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Our business was founded on the concept of Strategic-Partnership. We have avoided growth through company stores as well as through traditional franchising. The essence of the WIN Way lies in the Strategic-Partnership we enjoy with our WIN franchisees, where we align our energies to serve our customers in a true “WIN-WIN” manner. Reflective of our commitment to the success of our Strategic-Partners can be found in the creation of our territories, as we shape them based on the industry proven control points for inspection opportunities; we understand the industry we serve, are aligned with its needs, and manage our business on fact based market metrics.

— Steve Wadlington, WIN President

10 Reasons Why Making Your Next Move With A WIN Home Inspection Business Is One Of The Best Moves You Will Ever Make: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Strong Income Potential Distinctive Brand Awareness Proven Business System Leadership Team Are Engaged Subject Matter Experts 5. Effective Customer Acquisition, Retention Programs & Marketing Support 6. Advanced Inspection Methods & Technology 7. Low Investment/Overhead, Cash Business 8. Home-based 9. No Employees Necessary 10. Meet New People & Work in New Surroundings Everyday

WE SEE MORE. CLEARLY. At WIN Home Inspection, we understand where we fit in, and we serve accordingly. We are blessed to provide a service that assists home buyers, sellers, and owners with what is typically their largest transaction, and among their most meaningful possessions — their home. We provide our customers with vital “need-to-know” information in a timely, professional and easy to understand fashion. We convey actionable information in a balanced context that ensures clarity and common understanding.

For more information about WIN Home Inspection franchise opportunities, please call 1-800-967-8127 or visit us online: © 2013 World Inspection Network International, Inc., a franchisor of home inspection services. 1 Mark Zandi — Moody’s Analytics Chief Economist | 2 The National Association of Realtors (NAR)

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