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Jerry Chase served as a Marine Corps Officer and Pilot from 1981 to 1987. “I went to flight school in Pensacola, Florida and Corpus Christi and after receiving my wings, was stationed at Cherry Point, North Carolina where I flew KC-130’s.

Jerry Chase


At that time, the Marine Corps was committed to the defense of Northern Europe and elements of my squadron were routinely deployed to the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Denmark and Sweden to support training missions with NATO allies. I was also deployed to Okinawa during my service,” recounts Jerry. He left the Marine Corps in 1987 to attend Harvard Business School.

“In my last two career moves, I served as the CEO of two publicly traded technology companies, while my wife, Chrissy, focused on running our home and raising our children. Chrissy had been eager to rejoin the business world. We had always talked about how we thought we would work well together. With our youngest child now 14, a few years ago we started to have the time and confidence to explore new business options. Franchising made sense for us because it provided the opportunity to combine entrepreneurial independence with an existing, successful business model,” said Chase. Franchising has allowed Chase and his wife to quickly learn and build a business in an industry that was new to them. “If we had tried to establish a restaurant on our own, we would have surely made a

lot of mistakes and a successful outcome would have been very unlikely. Although it is clearly our business, Togo’s offers a strong team that continues to support our first restaurant and further development.” Their motto from the beginning has been, ‘do whatever it takes to be successful.’ As in the military, the people are the key to success. Chase feels leadership by example is the most powerful tool in establishing the values, expectations and characteristics of a successful team. “People in general, and young people in particular, want to be part of something they can be proud of. Doing things the right way, not cutting corners, focusing on the customers and treating everyone with respect goes a long way towards boosting individual and team

performance,” said Chase. “We did a lot of research into a number of franchise opportunities including food service, auto care, etc. and strongly believed in the Togo’s business model. In making our decision, we liked the healthy food image of Togo’s and were impressed by the entire Togo’s management team. Both Chrissy and I felt that the brand was committed to the success of its franchisees and that they would be there for us as we established our business. We have only been at this for four months, but so far we have been proved right and are happy with our decision to go into franchising with Togo’s.” For More Information: Web:

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