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What do we know about weather in Colorado? It’s always changing. Rains while the sun is still shining. Snows somewhere just about any time of year. Lets the Broncos play on a January 60 degree day. Freezes March heifers cold in their tracks. Rips Big Thompson canyon out in August, spawns a Limon twister. What do we know about climate in Colorado? It’s Up and Down. Like mountains and plains, like a hydrograph. Dry spells. Wet spells. Longer dry spells. Longer wet spells. Any year you can go from desert to tundra and never leave the state. What grows or doesn’t always depends on it. What do we know about climate change? Temperatures are increasing. You never used to need a swamp cooler. What we burn and emit seems to have something to do with it. There might be wetter wets and drier dries. There might be fewer skiing days, longer growing days. It might be different than any scientist or government can make of it. What do we know about us? We’ve always been water short with an attitude. Never enough we can do something about. A cure for altitude sickness. Preserve, conserve, come to water all who thirst. Ante up the wherewithal. Embrace creative uncertainty.


Colorado Foundation for Water Education

Citizen's Guide to Colorado Climate Change  

This guide presents a range of contemporary climate change information presented by Colorado experts.