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2011 Annual Report

Building a foundation for the future

Clark Fork Valley Hospital & Family Medicine Network

10 Kruger Road . Plains, MT 59859 . (406) 826-4800 .


At CFVH, we are proud to offer our patients, residents and visitors a different kind of experience when they enter our doors, access our services and rely on us for care. We are caring for our friends, family and neighbors which motivates us to make our delivery of care that much more personal. This annual report is a reflection of 2011 and shares notable milestones as well as demonstrates the unique relationship CFVH shares with its surrounding rural communities. We were extremely excited about the launch of our More than Carrots Wellness and Safety Program over this past year. The prime motivation for the effort was part of our mission to improve the health of those we serve. This new form of community outreach offered a number of educational opportunities and featured topics like Women’s Health, Clean Eating, Pre-Diabetes Wellness and Sleep Apnea. Great strides were also made in our efforts to connect with local youth by partnering with area schools and establishing a presence at school events and activities. Many high school students were invited to join our staff on site to explore potential career paths and specialties in the health field. All of our communities and fellow businesses have faced challenges this past year, and we were no exception. We came to the painful realization that we can not be all things to all people as we’ve faced record low inpatient volumes and looming uncertainties concerning healthcare infrastructure at the federal level. However, these very same challenges have driven us to build a foundation for the future; we are fortifying our areas of strength, identifying new platforms for growth and making extraordinary efforts to reign in expenses to ensure our ability to provide services to the residents of Sanders County for years to come. We are excited about the anticipated start of two new services; cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. We believe the introduction of these vital services will compliment our other services nicely and relieve the burden of those patients who currently travel to get them. We continue to work diligently to answer the challenge of the federal government to convert to an electronic version of medical records which will enhance overall patient care and organizational efficiency. The transition to an electronic health record (EHR) system will be no small feat as it affects the work processes of almost every department in our organization and will demand a great deal of time and resources to implement properly. Currently, we are exploring models and best practices from facilities who have working EHR systems. We are optimistic that we will begin implementation before 2012 year end. Without question, the cornerstone of all of our achievements is our workforce. Each employee takes seriously our responsibility to the many patients who put their well-being, and often their lives, in our hands. We are constantly striving to improve. We continue to develop new skills, acquire new knowledge and bring in new technology so we can deliver the quality of care our patients expect and deserve. - Dr. Gregory Hanson, President/CEO


As I write this, the Supreme Court is conducting hearings on the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Regardless of the outcome, Congress and the country in general have recognized that Americans need affordable quality healthcare for everyone and we will see continued efforts to rein in costs and improve the quality of care throughout the healthcare system. At Clark Fork Valley Hospital, 2011 efforts concentrated on two goals; reducing costs and improving quality for our patients and their families. These concepts tend to expand on our traditional patient care model by offering more with greater efficiency. For example, a recent CFVH nursing initiative focused on working with patients after their release from the emergency room to make sure they are receiving the resources and care they need to recover to full health. Like many Critical Access Hospitals, we face challenges to ensure the financial viability of the hospital and its clinics. This led to a very difficult decision recently to end our services at the Bull River Family Medicine office. While it is unfortunate that we cannot continue to subsidize clinic costs for residents in that area, it is part of the reality of reduced reimbursement from the federal government and we will continue to work with that community to seek solutions in providing some services on a more limited basis for our West End neighbors. The focus of the board and senior leadership team in cooperation with our providers continues to be on providing quality care close to home for our friends and neighbors. We are very proud of the many staff members who live up to the high standard of care we have set as an organization and look forward to improving the health status of our community as we move forward. - Bina Eggensperger, Governing Board Chairperson 2012

Board Members

Bina Eggensperger, Chairperson . Thompson Falls, MT Erin McCarthy, Vice Chairperson . Plains, MT Cindy Morgan, RN, MSN . Trout Creek, MT Craig Aasved . Missoula, MT Devin Huntley . Missoula, MT Denise Benson . Plains, MT Jerry Pauli . Thompson Falls, MT Lawrence L. White, Junior . Missoula, MT Sharon Nichols, DO, Chief of Medical Staff . Plains, MT Gregory Hanson, MD, President/CEO . Plains, MT



Gross Patient Revenue

Of each dollar in charges for healthcare services, CFVH collected approximately 76 cents after discounts to government and private payers, charity discounts and bad debts. Resulting Net Patient Revenue was used to pay expenses. Inpatient Services $3,676,630 Long Term Care Services $1,657,798

Physician Services $2,790,413

Emergency Department Services $1,429,527

CFVH is a non-profit organization Outpatient Services $9,734,160

Home Health & Hospice $369,697

Salaries, Benefits and Contract Labor comprise approximately two thirds of the hospital’s total operating expenses. Clark Fork Valley Hospital is the largest employer in Sanders County. When salary dollars are spent locally, it is estimated they generate a multiplier effect of six times as they circulate to support the local economy.


Operating Expenses

In addition to over $9.8 million in staffing related expenses, CFVH paid nearly $900,000 to local vendors for services and supplies during 2011. $525,182 $170,510

$757,504 $388,458

$248,028 $391,188 $9,860,690 $1,153,745


Nearly $900,000 to local vendors for services and supplies during 2011

Danita Grossberg, RN provides free blood pressure checks at Sanders County Fair


594 Mammograms 4,756 Rehabilitation Visits 206 Employees 2,691 Emergency Room Visits

45,085 Laboratory Tests 3,450 X-Rays 22,273 Clinic Visits 204 Colonoscopies 564 Surgeries 32 Babies Born 1,289 CT Scans 864 Ultrasounds

FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE A Home Close to Home Resident Family Testimonial

After living in Plains for nearly 50 years and reaching her eighty first birthday, my mother, Bev Revier, needed more care than we could provide for her at home. We struggled with the decision of when to move her to a long term care facility because she had lived independently for so long. After suffering from several strokes and losing much of her short-term memory, we knew it was time. With all five of her kids and a number of extended family residing here in Plains, it was important that she remained close to home. Moving her to the CFVH Long Term Care made that possible. She was able to have regular visits from both friends and family as well as maintain a continuity of care with her established providers until she passed this April. I cannot say enough about the care she received for her short stint at CFVH. Her care team went out of their way to make her transition from home as smooth as possible. I also appreciated the effort they made to keep myself and other family members informed and involved in her care plan. We are lucky to have a facility so close to home that places quality patient care at the forefront of all they do. Upon each visit, we were welcomed by caring and compassionate nursing staff who were extremely attentive to the individual needs of each resident. - Betty Taylor . Plains, MT





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Growing Families Choose CFVH Patient Testimonial


When my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child, there was no questioning where we would go for our care. I found comfort in knowing my doctor was close to home in case I encountered any complications. I also appreciated the convenience of not having to take a day off of work to travel to my regular OB appointments. The nursing staff who cared for me during my labor and delivery were amazing. They all went out of their way to make my husband and I comfortable throughout our stay. Once my daughter, Karissa, was born she never left my perk to the “rooming in” philosophy. I always knew what was happening as far as her care was concerned. I will definitely choose CFVH for my future OB care. - Gretchen French . Plains, MT

“I found comfort in knowing my doctor was close to home in case I encountered any complications.”



Community Benefit

As a tax-exempt non-profit healthcare provider, it is an important part of our mission to maximize and measure the benefits we provide to the communities we serve. Some of the benefits we provide are more obvious in nature, such as charity assistance and sliding scale discounts to low income patients which amounted to $692,100 in 2011. Other community benefits are not as well known, but are nonetheless diverse and include: ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ

Community Benefit Operations Community Building Activities Community Health Improvement Services Financial and In-Kind Contributions

During 2011, CFVH employees tracked nearly 700 hours of work time dedicated to various community activities. In addition, those same individuals identified over 2,300 hours of their own personal time supporting various community endeavors like: ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ

Boy Scouts CADAA Cancer Network of Sanders County Chicks N Chaps Civil Air Patrol EMT Training Local Chambers of Commerce School Boards Youth Sport Leagues

Community Benefit Operations $4,131 Community Building Activities $2,414

Community Health Improvement Services $28,921

Financial & In-Kind Contributions $39,153

Nearly $700,000 in Charity Assistance and Sliding Scale Discounts in 2011

Chicks N Chaps Women’s Rodeo Clinic CFVH partnered with Tough Enough to Wear Pink of Montana and sponsored the first annual Sanders County Chicks N Chaps Women’s Rodeo Clinic. Carla Brook, PA-C was a guest speaker and a number of hospital employees dusted off their old hats and boots to participate and help raise funds for breast cancer awareness. The event raised $4,000 that was donated to local Sanders County residents fighting breast cancer or in need of necessary screenings.

A Parent on a Mission . A Pool in Need When faced with the potential closing of the Plains Pool in early 2011, the community rallied together to identify just what needed to be done to make the pool a sustainable safe swimming option for local youth. As a mom to three Plains Piranhas (swim team participants) and regular summer pool enthusiasts, TaLoni DuBois, RRT set her mind to helping wherever she could. Beyond endless hours of fundraising, she generously donated over 15 hours of her own time to secure a $10,000 grant from the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation. As a respiratory therapist, TaLoni has aided in more than one trauma incident involving the resuscitation of children who have almost drowned in the Clark Fork River. For her, the pool staying open meant a safe and supervised alternative to the river as well as a healthy activity for kids in the area.

QUALITY AS A CORE VALUE Polly Cavill, Respiratory Therapist I’ve lived in Plains since I was six weeks old and coming home to work was an obvious choice for me. I am fortunate to personally know many of my patients. They knew me as a small child and through school and now I get to be a part of their care team. We have a history together and that gives them a sense of comfort. I truly and genuinely care for each of my patients and I think they know this about me.

“We have a history together and that gives them a sense of comfort.”

CFVH offers a diverse scope of services for such a small hospital. From obstetrical services to joint replacements and cardiac care, our rural community has the luxury of not having to travel far for necessary treatment and care. I also believe we have one of the best general surgeons you could ask for in Dr. Damschen (another Plains native).

Atari Foust, X-Ray Technologist After a year of working at CFVH, I can honestly say I am back in my element. Not only am I fortunate to work in the town I grew up in, I feel proud to work at a hospital where personal connections and relationships with our patients matter. We easily compete with larger medical facilities when it comes to proficient staff, state of the art equipment and quality care, but the hometown feel is something special. We care for our friends, family and neighbors so going above and beyond happens naturally. The small gestures of compassion and comfort truly are significant and are what make our patients feel so at home.

“The small gestures of compassion and comfort truly are significant and are what make our patients feel so at home.”

As an x-ray technologist, I love providing the necessary puzzle piece the providers need to make a diagnosis. We may only have a few minutes with a patient, but it can make all the difference in their care.

Amanda Willis, LPN I realized early on in my career how I can positively impact a patient’s life as they are oftentimes navigating a painful and uncomfortable condition or illness when I see them. Eleven years later and that same feeling continues to drive me to improve my skills and take advantage of educational opportunities as they present themselves. I am privileged to work for an organization that invests in the professional development of their staff and am proud to say I will have achieved my RN status in only a few short months. This last year I also had the opportunity to complete course work to become a Car Seat Safety Technician and developed a Car Seat Safety program at CFVH. This is one more way I can help make a difference in our community.


Thompson Falls


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Clark Fork Valley Hospital_2011 Annual Report  
Clark Fork Valley Hospital_2011 Annual Report  

Updates and progress at CFVH for 2011