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Mission Statement The mission of the Colorado Foundation for Water Education is to promote better understanding of water resources through education and information. The Foundation does not take an advocacy position on any water issue.

Board Members Matt Cook President

Justice Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr. 1st Vice President

Rita Crumpton

2nd Vice President

Wendy Hanophy Secretary

Taylor Hawes

Assistant Secretary

Chris Rowe Treasurer

Dale Mitchell

Assistant Treasurer

Becky Brooks Rep. Kathleen Curry Alexandra Davis Veva Deheza Jennifer Gimbel Alan Hamel Callie Hendrickson Lynn Herkenhoff Sen. Jim Isgar Chris Piper John Porter Rick Sackbauer Robert Sakata Steve Vandiver Reagan Waskom

This Citizen’s Guide to Colorado Climate Change (2008) is the eighth in a series of educational booklets designed to provide Colorado citizens with balanced and accurate information on a variety of subjects related to water resources. Copyright 2008 by the Colorado Foundation for Water Education. ISBN 978-0-9754075-8-5 Acknowledgements The Colorado Foundation for Water Education extends its gratitude to the team of reviewers who participated in evaluating the Citizen’s Guide on Climate Change. The authors and the Foundation are solely responsible for the contents of this Guide. Authors Nolan Doesken, Colorado State Climatologist and Senior Research Associate, Colorado State University Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences Brad Udall, Director, CU-NOAA Western Water Assessment Roger Pielke, Sr., Senior Research Scientist (CIRES) and Senior Research Associate (ATOC) Lori Ozzello, Editor, Headwaters magazine Doug Kenney, University of Colorado, Natural Resources Law Center Reagan Waskom, Director, Colorado Water Institute, Colorado State University Linda Joyce, Quantitative Ecologist and RPA Climate Change Specialist, Rocky Mountain Research Station, USFS Gregg Thomas, Denver Environmental Health Carrie Atiyeh, Denver Environmental Health Tom Plant, Director, Governor’s Energy Office Editor Lori Ozzello Design R. Emmett Jordan All photographs are used with permission and remain the property of the respective photographers (©2008). All rights reserved. Kevin Moloney—p.4, p.14, p.28, p.39.—cover (4), inside cover (9), p.3 (top), p.7, p.9 (4), p.30, p.36 (2), p.40, p.43, back cover (top). William Green—inside cover. André Karwath—inside cover. NASA—inside cover, p.2. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration—inside front cover, p.13. R. Emmett Jordan—inside cover, cover overleaf, p.3, p.32 (2), p.34 (4), p.36, p.38 (2), p.41. ‘Tornado’ Tim Baker— p.12 (2). Denver Public Library, Western History Collection—p.12 (4), p.13 (2). Gustaf Nordenskiöld—p.12. Ed Kosmicki—p.44.

Staff Nicole Seltzer

Executive Director

MWH and the Colorado Water Conservation Board funded production of this Citizen’s Guide to Colorado Climate Change.

Kristin Mahrag

Educational Programs Associate

David Harper Office Manager

Citizen’s Guide to Colorado Climate Change

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Citizen's Guide to Colorado Climate Change  

This guide presents a range of contemporary climate change information presented by Colorado experts.