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Delta Youth Soccer League Youth Module Instructor Chris Gaughan

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Pre-season Parent Meeting Introductions Player Development Goals Core coaching values Player Expectations Parent Expectations Role of Parents (cheer only, not coach) Coach coaches, Refs ref and Parents cheer Arrival time and finish time for Practice and Games

Coach Qualities      

Empathy Imagination Enthusiasm Sense of Fairness Clear Communicator Ability to relate with children in the age group you are coaching

Coach Practice Checklist Arrive early for practice  If players are moving, balls are moving, players are having fun then learning is taking place  Keep practice positive, upbeat and fun  If parents volunteer to help, let them  Finish on time  Leave practice only when all players have been collected 

Typical U6 Training Session No lines, no laps, no lectures  Should not exceed 60 minutes  Every child should have a ball  Warm-up should include movement education (approximately 20 minutes)  Games activities: 20 minutes  3v3 game to small goals (no GK’s) 20 minutes 

Typical U8 Training Session Should not exceed 1 hour.  Warm-up, each player with a ball, (15 mins. )  Introduce partner activities.  A mixture of individual and partner activities. Add more maze-type games, introduce target games. (20 min.)  Conclude with small-sided game 4v4 to two goals, no GK’s. (20 min.) 

No Lines, No Laps, No Lectures & A FAB GAME A = Age Appropriate F = Fun A = Active (movement of players) B = Ball touches, plenty of GAME = Let the game be the teacher. Too much instruction can interfere with the learning process & can de-motivate the player

Youth Curriculum AGE U6 U8

THEME Me and my ball – So lean toward dribbling and shooting games Sharing the ball – So increase passing and receiving games

The Coach and Game Day Pregame Arrive early Starting line-up ready Warm-up routine All players at least 50%, different positions and keeper (if age group has a keeper) Team cheer, pep talk = “go and have fun� Half Time No lengthy speeches Positive feedback 2nd half adjustments, starting line-up

The Coach and Game Day Full Time Shake hands with opponents and coaches Compliment the players No long winded post game speeches Post game snack “See you at practice�

Basic Soccer Rules If the ball goes out over the goal line kicked by the attacking team it is a 'goal kick' If the ball goes out over the goal line kicked by the defending team it is a 'corner kick' Foul (kicking, pushing, handball) is penalized by an 'indirect free kick' in Under 6 and Under 8 games Not all physical contact is a foul (most parents don't understand this)

Field Session and Next Steps The following are age appropriate games If you have other games that work well, then use them Always finish off with a scrimmage 3 vs. 3 or 4 vs. 4 Check the DYSL website for more games and suggestions Have a great season and see you in the “F� class. Questions before we go to the field?

Bunnies warm-up

Dribbling Bunnies warm-up

Battleships (for short passing)

Dinosaur Catch

Dinosaur catch (continued)

Zombie Tag


Freeze Tag

Team Ghostbusters

Red light, green light

Outta Here

Pool Soccer

Funny Bones

Organization: Each player moves around the grid with a ball at their feet. The coach gives instructions regarding how he wants the players to dribble, “slow”, “fast”, “twisty”, “straight” etc. The coach then calls out a specific part of the body such as “Elbow” or “Knee” and the players must come to a complete stop and put that part of their body on the ball. Young players can be encouraged to dribble like certain animals and can make the relevant noises as they move around the grid. Coach Notes: These types of games are a great help in developing balance and coordination in addition to dribbling skills.

Treasure Hunt

Organization: The players places all of his cones at one end of a 20yd x 25yd grid. The players (pirates) each have a ball and stand at the other end of the grid making suitable pirate noises. When the coach shouts go. The players dribble down and pick up one piece of treasure and bring it back to their ship. They give the treasure to the captain (coach) and then go back for more.

DYSL Youth Module  

Delta Youth Soccer League Youth Module for new coaches in the U6 and U8 age groups.