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Establishes Itself as Major Force in U.S. Franchising Market

Successful Mobile Business Practices for Pet Lovers

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1-800 PLUMBER Currently Looking for Franchisees Throughout the United States

1-800 PLUMBER is proud to announce that they are currently offering franchise opportunities to qualified candidates throughout the United States. Qualified applicants who are awarded the opportunity to own and operate a franchise will be provided with an exceptional business model, extensive training, and consistent, ongoing support from senior management. 1-800-PLUMBER provides plumbing service and repair for residential and commercial customers. Although each 1-800-PLUMBER location may very slightly, the overall services will be similar. Each location will focus to provide all plumbing services the customer may require. This may include sewer and drain cleaning/replacements, faucet and fixture repair/replacements, water heater repair/ replacements, and water piping repair/

replacements. 1-800-PLUMBER also provides 24 hour emergency service for its customer at no additional charge. Plumbing is not something someone is willing to go without. As our population continues to increase so does the demand for plumbing. The plumbing industry is now generating almost $120 billion a year. Another interesting fact, is that no one company has more than 1% of the market. The demand is obvious, however, the question is how are companies differentiating themselves among its competitors. In addition to providing Plumbing service, many locations may also offer HVAC services. HVAC services is to include all service and replacement of HVAC systems. The HVAC services are offered within the 1-800-PLUMBER system with the same quality and integrity as the plumbing services. There is a huge advantage of

new TruBlue Total House Care Franchise Opens in Allen When Daniel Lecuona was looking for a new business opportunity, he knew it had to be something that spoke to him personally and that provided a needed a service to the community. Now he’s excited to announce the launch of his new, local franchise, TruBlue Total House Care of Allen. TruBlue offers handyman services, house cleaning services, emergency repairs, seasonal projects, yard/lawn care, a home watch program, a senior accessibility program and more. TruBlue is a great option for busy families and seniors who want the comforts of their own home without worrying about property maintenance. TruBlue also works with homeowners, realtors and rental property

Franchising USA

coupling Plumbing with HVAC services as these industries are extremely complimentary towards each other. For more information, please visit owners who need to get homes move-in ready and keep them maintained and has a commercial services for business clients. TruBlue Total House Care of Allen serves McKinney, Princeton, Anna, Blue Bridge and the surrounding areas. “TruBlue is a small franchise, but they’ve had consistent growth over the years, they have a series of tools and systems to help me build the business, and they have a corporate team that is truly committed to the success of their franchisees. I’m excited to be the newest member of the TruBlue team,” Lecuona said. “TruBlue can be a game changer for families and seniors who want to enjoy their homes without the maintenance hassles.” All TruBlue franchises are fully insured and bonded and all employees are background checked. To learn more about TruBlue Total House Care of Allen, visit

Mosquito Squad Expands Services to Southeast Asia

First Master Licensee to Launch Operations in Indonesia Mosquito Squad, the largest and most trusted mosquito and tick control franchise in North America, announced it has signed a master license agreement for Indonesia. After the first international launch of Mosquito Squad in East Africa, the pest

control franchise recognized a larger need for global expansion with efforts focused on combating dangerous mosquito-borne illnesses. The master licensee, Pt. Multi Niaga Harvest, led by Cecilia Wirawan with support and assistance from her husband, Louis Mahadi, will spearhead

initial operations in the region, starting with the island of Java near the capital Jakarta. With a dense, tropical climate and forested land inhabiting the country, Indonesia suffers a great deal of insect-borne illnesses and is in urgent need of resultsdriven efforts that can eliminate the spread of mosquitoes throughout the country. Cecilia Wirawan and Louis Mahadi know firsthand the life-threatening impact of mosquito-borne diseases. Cecilia suffered dengue fever three times, Louis twice, and they have watched one of their sons suffer from dengue as well. With more than 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, the couple looks forward to bringing change to communities across Indonesia and growing Mosquito Squad’s presence in Southeast Asia. Mosquito Squad currently has more than 240 franchise locations in the United States and specializes in eliminating mosquitoes and ticks from outdoor living spaces, allowing Americans to enjoy their yards, outdoor living spaces, special events and green spaces.

Tint World® Announces New Partnership with Windshield Protection Manufacturer Alchemy Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers™, a leading auto accessory and window tinting franchise, has teamed up with Alchemy, manufacturers of a breakthrough windshield-protection application based on cutting-edge nanotechnology, to provide even more options for protecting automotive windshields from debris. “Alchemy’s ExoShield is at a whole new level for windshield film,” said Charles Bonfiglio, CEO of Tint World®. “The company’s state-of-the-art technology makes ExoShield easy to apply and

durable, and it protects your windshield better than any other product that’s out there. This is a really important addition to Tint World®’s offerings that will keep our customers safe and save them money in the long run.” As vehicles become more technologically advanced, windshield replacements are becoming more costly, sometimes costing more than $1,500. Alchemy’s windshield protection both blocks UV rays and protects a windshield from damage caused by debris. Tint World® continues to expand its

products and services, which include both on-site and mobile services. This provides customers more options, allowing them to go onsite for installation or have a Tint World® representative come to them. For more information about Tint World® and to find out about franchise opportunities in your area, please visit

Franchising USA

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Frozen Yogurt Robots Invade the International Franchise Expo in NYC

PROSE Designed With Needs of Franchisees, Rapid Growth In Mind

PROSE, the healthy and enriching hand and foot care brand, is partnering with Zenoti to power its innovative, mobile-first guest experience. Combining the demand for froyo and ice cream with high technology and robotics, Reis and Irvy’s frozen yogurt robots are proving to be a huge hit! The brand recently attended the International Franchise Expo held in New York, where attendees had the opportunity to see the all-new frozen yogurt robot in action and sample some frozen treats. Launched in 2016, Reis & Irvy’s have sold 250 franchises to date and pre-sold over 1,100 robots hitting the market in June.A turnkey opportunity- Reis and Irvy’s provides locations for the robots in high-traffic areas such as amusement parks, movie theatres & hospitals, malls and tourist attractions. Because the robots are self-contained, no bricks, no employees, no significant rents and practically labor free, the Reis and Irvy’s frozen yogurt robots are well poised to disrupt brick and mortar frozen yogurt concepts. With its small footprint and big theatrics, the Reis & Irvy’s Froyo Robot captures and captivates consumers with its on-site convenience and playful, robotic delivery of delicious frozen confections. Reis & Irvy’s units are capable of delivering frozen yogurt, ice cream, gelato, acai, frozen ice and custard with toppings within 60 seconds or less. Franchisees can own their own Froyo Robot delivering frozen creations to customers everywhere to build their own froyo enterprise. The streamlined economy of the Reis & Irvy’s franchise model is equally matched by the compact selfsufficiency of the machine itself, making it a practical business choice for any enterprising operator For more information, visit

Franchising USA

Founded in late 2017 by former Massage Envy President and CEO David Crisalli, PROSE now operates two boutiques in Arizona. A wellness industry leader, Crisalli plans to replicate his past success by thoughtfully growing the business through franchising. PROSE was designed with franchisees at the center of the leadership model, so the company’s technology platform required rapid scaling and franchise growth support while simultaneously creating a mobile-first, elevated guest experience. “We set out to reinvent the hand and foot experience, and a big part of that focused on technology to simplify the process. Zenoti was the clear choice as the technology partner PROSE needed to bring the brand to life,” said Crisalli. When guests arrive at PROSE, their experience is mobile from check-in to checkout. PROSE curators move freely through the boutique using iPads to check guests in, create guest invoices and process their payments during checkout. Guests have ondemand access to the brand with a mobile app and online booking capabilities. PROSE also offers a membership program to its guests. Zenoti creates personalized experiences for members that touch every aspect of their visit, including check-ins, checkouts, payments and more. “We’re thrilled to partner with PROSE to provide the technology foundation they need to make their mobile-first, elevated customer experience a reality,” said Sudheer Koneru, CEO at Zenoti. To learn more about PROSE, visit To learn more about Zenoti, visit

Andy’s Sprinkler,, is pleased to announce franchising opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and water/landscaping/lighting enthusiasts. With more than 20 years of experience in the sprinkler repair industry, Andy’s Sprinkler is proud to be one of Texas’ leading sprinkler repair contractors, helping homeowners and commercial property owners solve their sprinkler problems in many areas of Texas – now they are looking to expand nationwide. Andy’s Sprinkler’s franchisee will obtain knowledge in sprinklers and sprinkler system repair. In addition to their sprinkler repair services, they also specialize in sprinkler system tune ups, sprinkler system maintenance, sprinkler system reroutes, rain/freeze climate sensor additions, and much more Other services include: fixing/replacing leaking or broken sprinkler heads, repairing broken sprinkler valves, cleaning and repairing clogged nozzles, replacing and repairing spliced or damaged wires, repairing or replacing broken pipes, capping off sprinkler heads, adjusting poor spray patterns and wasted water, stopping running water that won’t stop running and wire/valve location.

As part of Andy’s Sprinkler services, their irrigation specialists implement drip irrigation systems to ensure plants, trees, flowers, and foliage get proper watering directly to the roots. Drip irrigation systems are a smart investment for homeowners. These systems are more efficient than traditional sprinkler systems. Total Franchise Costs start at $106,900. For more information, please visit

New PIRTEK Norfolk Owner to Grow Presence and Seek Additional Business From Military, Seaports, Airports PIRTEK Norfolk is under new ownership. Jeff Ohstrom, who has a distinguished career working in corporate America for many years, made the decision recently to step out and become a business owner.

hose fails on a piece of equipment – idling manufacturing or construction operations – a PIRTEK technician arrives on site to make the repair and get things running again.

“I found PIRTEK to be very appealing because it’s business-to-business, and I was impressed with the 24/7/365 service that PIRTEK provides its clients,” Ohstrom said. “In addition, there’s a good market in Norfolk – it’s a prime location, a good opportunity for growth.”

After serving in the U.S. Army for eight years, Ohstrom worked for some multinational companies, the last one for 27 years. He considered starting up a new PIRTEK franchise but found out that the Norfolk Service & Supply Center was available. “I liked the fact that it was already up and running,” he said.

PIRTEK Norfolk serves a broad base of clients that includes military, seaport and airports. Ohstrom will seek growth by providing excellent service to customers in the Norfolk area. When a hydraulic

The PIRTEK franchise has been at 5760 Northampton Blvd, #104, Virginia Beach, VA, for about 10 years. The new owner said he is excited about expanding the

business. “I’m really looking forward to getting involved in the community and meeting our customers. We have a great team in place, and we want to be the ones our clients trust most.” There are 75 PIRTEK franchises and a fleet of Mobile Service Vehicles throughout the United States. For additional information about PIRTEK USA, visit

Franchising USA

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Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting Now Offering Franchising Opportunities

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Cover Story: PIRTEK


Establishes Itself as Major Force in U.S. Franchising Market Franchising can be a great way to own and operate a business. Owners bypass many of the difficulties they’d normally entail starting a new enterprise from the ground up. And for many, the price is right. As a major franchiser, PIRTEK USA has enjoyed explosive growth across the country in recent years. Since the beginning of 2015, the industrial hosereplacement franchiser has put 26 new

locations on its map, with more to come in the near future. “It’s been an exciting time for PIRTEK in the United States,” said Glenn Duncan, PIRTEK CEO. “We offer a service that many industries need and we’re tapping into that need, aggressively. Our business strategies are paying off and we’re seeing widespread success as a result.” Case in point: The company’s climb in Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500® list has been meteoric over the past few years. In 2015, PIRTEK’s rank was a modest No. 422. But by January 2018, the company had broken into the prestigious top 100 at No. 78 and is showing no signs of slowing its pace. PIRTEK is the only company of its kind.

When a piece of hydraulic or pneumatic equipment blows a hose, technicians are available day or night to replace it onsite from a Mobile Services Vehicle. There are 75 franchises throughout the United States. Globally, PIRTEK has more than 400 locations and 2,000 Mobile Service Vehicles in 23 countries.

The Tier 2 model The company’s success has been multifaceted, the result of several innovative programs and initiatives launched in recent years. One factor in the recent growth of PIRTEK has been the eminently successful Tier 2 program, which allows ownership at a lower point of entry. Under the Tier 2 “mobile only” model of franchise ownership, a person can start a PIRTEK franchise quickly. A Tier 2 franchisee can keep all the inventory in a storage facility or warehouse and lease

“When a piece of hydraulic or pneumatic equipment blows a hose, technicians are available day or night to replace it onsite from a Mobile Services Vehicle.” Franchising USA

Todd Miceli, who launched PIRTEK Salt Lake City a year ago, is one of the newer PIRTEK owners enjoying strong success.

two Mobile Service Vehicles. The Tier 2 locations are then expected to upgrade to Tier 1 within three years with a complete Service & Supply Center. So far, the response has been dramatic. And while the program has attracted new franchise owners into the fold, these newcomers aren’t the only ones drawn to the Tier 2 model. Existing PIRTEK owners have also availed themselves of the program, setting up Tier 2 locations as a means of expanding their territories. “Tier 2 makes franchise ownership more accessible to a larger group,” said Dan Ferretti, owner of PIRTEK Space Coast in Rockledge, FL, (a Tier 1) who opened a Tier 2 in Daytona last year. “It also enables existing owners to own multiple franchises – we wanted to take advantage of that benefit.”

Moving to Tier 1 status In some cases, the growth of Tier 2 franchises has been so robust that owners are able to put their businesses on a fast track to becoming full Tier 1 locations: for example, Oliver Romano, owner of PIRTEK Grand Rapids in Grand Rapids, MI. Romano set up his Tier 2 after working for years as an employee at several Detroit-area PIRTEK locations. The success of the PIRTEK centers in Detroit prompted Romano to start his Grand Rapids “mobile only” franchise in March 2017. Business took off for him, promptly: In just a year, he upgraded to a Tier 1 location with a Service & Supply Center – a full two years ahead of schedule. “My customers wanted a physical location, so I set it up,” Romano

John and Alison Abercrombie moved from Australia to start up PIRTEK Gulfgate, a thriving Service & Supply Center.

said. “Having a store, a physical location helps develop the brand.”

Newer PIRTEK owners enjoy success Many of PIRTEK’s successes have come from newer franchises in the network. An example of this is PIRTEK Salt Lake City, which opened in July 2017 and has surpassed many older franchises in yearto-date sales during 2018. Owner Todd Miceli credits the national brand and the practice of following through on sound company principles. “Being part of a national franchise gives us an extra-long customer reach, especially with national contractors and rental companies,” said Todd Miceli, owner of PIRTEK Salt Lake City. “On top of that, we’re also careful to perform all the dayto-day activities that are foundational to a successful business. Thankfully, it’s been working for us.” Another newer location posting record months among the PIRTEK centers is PIRTEK Gulfgate in Houston. John and Alison Abercrombie, who moved to Houston from Australia, opened their Service & Supply Center in December 2015. The Abercrombies had studied the market carefully before deciding on a PIRTEK in Houston, which they considered a strong location. That research has paid off for them, along with their emphasis on building customer relationships. “Our success has largely been a result of a focus on customer service: We go above and beyond for our customers and this has built long-term, mutually beneficial

relationships,” John Abercrombie said. “We also look after our staff; we recognize that without them we don’t have a business.” The Abercrombies’ success has led to the opening of a second Houston location – a Tier 2 “mobile only” – to expand their existing reach.

National accounts PIRTEK’s plan for continued success hinges in part on a national sales strategy. With the prolific growth of locations around the United States, the PIRTEK sales team has been working with companies that have a nationwide scope. “They have a need for a hose provider that can reach their respective locations,” said Mike Kopatich, PIRTEK national sales manager. “Now that our footprint has grown, we’re able to pursue those customers.” Many of those companies have locations scattered around the country, often in the same areas as PIRTEK centers – a major plus for the hose-replacement service. “We’re in most metro areas now and have multiple locations in many areas,” Kopatich said. “We’ve done a good job of putting people in the right places.” In addition to generating revenue, national accounts also have the benefit of attracting new franchise owners. “Having these national accounts is beneficial to our selling franchises,” Kopatich said. “People have more interest when they see that we already have established work in an area. It’s a big motivator to join our team.”

Franchising USA

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b y G i n a G i l l Fr a n c h i s i n g U S A


FRANCHISING FEATURE Mobile franchising may seem like a low scale business idea, but it’s currently on the rise. With the ability to easily work from home, people are opting for a mobile franchise that can be conducive to the home office lifestyle. A mobile franchise is exactly what it sounds like; a business on wheels that usually goes to homes or offices to provide a service. Instead of renting an entire building for a service that is better suited

Franchising USA

“Before investing in a mobile business, a hard look at costs and expectations of the franchisee, which may be in fine print, is definitely a necessity.� to movement, the office is mobile and goes to the customer. The demand for this type of business has increased over the last decade. People no longer want to leave the comforts of their own home to access their basic retailing needs. Similar to a repair man or a plumber, people are now demanding hands on service for a variety of products; offices have their products and supplies delivered, their water filtration system delivered, even coffee is now refilled on site.

People have less time to run errands and when they are at home, they want to make the best of their free time to enjoy their family. In fact, more and more people are hiring services to help them save time and paying for convenience over material objects. The downfall to a mobile franchise is being dependent to the schedule of your customers. Of course, most franchisees will have an opportunity to strengthen their business and hire staff that would run the mobile centres. In the case of

“One of the growing global industries is technology services. This type of service is now a necessity for a lot of households and businesses.” business, while families are dependent on technology for everyday life. Whether it’s entertainment, a phone book, or a means to connect to others, computers and technology have so much more meaning in the day to day lives of most Americans. emergency or staff turn-over, a franchisor would have to step in. During hours of operation, a franchisee would have to be on call and readily available.

It’s best to have a set list of personal business expectations and narrow down exactly what you would like from a mobile franchise.

Before investing in a mobile business, a hard look at costs and expectations of the franchisee, which may be in fine print, is definitely a necessity. Are you responsible for the maintenance, gas and upkeep of the vehicle? How does insurance work? What is the start up fees and what do they cover? Are you responsible for supplies and how are employees paid?

The big bonus to a mobile franchise is the start up fees. Since there is no location to consider, the start up fees are really small in comparison to most franchises. That could be the make or break point for a lot of investors to consider since profits are usually in the same realm as other franchises, depending on the service and product.

Consider hours of operations as well. A mobile business that works 24/7 may not give you the work life balance you are looking for or allow for much freedom at the end of the day. Even if you hire someone to run the business, the hours might be impeding.

Computer Services One of the growing global industries is technology services. This type of service is now a necessity for a lot of households and businesses. Companies depend on functioning technology to run their

That being said, it’s extremely inconvenient to leave the comforts of one’s home to seek IT support and it’s not a common skill for the everyday person. A franchisee in this field does not require a background in technology, however it would helpful. Franchisors would provide the proper training, which would also allow a lot of different people to pick up some great IT skills. A competitor for this type of mobile franchise would be the bigger industries that provide cell phone and internet services. For the most part, customers will contact their service provider for assistance, and it would be useful to see how an IT mobile franchise competes with service providers. A lot of mobile services would also provide computer repair, IT repair and a plethora of different options in comparison to a cell phone provider.

Franchising USA

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Featu re

b y G i n a G i l l Fr a n c h i s i n g U S A

Gardening and Maid Services Though the majority of Americans would like to keep up with the Jones, it’s not as easy when there are two income providers for each household. People are busy and it’s hard to keep that white picket fence at its whitest; there just is not enough time in one day.

“Gardening and cleaning franchises are easy mobile services to run, without any experience necessary whatsoever.”

People also want to stop wasting their time at home with errands and chores. Bills are now paid with the click of a mouse and clothes, glasses, even prescriptions are ordered online. A time suck for a lot of people are the household chores that are never ending. More and more people are opting to use their extra cash to access more time and freedom. Gardening and cleaning franchises are easy mobile services to run, without any experience necessary whatsoever. A staff can easily be hired to be in control of most of the services, while a franchisee would remain at home running the business. The business hours are usually in the day time, when clients are out of their households, making it less likely to be a 24 hour service. However, a cleaning and gardening service for a business may have bigger and more demanding expectations, with a higher buy in. Big machines and high end cleaners are used overnight in large buildings when staff is not there to hinder the process. Those interested in running a mobile cleaning service should consider the pros and cons of business maintenance versus household services, and they would be dependent on what a franchisee is looking for in a business on a personal level. The competition for cleaning and gardening services would not be as obvious nowadays. People are offering services on social media under the table at a lower cost. An environmental scan of your preferred location would help give you an understanding of the competition. Even community chat rooms and Facebook pages would publish a decent amount of information about those offering local services.

Franchising USA

Handywork, Plumbing and Household Needs Of course you always call in a professional when it comes to the big projects in your house, but nowadays more and more customers are availing of everyday household services. The upkeep of a home is not an easy task and fewer people are learning the everyday skills necessary for emergency services. Even simple tasks can be provided by someone for a decent price. A franchisee interested in such a service has a lot of options to consider. Some of these franchises offer multiple services that could bring in a lot of profit, while others specialize in a specific field. If you have a background in a certain trade, that type of franchise may interest you and allow you to pursue your passion on your own time, while also giving you a leg up on the competition. This type of business is again in competition with local services, both

small business venues and individuals offering talent from social media sites is a competitive venue that may not be advertised. It’s best to review your location on the ground and get an understand of prices and services from local consumers. Clients do tend to be loyal to a service once they are satisfied with the business they received. While at the same time, the franchise chosen may come with a list of current guaranteed business clients and a brand name that knocks out any competition. Mobile franchising used to be secluded to a certain type of service, but it now reaches above and beyond the typical scope. There are a lot of opportunities to choose from and it usually allows the franchisee to work from home, while depending on a staff to roll out the business. Due to the variety of choices and the unique setting of mobile franchises, it is suggested to have a full understanding of

“If you have a background in a certain trade, that type of franchise may interest you and allow you to pursue your passion on your own time, while also giving you a leg up on the competition.” expectations of the franchisee, along with a well researched view on the ground of competition. Whatever your passion, it’s likely easily accessd through mobile franchising, plus it costs a lot less to get your business off the ground. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After receiving an English Degree, followed by a Journalism

Diploma, Gina Gill became a freelance journalist in 2008. She has worked as a reporter and in

communications, focusing on social media. She currently works as a community information

officer with Epilepsy Society, while pursuing her writing career at the same time.

Franchising USA

busin ess auto services mo otiv bi l e FR A NCH ISI NG FE AT U R E

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m o bi l e FR A NCH ISI NG FE AT U R E

Expert Advice: Josh Allen, Director of Marketing, Location3

Digital Marketing Tactics for Service-Area Businesses & Mobile Franchises Franchising USA

While having a brick-andmortar presence is often the backbone of many franchise systems and brands, there still exists a multitude of franchises that either don’t require a physical storefront as part of their business model or instead feature an extension of each location in the form of a service area.

When it comes to online marketing, traditional digital strategies and best practices that are perfectly applicable to physical storefronts don’t always bear fruit for these types of unique franchises because of their mobile nature. To remain visible to online consumers, there are some key tactics and marketing opportunities that service-area businesses should at least explore in an effort to maximize customer volume from digital channels.

Google My Business Profile Setup for Service-area Businesses Google My Business remains a key driver of customer foot traffic to franchise locations worldwide, but many servicearea businesses are predicated on taking their business offering to their actual customer’s location instead (i.e. corporate office cleaning franchise). While an office location may exist for administrative purposes, there is virtually no value in having potential customers visit that location to purchase a product or service. As such, Google made some changes to how businesses can populate location info within Google My Business in early 2017 to address this issue. GMB guidelines state that service-area businesses should designate one page within GMB for each central office location and then set a defined service area from that central point. These areas can be determined by your choice of zip codes or cities that your franchise serves customers or can also be set as a geographical area around your designated central location. As a result, your GMB listing will now appear to local consumers searching for related services within your area, increasing your chances to convert them into customers. If you may still serve customers for any reason at your central office (i.e. billing processing, equipment returns), you can select that feature within your Google My Business page, thus displaying your physical address on Google.

Search Engine Optimization Tactics for Increased Local Visibility As we’ve covered previously in

Franchising USA Magazine, arguably the most important SEO strategy a franchise can implement is the creation of an optimized store locator and individual location pages for every single business within the system. For franchises that are mobile in nature, one key extension of this includes the addition of metro pages or city pages that help organize individual locations into defined service areas. Not only does this offer an opportunity to capture more real estate in search engine results with additional, relevant pages, it also provides an opportunity to improve the user experience in helping a customer choose which particular franchise can best be of service based on their own location. In addition to incorporating important on-page content like address, phone number, service area details and informational content, each location page should incorporate customer reviews. Not only do reviews help qualify a business for a customer, they also have SEO value and can serve to help your franchise location pages rank ahead of your competitors for key searches in your local area.

Hyper-Local Paid Advertising for Increased Customer Acquisition As a mobile franchise or service-area business, it’s no secret that organic search can sometimes feature a few more potential road blocks to success than for a franchise relying primarily on in-store customer visits to drive revenue. The good news is that hyper-local online advertising on channels like Google and Facebook can overcome the “proximity” hurdle that often exists with regard to SEO. When you create local paid campaigns on Google and Facebook, you can simply predetermine the geographical area you want to target no matter where your office is located (or if you operate as a homebased business) and reach customers in your service area without ever needing to feature a physical address. In addition to geographic targeting, you can also leverage key demographic targeting parameters, customize ad copy and creative elements and select a unique location landing page for each ad that increases your ability to reach and convert more customers. SEO often requires a lot

Josh Allen

of long term planning and extensive work to achieve success, but setting up online ad campaigns with very detailed, specific targeting can create a positive ROI quickly - sometimes with only a small investment per location, if managed properly.

In Summary When it comes to online marketing, mobile franchises and service-area businesses require a bit of a different approach than those with a prominent brick-and-mortar presence because they serve customers at their own locations. While a long-term plan for local online presence management is critical to success for each franchisee, hyper-targeted online advertising can drive increased customers in a much shorter window. Striking the right balance between organic search marketing and paid media can ensure your franchisees reach more customers within the local areas they service. As Director of Marketing, Josh Allen is responsible for planning, developing and managing Location3 and LOCALACT brand strategies, with a focus on establishing new business partnerships among franchise systems and multilocation brands. He also works with Location3 client partners to establish key initiatives for increased franchise engagement and growth. He is an active member of the International Franchise Association and has previously been featured by the American Marketing Association, Franchise Update Media, MediaPost and more discussing franchise digital marketing strategy.

Franchising USA

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m o bi l e FR A NCH ISI NG FE AT U R E

Expert Advice: Christopher Conner, President of Franchise Marketing Systems


Br Va Your In today’s world of Amazon, Delivery Everything, fast paced life and over-crowded schedules the world of mobile franchises has grown and seems to be continuing to expand every month. Mobile businesses have made a significant impact in virtually every industry and have essentially established an entire market segment defined by their ability

Franchising USA

to be on the move. Our firm, Franchise Marketing Systems works with a wide variety of mobile franchises and has seen first hand the impact of the transition to mobile service and product offerings. One of the most direct and obvious benefits of the mobile franchise market segment is the investment and potential return on the initial investment. With a low up front expense to open a mobile business, the opportunity to realize a ROI is stronger as a franchisee. In addition, mobile franchises typically operate with a lower overhead and no fixed expenses making every dollar in revenue much higher margin adding to the financial attractiveness of mobile franchises. What Franchise Marketing Systems likes in

particular about mobile franchises is the ability to go get the business and avoiding the age old scenario where the wrong location is chosen by a franchisee opening a fixed location business and the business never has a chance to be successful. A mobile services franchise puts the franchise owner in the driver’s seat and lets them go get business whenever and wherever they choose to. The beauty of mobile businesses is that they fit today’s consumer. Today’s consumer is just busy. Virtually everyone who has the means to pay for services that are brought to their doorstep in today’s market is happy to pay a premium for convenience if it saves them time. Simply Done is a new franchise brand

Mobile anchising:

ringing alue to r Door

which makes healthy, quick and easy meals for people and delivers them right to their door. The model’s convenience has proven to be extremely well received by consumers and Simply Done in only a short time frame has become a leader in this market segment. Wheels for the Wise is another new brand that provides non-emergency transportation services for seniors based out of the Toronto market. The convenience of service and necessity to be mobile for these customers makes the model not only value-oriented, but also critical for the customers they serve to be able to live their lives. One Call Junk Haul is another new franchise system which as the name says, handles junk and trash, comes to the

customer’s home or business and takes care of everything professionally and easily while the customer doesn’t have to go anywhere to get great service. The food truck business can be an excellent example of this scenario, brands such as SMOOSH Ice Cream Sandwiches are bringing the treats to the customer in mobile operations and making the food service accessible and easy to access anywhere they can get the SMOOSH truck to. One aspect of mobile franchises that buyers need to be aware of is that you lose the traditional retail concept of pick a good location, open the doors and take care of customers as they walk in the door. Now, you need to be more marketing, sales and business development oriented and go out to get the business. It can be a blessing and curse in that the franchisee has no limit to how much business or how far they might go to get new business, but if they aren’t comfortable with marketing and sales, it could create a dilemma. Generally, mobile franchises can be operated from a home office location and require a bit more discipline from the franchise owner to create consistent results and drive business. The schedule is your own in a mobile franchise marketing system, but you need to be driven to fill it. At Franchise Marketing Systems, we’ve also found that mobile franchises tend to be a better fit for owner-operated businesses where the franchisee is also the primary operator of the day to day business.

“A mobile services franchise puts the franchise owner in the driver’s seat and lets them go get business whenever and wherever they choose to.” Regardless of your interest in industry or business segment, there are most likely some excellent mobile franchise systems which could be a perfect fit. My advice: put mobile franchises at the top of your list for consideration; there are too many good ones not to give this category a hard look. Christopher Conner is the President of Franchise Marketing Systems and has spent the last decade in the franchise industry working with several hundred different franchise systems in management, franchise sales and franchise development work.

Chris Conner

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Poised for Unprecedented Growth Throughout the U.S. When LEAKPRO was founded in 1996, the Automotive Aftermarket Segment of the Mobile Automotive Repair Market was virtually untapped. Today, LEAKPRO is the #1 company in the World that specializes in Automotive Water Leaks, Air leaks and Wind Noise Repair. The founder of LEAKPRO, John R. Allen, began his automotive career as a Manager with Ford Canada at the Oakville Assembly Plant and then with General Motors at the Scarborough Van Plant. John realized early on, while working at Ford and GM, that Water Leaks, Air Leaks and Wind Noises were a big concern, not only

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for car manufacturers but car dealerships that are ill equipped and untrained to handle such issues. John had a light bulb moment and focused his attention on learning everything he could about repair processes and products. When the Scarborough Van Plant closed, John knew it was now or never to take what he had learned and start LEAKPRO. LEAKPRO is a unique mobile, home based business where the Franchisee services dealerships within a geographic territory. LEAKPRO focuses on repairing Water Leaks, Air Leaks, Wind noises, Sunroof and Convertible problems. LEAKPRO services new and used car and truck dealerships, fleets, RV’s, Boats and Body Shops. The business model itself, other than the propriety tools, products and procedures, has a unique trademark, décor and logo. LEAKPRO offers intensive training, OEM warranty-approved products, factory–trained technicians and provide warranties up to the lifetime of the vehicle. With NO effective competition and the high-demand service, this makes

for a winning combination. The business is a low overhead, profitable opportunity. You don’t need automotive experience to succeed. If you are customer service driven, conscientious, honest and hard working, our intensive 3 week training program provides in depth, hands-on, real world experience with an additional one week of focused marketing in the franchisee’s area, actually door knocking and introducing LEAKPRO to their specific Dealer Network. “One key component that really helps is LEAKPRO’s proprietary Technology package,” says Steve Kicksee, owner of 3 LEAKPRO franchises. Each Franchisee uses an iPad that syncs to the Company’s Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) system to optimize routes, schedule appointments and process invoices in real time. eTools such as online scheduling and confirmation of appointments that sync to mobile devices, paperless invoicing, and mobile payments assist in making the administrative side

“The Mobile aspect and the low overhead, combined with this highly needed service is what sold me on LEAKPRO!” to communicate with each other on those problem jobs! Dealers make more money using LEAKPRO services and have a higher Customer Satisfaction Rating compared with Dealers who are not using LEAKPRO.” The global automotive aftermarket industry is expected to reach $722.8 billion by 2020* while in the US alone it will reach $316.4 billion by 2020**. Today’s consumers keep their vehicles longer and are more aware of the importance of both preventive maintenance and scheduled servicing in order to maximize the lifetime value of their vehicles.

of the business a breeze. What once took up to 7 hours at month end to process monthly paperwork, now takes less than an hour. This process alleviates misplaced paperwork by dealerships and provides easy access for dealers to locate and process payment. At the click of a button the invoice is emailed to the dealership. This streamlined process is fast, efficient and lets the Franchisee concentrate on providing the best customer service to grow their business. Mobile businesses tend to have a lower start-up cost than traditional brick and mortar businesses. Mobile businesses, such as LEAKPRO, have a better return on investment – LEAKPRO offers a turn-key business solution with no lease negotiations required and no wait times for a location build-out. Mark Lake, Franchisee in Durham says, “The Mobile aspect and the low overhead, combined with this highly needed service

is what sold me on LEAKPRO!” No buildings or high overhead, just “a man (or woman) in a van.” Since LEAKPRO is Approved and Recommended by all Original Equipment Manufacturers (“OEMs”), “it has built-in brand recognition” says Mike Tedesco, owner of 3 LEAKPRO Franchises. “I also knew I would not have to sell LEAKPRO to dealerships, because service professionals know the issues and realize the value of LEAKPRO’s services.” Mike also appreciates that while LEAKPRO franchisees are “in business for ourselves, we are not alone. We have a strong franchise network to call upon. We have access to a company intra-net site that provides us with updated OEM Technical Service Bulletins (“TSB’s”) and any updated procedures. LEAKPRO has also recently instituted an inter-company WhatsApp for communication between franchisees. It is a fast and efficient way

This rising demand for aftermarket services spurs growth and revenue opportunities for a wide range of businesses operating in the automotive aftermarket industry. Michael MurphyBrown of LEAKPRO Vancouver says, ”My business is up 42% year over year and I need to hire another employee in order to manage that growth. I am also in the process of buying my third LEAKPRO Franchise for Vancouver Island.” With 15 franchises operating in Canada and two in Alabama, LEAKPRO, as an Automotive Aftermarket Segment in the Mobile Automotive Repair Market is poised for unprecedented growth over the next five years throughout the U.S. and is forecasting 30 new franchises over the next 3 years. Don’t hesitate, the opportunity is NOW – join the LEAKPRO team and experience the excitement of financial freedom while controlling your professional destiny. Individual, Master and Regional Franchises are available throughout the U.S.! For more information visit: * Source V-12 Data ** Source AASA-Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association

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Expert Advice: Tony Lamb, Founder, President and CEO of Kona Ice

Stuck at a Crossroad

Three Pathways to a New Target Market

Tony Lamb

As consumer trends are constantly evolving, it’s important (now more than ever) for franchisors to ensure their business is evolving too. If you want your company to stay afloat, creative innovation and authenticity are key to connecting with your core audience and reaching new fans. Franchising USA

be adjusted. If you want to attract a new

At Kona Ice, we recently debuted the Kona Krafted line, which is a unique twist on the classic shaved ice. The gourmet line features more than 20 mocktail, coffee and sour-flavored concoctions such as Blackberry Mojito, Caramel Macchiato and Mango Jalapeño. By honing in on our shaved-ice product and adapting our flavoring, our family-friendly brand now better attracts an adult demographic. Plus, our franchise partners can use the product to bring Kona Ice into new adult-centered events, including more concerts and festivals.

the product lines so it’s more suitable for

Unveil something new

If you’re looking to attract a new target market, consider these three simple strategies to start:

Adapt your product Remember, you’re not reinventing

the wheel here—you’re modifying it.

Therefore, if you want to stay true to your brand, don’t stray too far away from who you are and what you provide. Instead, take a deep dive into your principle

products and services to see if they can

group of consumers, try adapting one of the demographic you’re trying to reach.

This seems obvious, but it’s a strategy that

a d?

a t

down into The Mini. With The Mini, our franchisees are able to offer the same entertaining and colorful experience in more venues and offer their services to an audience indoors. The alternative model not only allows Kona Ice to operate yearround in every market, its also allows us to reach a new group of consumers, including meeting planners and trade show coordinators.

Make community connections

is often overlooked or over-complicated. To further emphasize adaptation, rolling out a new product or service can be a simple brand initiative that piggybacks off of a staple item. Consider which products or service can be creatively transitioned into something that will open a door to a new group of consumers or allow the brand to expand into a fresh territory. One iconic feature at Kona Ice is the Kona Entertainment Vehicle (a.k.a. KEV), a Hawaiian-themed truck and our primary source of transportation. While these shaved-ice trucks scream fun and excitement, we know the size isn’t ideal for every outdoor event or meeting. Thus, we took the truck and shrunk it down—way

Since adapting products or unveiling new services requires significant time and resources, you can also focus efforts on your connections with the community. Seek out local events that align with your brand’s personality and participate in seminars, festivals, conferences and conventions that will help showcase your company. It’s imperative to establish meaningful relationships with nearby businesses, schools and nonprofit groups, as these community groups can facilitate word of mouth referrals and potential partnerships. At Kona Ice, community is at the core of everything we do. Across the board, our franchisees partner with schools, youth sports leagues, and other various local organizations in their neighborhoods to donate a portion of sales from events. Community giveback is such an important aspect of Kona Corporate, and the overwhelming majority of our franchise owners join the brand wanting to make a difference. They see the value in forming

“Taking an introspective approach when you want to reach a new target market can spark creative product ideas, and a strong community connection can carry you a long way.” community partnerships, and have grown their businesses and created opportunities because of these efforts. Breaking through to any consumer, whether it’s a loyal fan or newcomer, requires consistent effort. In the end, if you have a clear understanding of your brand, the marketing strategies don’t have to be over-complicated. Remember, taking an introspective approach when you want to reach a new target market can spark creative product ideas, and a strong community connection can carry you a long way. Tony Lamb is the founder, president and CEO of Kona Ice. A true community ally renowned for facilitating endless fundraising options, Kona Ice has given more than $50 million back to neighborhood schools, organizations and teams since its inception in 2007. The brand’s iconic truck offers customers a one-of-a-kind experience, featuring the opportunity to create their own shaved ice on the self-serve Flavorwave™. Currently, there are more than 1,000 franchise units and over 500 ancillary units in 48 states.

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Expert Advice: Leslie Barron and Amy Reed, Owners, Woofie’s LLC

Successful Mobile Business Practices for Pet Lovers

Leslie Barron and Amy Reed

According to the American Pet Products Association, the pet services industry has seen incredible growth in the last few years with pet parents spending over $6 billion on pet related services. The APPA 2017-2018 Industry Report states that “spending on pet services continues to be an exciting and promising segment of the industry.� Today people are pampering their pets more than ever, yet they are also

Franchising USA

outsourcing many services to mobile businesses that offer to walk, care for, and groom their pets for them. Low investment, low overhead, and high profit margins have caused a proliferation of mobile services in the U. S. by people who are looking for a change in careers, who want to spend more time at home with their families and pets, and who would like to see their ROI fairly quickly. They are also realizing how profitable and rewarding working with pets can be. To build a successful mobile pet business, they need to pay strict attention to the personalized customer experience; to always do the required due diligence when hiring staff; and to use current technology to hold their mobile staff accountable, build client trust, and ensure brand loyalty.

Personalize the Customer Experience Making the commitment early on to deliver extraordinary customer service to pet parents and their pets will market your business favorably from the start. Going above and beyond to ensure our customers are always taken care of adds the personal touch that differentiates our brand from other mobile services that are not customized or have a proven system to follow. Personalizing the customer experience with the dog walking and pet sitting services entails having staff meet with prospective clients at their home to

ensure they are a good fit with the pet. A large, high-energy dog, for instance, would not work well with a walker who is only comfortable with smaller breeds. Similarly, a consultation prior to the service allows the sitter to assess the personality of the pet and to discover if they need to pay special attention to a dog who may be a flight risk when opening the door to the home, or to be careful with a pet who is elderly. For the mobile grooming service, matching the skill level and personality of the groomer with a new client is important. We require that the client be home for the first service, so that the groomer can learn exactly what the client will expect from them. We believe that taking the time to meet our clients and assess their pets in their own surroundings guarantees the parent convenience, peace of mind and a personalized experience.

Careful Selection of Staff Our mobile staff is the first impression the clients will have about our brand. Therefore, we are selective about who we hire. In order to make a superb impression, it is important to hire energetic, compassionate and motivated pet walkers and sitters who share our passion for animals. The mobile grooming staff always needs to be independent, professionally trained, and able to share

keep your finger on the pulse with

Franchising USA With 30 years experience in providing high quality business information, with a particularly strong focus on franchising, our global presence allows opportunity for international franchise marketing solutions.

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Expert Advice: Leslie Barron and Amy Reed, Owners, Woofie’s LLC

“Today people are pampering their pets more than ever, yet they are also outsourcing many services to mobile businesses that offer to walk, care for, and groom their pets for them.” be alerted immediately to any situations that may arise while they are absent. The use of a digital platform to write and send journal entries to the parents, along with a cute photo, helps to build trust and assures them that both their pet and home are secure. Since consistent monitoring and reporting is expected in today’s market, using this technology promotes active communication with clients about their pet’s care, keeping the business competitive and customers coming back again and again. When pet parents and their pets receive superior, customized service, they look forward to the expert care given by staff to their cherished pets. Additionally, by keeping them informed in a timely manner about the services provided, they will remain loyal to your mobile business brand, and become your greatest advocates. their knowledge about pets in a relatable way that will gain the trust and confidence of our clients. The groomers, walkers, and sitters should share many of the same personality traits. However, a professional groomer will need additional skills to fit the unique needs of a mobile environment. The staff should always be respectful, focus on the safety of the pet, the security of the home, and the convenience of the client. They should truly love working with pets and exercise good judgment and safe handling at all times. We check several job references, perform background checks, and we properly insure our staff. The pet parents trust the mobile staff to come into

Franchising USA

their home while they are away to take care of their priceless pets. Our technology enables immediate client feedback as it is paramount to always know what is happening in the field.

Technology to Ensure Trust and Brand Loyalty Mobile business technology has advanced significantly over the years. Nanny cams, video doorbells, text alerts, and GPS tracking allow you to communicate with your clients in real time and track the activity of your mobile staff. Parents enjoy checking in on their pets and like to see how happy they are. They also want to

Amy Reed and Leslie Barron started Woofie’s in 2004 in order to fill a gap in the pet services industry in Ashburn, VA. Fourteen years later, they have demonstrated a proven system for integrating the pet sitting and dog walking services with mobile grooming. Woofie’s is a member of Pet Sitters International and the National Dog Groomers Association of America. They were recently featured on CNBC, the Washington Business Journal, and have been named one of the Top 100 Small Businesses by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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MOBILE FRANCHISING FROM Franchising USA a monthly consumer publication bringing you all the latest news, expert advice, and information from...