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require the permittees to develop and implement six minimum programs: 1) Public education and outreach on stormwater impacts 2) Public participation and involvement 3) Detection and elimination of illicit connections and discharges 4) Construction site pollutant discharge control 5) Post-construction stormwater management in development/ redevelopment 6) Pollution prevention/good housekeeping for municipal operations Cities that had a population greater than 100,000 when the program began in 1993 were also required to establish long-term monitoring plans and programs to address pollutant discharges from industrial activities. Additional requirements may also be included in MS4 permits to minimize impacts on receiving waters. Stormwater discharge permits for industrial and construction activities are required for discharges associated with most manufacturers, mining, transportation facilities, power plants, landfills, auto recyclers, construction activities that disturb one acre or more and for other specifically designated discharges. Industrial and construction activities in Colorado are primarily regulated under general permits. Permits can also include monitoring requirements, numeric effluent limits and other requirements.

The Water Quality Control Division requires a groundwater discharge permit for unlined sewage treatment lagoons or other impoundments containing wastewater and for the application of wastewater to land. In general, a groundwater discharge permit from the Division is not required if the discharge is already regulated by a separate state or federal program. Because the federal Clean Water Act applies only to surface water, Colorado groundwater discharge permits are not subject to EPA review or approval.

Urban Drainage and Flood Control

Groundwater Discharge Permits

Rain gardens can help fix nuisance drainage problems and provide stormwater quality treament. This rain garden installed in a residential area by the City of Lakewood in partnership with the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District has helped reduce flooding and muddy areas on the side of the road.

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Citizen's Guide to Colorado Water Quality Protection  

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