there is someone that you can go to, and tools available to help you. Your first port-of-call might be friends; sharing an issue with those close to you can be hugely beneficial. If you are a Fresher in student

accommodation provided by the college, your Hall Warden is also available to talk to. In the department you can go to your Personal Tutor or you may deal directly with the Senior Tutor if you prefer. However, certain cases may be directed to other experts within the College, for example if your concerns are financial there is a Student Financial Support Team as well as a separate Advice Centre.

With this in mind we provide free sanitary products, as well as those concerning sexual health, e.g. various forms of contraception, pregnancy tests and rape alarms. The welfare team also organises fun events throughout term time to provide a welcome distraction from the library and promote a healthy work-life balance.

There are free student counselling service available on campus. In addition, Mindfulness courses and faith-orientated discussions can be organised through the College Chaplaincy.

Sarah Towers Deputy Welfare Officer

However - most important of all we want to encourage you to seek support! We’re here for you. (specifically in room 350 of the Mech. Eng building!).

Bullying, harassment and crime are not tolerated anywhere at Imperial and working to keep our university community a safe and enjoyable one for everybody is a key part of what we do, but every aspect of your welfare is important to us.


events THIS TERM

Come find our stall during Freshers’ Fair where we’ll be giving out freebies and welfare supplies!

You’ve probably heard about this one already… it’s going to be huge! This is the first time all 4 Constituent Unions are being brought together. And we need your help! There will be a competition during the first part of the night (we can’t let the medics beat us - or those rock-lickers thinking about it), before yards for our Presidents and an afterparty.

Quad-Union Carnival

Freshers’ Fair

Tuesday 10th October

Tuesday 3rd October

Wednesday 4th October

CGCU goes to CSP Night

For a lot of you, you will have signed up to an insane number of clubs and societies. Others of you won’t have. What you do have in common though is that you’re all part of the CGCU. If you’re a bit hesitant about going, or don’t have a club to go with, don’t worry! We’ll be heading over to the union at about 19:00 so come and join us!



If there’s only one CGCU event that you can come to, this is the one! With the grandest venue within a stone’s throw from Imperial, none of you will need Citymapper to get here. Tickets have been subsidised, we’ve secured some pretty great drinks deals, and we have a world class act performing for you. See you there!!

CGCU Annual Welcome Dinner Friday 20th October

And more to come, including: - Pub Quiz - Bar nights - Mince pie Party - Ice Skating and much, much more… Check out our Facebook page and events for more details!

Thursday 24th October

CGCU Bowling

Fresher’s you’re probably sick of halls’ events by now, so we’ve decided to go bowling. We’re gonna have a load of lanes booked out. If you want to continue the sesh; or you just want a chilled night meeting new friends; you can make this night what you will of it.




If you enjoy your sports, there plenty to get involved in with the CGCU! First up, we have our annual football league. This is the engineering faculty’s premier division and open to anyone who wants to put forward a team. Details on how to sign up for the league will come soon; but in the meantime, get your friends together, form a team and think of a name! The teams will be divided into pools, with pool winners advancing to play-offs and finals. The league requires very little commitment, with matches being played every week in Hyde Park. This league is always lots of fun and a great opportunity to meet new people, have a laugh and play some football!



If football isn’t your thing, then faculty also plays host to the C&G Rugby Club! This is a very social club that welcomes players of all skill levels and requires little commitment. The club runs several socials throughout the year, amongst which the highlights include the Gin & Rugby tour to Oxford and the end-of-year tour to the Santander beach tournament in Spain. You can read more about the club and about the annual Sparkes Cup tournament on page 10. While that all involves running around we are engineers. We like cars. And of

course we have our very own Motor Club! The C&G Motor Club runs a variety of motor related activities, including karting trips and competition in the British Universities Karting Championship! The club also gives you the opportunity to try your hand at the maintenance and repair of its fleet of race karts and its road legal Classic Mini! This is what we currently offer, but it doesn’t have to end there! If there’s anything you would like to do or set up within the CGCU, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will do our best to make it a reality! I wish you all the best for the upcoming year; play sports, be happy, be healthy and #livetheduckworthway Andrew Duckworth Sports Officer




The Sparkes Cup is a friendly 10-a-side rugby tournament between the CGCU, RCSU and RSM that takes place annually in Rosslyn Park Stadium during the summer term. Emphasis is put on participation, and individuals from who may never have played rugby before are encouraged to sign up to meet new friends from all departments. Free food, transport and drink are supplied throughout to all supporters and players, and as it occurs after the majority of our exams, there’s no excuse not to come down and join in! Blood, sweat and champagne went into the tournament, where the CGCU fought like warriors before emerging victorious. Below is the team’s take on the event that ended the CGCU on a high for the year!


Stepping off the luxurious (free) coach, we entered Rosslyn Park Stadium where this mighty exhibition would take place. A large group of fans had gathered in the stands, awaiting the entrance of their favourite engineering rugby stars.

Our first match was against RCSU, a team filled to the brim with receding hairlines and short man syndrome. The terrifying prospect of a 99kg fly half sent shivers down the spine of the lightweight CGCU squad, but the lack of quality ball from the budding RCSU Finance Officer caused his effectiveness to be greatly reduced. Josh Pope ran with his usual will-o’-the-wisp style, gliding through the defence on the back of a handsomely delivered switch play. Despite the initial apprehension, CGCU came away “The men of CGCU were awake with a convincing win. at early dawn to watch the British and Irish Lions play New Zealand Our second challenge came from in the arid climate of the ‘Famous 3 the ramshackle squadron of the Kings’ public house. We looked on RSM, most of whom had opted to with glumness as Owen Farrell’s spare themselves from our talent turnstile defence brought with it a by running away on ‘fieldtrips’. The heavy defeat. With this saddening grapevine rapidly delivered news loss at the forefront of our minds, of a quicksilver hockey player we set out to demonstrate that who sought to cause us grief on Warren Gatland had left the prime our fringes, since our winger Ifan British talent at home. Dafydd’s pace is like his relation-

ship with his dentist – not what it used to be. James Field, imbuedwith the power of his Shark Tooth necklace, performed a sumptuous chip and chase which left the Miners in disarray. Meanwhile, Jamie Couchman thought God had been overgenerous by affording him two shoulders, and attempted to give one back via the medium of dislocation. A quick pop back into place and we were off again! After a long fight, the CGCU emerged victorious.

men drew on their mettle to put their heads where it hurt and came away with the Sparkes Cup in hand.

With RCSU winning their match with RSM, they achieved a rematch with our men in the final. Previous joviality was put aside, as the scientists sought vengeance for their earlier embarrassment at our hands. However, with their talented scrumhalf placed under intense psychological bombardment, they could not put significant phase play together. Jorn Voegtli pumped his legs and drove into enemy territory, carrying several of the opposition over the line with him to score. With this seemingly the last straw for RCSU, they unveiled their greatest asset, a triplet of meaty alumni. Fresh legs and ready to play, these giants headed onto the pitch. Despite these gravitationally-challenged charlatans, our

If you fancy joining in Sparkes Cup or coming on tour, send Harry the Captain an email at: during Autumn Term to sign up!

With good spirit all round, the teams joined the supporters and headed to a nearby venue, where free drink and barbequed delights awaited us. Festivities continued long into the night, celebrating a great day of sport, as well as the handover to the new Captain of CGCU Rugby.�

Harry Brady CGCU Rugby Captain





Want your society, club or project featured on the centre page? Contact us now:




In the past academic year, a new society was born at Imperial College London. Many factors led to its creation, with the increasing popularity of drones and its incredible potential and applications in multiple industries being two of the strongest. A group of first year aeronautics students, guided by Dr Mirko Kovac from the Aerial Robotics Lab, set up DroneSoc. This hot and fresh society aims to build London’s leading hotspot for drone enthusiasts, and we are starting here in Imperial. Since inception in February, we’ve gathered 50 members, held multiple events and ran the first edition of its flagship program: QuadBasics.

Our resident blogger with his DJI Phantom

Join ICAH to use their 3D printers – subscription is free!


Quadbasics – deriving from ‘quad,’ drone slang for ‘quadcopter,’ is a six-week program that aims to provide the fundamentals of multi-rotor drones through a series of structured workshops. Our course is designed to give participants not only the theoretical insights of the mechanics of flight and control systems but also to have them apply this knowledge to build a flying drone in their teams. The course finishes with a fun mini-competition. Our program is open to all Imperial students who are keen on learning more about drones or are interested in learning how they work. It will also provide students with the confidence and skills to get involved in more advanced projects or activities. Note: For those who are interested, be sure to keep an eye on the date QuadBasics enrollment goes live – the first edition sold out in just half an hour! Everything will be announced on our mailing list and Facebook page.

DroneSoc is keen on partnering to carry out enriching activities. For instance, we worked with the fabulous Imperial College Advanced Hackspace for both QuadBasics and the outreach program (read on), and are very thankful for their help. Please do get in contact with us ( if you have any cool idea for things we can do together! DroneSoc has already been featured at Imperial Fringe where we exhibited some off-the-shelf and in-house developed drones, and hosted a flight arena open to everyone to experience some safe flying. It was an incredible day where an estimated 200 kids and parents flew drones around a netted football field, often for their first time! For four weeks in June, DroneSoc collaborated with the White City Youth Club, to deliver some introductory sessions for the Youth Club’s teenagers – we had them



build laser cut mini-quads with FPV cameras mounted on them! We could certainly see some future drone racers over there… All of this was run by DroneSoc volunteers from Imperial’s many departments. Join DroneSoc if you are interested in volunteering and spreading an interest in science andtechnology among the youngest. There will be more community outreach and educational events in the future, sign up for our newsletter or email us to stay informed! DroneSoc’s official Launch Event was an opportunity to mingle with current students, staff, alumni, entrepreneurs, industry and members of regulatory bodies whom all shared a common interest: drones!

for the future and we all discuss how to make it happen. During the 2017-18 academic year, DroneSoc will continue to deliver its already established activities, such as QuadBasics and our weekend flying meetups ‘Retreat RC’.

‘Retreat RC’ is held at Wormwood Scrubs, a dedicated flying area

As for what is to come - DroneSoc is looking for the best drone pilots at Imperial to start building its drone racing team! There are also rumors of a drone aerial cinematography course…

One of the young participants at the White City Youth Club event

There will be more information coming up soon, sign-up to our newsletter and follow us of Facebook to stay informed of this and more. Feel free to approach anyone in DroneSoc and come and try out this exciting new industry. Dr Kovac, Ultimaker, DJI, and rep- Hope to see you around this year, resentatives of NATS and CAA fly safe! were present to talk about bio-inspired drones, cutting edge 3D Fernando Acero printing technology and advanced DroneSoc Events Officer consumer drones, as well as the current state of the regulations regarding drones and drone-flying.

DroneSoc Launch Event was an exciting evening! A flight arena was also open for the attendees to try their hand at flying some quadcopters!

We plan to hold more such events, called DroneX events, where industry shakers share their visions



Team Bo is the vintage motor club which looks after the CGCU motor mascots! They look after, repair and drive the vehicles around town, known to give lifts to Engineers on special occasions.


Bo on tour in Germany 2016. After a long trip down to southern Germany, Bo enjoyed driving around the valleys of Neuschwanstein and visiting the castle. He then had an exciting visit to the Nürburgring where sadly the bureaucrats wouldn’t let him do any racing.

Bo, or Boanerges as he is formally known, is the beloved mascot of the City and Guilds College Union. Bo was built in Hammersmith in 1902 by a car company called James and Browne, who went bust in 1912. In 1933, he was donated to the Union where he has been looked after by the students of Imperial ever since. He regularly frequents exciting places in London (namely his favourite drinking holes), as well as driving in the famous London to Brighton rally every year. As with all veteran cars, Bo requi-

DERRECK Bo’s best friend is a 1926 motorcycle by the name of Derrek. He is a Neracar model C with a threespeed gear box and a 348 cc 4 stroke engine. These feet-forward motorcycles were designed to be as sleek as a motorcycle, but have all the comforts of a car. Work on

Derrek can be infrequent as he is very reliable. However, garage sessions still take place on a Wednesday afternoon in conjunction with Bo. Derrek is often very helpful by collecting fish and chips for Team Bo when they are working late. Derrek lit up by the street lights of Prince Consort Road. Accompanied by the mighty Derrek rider in the traditional attire. In this photo Derrek has just completed a night time trip through Hyde Park.


es lots of maintenance. This happens in Bo garage on a Wednesday afternoon and all students (of any level of experience) are welcome to come along to help keep Bo in running condition. These garage sessions are then hopefully followed by a trip out! For more information, you can email Bo at orcome visit the garage on a Wednesday which is located opposite the Union between the Roderick Hill building and Royal College of Music. You can also follow Bo’s escapades on Facebook using this QR code.


ROBOT INTELLIGENCE LAB Part of the Dyson School of Design Engineering, the Robot Intelligence Lab researches into artificial intelligence for robots, concentrating on the physical aspects – how to transfer motor skills from people to robots.They have built a robotic research platform called Design Engineering’s Natural Interaction RObot (or Robot DE NIRO) which is based on a Baxter robot. As artificial intelligence becomes more advanced, it’s not enough to just preprogram a robot with rigid instructions to follow. Machines are increasingly able to learn how to recognise patterns in data, but learning how to interact with the physical world is a different matter. Robot DE NIRO is learning how to use its two arms and hands to manipulate objects and interact with people by observing and modifying its own behaviour. The Director of the Lab, Dr Petar Kormushev provides an introduction to the purpose and approach of the lab, along with a demonstration of Robot DE NIRO in a short video that can be viewed online at:

In March Robot DE NIRO had its debut appearance at the Science Museum where it performed live demonstrations of its physical skill learning capabilities

AEROPOWDER Elena Dieckmann (IDE alumna) and Ryan Robinson (NHLI PhD) cofounded Aeropowder, a low carbon home insulation made by using waste feathers from the poultry industry. Their concept began from a recognition that the waste stream of poultry feather, normally destined for slow decomposition in landfill, provided an ideal low-weight, sustainable thermally-insulating material. In first experiments, the pair hot pressed, milled, and freeze-dried feathers, trying to find ways to get the best performance from their composite materials. Aeropowder won £20,000 of funding at the 2016 Mayor’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur Competition and Elena continues with the School, beginning her PhD in sustainable materials whilst co-directing her growing company.



4. Did you always know this job was what you wanted to do? What made you decide?

1. Name and role title Marinos Constantinou, Production Technologist 2. What did you used to study at Imperial & when did you graduate? MEng Aeronautical Engineering – graduated in 2014.


Of course not! What really drove me when choosing a career was the impact my work could have and the energy industry is by far the most impactful one out there. Consequently, in my third year I took an internship with Shell where I had the opportunity to see what each role is about and chose mine because of the integration elements it has. The role effectively integrates the subsurface with the surface in major upstream projects.

3. Why did you join Shell?

5. What is it like being part of the grad scheme at Shell? Would you recommend it?

The breadth of careers in Shell and the flexibility to create your own career path based on your skills and desires. This freedom is especially liberating. Yet, most importantly it was the people. They are professional, helpful and sincerely care about you. You are not just one of 100k employees.

People treat you with respect and value your opinion. It is of course a steep learning curve but very rewarding. The level of responsibility you can expect depends on your proactivity and your willingness to take on challenges. Nobody will hold your hand. Definitely recommend it!


an interview with a CGCU alumni 6. What is your average day like? I wouldn’t say I have a typical day. I do many different things, from purely technical to project management outside of my role, exactly because I am proactive in like taking on new challenges. I also do value my free time, so work-life balance is a priority and people in Shell practice that very well. 7. What do you think are the biggest challenges of your role? Communicating your point across organisational boundaries and stakeholders. With experience comes the ability to adjust your communication styles given the context of the engagement.

act of your work almost immediately.

12. Any last advice for anyone applying for grad schemes?

9. What is your favourite memory Be confident and be yourself. Foof your time at Imperial? cus on what you really want and you will get it. Imperial grads are Definitely the breaks outside the the best, everybody knows that! If library. you don’t get it, it probably means People really open up after 10 you wouldn’t enjoy it so don’t hours of studying and 5 energy worry about it. drinks! 10. Would you recommend doing an internship before picking a grad job? Definitely. It gives you the opportunity to really understand the company and make sure you actually want to work there. Regardless though it’s always good to enhance your CV with an internship.

8. What has been your favourite project you have worked on so far, 11. What are your plans for the fuand why? ture? My field assignment in Gabon. Waking up to see elephants outside your door every morning is a life changing experience. The work in the field was fast-paced, challenging and you could see the imp-

I like taking on new challenges so I might take a more integration intensive role like Development Planning or perhaps go abroad and work in an Operating Unit since I really enjoyed my time in Gabon.



Think you know our campus like the back of your hand? Know what these zoomed in locations are? Well then email us your guess .uk with “issue 1 close up� as the RE, and get on the leaderboard!



My favourite event is probably The Welcome Ball. It was just loads of fun... everyone seemed to enjoy it. I think it was just that I had spent so much time organising and planning and preparing, that it was so special to see it come to life successfully in front of me and to see everyone having a great time, knowing that I was a part of that. Milia Hasbani/ BioEng 4 My main goal for the year? “To make sure everyone know what the CGCU stands for”. My aim is basically to build and grow the profile of the CGCU amongst students and companies in order maximise our engagement, and be able to improve the students experiences in all aspects.

At CGCU festival there was essentially a competition between engineering departments at Metric where I helped win MechEng 50 free pints by setting the record time for holding the spanner above my head. I couldn’t feel part of my forearm for the following 2 weeks but it was worth it!

Claudia Caravello/ CivEng 4

Alex Luy/ MechEng 4 For me, personally what I regret is that In first year I hadn’t hung out with people in my halls enough. Because I basically just hung out with Computing people meanwhile everyone else on my floor were quite good friends. Tom Bower/ Computing 3




Thinking of applying for an Engineering job in the UK? Tired of looking up different articles on Linked-in and googling for tips? Look no further! Here’s a condensed, Imperial specific timeline to help you get that amazing internship position in no time.

OCT Check out the Imperial Engineering Career Fair on Thursday 19th October 2017, 11:30 to 16:00. Besides the career fair, there are many individual companies presenting on campus. Stay up to date with Jobslive, a portal for Imperial students which show all the companies’ activities at Imperial. home.html


Most engineering applications end around the end of the year (31st Dec 2017) or very early in January. It is good to have a browse through the company pages as early as October or November as each company has many divisions within itself, eg. System Engineering, Manufacturing, Product Design, Operations Management, etc. Knowing early on which areas of a company you want to apply to will allow you to tailor your CV and

NOV cover letter to suit the specific role you are going for. Spend your October and November brushing your CV and cover letter. Consult with career service either at the the Careers department next to the student hub in the Sherfield Building or your individual department career service on how to do these.

TIPS AND TRICKS FROM A ROLLS ROYCE INTERN Additionally, more engineering companies have recently used online assessment as their first round of assessment. Many people underestimate the online assessment, but practices should be done. Usually, the online assessment will be given to you the moment you submit your application, with around one week to complete it. My advice is to practice these assessments even before you submit the application so you get used to the style of the quizzes.


Once you pass the online assessment, then you would have to prepare for the interview. The interview normally consists of the technical part and the competency part.

The main quizzes are: 1) Verbal Reasoning (true, false, cannot say) 2) Numerical (test your ability to quickly read graphs and do maths) and in some cases: 3) Logical (IQ test) or 4) Situational Judgement Test. The first two quizzes mentioned are probably the most common and used widely in the finance industry as well. There are many free resources on the internet for practice.

One tip: know your sh*t. To do so you’ll need lots of preparation. For competency, you need to know yourself really well, and the experiences you could talk about in your lifetime. This calls for a great deal of self evaluation, diving into different experiences and pairing them with a quality eg. resilience, leadership, communication, compassion, etc. Just write down as many experiences as you can and pick the one that you think will differentiate you from the herd. For the technical part, depending on which division you apply to, you will have to do research on the company, as well as the expected knowledge you should have to do the position well.


As long as you’ve done your preparation you’ll be more than ready to go in and rock the interview. Good luck! James Kujareevanich Rolls Royce Intern Continuous Improvement Team



The Bolt Issue 1 (OCT 2017)  
The Bolt Issue 1 (OCT 2017)